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Maintenance Engineer

Streamwood, Illinois, United States
October 09, 2016

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Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with concentration in Power, July 2001

UNEXPO. Vicerrectorado Puerto Ordaz, Edo . Bolívar, Venezuela Score: 6.35/9

C.I.V: 133.428

Electrical Technician Diploma, September 1993

E.T.I FUNDACION LA SALLE. Campus Guayana, San Félix, Edo Bolívar, Venezuela. CORE STRENGTHS:

Over eleven years of experience:

Assembly, starting, acceptance testing and maintenance of 180MW Hydrogenators and Step Up transformers of 400w.

Starting support services equipment, high and low voltage lines transformers and power transmission

Installation of Substations, power plants, generator plants and/or back-up.

Network design for medium and low power lighting systems.

High sense of responsibility, work under pressure, achievement orientation.

Conduct a formal program for regular inspections and maintenance of all electrical equipment, making sure they have the required protection, they are in safe operating condition and detecting the work required in advance.

Attend issues related to all electric type mounts, civil works, testing and commissioning of equipment and systems.

Understand and develop quality policy of Projects.

Coordinate, plan and manage the maintenance of electrical equipment, ensuring the fulfillment of plans and programs required, technical specifications, requirements of fronts and profitability of the job to be done.

Create and keep predictive maintenance programs, preventive and corrective measures to ensure the availability of equipments.

According to results of team inspection, hold a list of pending activities, determining the priorities according to criteria of safety and integrity of equipments and operation needs.

Collect and process the information needed to make continuous failures causality analysis, diagnostics and time wasted by equipments.

Project management regarding preventive and corrective electrical adjustments.

Personnel and resource management

Planning, execution and distribution of resources.

Teamwork and organizational integration; analysis of problem and decision making; leadership and emotional intelligence, habits of a highly effective person; Management through quality; industrial Safety and hygiene practices as supervisor; Leadership and Oratory; project estimation, control and planning of projects, drawings reading and interpreting. WORK EXPERIENCE

C.V.G EDELCA, MAINTENANCE ENGINEER IV, Dec 2013 to Present. Development of maintenance techniques for hydroelectric generator plants and its auxiliary equipment, writing technical reports of maintenance duties, abnormalities, attention to failures detected, maintenance personnel management, SAP program usage, maintenance orders, Support in the elaboration of procurements, participation in the elaboration and coordination of maintenance programs, coordinate the process of quality system. Attendance to the executive committee meeting, participation in several groups of failure research and projects. Skills acquired in maintenance of Power Transformers, handling and replacement of silica gel in transformers, adjustment and calibration of monitoring equipment in power, electric current and potential transformers, skills acquired in the maintenance of slip rings, brushes and brush holders (essential parts for feeding the generator field); skills acquired in electric wiring of high and low voltage, bent, installation and starting of distribution transformers, also high and low voltage testing for wires. Contribution to improvements in the management of maintenance program by creating maintenance records that fulfill the SGC

(Quality Assurance System) requirements. Personnel Coordination according to the 7.6 SGC clause. Immediate boss: Leidys Amarista Tel+58-286-***-****, Mobile +58-412-***-****; +58-426-***-****. RESUME



Address: Carrera Guri; Mz 5 # 20 Urb. Roraima. Puerto Ordaz - Edo Bolívar. Venezuela Nationality: Venezuelan

Tel: +58-416-******* / 424-***-****

E-mail: or CVG. EDELCA.

Jun 2010 to Nov 2012 Electrical Maintenance Engineer III Nov 2007 to May 2010 Electrical Maintenance Engineer II May 2004 to Oct 2007 Electrical Maintenance Engineer I Aug 1999 to Jan 2001 Intern.

CIVEIMCA, Resident Engineer. Nov 2002 to Dec 2003

Project: IPC, Installation of measurement system in the tank area at Jusepín Autofitra – West project. Duties: Overall supervision of the installation and instrumentation of equipment, oil fiscal measurement system, starting equipment and

/ or system, analysis and detection of failure in the operating system. Logistics in the acquisition of equipment and materials used in the plant. Support in Procurement Engineering and Construction. Immediate supervisor: Alex Rivera. Tel +58-041*-******* I & C PDVSA. CIVEIMCA, Quality Supervisor (Electricity, Instrumentation and Civil) Jul 2003 to Oct 2003 Project: IPC, measurement system in the tank area at Jusepín Autofitra - Oriente project. Duties: Casting control in several activities, participation in evaluations made during the construction. Perform sampling in field inspections, control quality records of the work. Develop and verify fulfilling of procedures established in the quality plan. Enforce and monitor the inspection and testing plan.

Immediate boss Alex Rivera. 041******** - I & C PDVSA, LARPA CA, constructions, Quality Inspector (Electricity and Instrumentation) Nov 2002 to Jun 2003 Project: Bigger constructions in Jusepín and Furrial, Maturin – Edo Monagas PDVSA. Duties: Participation in the evaluations made during the work. Perform sampling in field inspections. Verify fulfillment of technical specifications and quality standards for materials, equipment and tools supplied by the customer and the contractor for work execution. Immediate Supervisor: Marcos Vitoria, I & C PDVSA, 041*-*******. Ext - 36858 Coordinator: Esther Ferrer: +58-291-******* / 6411271 Const LARPA, C.A. CVG EDELCA, Trainee at Maintenance Engineering Department, Aug 1999 to Nov 1999 Maintenance Manual for power transformers.

Duties: Development and analysis of field trials, handling equipment, direct field inspection. Immediate Supervisor: Eng. Victor Fonseca, Tel +58 286 -9607928. C.V.G. EDELCA, Thesis Aug 2000 to Feb 2001

Subject: Analysis of stray currents in the Guri generators shaft by applying the finite element (FLUX2D program). Department: Research and Generation Testing.

Immediate Supervisor: Dr. Ing Carlos Azuaje.

Duties: Simulator (software) FLUX2D operator, metric, review of the output signals generated in the shaft and terminals output of the machine, direct field inspection.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Maintenance of residential electrical networks, failure detection, calculation of protection against over- voltage, low-voltage connections, calculation and use of electrical equipment for underground connections. COURSES

Organized Maintenance Techniques; Electric generators: on-site evaluation and failure analysis; Protection of power systems; Protection of electrical systems in low and medium voltage for industrial systems; Electrical insulation and partial discharge in rotating machines; Illuminating Engineering: light, maintenance, innovation and technology; Module IV: metrology; Module III: statistical techniques applied to the SGC. Module II: guidelines for documenting systems according to the ISO / TR 10013: 2002 quality management; Covenin Module I. quality System Management ISO9000: 2000 .

-Maintenance of electrical power transformers 115KV / 34.5 kV / 13.8 kV; 400MVA installed in CARUACHI PLANT.

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