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Quality Manager

Stockton, California, United States
October 09, 2016

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Kevin Blake Stallone

860-***-**** **A Floral Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974

Manufacturing Operations Management

Project Management, Quality, Production, Engineering, Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Highly accomplished Manufacturing Operations Manager with proven track record providing leadership to enable the development and implementation of new process/product innovations and leveraging Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement strategies for improving manufacturing production performance, product quality, profitability, customer satisfaction, sales and global market share. Strong project management skills contributed to successfully managing the design, construction, startup, troubleshooting and optimization of a multi-million dollar manufacturing facility. Visionary Leader capitalizes on data driven decision making, teamwork and communication to move business ahead of competition. Seeking a Plant Management position in the manufacturing arena bringing 18 years of experience as follows:

Key Strengths

Strategic Planning and Management • Manufacturing Management

Quality Control Management • Management of Direct Reports

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement • Project Management for Capital Projects

New Product Development • Problem Analysis and Resolution

Planning and Organizing • Communication Skills

Judgement and Decision Making • Teamwork

Leadership Skills • Risk Management

Cost Reduction and Budgeting • Production Planning

Process Engineering/Development • Program Management

Process Control Design and Engineering

Career Highlights

Mimeo Newark, NJ Plant, Quality Manager 2014-Present

As Quality Manager have been leading continuous process improvement efforts aimed at improving quality and manufacturing performance and capability. This has resulted in a significant improvement in defect levels and First Pass Yields for the Photo and Document Businesses (60% Reduction in Quality Defects, 1.2mM in savings). Also have been instrumental in reducing customer quality complaints in the Photo business (40% reduction in customer complaints).

Managed day to day quality activities of the document and photo quality organizations including quality technicians, quality analysts, quality inspectors and quality engineers.

Led root cause analysis and 8D investigation cross-functional teams to specify issues, uncover key drivers of quality issues and customer complaints and develop and implement fixes.

Managed company’s ISO 9001 Quality Management system to ensure compliance with standards, policies, and procedures.

Dymax Corporation/North America Division, Quality Manager-North America 2013-2014

Proactively drove continuous improvement activities to achieve efficiency, quality and cost reduction goals. As Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Championed Process Improvement activities resulting in significant improvement in quality defect levels and Manufacturing First Pass Yield Performance with equipment, adhesives and oligomers and coating manufacturing lines. This has resulted in $2.5mM in savings. Also as Quality Leader efforts have resulted in significant improvement with reoccurrence of existing customer quality issues. Zero Reoccurrence of existing customer complaints through driving corrective action to closure (95% closure rate of customer complaints within 30 days).

Managed the corporate ISO9001 Quality Management System to ensure compliance with all relevant standards. Leading internal audits to identify non-conformances, document and report-out on findings and develop and present improvements to Senior Management. Provided Quality Subject Matter Expertise in Quality Standards, Policies, Procedures relevant to the chemical manufacturing industry.

Lead and gained buy-in from Senior and Product Line Management on quality processes, guidelines and control plans to ensure quality and reliability of adhesive, equipment and oligomer and coating products and ensure that customer specifications/requirements are being met.

Managed Product Line QA/QC teams, Quality Engineers, Quality Management System (QMS) Manager in adhesives, equipment and oligomers and coatings.

World Kitchen/Pressware Plant, Continuous Improvement Manager 2009-2013

Under my direction the plant wide Six Sigma program at Pressware plant has been successful at applying

the Six Sigma methodology to isolate sources of process variation and putting in place solutions to improve

process and measurement capability, manufacturing performance and product quality. Managed Project

Portfolio totaling $2.98mM in savings.

As Master Blackbelt/Program Leader developed and deployed plant wide Six Sigma program-Trained,

coached and mentored 17 Greenbelt candidates-This effort has resulted in 17 Greenbelts successfully

completing Greenbelt certification exam and projects and has netted a savings of $1.6mM.

As project leader for the Rounds Selects Improvement project via use of Narrow the Focus tools and

application of screening and modeling design of experimentation have accomplished the following: (1)

identified the key forming process variables influencing trim and adhered glass quality defects and (2)

developed and implemented best foot forward settings and designed, fabricated and optimized mold type

equipment for the manufacture of Corelle dinnerware resulting in >40% reduction in quality defects, netted a

savings of $1.3mM and has enabled the production of 93 million pieces of ware in 2010.

Improvement of Hot End Quality Inspection process via development and implementation of Vision

System Ware Inspection systems has resulted in the following: Via Measurement Systems Analysis on Hot

End Vision Inspection System have found that Vision System is 90% effective at detecting good vs bad parts

and that system has significant probability of falsely rejecting good ware of 9%, (2) Components of Variance

Analysis showed that piece to piece variation is contributing 84% to total variation with Vision Inspection

System, (3) XY Matrix prioritization revealed that Software/Hardware Capability including calibration of laser

and camera and shadowing effect resulting in defect appearing larger than actual and mold to mold type

equipment variation with Forming process is contributing to piece to piece variation. (4) Improved

effectiveness of Hot End Vision Inspection System from 95% to 99% by developing specification for adhered

glass defects and calibration schedule to minimize false rejects and modifying Vision System to use LED

lighting vs laser scanning system to eliminate shadowing effect.

Corning Incorporated/Environmental Technologies, Process/Project Manager 2005-2009

Developed a thermodynamic model to predict the energy required to dry fired ceramic filters with wet plug

cement materials. Based on a design driven by modeling approach was able to demonstrate the capability

of a commercial scale Microwave Drying process to dry wet ceramic materials at feedrates of 120 pcs/hr.

Performed fundamental studies to understand the effect of Microwave suscepting plugs on heating of green

ceramic filters plugged with wet cement and crack defect levels. Through drying fundamental understanding

work developed and tested hypotheses and determined mechanisms responsible for cracks as well as

evaluated and implemented improvement strategies to reduce crack defect levels from 60% to 10%.

Effectively led Six Sigma Process Improvement team to identify, evaluate and implement improvements to

reduce sources of process variation with ceramic substrate manufacturing process resulting in improved

product quality and lower manufacturing costs ($1,600,000 savings).

As Process Leader designed, developed and transferred a production ready ceramic filter manufacturing

process that met required production throughput, quality, safety and cost requirements all in a short time

frame of 6 months.

Osram Sylvania/Precision Materials and Components, Production Manager 2001-2005

As Lead for Results Project Leader was successful at managing a $30 million dollar capital project

involving the conceptual design, development, build, test and debug, startup and optimization of a chemical

manufacturing plant. Directed the project activities of 30 project personnel including engineers, process

technicians, operators and contractors during all phases of the capital project.

Through the application of technical leadership, project management and Six Sigma Black Belt skills the

manufacturing process was delivered to production 3 months ahead of schedule, an additional $10 million

dollars in sales was captured from an existing customer, product quality was improved by 50% and

process and quality improvements implemented resulted in $ 2 million dollars in savings.

Instrumental in developing and implementing frost process/quality improvement program: (1) Minimize

process variation to achieve more consistent frost properties including frost pattern, density and bump

strength; (2) Reduction in Major visual frost defects (ie: dirty flares) from 10% to 2% defect rate, (3) Creation

of Frost Defect Library/troubleshooting documentation-used to train Frost operators on how to identify and

troubleshoot frost defects, (4) Completed process and quality control plan for Frost Dept: Process Guide

Data Setups, training program, process control plan, quality inspection and testing and auditing tools.

Responsible for all technical, financial, safety, quality and personnel aspects of frosted product manufacturing line as well as leading the process development and engineering and continuous improvement activities of 40 frosted and acid reclaim hourly personnel.

Department oversight activities include (1) Overseeing various aspects of frost manufacturing operation to

ensure performance: Acid mixing, Setup and operation of frost unit, startup/shutdown, acid recovery

process, bulk-packaging systems, electrical and mechanical systems, treatment of acidic effluents and

maintenance activities; (2) Implementing tracking tools to assess performance of frost process and

employing tools to keep on top of process (ie: SPC); (3) Manage projects integral to the safe efficient

operation of the acid etching process; (4) Tracking and managing chemical consumption to ensure adequate

supply of frost chemicals at decreased cost, as well as minimizing waste.

Cuming Corporation, Process/Production Supervisor 1998-2000

Ability to drive for results and problem solving skills were effective in securing $20 million dollar contract

with Lockheed Martin.

Directed and provided for the development of 20 employees including technical assistants, process

personnel and maintenance staff.

Designed intelligent polymer product/processing systems, optimized existing process technologies to

achieve desired material properties and synthesized and characterized new polymeric materials useful in

turn key electronic components and pipeline insulation applications.

Polycast Technologies/Uniroyal Technologies Stamford,CT

Department Supervisor-Vertical Water Cell Acrylic Casting Operation (10/95-05/98)

Responsible for all technical aspects of the Vertical Water Cell Acrylic Casting Operation including meeting

customer quality specifications, throughput and yield, environmental health and safety criteria and economic


Core objectives were met through serving as technical leader to senior management, process personnel, and maintenance staff not only identifying root causes of process/product issues but also implementing turn key solutions.

Other key activities contributing to the success of the operation includes: training process personnel on new and existing process technologies including vacuum transfer systems, reaction and mixing unit operations, heat transfer process, hydraulics, electrical and mechanical and mold process equipment, and process control systems; developing and implementation of process modifications to reduce capital equipment and utility costs and maximize product/process performance; and providing production/process supervision to process and maintenance staff to ensure the manufacturing of high quality cast acrylic sheets at above standard throughput levels of 400,000 lbs/wk.


University of Massachusetts Lowell, MA Degree: M.S. in Chemical Engineering 2004

University of Connecticut Storrs, CT Degree: B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and

Engineering 1995

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