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Mechanical Engineer Engineering, structural/piping engineering

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
October 08, 2016

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Professional Engineer with ** years of experience in structural and piping analysis; licensed in six states. Over twenty-five years experience with TVA projects, mostly nuclear, with current unescorted access to all three TVA nuclear operating plants. Twenty-two years of AISC, ASCE and ACI steel and concrete design experience including crane analysis qualification, plus eighteen years of ASME Section III, B31.1, and B31.3 piping qualification. ASME member for last 30 years; recently ASME Chattanooga, TN Section Chair; member of “Seismic Engineering Technical Committee of the ASME PVP Division”; author of two ASME published seismic analysis papers. Worked in power plant design, construction, operation, and procurement engineering organizations.


2014 - Present

Senior Supervising Structural/Piping Engineer at WorleyParsons, Chattanooga, Tennessee

TVA Nuclear Plants: WBN, SQN, and BFN. Performed/verified piping analysis, pipe support, and equipment anchorage design calculations for the Fukushima Project as well as multiple other plant modification projects according to TVA procedures and criteria; provided similar duties for conduit supports, cable tray supports, rebar cuts, Control Room panels, reinforced concrete buildings, reinforced masonry walls, and external missile shields. Worked closely with TVA and Construction at all three nuclear sites to resolve constructability/installation problems.

Non-TVA WorleyParsons Projects. Performed Pipe Stress and Support Design tasks for Glenarm Project, Gateway Project, Exelon Fairless Hills Project, V.C. Summer Nuclear, and Paloverde Nuclear.

2008 - 2014

Principal Engineer at Westinghouse, Chattanooga, Tennessee and Waynesboro, Georgia

Vogtle Nuclear Units 3 and 4. Represented Westinghouse Design Engineering on site in the resolution of construction issues (especially, issues related to Reinforced Concrete Design using ACI-318 and ACI-349 codes) documented by requests for information (RFIs), non-conformance reports (NCRs), and Engineering and Design Change Reports (E&DCRs) in order to maintain the plant design basis. Verified the calculation for the Schnabel car modification required for transporting the new reactor vessels from Savannah, Georgia to the Vogtle Nuclear site.

New Plant Design for AP1000. Analyzed and structurally qualified mechanical modules, shipping containers, and pipe supports to AISC and ASME Section III NF requirements for structural steel; analyzed and qualified the PaR fuel handling machine crane, mechanical wall penetrations, non-standard embedded plates, and various piping systems using ASCE, ASME, AISC, and ACI requirements. Verified the design of uprighting and rotating the AP1000 Steam Generators and transporting the AP1000 Reactor Vessel.

V.C. Summer Nuclear Plant. Designed and structurally qualified new auxiliary building lift and replacement PaR fuel handling building crane trolley. Reanalyzed service water piping for field modification; provided onsite design engineering outage support in spring of 2011; verified many design modification packages and calculations related to cable trays, conduits, piping, supports, and structures.

Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant. Prepared two civil design calculations to qualify a new spent fuel pool floatable platform and to qualify the existing rails and reinforced structural concrete for the significantly increased weight of the replacement PaR spent fuel handling machine.

Palisades Nuclear Plant. Prepared civil design calculation to qualify new MSR relief valve header support and new loads on existing structural steel in the turbine building.

Arizona Public Service (APS), Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. Reviewed and verified ASME Section III piping and support evaluations for the simplified reactor head assembly modification; also verified Cofferdam design for the essential spray ponds.

Callaway Nuclear Plant Unit 1. Provided PE oversight, reviewed, and stamped approximately forty ASME Section III Class 1 piping analysis calculations and design specifications. Participated in the post Fukushima Seismic walkdowns as part of the peer review team.

North Anna Nuclear Plant. Reviewed and stamped ASME safety related piping design specifications.

Japan’s Tomari Unit 1. Provided guidance and recommendations for the rigging plan of the steam generator hot leg elbow replacement modification.

2007 - 2008

Supervising Structural Engineer at WorleyParsons, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Georgia Power Scherer Unit 2 and 3 SCR Additions. Analyzed and modified existing ducts to consider changes to internal pressures. Analyzed and modified existing structural duct support steel because of increases in duct loads. Performed ANSI B31.1 analysis on large bore high temperature piping; qualified piping to pipe stress allowables and located all pipe supports using AutoPIPE XM and PDS.

Clarksville Nyrstar Zinc Plant. Worked on site and wrote technical specifications for twelve major capital project upgrades which involved all disciplines of civil, mechanical, and electrical. Generated RFQs and met with vendors and site personnel in order to establish design requirements.

Alstom – Iatan Fossil Project. Analyzed and modified the existing boiler building using STAAD-Pro and hand calculations in order to provide major structural design changes to incorporate the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) duct tie-in addition to the existing plant. Principal engineer for the existing plant modifications.

2001 - 2007

Senior Civil/ Mechanical Engineer, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Chattanooga, Tennessee (Contract through RRC and ESI)

TVA Fossil Plants. Performed structural calculations, designed and sketched trenches, retaining walls, ramps, pipe supports, platforms, monorails, footings, temporary supports, building modifications, etc. Performed mechanical and civil project engineer responsibilities for the SCR balance-of-plant (BOP) fossil plant designs and performed high energy piping/support walkdowns at the fossil plants to identify needed repairs. Gathered data and set up database for all 59 TVA fossil plants for performing flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) studies.

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant, Athens, Alabama. Originated and revised nuclear design calculations and drawings for safety related piping (using TPIPE), cable tray supports, and control room panels. This included the initiation, generation, and issuance of advanced authorized design change notifications. Also performed civil engineering evaluations of rigging plans for reactor building and turbine building lifts, performed field engineering duties such as the implementation, revision, and closure of plant modification and maintenance work orders for various piping and structural systems.

1996 - 2001

Senior Civil/Mechanical Engineer, ICR Engineers, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Duracell Battery Cathode Building. Analyzed and designed structural and mechanical systems for the building expansion per SBCCI standards. This encompassed the design of masonry, spread footers, baseplates, anchor bolts, roofs, floors, columns, mezzanines, equipment supports, piers, plumbing, drainage, and heating/ventilating/air-conditioning.

Various Projects. U.S. Pipe, McKee Foods, Metal Systems, several commercial building projects, banks, insurance companies, and home owners. Responsible for designing and qualifying structural and mechanical systems for new and modified buildings. Performed inspections of structural problems and provided recommended corrective actions.

Northeast Nuclear Energy Company, Millstone Nuclear Power Station. Performed structural inspections and oversaw the Maintenance Rule program for structures to ensure 10CFR50.65 compliance; revised various structural inspection procedures; generated/resolved engineering work requests, adverse condition reports, temporary modifications, technical evaluations, and action requests related to structures. Performed structural and mechanical system readiness reviews to support plant restart. Reviewed changes to the final safety analysis report (FSAR) to re-establish the licensing basis per 10CFR50.54(f).

1993 - 1996

Senior Structural/Mechanical Engineer (short term contract jobs through Martin-Williams, Bechtel, S&W, PME, and Raytheon Nuclear)

Connecticut Yankee Nuclear, Haddam Neck, Connecticut. Completed writing procedures and performed structural inspections for "Condition Monitoring of Maintenance Rule (10CFR50.65) In Scope Structures." Also performed inspections of scaffolding, ladders, crane lifts, and lift rigs. Procured material (hoists, slings, paint, swivel rings, motors, etc.) to support plant work. Performed equivalency evaluations for replacement parts/components.

Hope Creek Nuclear Station, Salem, New Jersey. Represented design engineering in resolving modification and installation problems. Revised design change packages in order to resolve procedural and installation discrepancies.

PME Engineering, Columbia, Tennessee. Performed environmental site assessments per ASTM E1527. Inspected mechanical and structural concerns of industrial and residential buildings. Performed plumbing, mechanical, and structural design of industrial and commercial facilities per the SBCCI Standard Codes.

1986 - 1993

TVA, Sequoyah/Watts Bar Nuclear Plants, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Performed complete ASME piping analysis and documentation on many piping subsystems, and updated isometric drawings and calculations to the latest criteria and procedures. Closed SQN Lessons Learned issues at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant.

Carolina Eastman Chemical, Columbia, South Carolina. Performed qualification, routing, and supporting of chemical plant piping per ANSI B31.3 code (using CAESAR II). Originated, checked, and worked with process and instrumentation diagrams, piping layout drawings, and piping isometrics, having verified their accuracy in regard to pipe flow, size, ANSI code compliance, as-built configuration, line specifications, equipment connections, and valve types.

TVA, Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, Scottsboro, Alabama. Oversaw and assessed the technical adequacy of mechanical and civil engineering work performed by the prime contractor, and performed technical reviews on installation criteria for field supported lines, buried piping criteria, and rigorous analysis criteria.

Principal Mechanical Engineer/Pipe Stress Analyst, TVA (contract through Gilbert Commonwealth and Ebasco)

TVA, Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 1 Completion, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Supervised, planned, and scheduled the Ebasco large bore pipe stress work. Performed qualifications by both alternate (hand calculation) and rigorous methods to ASME Section III requirements; wrote technical requirements for the procurement of nuclear and commercial grade replacement parts. (Three months of this time period spent in procurement at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant).

TVA, Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Restart, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lead analyst in performing piping qualification per ASME Section III requirements; qualified Unit 2 deviations by hand calculation methods and Unit 1 by rigorous analysis methods. Wrote technical requirements for the procurement of nuclear and commercial grade replacement parts.

1985 - 1986

Research Scientist at Nichols Research (Huntsville, AL)

Performed optical analyses for various strategic defense initiative programs. Wrote FORTRAN computer code and computer program modifications. Secret clearance.

1983 - 1985

Senior Mechanical Engineer/Pipe Stress Analyst at TVA – contract through Impell, United Engineers, and C&D

TVA, Bellefonte Nuclear Plant (Scottsboro, AL). Provided piping and hanger design expertise to the Construction Hanger Engineering Unit. Performed piping analyses on Category I(L) piping in order to minimize hangers (this involved extensive walkdowns and inspections); planned and scheduled work.

TVA, Corporate Engineering (Knoxville, TN). Prepared and revised procedures, criteria, FSARs, policy statements, and calculations for the various plants.

1980 - 1983

Senior Mechanical Engineer/Pipe Stress Analyst at Gilbert/Commonwealth (Reading, PA) – contract through Omni

Performed the ASME Section III qualification (using TPIPE) of the safetyrelated main steam and feedwater piping for V.C. Summer Nuclear Station; analyzed all the V.C. Summer high temperature non-nuclear steam piping; lead and supervised the analysis of all Kori II high temperature sampling lines; calculated support stiffnesses for the VC Summer Westinghouse Class 1 piping analyses; also performed piping analysis on Three Mile Island (TMI) using PIPDYN and the TVA Sequoyah Nuclear Plant using TPIPE.

1975 - 1980

Mechanical Engineer/Pipe Stress Analyst at TVA (Knoxville, TN)

Performed piping analysis on many different piping systems for Bellefonte Nuclear Plant; wrote and developed several FORTRAN computer programs to aid in performing piping qualification and documentation; drafted and restored TVA design drawings.

1972 - 1974

Math and Science Teacher in Tennessee Public Schools (Knoxville, TN)

Taught advanced math, geometry, general math, physics, and physical science for grades eight to twelve.

1970 -1971

Engineering Co-op Student at Combustion Engineering (Chattanooga, TN)

Worked in the manufacturing, fabrication, and testing of piping; maintained records, read meters, and performed tests for the tube mill and mechanical maintenance.


B.S., Engineering Science and Mechanics, College of Engineering, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 1975

B.S., Natural Science, College of Education, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 1972


Professional Engineering Licenses, Alabama – License No. 17627, Tennessee - License No. 102880, Georgia - License No. PE024889, South Carolina - License No. 28319, Maryland - License No. 17966, Missouri - License No. 200-***-****,

NCEES – Registration No. 41731,

Registered Professional Teacher – Tennessee Certification # 482661

Member, American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Member # 2077956

Member, American Society of Civil Engineers – Member # 346663


Seismic Analysis of a Nuclear Fuel Handling Machine, 2012 ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Conference, Paper # PVP-2012-78879

Structural Analysis of Mechanical Modules for Modular Designed Nuclear Plants, 2011 ASME Pressure Vessel and Piping Conference, Paper # PVP-2011-58089


Expert in TVA piping analysis computer code TPIPE; working knowledge and/or extensive analysis experience using Caesar II, Superpipe, Pipdyn, PipeStress, and AutoPipe.

Expert in structural and seismic analysis using computer codes GTStrudl, StaadPro, and Risa 3D.

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