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High School Assistant

Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
October 08, 2016

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Name: Salah Serhal Religion: Muslim Sunni.

Date of birth: 19/05/1966. Nationality: Lebanese.

Sex: male. Marital status: married.

Education and Experience:

1)B.S in mathematics graduated in 1989/ from American university of Beirut.

2)T.D (teaching diploma) in secondary classes(1989) from A.U.B .

3)M.A in teaching mathematics from L.B.U.

4)Coordinator of intermediate and secondary classes for math classes.

5)Coordinator of intermediate classes for all sciences.

6)Teaching mathematics for secondary classes in Ashbal el sahel high school from 89 till 2001.

7)Teaching mathematics for secondary classes in official high school from 2001 till now.

8)Supervisor in official examination.(as a principal position for the five last years).

9)Recently assistant principal since the last 5 years.

10) teaching economics,organization and physics .


Arabic: very well English: very well French: very well.


E mail : Skype name: math201569


I have finished 2 years of business at L.U (1985 TILL 1987).

1)I have participated in at least two science and math conference each year.

2)I have taught sciences for grades seven till 11. And private for G 12.

3) I had participated the innovative teacher activities and courses.

4)I am working with power point and words as a technology.

5)I have been an official corrector since 1995.

6)I have taught economics for grade 12.

7)I have taught organization and communication in a vocational school.

8)I have worked as an accountant in a huge stationary store for 4 years.

9) Recently I am working as a principal assistant.

10)Working for 5 years as a manager and an accountant at a stationery company .

MY skills are :

Leadership and team management skills - Interpersonal and communication skills - Organizational and self-management skills; Ability to handle multiple responsibilities effectively - Goal orientation; Planning and execution skills - Problem solving abilities - Dependability; Readiness to go above and beyond when necessary to reach goals

The role of teacher:

The role of teacher is to bring remote things closer in meaningful way and to build up the personality of student. The effective teacher is who is patient, flexible, tolerant and able to convey the message.

Thanks for reading my (c.v).

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