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Engineer Manager

Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
October 07, 2016

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Resume for job Ghulam Mustafa

Summary of Duties

To lead a telecommunication company for the challenging assignments in project management and administration in that installation of VHF,UHF radios along with multi channels carrier systems / baseband equipment, NOC surveillance/ monitoring radar systems of different communications /tracking systems,Microwave and satellite communication systems, where I can utilize my communication experience for Global system of mobilecommunication, other radio including all the relevant 2G / 3.5 G activities for RBS, microwave and satellite transmission networks as a regional operational manager, project manager / engineer in a high profile multinational companies like a Pannesma CO ltd,Nokia Siemens STC (Saudi telecommunication company )/PTC, Matrolla, Ericsson,Mobily in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia /any part of the world. Havingmore than 15years experience for communication, installation, operation

and maintenance

To lead a company in the field of power generation,power substation and power distribution and its expansions plan in the civil construction according to the contract plan and its objectives according to the site plans .

Work experience

Working as a Communication engineer C4I communication systems at Tabuk air base

For the second time. My responsibilities include the following for making the

All communication systems operational worthy round the clock .

1.HF Radio communication systems

2.VHF Radio communication systems

3.UHF Radio communication systems


5.I am also trainer for the communication specialties of level 5 and 7.

6.To ensure the provision of electric power for radars and UHF .VHF,HF Sites around the clock

7.To arrange the alternate electric power in case of commercial power failures.

From 11 November2011 to 18 Jun1520

Worked in the NOC of Seder Group Advance project Department as a electrical engineer to look after the status of worthiness of more than 2000 communication sites for Ericson, Alcatle&Lucent.Participated in the drive tests assignments carried out in the Dammam areas.I was also assigned the duties of project equipment migration supervisor in Riyadh STC installations. November 2009 to August 2011.

Working as a Electronics &communicationEngineer (Consultant) in the ministry of Seaport Authority (SEAPA) Riyadh to look after the affairs of 9 seaports for their communications and navigational aid equipment and to plan for achieving the high-level of their operations according to the international standards. Myresponsibilities are as under to carry out the inspections for operational worthy of all the seaports Communication equipment after every three months for their communication systems i.e. HF,VHF (Handheld radios and base stations) on the ships/tug boats and control towers.To make the plan for equipment modernization for communication and navigational aid electronics, To prepare the tenders for modernization. To check the operations according tothe ITUlevels. During inspections the provision of stabilized electric power to the electronics and all allied equipment in the 100 ships in the different seaports .

November 2007to November 2009

Worked as a project engineer and Project Administrator for the following projects.

Project Engineer

CCTV-Siemens Project .Completed the installation of CCTV equipment on 34 sites in the kingdom(15xRiyadh and 19 x Southern area). The provision of electric power to all the sites of cctv.

Installation of electromagnetic locks at 19 sites of STC, each site having 5 x locks, card readers, alarm and control panels.

Installation of 25x 5ton air conditioning units(indoor and out door units)at different STC sites in Riyadh.The provision of electric power for all the air conditioning sites was my responsibility.

Electrical and HVAC Surveys of 26 sites in the kingdom.

Implementations of 24 GSM sites for 3G activities in Riyadh. Jeddah and Madina. Towers at all the sites were also extended up to 8 feet. Placing of second equipment shelter including civil works and electrification.

Implementation of Physical Access Security System for 19 gates at JubailMarafiq. (installation of turn styles. card readers, sensors, control panels and motorized gates, motorized cameras along with the monitors including their master control cards with the provision of stabilized commercial power .

Audio Alert and Warning System installed at Jubail Marafiq main office multistory building. Power generators with ups and their charging systems .

Project Administrator

Preparation of papers for project bidding

Coordination for Purchase order .

Preparation of schedule for site surveys.

Preparation of drawings for approval from the client /authority.

Preparation of SOPs

Coordination for scope of work

Preparation for the demand of stores for the project implementation.

Preparation of schedule for implementations .

Preparation of as built diagrams/drawings for the provision of commercial power to all sites in the contract .

Coordination for preliminary acceptance tests.

Preparation of invoices for payments.

Preparing the schedule for handing over the sites.

June 2005-Nov 2007

Served at Tabuk Airbase as a Trainer / communication engineer for the followings communication systems.

HF .VHF.UHF. Microwave Satellite Troposcatter and Mobile communications on American C3 System(command control communications Intelligence through computers . I was responsible for VHF, UHF radios, Satellite, Microwave and Mobile Communication covering 2.5 G to 3.5 G activitiesSystems.Carried out equipment optimization in the area of responsibility . Also served at one of the radar site for two years. Following equipmentwere supposed to be maintained for their operational worthy.


2.VHF &UHF radios .

3.12 system exchange. equipment (data gathering and cctv)

5.the power generation,its substation and distribution to all buildins in that site .


Served in Sanam Establishment as a regional manager.762 persons were in this company. My responsibilities were to maintain the power generation, air conditioning systems, the smooyh provison of smooth power to all the buildings in the hospitals and their communication systems operational worthy for five hospitals and fifty medical centre in the northern region(Tabuk).1995-1996

Served in the Pakistan military at the highest rank of Major in the Corps of Signals at different technical, as a electrical engineer,administrative, electronics and communication security and logistic appointments including monitoring and surveillance of different communications of target countries .

Carried out the installation of following communication systems.

Line communication multichannel carrier systems/ equipment.

ACT (1+1)- Two channel carrier system

ACT(1+4)- Four channel carrier system.

VZ-12K- Twelve channel carrier system

AN/TCC-23-Four channel carrier system

AN/TCC-7-Twelve channel carrier system.

Radio relay/microwave communication systems.

Radio relay for four channels carrier systems.(Military microwave)

Radio relay for 12 channels carrier systems.GRC-103 with TD-660.

Radio relay FM-200 with carrier VZ-12k system.

Digital Harris Microwave with baseband equipment.

Direction finding systems c-plath .( communication security)

Satellite communication systems.

Installation of 3 meter dish antenna system including the LNA,UP converter, Down converter. Power Amplifier and Power Supplies of C band earth satellite and Hub station on Intelsat 5 and 7. Installation of antenna control system .modulators and demodulators and baseband equipment.

Installation of Mitel switch 2000.(Digital exchange)

Installation of photo state machines on channels, teleprintres and. computers.

Installation of satellite Hub Station equipment and Earth Stations.

Conducted the Path profile surveys of different sites and power transmission test with Indonesia on graphic x y printers.

Carried out the spectrum analysis of all types of signal transmissions.

Installed the following types of antenna systems.

Rohmbic Antennas

Yagi antennas .

C-plath antenna systems

Dish antennas for satellite systems.

Operation & maintenance of troposcatter communication

Systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Changing of klystron tubes and power amplifiers.

Carrier mx-180 and km-9 systems

Microwave system Ambala

Low level radios

High power amplifiers.

Beam reflectors .

Provision of commercial power and the power from the standby generators 2M Watts. 1978-1993


University of Engineering and Technology Lahore – Pakistan1974-1977

Bachelor degree in electronics and sciences

Military college of signals Rawalpindi-Pakistan1981-1984

Telecommunication engineering

Technical qualifications

Satellite communication course from Department of Defense .USA1990

Satellite Operating Course from California Microwave Inc .USA1989

High Class Spectrum -Signal theory & Analysis Technique. USA1986


1.Appreciation letter from the field general manager Satellite Transmission systems

2.Appreciation letter from USA govt on running the traing for the C/Plath direction finder

3.Commendation letter on best performance for commint and their power generation for different sites

Language qualification

English Excellent

Arabic Good

Urdu Excellent

Contact address/email/mobile phone

1.House number ne-240-A Nighat Abad ChamanZar Colony Rawalpindi



3.Alternate email address :

4.Skype: ghulam.mustafa8141


Technical qualifications

1990 Satellite communication course from Department of Defense . USA

1989 Satellite Operating Course from California Microwave Inc USA

1986 High Class Spectrum Analysis & Signal Theory Techniques Course

(GTE Sunny Wale California )

1988 power generation alongwith UPS used for high capacity /load . USA

Attended Seminars / Briefings

1986 American space program from earth planet to moon and their achievements at NASA Headquarters California in United States of America .

1989Satellite launching in the space theoretical factors and practical

program for implementation.( During satellite operation course)

1988 The power generation. Implementation in the constructions / civil works with economically ways and mathods .

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