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Louisville, Colorado, United States
October 09, 2016

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Williams’ Cover Letter

Williams, a highly adaptable, bright and pragmatist, has a considerable 12 years of experience in administrative, Oil/Gas {Subsurface Evaluations} and near surface geophysics. Previously worked at Degeconek Nigeria Limited {Consulting Hydrocarbon Asset Management firm} as a Senior Geoscientist, using Landmark applications and Petcom Power Log for well evaluations and geological integrations.

I provide geophysical interpretations of Seismic data for indigenous and multinationals, involving seismic and well data interpretation and analysis, integration of interpretations into multidisciplinary studies, regional interpretations of 2D / 3D / 2D3D Seismic data across geological settings and hydrocarbon occurrences [Onshore, Offshore & Deep offshore]. Projects includes evaluation, re-evaluation, generate prospect maps, volumetric and reserve estimate of clients’ exploratory blocks for Oil services / Oil majors using well control, Seismic and Structural attributes, well planning and integration of geological /geophysical data for Oil block license renewal.

As an advance seismic interpreter, well log correlation and reservoir studies. My career has been fully developed on exploration, production and development- addition of some modeling, engineering and production operations such as creating geologic models, interpret / predict reservoir production & performance, analyze reservoir properties, production optimization & enhancement, determine volume estimates, fluids flow within the reservoir over its production lifetime and recommend optimum development plan added to my wealth of experience that make me a force to reckon with oil and gas industry, and also be a great asset to your establishment.

Worked with Paradigm Geophysical Nigeria Limited, Lagos as Senior Geoscientist/Application Consultant and stationed in Chevron Nigeria Limited to provide technical, data management and Geoscience supports for Earth Scientists working in Agbami, JV, North Offshore, South Offshore, Swamp, Topcon, Middle belt, Exploration and Deep-water assets, also worked with the Asset and Exploration Team evaluate Niger Delta Basin, restore/share modelled data, calculate volumes {Oil/Gas-in-place and Prospect} and drill proposed wells using Paradigm applications.

I work comfortably well in a challenging environment where initiative and character are valued. I apply herewith for the position advertised or otherwise seeking for a position as Earth Scientists, Geoscientist, Interpretation geophysicist, Prospect Geoscientist, Support Geoscientist, Reservoir Modeling, Consulting Role or Management Programme Position and willing to work as full time / relocates worldwide.

I am optimistic that your company would provide me the best opportunity to utilize my double skill {Geological/Geophysical Interpretation Skills and Application Support Skills}, develop new ideas and make remarkable contributions to the company’s objectives.



Williams Adejimola

11601 Katy Fwy, Houston TX 77079, United States

Email: Mobile: Nig +234**********), US +171********)


Eager to learn new skills, meet new challenges in a dynamic work environment, good team player and willing to progress {in the Oil and Gas industry} with a degree of excellence and ethical standards so as create sustainable value for all my customers while contributing positively to the company's wider economic development.

Career Summary

Experienced double skill Geoscientist with considerable administrative, management experience and extensive background in Onshore, Offshore and Deep Offshore Seismic data interpretations. Proven ability to direct technical team, coordinate, and manage consultancy business. As a Sectional Head, I have the opportunity to meet and interact with clients, workflow supervision, training and mentoring junior staff and secondees from other offices or external clients and assist Chief geophysicist on critical issues. Expertise in subsurface interpretations for oil blocks, generating reliable exploration prospect map, reservoir characterization, static and dynamic modeling and optimizing hydrocarbon recoveries through accurate volumetric reserve estimates.

Education/ Qualifications with Dates

Grantham University, Arkansas, MS Business Intelligence {in view}

Federal University of Technology Akure, B.Tech Applied Geophysics {1996 -2002}

The Polytechnic Ibadan, [NCE Tech. Edu. {Attended with 2.1}] {1994 –1996}

Imade College Owo, Owo, Ondo State, SSCE {1984 –1990}


Professional Affiliations

British School of Project Mgt. College, Lagos, Executive Mgt. {2009}

Lekron Computer School, Lagos, Diploma in Computer Studies {2007}

Industrial/Oilfield Health, Safety & Environmental Management Appreciation {2004}

Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain, UK

Society of Exploration Geophysicists {SEG}, USA

Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists {NAPE}, NIGERIA

Society of Petroleum Engineers {SPE}, USA

Houston Geological Society {HGS}, USA

Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists {CSPG}, CANADA

Society of Petrophysicist and Well Log Analysts, USA

Courses Attended

Laser Eng.: Integrated Reservoir Study (Petrel, Eclipse, Mbal, Prosper) PHC, Nigeria 2016

Schlumberger: AVO & Seismic Inversion Houston 2016

Petra: Petra Project Management Techniques Houston 2016

Petrosys: Geological Mapping and Modeling Houston 2016

GIS: Fundamentals of ArcGIS for Petroleum Houston 2016

Exploring Management Design Udemy 2015

Operational Intelligence and Machine Data with Splunk Udemy 2015

Paradigm 2011.3: Interpretation, StratEarth, Data Management & Stratimagic. Houston 2014

Paradigm 2011.2: Project Management, DB Mgt. Interpretation & Well Correlation. Houston 2013

Paradigm SKUA: Reservoir Characterization and Modeling. Paris, France 2012

Paradigm Epos4.1: Data Management, SeisEarth, StraEarth, VoxelGeo. Dubai, UAE 2011

Paradigm Epos4.0: Data Management, SeisEarth VoxelGeo, Stratimagic. Lagos, Nigeria 2011 Geographix Usage: SeisMap, SeisVision, GeoAtlas, Prizm. Lagos, Nigeria 2008

Geophysics: Data Acquisition, Processing, Field & Well Development. Lagos, Nigeria 2007

G & G: Integrated Formation Evaluation and Seismic Interpretation. Lagos, Nigeria 2006

Landmark Software: Seisworks, Stratwork, Zmap Plus. Lagos, Nigeria 2006

Health & Safety: HSEQ Management Appreciation, M. Morgan Consulting. Lagos, Nigeria 2004

Work Experience

PARADIGM GEOPHYSICAL NIGERIA LIMITED March 7th 2011 – January 22nd 2016

Position: {Consultant Geophysicist & Onsite Support at Chevron in Lagos, Nigeria }

Active involvement in Niger Delta regional studies, 2D/3D seismic multi-survey regional interpretation, regional geologic well correlation with Seismic backdrops.

Analyze all geophysical & geological interpretations and identify all potential issues or potential prospect.

Supervise geological Interpretation, well log correlation and QC of prospect evaluations.

Prospect generation and maturation based on well-log interpretation, seismic interpretation, and mapping; through petroleum system evaluation to volumetric calculation and risking analysis strongly required.

Integrate core data, well log, petrophysical analysis, and geophysical data to generate structure maps, isopach maps, net pay maps, and detailed cross sections with the goal of identifying areas that are most promising for regional exploration in new ventures farm in opportunities.

Provides support for integrated reservoir modeling team to analyze production rates, generate fluid distribution & volume estimates, drilling locations and predict development scenarios to optimize value.

Demonstrate ability to generate exploration ideas (plays, leads to prospect) and follow them through to drilling.

Troubleshooting to resolve geological / geophysical interpretation and Data Management issues.

Manage IT programs, issues and participate in all stages of the Asset – Exploration Team project lifecycle.

Perform Backup / Restore data exchange between Chevron Nigeria and Chevron Houston

Mentoring of Chevron young / intern Earth Scientists.


Position: {Consultant Geophysicist & Onsite Pre-Sale at Seplat}

Coordinate and work with Paris paradigm staff to installed Epos suites & VoxelGeo paradigm 14 software at Seplat

Coordinate WebEx meetings between Lagos-Paris to create Ubaleme survey, load Ubaleme 3D segy data to Epos/VoxelGeo

Coordinate Lagos-Paris WebEx meetings to mentor Seplat Asset Team Manager on VoxelGeo usage

Provide detail data QC and load a new resized Umutu 3D Seismic data {segy} into Epos

Performed volume visualization, subvolume detection and formation sculpting in VoxelGeo

Export out 3 Stratigraphic interpretations/evaluations from Petrel and restored them into Epos / VoxelGeo.

Compute Spectral Decomposition {Signal Amplitude of 10 frequency Bands} on Umutu 3D stratigraphical data to Identify channels, lobes and fans of the field in Client Office. Apply knowledge in identifying and evaluating the environment of deposition and prospect generation.


Position: {Consultant Geoscientist & Onsite Support Consultant at Chevron in Houston, US}

Provide Interpretation and Modeling support using Paradigm Geophysical Subsurface Software Suite for well evaluation, Seismic Interpretations, Reservoir Modeling & hydrocarbon explorations.

Analyze all geophysical interpretations and identify all potential issues or potential prospect.

Stratigraphic interpretation/evaluation, Identify channels and lobes of the field. Apply knowledge in identifying and evaluating the environment of deposition and prospect generation.

Responsible for integrating petrophysical - geophysical models bases on seismic and Ensure optimum results are achieved to enable clients to make sound exploration, development and production decisions.

Forecast all issues in system and ensure appropriate resolution for same, analyze productivity of all operations in geophysical sphere and recommend solutions to increase proficiency of all results.


Position: {Consultant Geoscientist & Onsite Support at Chevron in Lagos, Nigeria }

Administer of Interpretation and Modeling services using Paradigm Geophysical Subsurface Software Suite {SeisEarth, VoxelGeo, Gocad / SKUA, StratEarth and Stratimagic} for well evaluation, Seismic Interpretations, Reservoir Modeling & hydrocarbon explorations.

Ensure technology and application alignment between all systems in the Technical Services scope toward a single architectural strategy that supports venture wide data and information accessibility and integration.

Responsible for the continued availability of technical software, information systems and computing platforms throughout business and technology changes.

Drives the usability process. Tests and tracks usability issues and ensures that the product design addresses these issues.

Acts as the technical liaison between Paradigm and Chevron; manages customer expectations.

Providing interpretation services as assigned across all domains of the Geophysics applications suite.

Performing troubleshooting of client software issues, take full responsibility for issue until it has been escalated appropriately or resolved.

Ensure client satisfaction levels are maintained.

Assisting with the evaluation of functionality, usability and bug identification in new software releases as required. Report client enhancement requests.

Developing individual technical expertise on the suite of Seismic Interpretation Applications.

Mentoring of Chevron intern Staff / young Earth Scientists.

Experience in subsurface work processes; integration of seismic, well, and production data to evaluate subsurface reserve, resource and risk potential

Identify and mature to drilling infill opportunities.

Provide earth science support for Reserves Advisory Committee reviews

Identify, Mature new prospects, and Conduct geologic /geophysical evaluations using a suite of various geophysical data

Provide Regional Geologic models to support better understanding of the basin

Data Management and conditioning

DEGECONEK NIG LTD, DNL {Consulting Hydrocarbon Asset Management}, 2006 – 2009

Position: Geoscientist {Team Lead}

Project management and assist in QC of Team projects.

Onsite Consultant Geoscientist: Responsible for Subsurface Interpretation of AMNI International Offshore field in Niger Delta.

Provide well appraisal, subsurface evaluation & quantitative interpretation of {structural & stratigraphical depositions} 2D / 3D Seismic data using well control for over 15 OMLs and 3 OPLs in Niger Delta Oilfield.

Data Conditioning, Depth Conversion & Velocity Modeling.

Supervise well log interpretation, correlation, QC of Seismic and well data

Create integrated interpretations utilizing appropriate types of geophysical data as well as data from other disciplines to enhance understanding of development or exploration prospects. Generate grids, Amplitude extraction/ other Seismic attributes, prospect maps, volumetric estimation, Reserve Estimates & other interpretive outputs.

Responsible for mentoring External Staff, less experienced geophysicists, geologists and providing individual training and coaching as appropriate in the area workstation management, workflow design, Seismic data interpretations, well data management, Depth Conversion, Velocity Modeling & Computation of Reserves.

Well and Formation Evaluation using Power Log: Perform consistent petrophysical interpretations (lithology, phi, So, Sg, NET, N/G, EPV, sums and averages), culminating in fully documented petrophysical models, which describe the fluids distribution within reservoirs for implementation in 3D modeling.

Report Writing: Generate technical report of project.


Position: Consultant Geophysicist & Administrative Officer

Oversee Telconsult affairs in the area of soil properties and test in other to determine consolidated layers for satellite communication dish installation.

Provide administrative support to executives, engineers and others.

Account reconciliation, Manage administration within the budget.

Maintain records and updating

Site investigations, soil sample interpretations and identification of engineering properties for satellite installation, Lomé, Togo.

Follow up Geological and Geotechnical projects.

Online support for Geological projects.

Maintain environmental balance during Geological operations

SOLFOND NIGERIA LIMITED {Borehole & Civil Engineering}, 1999 – 2000

Position: Near Surface Geophysicist

Borehole drilling, Soil test using penetrometer, Ogudu, Lagos

Periodic assessment, rig maintenance, foundational studies,Ikeja, Lagos

Foundational investigations of site locations, VGC, Lagos

Groundwater exploration using electrical restivity, interpretation and location of aquifers within 10 villages in the basement complex of west, Ibarapa North Local Government, Oyo State.

Conducting geophysical investigations adopting wenner and schlumberger array of VES method across sedimentary and basement terrain.

Quantitative Interpretation of acquired data using partial curve matching and iterating using RESIST software

Generation of geoelectric sections and recommending suitable location for groundwater development.

Generation of Layout map using SURFER 6/8 and Writing technical report

Maintain up-to- date records of site operations.

Mobilization, De-mobilization of drilling equipment and Assist site engineer.

BOARD OF INTERNAL REVENUE NIGERIA {Revenue & Planning}, 1992 -1994

Position: Tax Assistant IV

Performs data entry for tax assessment information.

Assists with daily collection report; balances and checks against receipts; makes daily Bank deposits; bills customers for maps and copies.

Issuing of learners’ permit, issuing of drivers’ badge, renewal of vehicle license, inspection of vehicles, Owo, Ondo State

Assessing taxpayers, Collection of direct, indirect and withholding taxes, Idoani, Ondo State.

Remitting Revenue into State Government account, account reconciliation and Staff management, Idoani, Ondo State.

MALIBU NIGERIA LIMITED {Agro Allied Business}, 1990 – 1992

Position: Farm Manager Assistant

Assist in the organization, coordination, management of staff and volunteers on the Farm.

Assist with implementation of weekly planting schedule for field seeding and transplanting.

Assist in plant propagation, insect and weeds control, fertility monitoring, and general

field observation.

Assist with and manage workers to do weekly harvests in season.

Assist in soil-building program and maintenance of farm equipments.

Prepare daily reports to farm manager.


Personal Skills

Pre- Sale Skills

Skillful in G & G and Troubleshooting

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Window 95/98, Microsoft Window NT, Microsoft Excel, Basic Programming, Microsoft PowerPoint,

Advance in Paradigm Application Suites: Epos, StratiMagic and Gocad.

Skillful in Landmark Suite Applications

Good in Petrel and Eclipse

Good in Petroleum Experts software {MBAL, PROSPER}

Familiar with Petra software, Petrosys and GIS

Lead, support special task and special projects according to business needs

Good at meeting to build, persuading clients and maintaining relationship to ensure business guarantee.

Focus and tenacious for operational procedures to ensure business development.

Able to resolve client’s complaints before deadline.

Culturally flexible with passion for diversity.

Able to work under pressure in order to beat a deadline.

Strong teamwork, communication and mentoring skills


{Oil & Gas}

Chevron Nigeria {G & G}, Chevron Houston {G & G /Application Support}, Seplat {Stratigraphy/Attribute Computation}, AMNI International {OML112 & OML117 Oil Block}, Oando E & P, Mart Resources Inc. {OML56 3D, Qua Iboe Field OML56 2D, KE Field OML56 3D}, Platform E & P {Umutu OML56 3D}, Centrica Energy, Pan Ocean, NewCross, Chevron, Addax, Independent Oil {Kokest OML11 3D}, Universal Energy {Obeakpu Field OML11, Oki/Pologbene Field OML1 2D}, Pillar Oil {Igbuku OML56 3D}, Dansaki Petroleum {Stubb-Creek Field OPL289}, Energia Oil/Unipetrol {Oboduguwa/Obodeti Field OML56}, Prime Energy {Asaramatoru Field OML11}, Transnational {Ekoro/Obote Field OPL281}, OML95, Okwuibome/Amoji Field OML56 3D, Del-sigma Petroleum {KE Field OML56 3D}, Yorkshire OPL295 Deep Offshore Oil Bolck, Walter Smith {Ibigwe OML56 3D}, Chorus Energy, NNPC, Afren Energy, Laser Engineering,…

Recognitions / Awards



Pay Window

Visa Status

Work Status


Clerk of the House Award – August 1995: Outstanding Clerk of the House, The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

EARA Award May 2013 {Europe and Africa Recognition Award program}: nominated for outstanding efforts at Chevron {efforts that go above and beyond the expectations of the regular duties}, a globally important account, and working extra hours in the process.

EARA Award January 2016 {Europe and Africa Recognition Award Program}: 5 Years of Dedicated Service

SEPLAT October 2014 {$190,000 Deal} - Evaluation of VoxelGeo & Epos software at Seplat Petroleum Development Company to delineate prospects, Channels, Lobes and Fans on a stratigraphical Umutu 3D seismic data. Seplat asset Team approved evaluation and includes the paradigm software bill in their company 2015 budget.

Chevron October 2014 – G & G support for the evaluation of Nsiko field In Deepwater setting and successful drilling of Nsiko N1X well.

Chevron September 2015 – G & G support for the drilling Ofigbo well.

Chevron November /December 2015 – G & G support for the drilling of Nsiko field in Deepwater setting and successful drilling of Nsiko North -02 well.

Troubleshooting & Testing: Participate in global software testing and troubleshooting.


$320 - $1500 Daily

US Visa

Permanent, Contract or Part Time Role

Troubleshooting, Mentoring, Exploring & Counseling.


Isangima Obot Theodore Etukuyo

Hydrocarbon Analyst

Chevron Houston

1400 Smith Street

Houston TX 77002, US

Mobile: 0091 281-***-****


Olabode Awuyo

Technical Account Manager

Paradigm Geophysical, 3rd Floor, Mulliner Towers

39 Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi Lagos, Nigeria.

Mobile: +234********** / +234**********


Dan B.Faparusi

DeepWater Earth Science Supervisor

Chevron Nigeria Limited

2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula

Lagos, Nigeria.

Mobile: +234**********

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