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Medical Devices Engineer + Business

Louisville, Kentucky, United States
October 06, 2016

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Diego Ordonez

**** ********* ****, **********, ** 40220 ● ● 502-***-****


Engineer and Project Manager proficient and experienced in the areas of Healthcare Systems, Finances and Sales. Bilingual MBA candidate, with a Master’s degree in Engineering. Possesses deep analytical and decision-making skills along with proven problem-solving expertise. Solid interdisciplinary scientific background in life science, project management, engineering, and leadership excelling with the implementation and execution of challenging projects.


Top Biomedical Engineering GPA awarded by Universidad National of Cordoba, Argentina in 2014.

Consult with healthcare systems to develop technical and economic studies for resonance magnetic facilities in hospitals and the feasibility of magnetic resonance projects and cost of medical devices.

Implementation of successful business sales plan in Radiotherapy Equipment Company in order to attract new customers, reduce timelines and reduce fixed cost.

Developed a program to monitor the optimum performance of medical facilities in public hospitals in order to avoid corrective maintenance and reduce deadlines.

Implementation of low cost surgical light systems theaters which led to 60% in savings of the total cost.

Trained medical staff in the management and use of medical devices, supporting medical team in surgical theater in the calibration and reparation of medical equipment and devices.


Programming: Matlab, Lab View, C ++, Java, Assembler, Stella (Continuous Process Simulation), Extend

Office Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, SQL, Database,Access, Oracle, SyBase,DB2

Graphics Tools: AutoCAD Mechanical, AutoCAD Electrical, AutoCAD Architectural, Inventor (Mechanical Design), Working Model (Finite Element Simulation) Python.

Medical Devices: Ultrasound Equipment, CT, MRI, Medical Robotics, Prosthesis, Linear Accelerator.

Medical Training: Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Nuclear Medicine.

Medical Regulatory Affairs: Normative: ISO 13485, IEC 60601, ISO 9001, IRAM 21900, IRAM 37219.

MBA: Sales, Project Management, HR, Leadership, Financial Forecasting, Statistics, Six Sigma, Communications.

General Skills: Strong Analytical skills, Effective Interpersonal Skills, Cost Management, Detail-oriented


Executive Master in Business Administration (MBA), Sullivan University, Louisville, KY Current

M.Eng in Biomedical Engineering, National University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina 2013


Field Engineer & Clinical Engineering Consultant, Malamud Engineering, Cordoba, Argentina 2015

Participated as a consultant advising departments on improving efficiency and reducing time when equipment is down

Served as project manager of MRI facilities to oversee maintenance, calibration and installation of MRI machines based on international normative

Identified sales opportunities and provided assistance in the growth and direction of the company in this area

Completed verifications of contracts and quality assurance based on local normative

Linear Accelerator Engineer, Genelkta S.A, Quito, Ecuador 2014

Performed marketing research tasks using multiple sources, uncovering information on potential clients, new competitive products, competition, and on possible physician referrals

Performed maintenance and calibration of accelerators for radiotherapy treatment (compact and synergy 5-16 Mev)

Visited doctors’ offices, law firms, and health organizations to offer services and benefits using face to face marketing

Developed price analysis research and advanced flexible payments for HCAM hospital, Military Hospital, and Solca

Positioned products with a competitive advantage by demonstrating a positive benefit/ cost ratio; focused on physiological advantages and engineering features of products and services to potential customers

Provided analysis of economic feasibility of implementations, return of investment, amortization analysis and contract conditions including: technical service, guaranty, cash flow, payments and financial forecasting

Project Manager, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MRI) Cordoba, Argentina 2013

Oversaw implementation of technical and economical project of MRI facilities

Analyzed cost savings and return of investment for products by implementing MRI technologies in Cordoba Hospital

Conducted analysis of feasibility of implementing MRI technologies in hospital; characterized MRI marketing

Installed and calibrated superconductive, open field and permanent MRI

Used radio frequency measuring instruments required for verification of leaky RF shields

Managed MRI facilities, RF shielding, Vibrations, HCVA systems, electrical grounding and lighting

Clinical Engineer, Municipal Emergency Hospital, Cordoba, Argentina 2012

Scheduled service for equipment and prepared all necessary documents for repair and modification work

Collaborated with medical devices supplier to monitor the implementation of applications according to the contract

Created and designed promotional materials used to advertise the use of respirators, RX and electrosurgical units

Maintained inventory of components required for repair while promoting cost effectiveness

Managed quality assurance controls (QA) in the surgical rooms and intensive therapy equipment

Managed preventive and corrective maintenance of monitors and surgical units according to Normative IEC 60601

Trained medical staff in the correct use medical devices, fundamentals of medical devices and patient protection


Organized training seminaries in order to demonstrate the parameters in ventilators and multiple metrics monitors

Created economical surgical lights achieving a savings of 200% percent as a member of the clinical engineering team

Completed the calibration and quality assurance of auto analyzers, microscopes and chromatographs; achieved an optimization of performance in these items while and reducing costs related to intolerance and maintenance by 20%

Created preventive and corrective protocols to assure quality performance in technical procedures.

Internship, Biomaterials Laboratory, Cordoba, Argentina 2011

Performed mechanical and chemical tests to accumulate and organize data while contrasting results with standard data based on international normative

Responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory and supervision of student practice

Collaborated with biomaterial professors in the characterization of NI-TI biomaterial and Hydroxyapatite in order to find new medical applications

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