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Mechanical Engineering Injection Molding

Denton, Texas, United States
October 05, 2016

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Dinesh Ramesh

Curriculum Vitae

I believe concentration is the secret of success

Professional Experience


2010–2016 PhD Scholar, University of North Texas, Texas.

Developed flexible structural health monitoring sensors. Developed a novel PLD process

for making p-type ZnO, Identified a process for making Developed a novel method for

identifying fibers with best mechanical peroformance for manufacturing composite materials

for structural applications. Writing research proposals. TRIZ principles.

2009–2010 Researcher, University of Turku, Finland.

Radiolabelling of PET tracers with Cu64 isotope.

2008–2009 Researcher, POSTECH, South Korea.

Electrochemical materials.


2005–2007 R and D Scientist, Piramal Enterprises Ltd, Chennai.

Process development in manufacturing API


2008–2009 Lecturer, Balaji Institute of Engineering Technology, Chennai.

Taught applied science to undergraduate students


2014–2016 PhD-Mechanical Engineering, University of North Texas, Texas.

Structural Health monitoring sensors

2010–2013 MS-Materials Engineering, University of North Texas, Texas.

Fiber-reinforced composite materials

2003–2005 MS-Chemistry, University of Madras, Chennai, India.

Computational modelling of materials

2003–2005 BS-Chemistry, University of Madras, Chennai, India.

Leather processing lubricants

Awards and Honors

1999-2000 BEST BOY OF THE SCHOOL Award in R.M. Higher Secondary school, Chennai.


2000–2003 Secured College Second Rank, D.G. Vaishnav College, Chennai. India.

2003–2005 Won Prizes for Paper and Poster presentations in national and international conferences on the

topic of Femto Chemistry and Sono Catalysis

2010–2011 Academic Achievement Scholarship-University of North Texas

2011–2012 Academic Achievement Scholarship-University of North Texas

2012–2013 Society of Plastic Engineers Scholarship-University of North Texas

2014–2015 Material Science and Engineering Student Scholarship-University of North Texas

2015–2016 Society of Plastic Engineers Scholarship-University of North Texas


Thin film preparation

Ultra High Vacuum systems.

Epitaxial film growth by Pulsed Laser Deposition.

PVD (RF and DC sputtering) Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer De- position.

Optical characterization

XRD (XRR, pole-figure scan to confirm epitaxial orientation) and Reciprocal space mapping.

XPS, UPS (Work-function measurement) and AR-XPS (PHI 5000 Versaprobe)

I-R and Raman Analysis.


UV-Vis spectrophotometric absorption measurement.

Defects characterization with various analytical tools

Photoluminescence and Photoluminescence Excitation.

Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS).

Surface Morphology

Atomic force microscopic analysis of surfaces.

Scanning electronic microscopy and EDX measurement.

Working principles and operation of TEM and sample preparation.

Electrical characterization

Hall measurements (Van der Pauw HMS Ecopia 5000 system)

Four point probe and I-V characterization.

Mechanical properties characterization

Tensile tests, Fracture tests, Creep analysis.

Dynamic mecahnical analysis

Polymer processing

Compression molding, injection molding, Extruders.

Electrospinning, spin casting.

Computer skills

Programming - C, C++, Matlab, Python, Database development.

DFT-Quantum Espresso

Atomistic calculation-Lammps

FEA packages, Comsol, Ansys.

Statistical softwares - R-project, Excel




Mat Sci and Engg B



Tex Res journal



Material Advantage



Society of Plastic engg


2.Ramesh, D., Ayre, B. G., Webber, C. L., & D’Souza, N. A. (2015). Dynamic mechanical analysis, surface chemistry and morphology of alkali and enzymatic retted kenaf fibers. Textile Research Journal, 0040517515576322–.

3.Schlesinger, J., Rajander, J., Ihalainen, J. A., Ramesh, D., Eklund, P., Fagerholm, V., … Solin, O. (2011). Isomerism of [64Cu-NOTA-Bn]-labeled radiotracers: separation of two complex isomers and determination of their interconversion energy barrier using ion pair chromatography. Inorganic Chemistry, 50(10), 4260–71.

4. Effect of Alkali, enzymatic and microbial retting of kenaf fibers on composite properties. (Manuscript completed).

5.Optical and electrical characterization of epitaxial MgZnO and ZnO thin films on sapphire. (Writing manuscript)

6.Ramesh, D., Visi, K. D., Ayre, G. B., Allen, S. M., & D’Souza, N. A. (2012). Mechanical properties, surface chemistry of kenaf fiber for composite reinforcement - an insight into the retting process. In BioEnvironmental Polymer Society annual meeting. Denton-Texas.

7.Ramesh, D. (2005). Poster presentation on carcinogenic effect of chlorinated paraffines. In National conference on Pollution abatement through technology development. Chennai-India: Anna University.

8.Ramesh, D. (2005). Studies on the use of poly chlorinated alkanes in leather. In National Seminar on New Dimensions in Environmental Sciences. Bhopal-India: Indian Science Congress Association - Bhopal Chapter.

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