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Office Manager / Administrative Assistant

Mesa, Arizona, 85212, United States
October 05, 2016

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Catherine M. Pfeiffer ****

I am a driYen employee, known for !11\" sense of urgency, diligence, and orgamzation. I am connected tom\ work on both a and professional and bclie\T I am an asset lw nwsclf and n r-.-c-.,


Undergraduate Certificate in Paralegal Feb 2013


Center for Reisterstown, J\ ID J\Iai 2015 -Present

o \s part of the Senior team, help shape the Yision from a reputable Substance Abuse agency to a more integrati, c, eYidenced-based community agency not just on Substance but also I\Iental IIcalth and


o Conduct outreach to secure partnerships \Yith local prm idcrs to foster program continuation and growth

parole and probation, and other medical

o \\"ork to meet organizational and agency requirements, expectations, and standards of care that arc in line \Yith

COJ\L\R and the core nlues of CPL

o Supc1Tise admimstrati, e assistant and clinical staff around electronic health records IR), documentation, and all HIP compliant information

• Obtain and ensure efficienc\ in medical billing and insurance authorizations

• all site financial

• Responsible for the hiring and finng of all admimstrati, c staff

Center for Progressive Learning, First Step

.\dministrati'. e :\ssistant

• Ensured office was \\Til represented to the sntem, other facilities,

o Obtain accurate and client information to the process of complex schedules for all clinical staff

ReisterstmYn, MD J\Iarch 2013 \pr2015

and the general public

of clinical treatment

• Connected clients to outside referral sources, such as and serdces as needed

DEP Contracting

Office I\Ianager

Hampstead,,\ID Jan 200-t - I\Iarch 2013

• Responsible for creating a safe and welcoming cndronment for office staff personnel and clients

• 0.Ianagecl complex schedules for 15 employees

e Primary point of contact for all incoming client rcc.1uesrs and setTices

• Obtained permits, finalized proposals, and created professional-related documentation

State Attorney Office of Carroll County

-\clministrati'. c Internship

o Organized client flies

o Shadmved different job responsibilities each \\ eek

• \ssisted with \\Titing letters to clients and community resources

estnunster, MD

200-t _\ugust 200+


• Yoluntecr at Days End Farm, a country-wide organization dedicated to quality care and treatment of horses

• .\nnual \\'inter Fcstl\'al Fund Dri,-c Yoluntecr

• .\xid fiction reader and all-around book enthusiast


-- iy - . (. o


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c/1"! cedPPJ-1-'lO l'f u.t./ieze4y" 1/-ied- ae_ .ee had-- 6ee1-.z- eo:1 .e0 ea o z '<'YUanaz, c_;eo q1-a_,

I / t7 I t7 c.:7

U/lf:,,ZeejuN-z- U1 Zde47-z.zedk-:1/e edt'lf:,£na: /ll•ted on t:"lf:;J

NN zty decondchJ r:J;;If!:d:.,af, /.0 Y;f;udandYlf: teen

/ : t;

... _ ffd_f;!.f14!-

Rob Klapper,

u ((\

\\ ... \\ JJ•J/

\ (;9

';>L ;: l:J::Y y

Dr. Leslie Gargiulo, Ph.D., Vice President, Education



changing peoples lives

July 19, 2016

Dear Sir or Madam:

Ihave had the privilege of directly or indirectly supervising Ms. Melissa Pfeiffer at First Step since March 2013. Ms. Pfeiffer has proven to be a resourceful and competent person. She was always professional yet personable with our clients. She possesses the ability to master any task she undertakes. Being a self-starter and highly motivated person, she required little or no supervision once the task at hand had been defined.

She is a dynamic, dedicated, ethical individual that any organization would be proud to have on their staff. Iwould hire her again without question.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further questions, comments or concerns. Sincerely,

Kimberly Bittinger

Business Operations

Clinical Services

10400 Ridgland Road

Cockeysville MD 21030

410-***-**** (office)

410-***-**** (fax)

Clinical Services

100 Owings Ct- Suite 8

Reisterstown MD 21136

410-***-**** (office)

410-***-**** (fax)

Youth Employment/GED

3527 N Rolling Rd- Suite 23

Baltimore MD 21244

410-***-**** (office)

410-***-**** (fax)

100 Owings Court, Suite 8

Reisterstown, Maryland 21136

Phone:410-***-**** June 28,2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to express my professional recommendation for Melissa Pfeiffer. I am the Clinical Director of Firt Step, a substance abuse and mental health counseling agency in Baltimore, Maryland. I had the pleasant opportunity to work with Melissa for over two years. She was in charge of the Reisterstown office as the Office Manager and together we coordinated all the clinical and administrative activities of the office. Her responsibilities included organizing all the administrative activities including schedules for all the clinicians, maintaining the professional office flow, training and supervising the receptionists and implementing agency policies and procedures.

Melissa, however, did not limit her responsibilities to the activities assigned to her but she used her talents to improve every aspect of the organization. Melissa organized and participated in management and staff meetings providing ideas on how to improve the services. She attended diligently and with compassion to the client's needs, she was consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a high standard of compassion, responsibility, and respect. Melissa adapted very easily to the agency's constant changes and challenges, learned the computer programs, and adjusted to working with the clinical team. She also maintained strict client confidentiality and followed all First Step's policies and procedures.

Besides being a joy to work with, Melissa is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to others. She works very well independently and under pressure. Melissa is also a very good team player.

With complete certainty, I can recommend Melissa as an extremely competent person, very organized, efficient, and has an excellent rapport with others. Her communication skills are excellent. I know Melissa will be successful in any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for your organization.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me, please call me at 410-***-**** or email me at

Sincerely, r

ma uu

Fabiola Cardenas, LCSW-C

Clinical Director

A program of Center for Progressive Learning, Inc.

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