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Manager Supply Chain

Kansas City, Missouri, United States
October 06, 2016

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Michael D.

August *


Hi, I'm Mike. I know you're busy, I truly do and I suspect you've got a stack of these things to go through. I also know this is my one shot at a first impression. I will not blow my own horn or bullet point all my qualities, but I will share with you my love for procurement. I have found the ins and outs of supply chain to be a wonderful blend of relationship and math. Forming supplier relationships, partnering, stabilizing all the while keeping an eyes on the numbers; I truly do find it entertaining and rewarding. So, I just wanted to say "Hello" as if I were in front of you. I know you've got a busy day ahead of you and I'll let you get back to it. Thank you for taking a moment and letting me shake hands digitally. I appreciate it. Mike Cover

Michael A. Dahlor

2112 S Shale Ridge

Oak Grove MO 64075



I wish to apply the principles I’ve learned over the last seven years; continuous improvement, refining of processes, and implementation of new processes. Procurement has offered me a very exciting blend of two things I naturally seek; the building/strengthening of relationships and getting the best value for money spent. I continue to be excited by the ever shifting formula of cost mitigation, spend leveraging and minimizing inventory exposure. I believe in Lean principles specifically as they pertain to stabilization of supply chain which is an ongoing and rewarding challenge to me.

Employment History


05/2015 – Present Langley/Empire Candle, Kansas City, KS

Worked within department to offset the timeliness of buying in conjunction with the moving target of sales.

Worked to increase and clarify communication with our overseas suppliers.

Worked with IT to develop live data driven buy sheets for management to review. Reason for leaving:

I am still with Langley at the moment but always want to keep my door open to opportunity. Purchasing Manager

11/2014 – 04/2015 Holland 1916, Liberty, MO

Established and implemented new procedures standardizing the creation of purchase orders after inheriting a department that had few, if any, processes previously. This increased traceability and facilitated accurate reporting in regards to purchasing and inventory.

Created supply list items in PLEX ERP system to capture Kanban ordering data and restructured the 200+ Kanban items to order based on actual usage rather than

“best guess” quantities.

Worked with Fastenal and Crescent Electric to establish intelligent VMI programs; separating floor stock items so they aligned with supplier’s strengths.

Monitored Bill of Material (BOM) data as it was released from engineering.

Clarified and corrected data prior to PO release. This resulted in an average of

$1500-$1800 monthly savings by avoiding the purchase of unneeded materials and the leveraging quantity for price reductions.

Collaborated daily with 5-7 floor team leaders to identify production needs, discuss possible material alternatives and purchase accordingly. Reason for leaving:

Though not given a specific reason for dismissal, I can only assume the down turn in the Oil

& Gas industry lead to Holland’s reduction in staffing. In the six months of my employment, three layoffs occurred and I was included in the third. Purchasing Agent

06/2014 – 010/2014 Butterfly Labs, Leawood, KS

Brought on as Butterfly Labs’ first Buyer with purchasing experience and began building their ERP system from the ground up.

Created and implemented procedures to track and record outbound shipments of finished goods.

Created daily purchase orders to support production as I developed the supporting system.

Resolved inventory visibility issues among three stocking locations by linking Bills of Material (BOM) to production consumption in FishBowl Inventory (ERP system).

Brokered buyback programs with vendors to reclaim cash flow from obsolete electrical components.

Sourced new vendors to achieve costs savings on outsourced manufactured goods. Reason for leaving:

Butterfly Labs entered into litigation which effectively closed their doors for approximately six weeks. They were awarded their case and asked me back, but I had already found alternate employment with Holland 1916 by that time. Purchasing Agent

01/2014 – 05/2014 Quest Rail, Wellington, MO

Managed $250,000 of inventory across approximately 2500 individual SKU’s

Physically restructured the inventory room to facilitate a more Lean flow or release to production.

Reason for leaving:

QuEST Rail recruited me to fill a Buyer position but decided, upon my arrival, to restructure my scope of work into an Inventory Room Manager. This change in responsibilities proved to not be a good fit for either party.

Purchasing Agent

01/2013 – 01/2014 Civacon/Knappco, Riverside, MO

Managed an existing stocking agreement with one supplier (GIC Ltd.) while sourcing an alternate supplier (eCircuits) and establishing the same agreement with them. This implemented an 80/20 split for Civacon’s longest lead items that were critical to production. Product was immediately available on both suppliers’ floors to offset any production spikes while also stabilizing a steady inflow.

Worked with a key vendor (A&E Custom Manufacturing) to eliminate a faulty consignment program. This converted consignment to a true Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. This move allowed invoicing to align with usage and allowed Civacon to reclaim much needed floor space previously allocated to inventory.

Utilized the strength of Oracle MRP data to leverage spend against sales forecasts and immediate demand.

Worked closely with Quality Assurance to indentify quality concerns, issue Corrective Action required documentation to vendors and ensured these steps were implemented.

Released quarterly vendor score cards to suppliers covering Quality, on time delivery, costs of goods and innovation.

Reason for leaving:

QuEST Rail recruited me for a Buyer’s position. This was a lateral move in salary and benefits but decreased my commute by approximately forty miles. Purchasing Agent

04/2009 – 01/2013 R&D Leverage, Lee’s Summit, MO

Approximately six months after starting with R&D, I was promoted from an entry- level assembly position into a Buyer’s position.

Implemented and executed procedures to include multiple vendors in the quoting process. This practice allowed for a $90,000 cost savings in the first 60 days of my purchasing role.

Managed $400,000 of raw material consignment with our key vendor (Gateway Metals).

Established and implemented procedures to categorically align purchases with supplier strengths.

Oversaw the installation five vending units for tooling and other consumables to control usage and inventory visibility.

Reason for leaving:

Changes in company management and vision caused my direct supervisor (Jack Bryant) to leave R&D. I attempted to remain with R&D Leverage, but soon encountered the same challenges he had and eventually followed him to Civacon/Knappco. Education

1987-1989 CMSU, Warrensburg, MO

Psychology Major w/ Philosophy Minor

Software and Computing

Encompix – A custom designed MRP system developed for R&D Leverage Skill Level: Advanced

Oracle – The MRP system used in place at Civacon/Knappco Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Fishbowl Inventory Systems – Used at Butterfly Labs Skill Level: Intermediate

Plex Systems – The ERP system used at Holland

Skill Level: Advanced

Sage X3 – This is the ERP system in place at Langley/Empire. Skill Level: Intermediate

MS Office Suite

Outlook – Advance to expert user

Excel – Intermediate to Advanced user

Word – Expert user

PowerPoint – Advanced user


Deb Eblen – Controller Langley/Empire Candle

Phone: 913-***-**** ext. 107

Todd Grim – Operations Manager ROM Corp. (former OM at Holland 1916) Phone: 913-***-****

David Davisson – Director of IT, Holland 1916

Phone: 816-***-****

Marc Goodpasture – Operations Manager, Butterfly Labs Phone: 816-***-****

Lonnie Smith – Sales Manager, eCircuits

Phone: 816-***-****

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