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Secondary School Higher

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
3.5 lac per anm
October 04, 2016

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Career Focus:-

Utilize my experience and education to benefit an organization by creating and implementing policies, and procedures that ensure internal control, accurate and timely financial reporting, effective productivity, and performance analysis





Daily Activities

1 Download soft copy of ECS mandate dispatch from various location and common folder for access by ECS co-coordinator and ECS executive.

2 Do the health check of the physical mandates received.

3 Handover the physical mandates duly checked to vendor.

4 Update success/failure in ERP for all mandates submitted.

5-Raise CRA for all failure cases in ERP, generate CRA letters and dispatch the same.

6-Maintain inward register of mandate received, update the as per mandate are received as per process given.

7-Check if the physical mandates are received with a covering letter mentioning the complete details of the mandates sent. Else, to call the concerned PE/ credit coordinator and ensure that they comply with this requirement in future. Also take details of received mandates for updation in the register.

8 -Check the soft copies of ECS mandates dispatched and track missing mandates with the branches, call PE/credit coordinator and receive the missing mandates.

9- Hand over the received mandates to ECS coordinators and receive the missing Mandates..

10- Initial rejections during health check at corporate office to be taken with the concerned PE/credit coordinators, highlighting the reason for rejection and guide them to send proper mandates in fucture.

11- Tally the inward mandates, health check rejections and outward mandates given to vendor on daily basis.

12 Receive rejected mandates from vendor-enter in register and send it to concerned PE location for rectification and also call the PE for immediate rectification/collecting fresh mandate.

13 Track with PE/credit coordinator for rectified/ fresh mandates for returned mandates.


1 Prepare presentation file for ECS/ACH cycle dates wise from ERP with live contract only for presentation.

2 Check for mails from branches for request for stopping ECS/ACH for the month and mark them as pull out in the presentation file

3 Final file to be sent to vendor/DB/HSBC 5 days prior to cycle date for presentation.

4Share the final presentations file with state heads /product mangers for downloading to their team.

5 Follow up with vendor for realization status and get MIS for each cycle date.

6 Share success/failure data with all state heads/product managers.

7 Check for credits in bank for all success cases and pass necessary entries to account the amount received.

8 Complete bank reconciliation of ECS/ACH presented with vendor/DB/HSBC month on month, tallying each credit to success cases and credit debit contra for all failure cases and account for bank charges.

9 Attend to daily mails on ECS/ACH non-presentations, complaints on ECS/ACH etc from all branchs, check for issues and provide resolution.

10 Analyze failure data to check for trends-location wise/branch wise and to be highlighted/ shared with the concerned team to exercise diligence in fucture.

Professional Experience:-

2. Standard Chartered- Hyderabad, Telanagana

Senior Officer (Nov-2006 to Nov-2014)

Knowledgeable in cash management (Nov 2006- nov 2014)

Job Responsibilities

1.GLC Preparation- segregating DD's into MICR, high value & M6R ops

2.Schedule query are solved based on the latest report generated

3.Marking of Corr bank, paid liquidation & return liquidating for out- station & OC payments

4.Follow up with Corr banks in case of discrepancies for DC product

5.DD's are sent for clearing and preparing letter for held cases

6.Preparing interest claim letter

7.Corr bank and liquidation of local & outstation chcques for all the banks

8.Maintaining of acknowledgement for the banks

9.Follow up with banks in case in discrepanaes

10.Updating daily RT6S received from the banks for monthly report

11.Tallying of RTGS with Corr done for Corr bank reporting

12.Preparing Corr bank reporting for all the banks and reporting them to recon team.

13.Filling for Corr bank records

14.Clearing of doubts from recon team

15.Generating our reports and sending mails to banks in daily basis.

16.Control over cheque returns received from 362 locations

17.Return and paid liquidation marking in system

18.Preparing of the return statement, attaching with the return instrument and dispatching the same to customer as per standing instructions.

19.Control over original summaries and deposit slips, which we receive from respective metros, sent the same to vendor shop for journal checking and recheck all documents are received in correct and arranging in alphabetical order.

20.Correspondent banks funds follow-up for collections and deposits

21.Follow-up for 362 IP locations and 24 branches across the country for receiving the data of collection of instruments and provide the same for processing.

22.Maintaining admin package.

23.Segregating local and out-station cheques for processing

24.Preparing schedule generation

25.Preparing local cheques for clearing

26.Handling return cheques for local clearing

27.Oispatching the return cheques as per the standing instructions

28.Posting general voucher for excess and short claims

29.Identify the technical returns reasons (like out-station cheques, system failure, paper not received, reprocess, item listed twice)

30.Reprocessing the technical return cheques cases (internal)

Knowledgeable in payments

1.Cashier's orders, pay orders

2.Book transfers (BT)

3.Cancellation and credit

4.Cash transactions for customers

5.Account openings for new clients

6.Fixed deposits creation and cancellation

7.Signature addition and deletion

8.Monitoring AIM approval, hold, funds approvals

9.Foreign inward remittance certificate- Issuance

10.Wavier updation for customers

11.Handling RTGS and NEFT transactions

3. ABN AMRO BANK NV (Revised name- RBS Bank/- Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Temporary Staff (Feb-2004 to Aug-2006)

Job Responsibilities

Handling foreign cheque collection & dispatch for centralized remittance department

Collecting cheques from branches, processing them for various banks in lndia& foreign countries based on currency. Nostro checking [both credit & debit], entering cooling period for the cheques after credit received, preparing collection schedule at time of customer credit, passing entries in SCORE, handling customer queries and follow-ups for the cheque transactions, relaying messages using SWIFT.

Analysis of payment flow and investigation of funds transfers on various software background, involving various swift types like, MT110, MT103, MT202, direct & cover payments etc., investigations of various enquiries from customers and banks on the funds transfers like unable to apply, non-receipt, return of funds, cancellation/ Recall of funds, amendment of instruction and value dates for all currencies.

•Types of enquires handled:-



3.Payment advices

4.Back valuation claims

5.Telegraphic transfers

6.Local clearing payments

7.Cash transactions through swifts & manual paper.

4. TRAX ENTERPRISES - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Manager (coordinator for HSBC) (Feb-2002 to Jan-2003)

Job Responsibilities

•Processing inward outward cheques

•Handling return cheques with merging in bulk processing

•Processing cards, car loan, and personal loan cheques

•Controlling pick up staffs

•Segregating local and out-station cheques for processing

•Maintenance of accounts (stationeries, staff salaries)

Educational Qualification>

1.Bacherlor's of Commerce from Madras University in 2002

2.Pre-university from The Hindu Higher Secondary School in 1997

3.Secondary School leaving certificate from The Hindu Higher Secondary School in 1995

Technical Qualification:'

1.Diploma in computer applications

2.Knowledge in E8BS (Electronic Branch Banking System)

Date of Birth : 10 June, 1980

Gender : Male

Nationality : Indian

Pan Card Number : BUJPS4564F

Languages Known : English, Telugu, Tamizh and Kannada

Residential Address : #12, thandai periyar kudil, kolathur, chennai-600082

I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place:-chennai


Date:- (SUDHAKAR. S)

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