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Engineering Management

Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia, WP, Sri Lanka
October 02, 2016

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Residence: N0 27/8 Samudrasanna, Place, Mt Lavinia, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Phone 071-******* email rabisera

Work: Ground Water Section, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Telawala, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka.


BSc (Speciual) Degree in Geology, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, 1981

General science qualifying University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka1978

Chemistry- B physics- A geology- A

GCE (Ordinary level) 1975

Religeon-S mathematics-C chemistry-CPhysicsC biology-C English-S

GCE (Advance Level) 1976

Pure Mathematic


Honorary Research Associate, University of Birmingham, UK, 1991.





Management of Spatial databases, analysis and evaluation of spatial data.

Gps evaluation management.

Deoreferencing and image analysis

Preparation of hydrogeological maps using GIS techniques

Development of groundwater management plans

Planning, designing and implementation of groundwater development projects.

Hydrogeological mapping and investigations

Development of conceptual models for complex groundwater systems.

Water balance and groundwater recharge studies.

Planning, designing, operation and review of groundwater monitoring networks.

Designing of aquifer test programs, evaluation of test data and design of pumping facilities.

Application of numerical models in flow and solute transport in groundwater.

Planning and implementation of hydrogeological research programs.

Groundwater contamination studies and development of strategies for resource protection.

Preparation and presentation of technical papers and reports.

Feasibility studies on the availability and suitability of groundwater.

Design and construction supervision of wells and well fields for water supply.

Design of test pumping programs analysis and evaluation of test data.


GISS applications, Computer Aided Designs,, Databases, Computer

Gps application and diferential gps.system.

Graphics, Image analysis( remote sensing), Numerical Modelling

Software packages used in geological and geophysical applications

Software packages used in groundwater applications.

Application of regional flow and solute transport models

Program development for groundwater flow models.


Good communication skills both oral and written

Excellent individual performer and good player in multi-disciplinary teams.

Good liaison and consultative skills with a variety of groups including government authorities, industry, consultants, contractors, water user groups, unions, and members of the public.

Effective prioritizing of work loads for self and others.

Management and financial analysis of groundwater development projects.

Project planning and management and effective management of time.

High degree of self-motivation and ability to motivate others.

Design and implementation of training programs for technical and field staff.


Ability to combine various facets of hydrogeological, engineering, geological, and computing knowledge to solve complex hydrogeological problems.

Ability to use initiative and act independently to achieve a set program of work within a prescribed deadline and budget.

Ability to establish sound working relationships with staff at all levels within the Department and with clients in other Government agencies, and Local Government.

Ability to plan and carry out field projects within a limited time and to meet objectives and deadlines.

Ability to assimilate new practices and procedures on professional and technical fields and to further develop personal professional skills.

Ability to produce clear, concise reports.

Ability to make timely, appropriate decisions during investigations.


University of Birmingham, UK, 1991Successfully developed a Grounwater Model using finite difference technique to evaluate pumping test results in fractured aquifer.

country counterpart in Groundwater survey conducted by NORAD under Package C, third Water Supply & Sanitation Project.

Ground water estimate &development extensive map production to table quantification treasury office

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 1989 - 1999.

Achieved successful results when teaching engineering geology


Application of seismic Techniques for Engineering Geological purposes, Dr. I Puttrich, Consultant to The Department of Irrigation, Sri Lanka, 1982

Groundwater and Drilling Technique, Water and Waste Engineering for Developing Countries group of Loughborough University, United Kingdom, January 1984.

Surface and Geophysical Methods for Groundwater Exploration, Dr. K.R.R.Charry, WHO Consultant Geophysicist, 1985

Short term in service training in Ground Water Engineering conducted by, University of Birmingham, UK, 1990.

Short term training in Groundwater Engineering, Prof. K.R. Rushton, Department of Civil Engineering University of Birmingham, UK, 1990.

Groundwater Resource Development and management, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, 1999

Remote sensing & Geographic Information systems Applications, Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies, 2000


March 2001 - to date Manager (Studies),

Groundwater Section, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka

National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka, 1983-2000.

Successfully Work in preparation of hydrogeological maps using GIS techniques

Management of national groundwater data bank.

Played a key role in Sri Lanka's national groundwater development program.

Successfully completed a groundwater recharge and water balance study project and developed a conceptual groundwater model.

Constructively contributed to multi-disciplinary team efforts for successful achievement of targets of the International Water Supply and Sanitation Decade.

Successfully managed community based groundwater development projects.

Responsible for upgrading knowledge in groundwater field and all groundwater related data management.

Alleviate professional knowledge of all hydrogeologists

Preparation and implimentation of research programmes

Encourageand fcilitate professional in the field of hydrogeology to conduct research and participation in seminars and workshops

January 1997 – March 2001 Hydrogeologist,

Groundwater Information UnitGroundwater Section, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka

Responsible for Management of Groundwater Information System which included tabulated and spatial data of 20,000 Tubewells

Development of Tube Well Database

Liaison with other relevant agencies to obtain existing data of wells

Development of spatial database

Preparation of groundwater maps using GIS Technology.

Conducting Groundwater analyses using software such as Arcview and Surfer

Production of Groundwater maps for various purposes.

Groundwater modelling using MODFLOW

March 1990 - January 1997 Hydrogeologist,

Investigation Section, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka

Groundwater development and management in Urban Water Supply Schemes

Planing and conducting hydrogeological investigations.

Conducting Geophysical Surveys, Well monitoring programmes and water quality surveys.

Conducting Environmental Impact Assessment studies.

Organizing and supervising pumping test programmes.

Analysis of Groundwater flow and solute transport models using Modflow package.

December 1987 - February 1990 Hydrogeologist (Uva Province)

Groundwater Section, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka

Responsible for planing and carrying out investigation programmes for rural water supply projects in the province.

Water supply need assessment studies

Planing groundwater projects and table proposals for aid programmes.

Supervision of hydrogeological investigation.

Planing and supervision of drilling programmes.

Planing and supervision of handpump installation and maintenance programmes.

July 1983 - December 1987 Geologist

Groundwater Section, National Water Supply & Drainage Board, Sri Lanka.

Engage in groundwater investigations for rural water supply schemes

Geological mapping and aerial photo interpretation.

Conducting geophysical surveys.

Drilling supervision and logging of borehole samples.

March 1982 - July 1983 Engineering Geologist

Engineering Geology Division, Department of Irrigation, Sri Lanka

Played a key role in designing a grouting project in constructing total cut off dam of 3.5 Km. length.

Completed assignments in engineering geology within time & budgets.

Blasting technique rock stability technique seismic profilingtrench mapping permeability tests gruting technique.

Responsible for planning and carrying out of geotechnical investigations for Irrigation Projects

Carrying out Geological and Geotechnical surveys

Conducting and analysis of seismic surveys

Conducting compaction and permeability studies rocks and soils for dam construction

Conducting grouting and rock anchoring programmes

Supervision of rotary drilling and logging of core samples

August 1981 - March 1982 Assistant Demonstrator

Department of Geology, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.

Responsible for assisting graduates, planning and carrying out of geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations

August 1990 - August 1999 Visiting Lecturer in Engineering Geology

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Conducted lectures and practical classes in engineering geology, Mineralogy and Hydrogeology for certficate courses.

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