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Supply Chain Manager, Purchasing Manager, Logistics Manager

Panama City, Panama, Panama
October 03, 2016

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John Ioann Wattley Maximowitsch

Condado del Rey Edificio Green Park Torre 300

Teléfono: 6755-4823 / 6952-5175

Correo electrónico:

Visa Profesional Extranjero y Permiso de Trabajo Vigente.

Academic Training

Bachelor in Management and Administrative Science (Technology University of Central Venezuela UNITEC 1989- 1994)


Manager experience in American and European multinationals. Business Development, Sales and Purchasing, Supply Chain (Supply Chain), Continuous Improvement, Product Marketing.)






Hospital Punta Pacifica (Panama - Punta Pacifica Hospital)

Chief Procurement (September 2015 - Current)

acquire goods, services and supplies or materials needed to ensure the operation of the Hospital under the criteria of economy, transparency, effectiveness and efficiency by requesting quotes.

Negotiation, Purchase, import of inputs and National and International teams.

Analysis and preparation of comparative tables for decision-making.

Propose policies and procedures for maintaining shopping catalogs updated articles and suppliers.

Provide timely manner the necessary materials to enable proper operation and functioning of medical services, ensuring the supply of inputs in all areas of the hospital.

Coordinate generally Warehouse logistics activities, with the respective supervision correct record of maximum and minimum thereof.

Inventory Analysis establishing policies Purchasing Point Re order to ensure just in time inventory.

Development of Management Indicators to measure the performance of the same

Creating appropriate analysis methods Inventory policies Hospital

Carry out procurement tenders. Plans Annual purchases.

Monitoring criteria for approval of new inputs used in the Hospital

Oversee all functions of Purchasing and Logistics Planning Department.

Internal Auditor Hospital for interpretation of ISO 9001 Fifth Edition 2015.

Maxian Corporation (Valencia - Venezuela)

General Manager (December 2008 - September 2015)

Company dedicated to serve Purchasing Import, Export and Logistics to medium and small industry in order to solve their problems of supply of raw materials, indirect materials and logistics management.

DG Corporation Maxian, Administrative Management, Sales and Operations.

Business Development, Marketing, Sales wholesale and retail of different business lines such as children's fashion, fashion lady, Technology.

Development of customers and suppliers in different lines of products and services.

Contact with government agencies for business development.

Consulting Supply Chain / Supply Chain.

Business Performance, Cost Control, negotiations with suppliers.

Responsible for the entire business from the supply chain, marketing, business finance

Robles Corporation (Valencia - Venezuela)

Purchasing Manager (November 2012 - March 2013)

Company Marketing importer of White Line and Brown Line Nationwide


Supply Chain total goods traded, achieving savings in the same

Planning and inventory purchases, responsible for the timely supply and negotiation with the various national and international suppliers.

National and International Negotiations ocean freight, air and land, seeking to minimize that impact costs in the distribution chain.

Development of International suppliers (China and South America), price negotiation.

Clover Internacional (Valencia Venezuela)

Purchasing Manager (April 2010-October 2012)

Transnational company dedicated to service and Operational Logistics Cargo Transport, Moving, Storage of goods, Document Custody and Customs


Management of all purchases of the organization (Services, Supplies, Fixed Assets and Projects) including purchases of 15 branches nationwide for divisions Warehouse, Customs, National and International Transport, National and International Moving, Storage and custody of documents, International Cargo.

Direct negotiation of service contracts of large logistics providers specialists in handling oversized loads.

Ensure timely supply of resources to the different areas of business (Services, Direct Materials and Indirect Materials)

Development of infrastructure projects such as construction of Sheds and Warehouses

Purchasing Manager (August 2006 - November 2008)

Brenntag - Netherlands Venezuela

Brenntag Group, Transnational Dutch. It is the largest company in marketing Chemical Industry in Venezuela and the second worldwide, with a presence in all continents of the world.

Planning and inventory purchases, responsible for the timely supply of product for sale. Provide solutions to supply the Andean Region.

Inventory Turnover, Excesses and Obsoletos, Inventory Classification, Supplier Evaluation.

Control Costs Operating Costs and definition of Products for sale.

Negotiating with various national and international suppliers, including suppliers of Raw Materials and Services.

Getting improvements in prices and costs in the supply chain to ensure profits and margins preset in corporate budgets

Manage the entire supply chain including change control and permitology

Compliance ISO9001 and OHSAS

Baxter Venezuela (Valencia Venezuela)

Head of Planning Purchases and Imports (February 1997 - August 2006)

Subsidiary of Baxter International Inc, a leading medical equipment and medicines for kidney patients, Oncology, Pharmaceutical Specialties, biotherapeutics, Vaccines, American transnational Fluid Systems.

Responsible for supply chain Importation of Medical Surgical Materials, Medicines, Medical Equipment Parts marketed by Baxter Inc.

Logistics Management for the supply of government tenders and private industry.

Responsible for Customs and Import process and required different perisologías.

rotation Inventory, Purchase Order Tracking, Inventory Control, Excess and Obsolete Inventory Planning System.

Integrated Development of the Andean Region for the unification of purchasing and inventory planning forms special projects.

times nationalization of products and cost management in the chain of import.

Meetings Forecast and Budgeting commercial area.

Implementation and maintenance of shopping JDE module system

National and International Removals, incorporating new suppliers lower costs and maximizing product loading providing operational savings in logistics management

Federal Mogul (Valencia Venezuela)

Product Supervisor (February 1995 - February 1997)

American transnational company - USA dedicated to the marketing of parts for the automotive industry

Analysis and Planning Inventory reports for decision-making when purchasing products.

Development of purchase orders.

Preparing reports of excess and obsolete for improvement in inventory turnover by creating sales promotions.

Support in trade promotion management.


Development Management Experience and high performance teams

Focused on Objectives

high sense of responsibility and righteousness, Moral and Honesty making them the basis for successful work and professional development.

High degree of Commitment and Loyalty

some courses

Course name

Institute Country

English Open Inglés Venezuela

Alpha Learning English Venezuela

Wall Street Institute English Venezuela

Venezuela budget Fundametal

Purchasing Brenntag Latin Workshop for Texas A & M Univertity USA

Purchasing Management IESA Venezuela

Microsoft Excel Basic Form Venezuela

Microsoft Excel Advanced Form Venezuela

Defensive Workshop Brenntag Management vial Venezuela

7 Habits of Highly Efect People Franklin Covey Venezuela

High Performance Teams Baxter Institute Venezuela

Innovation Ince Venezuela

Development and Personal Growth Ince Venezuela

Quality of service and attention to Client capases Venezuela

Integral Prevention Drug Trafficking Venezuela Basc

Quality Leadership Process Baxter Institute Venezuela

Export Compliance Baxter Institute Venezuela

Administration JDE Bfpg Shopping engineers C.A Venezuela

JDE Sales Management Bfpg engineers C.A Venezuela

JDE Inventory Management Bfpg engineers C.A Venezuela

JDE World Write Bfpg engineers C.A Venezuela

JDE Account Payable Bfpg engineers C.A Venezuela

JDE BASICS Bfpg engineers C.A Venezuela

JDE Advanced Pricing Bfpg engineers C.A Venezuela

Interpretation of ISO 9001 : 2015 fifth Edition Sheffer Consultores Panama

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