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School Sales

Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, 18353, United States
15 dollar per hour
October 01, 2016

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Summary: Dedicated educational professional with *5 years of administrative experience in education; many years of experience covering all aspects of school operations, including teaching, counseling and special program management; proven ability to create and monitor policies and practices that promote a safe learning environment, ensure a school culture that encourages continuous improvements for teachers and students, and develop an environment that encourages open communication with colleagues, students and the community; demonstrated knowledge and leadership in the area of state educational policies.


Lighthouse Christian College

Ph.D in Missionlogy


Dissertation: Navigating a Career in World Missions

[Honors: Dissertation passed “with Distinction”]

Lighthouse Christian College


M.A. in Christian Education

Focus: Administration and School Leadership

Lighthouse Christian Education

B.A. in Christian Education


Areas of Concentration: Curriculum Writing


Class Salutorian, MTC Institute

2012 – [End Date]



School Administrator


Developed a master schedule that allowed for the implementation of interdisciplinary teams.

Collaborated with the seventh grade team by developing various PowerPoint presentations and lessons.

Used differentiated instruction and both formative and summative assessments to evaluate student work.

Designed various cross-curriculum warm-up activities to enhance connections between school curriculum subjects.

Played an active role during parent-teacher conferences, and updated parents regularly on their child’s progress in the classroom. Also received excellent personal feedback from the parents of my students.

Develop a system that teachers’ will improvement a weekly progress reports home to parents.

Participated in Compass Learning training, and guided students to use this resource available to them.

Collaborated with teachers during a seminar on how to integrate affective grouping strategies in class.

[Adjunct Instructor – “Editing Technical Documents”]

[Pick the Year]

[Developed syllabus and overall course structure, and administered all grades.]

[Instructor – French 101, 102, 201, 202]

[Pick the Year]

[Developed syllabus and overall course structure, including weekly lab practicum, and administered all grades.]

[Teaching Assistant – to Professor Garth Fort in “Advanced Rhetoric”]

[Pick the Year]

[Collaborated on curriculum and exam development, met with students upon request, and graded all written work, including final exam papers.]


[Lucerne Publishing, Raleigh, NC]


[Pick the Year]

[Provide as needed editorial support remotely, including developmental and copy editing of their internal online and printed documentation.]

[Wide World Importers, Durham, NC]


[Pick the Year]

[Compile reports, including statistical and market trends, to track the growth of online shipping sales versus the primary offline practices.]

[Fabrikam, Inc., Raleigh, NC]

[Language Consultant]

[Pick the Year]

[Translated American-English external Web site content to French.]

[Trey Research, Raleigh, NC]

[User Interface Design Consultant]

[Pick the Year]

[Provided content design feedback to program managers to create accessible segue between English and French versions of related content.]


[“The Cross-Cultural Communication Epidemic of the 21st Century”]

[Guest speaker at the Global Communication Convention, Los Angeles, CA]

[Pick the Year]

[“Why So Many Documents Remain Inaccessible in the Information Age”]

[Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of English Professors, New York, NY]

[Pick the Year]

[“The Female Betrayed and Modern Media”]

[Paper presented to the Historical Society for American Women, Athens, Ohio]

[Pick the Year]


[English – native language]

[French – speak fluently and read/write with high proficiency]

[Spanish and Italian – speak, read, and write with basic competence]


[American Society of English Honorees]

[Western Society of Women Writers]

[Organization of Global Communicators]


References available upon request

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