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forklift operator

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
October 05, 2016

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Andre L. Strong

** ****** ***, ************, ** *6219



(6-2016)-(7-2016) Assignment Ended:

This job was with another temp to hire agency, and my job Description was a forklift Operator, with Waste Management in detail my job was to empty all tubs in a certain area of the warehouse, and also empty the Baylor after a bale has been made. This company was all about Recycling Raw Material, such things like Plastic, Cardboard, Can’s etc, Also when operating a fork Truck! Your always in charge of Checking it before each Shift, checking for Bad Tires, loose wires, and Any leaks from your lift etc..

Aerotek Staffing 8555 River Rd Ste #410


My position at this company was a Forklift Operator, and a Picker, there were Locations and Different areas of shipping that were shipped Out to Canada…On down time, there were 5 pickers on my shift, and we all made sure that our area was cleaned, and all open Boxes were closed and Marked with the correct amount of product! And it was also our job to make sure all items picked. Were the right amount for the customers Orders .Etc

WMG 6705 E 30th (08-201*-**-****)

This company was in charge of packing and shipping movies, DVD, CDs etc for Shout/Amazon. My duties there were to pick/pack and ship orders for customers for Amazon and Shout using a system called CSoft. This system also allowed me to run Fed ex ground, Fed ex overnight and Fed ex air for each order as a whole or for single shipment. Fork Truck picker was use to pick the product that were on Higher Level’s Cherry Picker, Clamp Truck, Etc.

Harvest Food Distribution Corp>5001 Polk Street Chicago IL 60644 (06-2012)-(08-2014)

My job at this company is to make sure my bread is stocked and rotated each day to make sure any stale bread is not left on the shelf by the time the new load comes in which we get a new load three times a week, clean the bread area, and keep a count of all bread coming and going out of the store, etc.

Experience: > Indy Rail 6233 Brookville Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

Position held: [Assembly] 09-2010--03-2012

•My job duties were to assemble and reassemble toilets for Amtrak trains. I also tested and helped with the shipping and receiving. As Shipment came in it was my job to Moves items to each Dept using a Fork Truck and sometimes a Cherry Picker as needed?

Interstate Brand, Wonder Bread, 2929 East 30th St.

•Position held [Bun Oven Operator] 1997-2010. My job duties as a bun operator was to make sure my oven was set for each type of bun, all buns had their own bake temperature, I was to zone my oven to the set of temperature as followed, varieties were, Hot Dog buns, Hamburger buns, Slim Jims, etc. as a forklift/Material handler, Maintaining production in this position, it was vital, to keep both mixing Platforms supplied with all the mixing products needed to maintain, at least a full 8 or 12hr shift etc.

•Machine Operator

•Forklift Operator

Thompson, Consumer Electronics 600 N. Sherman Dr Forklift experience 25yrs

•[Mold Press Operator] 1986-1997.

Performance record and titles at this company, was mainly involved in Molding and shipping, it was a position I excelled in as a mold operator, to set up my press for the starting shift. Making sure all machinery was oiled and working in its correct manner, and adjust heat function, for my molding set up, Handling many tools and Equipment, And after doing this job for the 1st three years A promotion was given and I was moved to the production line, and in this position, I was a line packer/Quality inspector, all employees were to watch out for any voids, such as{sinks, dents, scratches, or the commend voids,that comes from a bad paint job etc.

• Forklift Operator

•Material Handler

•Shipping, Receiving

•Machine Set-up

•EDUCATION: Arsenal Tech High School-DIPLOMA-1982

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