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Freelance Trainer/Mentor/Counsellor-Coach/Supervisor

London, Greater London, United Kingdom
October 28, 2016

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Career Profile (US/UK/EU/Caribbean):

To provide a bespoke international consultancy and resource for teams and individuals which includes using services such as a senior practitioner, pastoral support, training,inclusive sports coaching/activities and on-the-job 1-1 and group mentoring services for leaders and senior staff within youthwork agencies, charities, Health and Social Care and the private sector.

All services provided skilfully and respectfully work through issues of human diversity and inclusion(all within age appropriate levels).

Professional Associations:

•2014 to Present: Institute for Leadership and Management-Fellow Number :001*******

•1990-Present: Registered Member and Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (one of the founding members of the RACE division)- Members Number:505455

Key Competencies for the workplace and specialist freelance environment include:

Planning and development of 1-1 and group programmes developed from several years of supporting 100s of charities, teaching, training, content writing, HR development and supporting all levels of education and training within the UK,EU,USA and the Caribbean)

Managing stressful situations and environment specialist(insights and skills gained from criminal justice work, social work and social care, education, youthwork, children’s homes,etc.)

Flexible and effective communication developed over several years and internationally working within children, young people, families and several types of teams, organisations and networks in areas such as working with ‘at-risk’ young people and their parents/carers, youth justice, criminal justice, education, social care, supporting Looked after Children, sports and musical events.

Creative and focused content developer going back several years with developing education and training programmes for social work and youth work training, social care training, uniformed services training, criminal justice training programmes, counselling and psychotherapy training and services, etc..

Supervision and Team and Management Mentoring with large and small teams from counselling, psychotherapy, social care, education, youthwork, students up through PhD levels, leadership, management and volunteers.

Level 1 Lesson Observations generally gained my entire teaching and training career(US,UK, and the EU) Work Experience:

Since 1986 D. E .Lawrence and Associates/Consider Celebrating Diversity and Sport LTD(UK) has had work activities that included working with :

Accept Services UK

Alcohol Recovery Project

Age Concern,



Birmingham Partnership Against Racial Harassment

Black Mental Health Project

Braintree Youth Project

Brent SSD

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

British Council

Bromley Adult Education College

City and Islington College

Community Roots College/Trust


Dept. of Education and Sciences

Ealing SSD

Ebony Care Homes

FE Associates

Fresh Start UK


Group 4S,

Hackney SSD

Havering SSD

Havering College

Hertford Regional College

Learning and Skills Development Agency

Learning and Skills Improvement Service

(formerly The Centre for Excellence in Leadership-UK)

Macori Consult BV(Utrecht, Netherlands)

Mahala Wheatle Children’s Homes




National Probation Service(Cambridgeshire Area, London Area, Middlesex Area Nottinghamshire Area, Warwickshire Probation Area, West Midlands Area and South Yorkshire Area),

North London Education Project,

Northington Electric,



Responsive Solutions

Richmond Fellowship

Roehampton Institute

Roots of Culture

University of Bath

University of Rotterdam

Royal College of Nursing

Solvent Abuse Network

St Augustine’s College of Theology

University of the W.Indies (St. Augustine, Trinidad)

University of London

US Army Vanguard Project

Windsor Fellowship

Young Minds

Youth Justice Board

Education and Recent CPD Activity:

BA Education (University of Puget Sound, USA)

MA Counselling (St. Josephs College, USA)

DPA Public Administration (Knightsbridge University,

Copenhagen, Denmark)

Level 3 Award in Equality and Diversity (UK)

Level 4 Certificate Managing Equality and Diversity in

an Organisation (UK)

Recent CPD:

2014 England Basketball Level 1 UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC L1) (UK)

Basketball Activators Award (UK)

2015 Advanced Diploma in Fitness Instruction (Graduation September 2016)

Level 3 Award in Equality and Diversity (UK)

Level 4 Certificate Managing Equality and Diversity in

an Organisation (UK)

2016 Boot camp and Circuit Training

Other Current Clients and Work Partners Include:

2016-17 Basketball Coach Richmond, the American International University in London

2015 Social Care Consultant RPFI(UK)

2015 to Present Assistant Programme Leader National Citizen Service-The Challenge(UK)

2012 to Jan 2016 Consultant/Trainer/Sports Professional Westminster-Kingsway College

2012 to Jan 2016 Clinical Supervisor/Trainer Reading CJIT (Criminal Justice Intervention Team)

2014-Present Visiting Trainer St Augustine’s College of Theology


Trainer/Academic Study Tutor Psychosynthesis and Education Trust( London)


Principal/Academic Director/Employability Facilitator I LEAD ME /Opal College London[1] (campuses in UK, Hungary and Germany)


Equality and Diversity Advisor/Lecturer Bromley Adult Education College(UK)[2]

1998-Summer 2015

Assessor/Consultant/Trainer/ Athens Synthesis Centre

Honorary Associate Professor (BA and MA in Integrative Counselling Programmes) Athens, Greece

2003 to Autumn 2010:

Co-ordinator /Student Services Diversity Coordinator Counselling and Human Relations Training-Orpington College(Kent)

2009-to Present

Diversity Management Consultant/Coach Medway Secure Training Centre-Group 4S (Rochester,Kent -UK)

1996- March 2003:

Equalities Advisor/ Senior Verifier CPCAB(Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Award Body),Glastonbury(UK)

1995-Spring 1999:

Counselling Lecturer(p/t) Lambeth College,London (UK)


Researcher/Programme Manager Community Studies Dept.,Goldsmiths College(University of London-UK)

2000- Present

Level 2-PhD: Internal Verifier/Moderator and External Examiner (Management and Leadership, Facilities Management,

Counselling, Health and Social Care and Mental Health)

Publications have included:


*Lawrence, D. Diversity and ethical practice: Duncan Lawrence reflects on the demands of ethical practice in relation to racial and cultural diversity Page 30-31 July 2016/Therapy Today*

*Dupont-Joshua, A.(Ed.):Working Inter-Culturally in Counselling Settings, Chapter; Issues in Counselling Training by D. E. Lawrence Routledge-Brunner Publisher 2002 ISBN 0-415-22748-8

*Duncan Lawrence (2008): Counselling Training: The Way ahead. Working with diversity in the counselling training context. Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Award Body Conference.26 April 2008 Royal Agricultural College Cirencester

*Lawrence, D.(2004-5) Training in Human Relations-COELD(pronounced Kao eld):Creating Opportunities for Exploration, Learning and Development[3].Preparing trainees to begin a Foundation Degree in Integrative Counselling Programme Orpington College, London Kent(UK)

*Lawrence, D.(1998)A tutor guide to integrating Working with Difference (& Diversity) into your CPCAB programmes(Version 1.1 - July 1998) ÓCPCAB 1998

Therapy Today Journal Contributions (UK):

*Dilemmas: When two roles are too many Volume: 23 Issue: 6 Year: 2012

*Dilemmas: Drunk and disorderly Volume: 24 Issue: 5 Year: 2013

*Dilemmas: Counsellor and astrologer? Volume: 24 Issue: 10 Year: 2013

Private Practice(UK):

Dale,H. and Lawrence,D.; My Perspective –Igniting the Debate Page 14-15 Autumn 2014


Lawrence,D. (2009) Diversity Workshop: Top 10 Tips for Integrating an Awareness of Working With/Through Issues of Human Difference and Diversity. Bromley Adult Education College-Professional Development

*Lawrence, D.(2001) CPCAB: Living and Working with Human Difference and Diversity . Presented to the Algarve Conference, Lagos Portugal. CPCAB 2001


*Lawrence, D.(2009) Towards an Appreciation for Working With/Through Issues of Human Difference and Diversity: Lesson Observation and Facilitation Awareness Event. Orpington College Professional Development Centre

Facilities Management:

*Lawrence,D.(1986-Present) Working with stress and challenging situations. Modified for settings such as those frequented by young people, criminal justice, education, retail environment, etc..

Criminal Justice:

*Lawrence. D.(August 2003)Building Secure Foundations :A Guide to Supporting Young People(and their parents and carers) within Secure Training Centres. Unpublished Training Pack Diversity Management LCL

*Lawrence, D.and RMO Development Group(1999)Working with Racially Motivated Offenders : A Groupwork Programme(Pilot version 1.). Ó W. Midlands RMO Development Group/D. Lawrence/W. Midlands Probation Service 1999

*McIvor, G (Ed 1996): Race, Culture and the Probation Service. Ch. 7 by D. E. Lawrence in “Working with offenders”. ISBN: 185302 249-7.Jessica Kingsley Publisher-London and Bristol Pennsylvania

*Pearson, G. and Lawrence,D.(1995) Race and Ethnic Monitoring: How not to do it. Article in Criminal Justice, The magazine of the Howard League Volume 13 No.7 Feb.1995

*Lawrence, D.(1995) Accessing Further and Higher Educational Programmes: Motivational factors for Young Adult Offenders Aged between 17-21. University of London: Goldsmiths College, Department of Community Studies

*Lawrence, D.(1994)Young Adult Offenders: Addressing Offending Behaviour Through Community/Inner London Probation Service Partnerships, The INSIGHT Project Final Report. University of London: Goldsmiths College, Department of Community Studies

*Jan Jenkins of Inner London Probation Service and Duncan Lawrence of Goldsmiths College (1993) Inner London's Black Groups Initiative: Article describe a pilot initiative in improving quality anti-racist practice with black clients Probation Journal, Vol. 40, No. 2, 82-84 DOI: 10.1177/026455059304000207

Other Work Experience:


Drug and Alcohol Rehab.Counsellor I/II State Of Connecticut,Hartford(US)


Counselling Lecturer University of Alaska(Rural Education), based in Kotzebue and Nome, Alaska(US)

Treatment Coordinator/

Village Volunteer Counsellor Trainer Manilaq Assoc., Kotzebue, Alaska(US)


Counsellor/Case Manager Glenwood Halfway House/Centre, Anchorage, Alaska(US)


1975-Present: Jazz,Soul and Blues Artist,Composer and Teacher

[1] Now called Re-Start Employment and Training CIC

[2] Participated in a ‘Summer 2015 Mini Sabbatical’, which included writing Evolution of Young Black Males Creating Tomorrow’s Gentlemen Today by D. E. Lawrence illustrations: Elle Clacken. Soon to be released by Amazon(TBA)

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