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Machine Operator

Rome, Georgia, United States
October 26, 2016

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michelle pace

Determined To Get Job Done In A Safe Manner...

Roebling, NJ - 706-***-****

Recently relocated to NJ and seeking employment. Ready to work and am available anytime that I am needed. Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer


Laundry Operator

Clarus Linens - Rome, GA - March 2016 to May 2016


Sort soil linen and send them to washer. Once dried, separate linen by hospital names and fold garments according to hospital specifications. Preferably 300 an hour. Once done, count garments by shirt, pant, and jacket sizes. Make a ticket for order and send garments to scale operator to be scaled for shipment. Also ran machines that fold towels.



Skills Used

Ability to work extremely fast running multiple machines for towels. Creeler

Mannington Commercial - Calhoun, GA - March 2015 to October 2015 Responsibilities

Loaded and unloaded yarn onto several creels a night. Spliced yarn into knots to hold for operators to run machines that produce the carpet.

Steering Wheel Assembly

Neaton Rome - Rome, GA - October 2014 to January 2015 Responsibilities

Assembled steering wheel columns for Honda and Nissan vehicles using hand power tools while inspecting wheels on the assembly line. Manually built switches to go inside control panels for steering wheels and checked the parts with markers before wheels were to out in bins to be shipped. Machine Operator

Apachee Mills - Calhoun, GA - June 2014 to September 2014 Responsibilities

Operated Flocker machine to produce floor mats for different customers. Setup oven temperatures for conveyor belt. Kept machines filled with flock and liquid glue to be able to get the mats appealing. Inspected for softness, rates, excessive glue. Used an electric power trimmer to trim mats to keep them even. QA

Jefferson Southern Corporation - Rockmart, GA - January 2014 to May 2014 Responsibilities

Inspected vehicle parts for Honda before shift start. Placed parts on fixtures to ensure parts produced lined up with fixture and recorded data for each part. Looked for defects such as cold welds, burrs, holes, split seams, and bent metal. Sorted parts, marked and labeled them through out shift. Machine Operator

Sugar Foods Corporation - Villarica, Ga - August 2012 to August 2013 Duties: Setup, Operate cyclone bagger machines which made bags for different products. Mcdonalds Fruit, Ms. Cubbison's Croutons,

Olive Garden, etc. in the bakery. On the dry side there is cheese, salt and pepper, sugar, cremer for coffee, etc. Thes particular machines run by film that has to threaded through the machine down through the former which carries the film. Pull belts pull the fill down. There is a seam bar with seam belt which gives the bags their seal. The computer/monitor is where operator sets the temperatur for the front and rear jaws( these cut the bags for the product that comes down through the machine. Operator has to make sure the bag length is the right size, cut off length is right to get a good bag weight. A good run for an operator consists of a great seal, no open bags, less cleaning, good temperature and seal time so that the bags are held in place. Throughout a daily run; operators have to correct seam seal issues, clean jaws, registration issues (lining up film to photo eye). The photo eye is where the machine sees the film and knows how to keep it straight. Operator controls the side the film goes on, right or left to get a straight bag. Operator determines how soon or late they want the product to fall into bag to be consistant. Operators are to troubleshoot machines, metal check to make sure no metal gets into food product. Operators have to do changovers to new product and break down machines for full allergy cleanings when product is different for each run. Production Associate/Operator

TI Automotive - Cartersville, GA - June 2011 to August 2012 Duties: Started out working in the Service Dept. This department made parts for older model vehicles such as GM, FORD, and Chrysler to name a few. The parts were made from nylon. The nylon is cooked inside fixtures in an oven that was operated at 320 degrees. The fixtures formed the shape of the part for the vehicles. They were then set by a huge fan to cool. Once cooled the part was attached to the nylon by the assebly dept and sent on out to the floor for more parts to be added until the part was complete. Worked as an Assembly Brake Line Operator for FORD. The machine I operated tested the brake line to ensure its quality and that it did not leak. The brake lines that leaked the machine would not complete the assembly of them. The brake lines that were good the machine clamped together and released as finished products. The next machine was called the TANK TOP ( it is robotic) which produced parts for HYUNDIA KIA. 1. An airline which supplies the aire for the vehicle 2. The fuel line which supplies the fuelfor the vehicle. These products had to be checked visually one hundred percent and then verified by an auditor(someone who was certified on the machine.) befor being shipped out. Parts had to be marked on all ends the airline with white and the fuel line with yellow. The marks ensures that their aren't any bends, scratches, buubles, or holes in the nylon. Once these parts have been signed off by an auditor and said to be good then they could be sent out. Without the hone hundred percent check on both products, they were put on hold by Q.A. until verified. Machine Operator

Honda Lock - Bremen, GA - March 2010 to November 2010 Duties: Operated Tapping machines which tapped different Honda vehicle parts with a coolant to ensure quality of the product. If the part tapped then it was good and ready for the next part to be connected to it. If the part could not be tapped then it was sent back to the department it was made in to correct it. Whether it be to grind it down some or paint it. If the part was too small it was to be replaced for a bigger one. If the parts were bent, then operators had to go through a whole bin of parts and sort them out. Operators had to find out how many parts were bent. Once the parts were found they were replaced and operater was to notify lead of the number so that more parts could be ordered and the assembly department would not be slowed down or delayed from shipment.

Machines were to refilled with coolant at end of shift daily and troubleshooted for problems or maintenance for issues operators could not fix.

Creeler and Twister Operator

Mohawk Industries - Calhoun, GA - April 2009 to March 2010 Responsibilities

Loaded and unloaded creels with yarn. Changed out creeps called creek changed with different yarn. Spliced yarn into knots while creek is running very fast or slow, tightly not to break the yarn. Dogged off yarn and twisted yarn to hold as carpet was being made through machine. Clipped excess yarn pieces of carpet and fixed errors.


being able to change out creels extremely fast allowing machine start times to be early. Warehouse Associate

Simply Staffing - Rome, GA - February 2008 to July 2009 Duties: Picked and packed orders for customers ona n order sheet. Picked approximated 10-13 thousand garments daily. Product was doctor and nurse uniforms. Worked in embroidery room as an embroider operator. Operated embroidery machines and hand stitched logos onto the doctor's and nurse's uniforms. Depending on the customer, could put a certaing logo on coat, jacket, pants, hats,etc.

Machine Operator

F&P GA Manufacturing - Rome, GA - May 2005 to November 2008 Responsibilities

Operate press brake machine to produce brake pads and manually assembled brakes for Honda and Nissan vehicles in a gas paced environment. Made and printed labels for each bin and marked brakes for inspection. Accomplishments

Running over 600 brakes a shift meeting production goal plus starting new weeks orders. Skills Used

Use of and tools and body strength. Being multi tasked to do multiple jobs at one time. EDUCATION

High School Diploma in All General Studies

James Madison High School - Norcross, GA

2001 to 2002


certified machine operator, pallet jack operator, assembly, etc (10+ years)

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