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Sales Manager

October 26, 2016

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NAME : Muthengia John Hunyu.

ADDRESS : P.O. BOX 14592, 00100

Nairobi, Kenya.

Mobile No. – 076******* /072*******



LANGUAGE : English, Kiswahili.

DATE OF BIRTH : April 1969


Ensure organizational goals achievement along with my career development in General Management, and Sales & Marketing management.


1. Supervising teams to achieve within time and budgetary expectations.

2. A diligent go-getter. Good in negotiations, and deal closing.

3. I have a great wealth of knowledge and experience, on the Kenyan and Exports markets.

4. Computer proficiency, in word, power point, excel spreadsheet.

5. Very good in customer relations, and getting new business.


March 2014 to date

Head Of Marketing - Member Homes L.L.P.

Objective; help at least 40,000 Sacco members build homes at an affordable rate by end 2016 in a geographical location of their choice in Kenya.

My role is marketing coordination.

-Strategic planning for the Partnership, and market segmentation.

- Prospecting and sales drive.

-Customer service and relationship management.

-Detailing our objectives to Sacco members and individuals.

-Design and materials projections.

-Co-ordination with contactors and other suppliers. (Value chain management)


FEB 2010 TO FEB 2014

Sumaria Industries Limited;(SIL Africa- Nairobi)

(To understand whom Sumaria are, think packing tubs for BlueBand, Unilever,all Cooking Fat from Bidco, Vaseline jelly tubs, JIK bottles, new generation plastic packing for Milo, EABL Crates, Pepsi Crates, Serengeti Beer crates;(TZ) HarpicsTLC Bottle nozzles, Hang It All hangers, Aim and Sppedo stationery, pegs, Kuku basins-many more- in short the biggest player in east and Cengtral Africa in Blow and Injection moulding technology)

Trade and Marketing Manager

Key role;

-Head of Sales and Marketing Household Division. Local and Export markets.

-Strategic planning for the department, and marketing planning.

-Brands Management, products sales distribution and revenue growth. Ensuring all target are achieved.

-Cash flow management by ensuring prudent debt management and cash collection.

-Value Chain management through demand forecasting and interdepartmental liaison.

-Hiring and training new Sales Reps.

-Customer Service and relationship management.

-Products costing, pricing, and margin protection.

-Direct selling and payment collection.


Doubled pen sales from a moribund 25 million, to 50 million pcs per month in my first six months 2010.

Was given Chairman’s citation and my remuneration package doubled.

Revived Aim and Speedo Brands through highly effective marketing mix activities.

Achieved all sales fundamentals in distribution, display, pricing. Made sure products availability in 100% designated channels.

Opened up exports markets in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and the South Sudan.

Launched Simtank water tanks Brand in Kenya in 2013.

Set up Sales Team Simtank and achieved 700kUsd in six months.

Nov 2008 to January 2010

Sales & Marketing Manager


Managing sales, and marketing activities.

-Direct selling and payment collection.

Core business;

-Fire fighting Solutions, Water Pumps, Plumbing works.

Key successes;

-Got back clients who had wanted to terminate services through improved relationship management e.g. Bata Shoe, Karirana Tea Estates, Chester House and the Mall, EABL.

-Corrected bad debts e.g. NSSF, Karirana, NCPB, and many others.

-Got new contracts with major companies e.g. BM Morgan’s, Gulf Bank, Consolidated, NIC, AA of Kenya, SDV Transami etc.

-Got a contract from Equity Bank to secure their Data Center against fire. Co-Op Bank, Barclay Bank, KCB and most major hotels in Kenya.

-Recruited and trained pumps Sales Engineers to introduce DAB pumps to the market.


Head of Business Development

Coridge Communications.

Key tasks and success;

Business strategy formulation and overseeing implementation.

Management consultancy.

Successfully did Customer Satisfaction and Work Environment survey and report for the Ministry of Water.


Category Manager

Haco Industries, (K), ltd.

Hygiene and Cleaning products,

In Charge of brand development and sales/revenue growth throughout East & Central Africa, the COMESA region and beyond.

Involved in, product development, from conception of the idea, brand naming & brand building. Value chain management, liaison with sales force for shelf placement.

Making and managing marketing mix plans, managing product costing and pricing.

Managing the allocated marketing budget for maximum Brand growth.

Direct selling and payment collection.


Grew the category business by 50%.

Made marketing strategy plans for the category 2006.

Developed an annual demand forecast.

Managed the allocated marketing budget.

Coordinated with various departments from development, production to merchandising to deliver value to end customers.

Liaised with UK principals Jeyes for products shipment and marketing support.

Organized and supervised execution of A&P activities most successful being Bloo Acticlean toilet cleaners/blocks and So Soft Fabric Softener.

Profiled and started up Industrial Cleaning Products department.

Conducted research on customers needs.

Defined the product line.

Liaised with R&D for products development.

Developed Brand names and Brand growth strategy.

Did direct marketing of the products.

MARCH 2004 TO DEC 2005

Country Manager (Uganda)

Haco Industries, (K), ltd.

Key functions:

Value chain management-Exports logistics management, distributor’ management, Sales and General Management in all aspects touching on our business e.g. Market penetration, protection and growth, making marketing strategies, Trade Mark Protection, surveying for market need and devising strategies to satisfy those needs.

Product costing and pricing.

Direct selling and payment collection.

Key Brands, BIC pens, Dax, TCB, and Motions.

Ensured proper staff hiring, training, sales route follow through and target achievement.

Brand management of all the mentioned Brands I also organize PR and Trade Fair activities.

Trained a Country Manager for the Company to handle Ethiopia Business.(2004)

Left at 155% YOY business growth Jan 2006 in Uganda.

Returned to Nairobi (Head office) to develop a new department.


Assistant Sales Manager

Haco Industries, (k), ltd.

Role: Focusing on export markets.

Engaged in searching and appointing Distributors in particular countries e.g. Uganda, Rwanda. Ensuring favorable distribution systems are in place.

-Direct selling and payment collection.

Recruiting local sales staff on behalf of the appointed distributors, training on product knowledge, proper route coverage and effective sales and after sales service to all trade Channels e.g. Super Stores, supermarkets, Retail shops, kiosks.

Organized & Coordinated brand building activities.

Followed up on distribution audits to ensure products availability in all trade channels.

Facilitated training of hairdressers in most part of Uganda on Hair care application and Hygiene, free of charge through Seminars

Achieved, 90% growth, in distribution, (presence).

Effectively co-coordinated fight against counterfeits products.

Managed cash flows by ensuring cash payments by TT transfer on order.

Promoted to Country Manager, Uganda.


Sales Representative

Haco Industries (k) ltd

Work involved Haco Industries’ products re-distribution from the factory; to Super Stores through to the last retail channels e.g. Dukas and Kiosks.

This was achieved through Van Selling, hiring and training sales and merchandising staff to follow up. Training Company employed Sales personnel in selling skills and Merchandising.

-Direct selling and payment collection.

Organized beauty pageants for TCB, DAX Products.

Introduced new lines in Stationery and personal care products into the various trade channels.

Areas covered Rift Valley, Western, Nyanza provinces in Kenya. I worked also in Nairobi and Central Kenya.

I achieved 300% growth in overall business objectives.

Promoted to Assistant Sales manager and sent to re-align business in Uganda.


Senior Sales Representative

Carlton Products, (K) Ltd.

Work entailed hiring distributors across Kenya, to ensure proper Sales and Merchandizing of Company products; Choco Primo Drinking Chocolate, Cocoa Primo and Energade Glucose products.

Recruiting Sales Staff to cover different regions and follow through on company set sales objectives.

I was best on sales, staffing, and business management objectives. Achieved 180% growth in sales.

I was promoted to export markets and I later joined Haco Industries.

MAY 1996 TO OCT. 1997

Retail Sales and Merchandising Representative

Unilever Kenya

Duties included: -

Redistributing Unilever whole range of Products that included, Kimbo cooking Fat, Eagle Cooking Fat, Blue Band, Omo Soap, Key Soap and their whole range of Toilet soaps and Beauty products like Layday Gay,Shield etc.

This was done through being attached to Company distribution agents.

Direct selling and payment collection.

Areas covered were Central Kenya.

Key achievements were 100% placement of company products in 100% of assigned outlets.

Successful launches of Geisha soap, penetration and the successful launch of Home cup tea.

Ensured proper merchandising and, proper placement of Point Of Sale Materials.

Promoted to a supervisory level. Left to join Carlton Products.

1995 TO 1996 MAY

Accounts Clerk

Silent Night International

Silent night at that time was an affiliate company with the Headquarters’ in UK.

Duties entailed, making various journal entries e.g. Sales journals, purchases etc.

Later made in charge of computer room and organizing filing.

Was best in speedy execution of assigned tasks.

Left for a Sales promotions job at East Africa Industries.



Masters in Business Administration, Degree at Makerere University in Uganda.

(Marketing Option).

Working on academic project currently.

Year Institution Award

1990-1994 Moi University Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

(Economics Major)

Extramural Played football.

1988-1989 Kagumo High School Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education

Extramural Did play writing, Drama directing, athletics, football.

I was a Class in-charge.

1984-1987 Kenyatta High School Kenya Certificate of Education

Extramural Various leadership roles ending up as school Captain, played football,

did sprints in athletics, did recitals, organized Drama, and wildlife trips.

Won award for the Best All Rounded student.

Other Training Undergone

Selling skills,

Distribution and distributor management,

Consultative Selling.

Facilitator : Tack Training International.

Award : Certificates of Training


-Food safety management.

-Training on Gemba and Kaizen


Traveling, making friends, watching movies and documentaries.


1.Dishon Munuhe


Lecturer/ Consultant

Tel: -072*-***-***


2.Maurice Muthama

Barclay Bank Kenya

Tel 072*-******


3.M/s Jane Baiyu


Financial Director

Tel 072*******


4.Trade reference –Messer’s: Dinesh Khetia, Kitale-,Sanjiv Jay Kay Nakuru, P.K Gitonga Nyeri, Pravin Tebere Embu, Satish Nyanza Traders Kisumu, Mina Nakumatt, Kimani Naivas, Yusuf Tuskys Zahir of Gilanis Nakuru, Farid of Abdallah W/salers(ALAMRY) Mombasa all over Kenya and

5. East Africa, Mukesh,Trans globe, Anil of Dembe, Venkat of Kiboko Enterprises, Fred Belinda Quick Distributors all in Uganda. LN Shah in Tanzania, Gonas Eshetu of Moyale and Addis Ethiopia. And Mahamoud for S. Sudan Rwanda and Burundi

6.County Government- I have contacts with quite a number of them.

7.National Government I can easily establish rapport. I understand their procedures.

8.Suppliers- Dealt with all major media houses in Kenya and Uganda in Print, Radio .TV. Worked with agencies in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Dealt with a host o packaging and Branding material suppliers in Kenya including those supplying communications materials e.g. T-Shirts, Caps Calendars.

Dealt with, Jeyes, UK Ltd for Bloo Toilet products shipment and Ever safe for Fire equipment shipments.

9.C.S.R – Organized school meets for better writing skills and gave out booklets on the same. Gave out free pen and other materials.

Participated in School children club meetings. At former Westgate Mall. The Carnivore, Interacting directly with Kids and sampling them. Many more.

Developed Computer Websites, for most Schools in Kenya.

John Muthengia 071*******

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