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Data Manager

Los Angeles, California, United States
October 25, 2016

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Professional Skills

Three years’ experience with statistical software R.

Knowledge about MySQL/SQL and scripting language Python. Experience with Git Bash and Github.

Mathematics and physics background.

Enthusiastic with big data analysis and quick learning ability. Related Experience

Water cluster project (data analyzed by R):

1. Data collection: Water cluster (nanoparticle < 10nm) beam intensity are synchronized with a periodic mechanical chopper, and recorded by multichannel scalar (MCS) with long acquisitions for statistically- meaningful results. Raw data (MCS spectra) are time resolved intensity of water clusters and contain the information of cluster speeds which are Gaussian distributions. 2. Normalization data: A program is written to import MCS spectrum, and which can be pre-normalized by subtracting the mean value of MCS profile from every channel, setting a range normally -1 to 1. A cosine function is fitted to the pre-normalized MCS profile by using the least squares methods. Two ranges

(depleted region when chopper turns off the beam and un-depleted region when chopper turns on the beam) were selected to normalize the MCS spectrum to the range [0,1]. 3. Water cluster speed: The known profile ‘Vollmer profile’ is fitted into the normalized MCS spectrum and two parameters can be finally extracted to obtain the average speed of water cluster. A small variation estimation program in R to implement a statistical re-sampling technique known as ‘bootstrapping’. 4. Final results: Two sets of data (pure water cluster speeds and doped water cluster speeds with HCl) are measured. We concluded that a statistical table shows the water cluster fragments during the electron ionization, and results were published on JCP.

Award and Certification

2016 A series of courses (data science specialization) including R Programming, Getting and Cleaning Data and Exploratory Data Analysis by Johns Hopkins University on Coursera. Certificate earned.

2012 – 2013 Merit Fellowship Scholarship, University of Southern California Education

2010 – 2016

2007 – 2010

2003 – 2007

University of Southern California (Ph. D. in physics) Nanjing University (M. S. in physics)

Hohai University (B. S. in physics)

Chuanfu Huang (Ph.D.)

1120 W 27th Street, Los Angeles, CA90007

Phone: 213-***-****

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