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Engineer Engineering

Miami, Florida, United States
October 26, 2016

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Henry Roif Miami, Florida. *****

Cell 305-***-**** e-mail: Skype ID: hiroif

Immediately available – Willing to relocate


Flight Test Engineer - Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer – Avionics Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering (MSc), Electronic Engineering (BSc), Commercial Pilot

Fluent in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Good Portuguese, French, basic German


Aeronautical Engineering: Project management (EVMS), basic cost assessments, pursue of grants, logistics, organized flight safety meetings for embedded software, R&D, conception, design, repair, flight testing: data acquisition installation, wiring, operation, analysis, validation, signal conditioning, sensors, transducers, flight board calibrations, settings of baselines, data systems operations, troubleshooting and actual design (transfer function generation) engine vibration problems established new practices. Telemetry, data recovery, FAA & USAF engineering test and certification reports, STC’s, flight safety, operations, aerodynamics, automatic control single and multivariable, limited experience with tilt rotor aircraft, basics in composite materials, budgets. Proposed to become a DER

Commercial Pilot: User view in engineering, airline management, flight planning, weight & balance, parts aviation business, maintenance, engine trend monitoring (program), control law (+engineering), pre & post flight activities, hours and type ratings (FMS) in other (pilot’s) resume, check LinkedIn.

Electronic Engineering: Avionics (Past Mgr. @ Airline), ASCB; aircraft & airport instrumentation, radars, telecommunications RF, autopilots, testing procedures and acquisition, maintenance, flight simulator design and construction (including 6DOF), human control (man-machine systems) algorithms development, feedback analysis of the human body. Control Systems-Navigation-Guidance, automation, A/D D/A, power, sound (noise abatement), production and manufacturing in audio field, PLC’s, installations, circuit design, implementation, diagnostics, repair, troubleshooting testing, understand and draw complex circuit blueprints.

Acoustics: Aeronautical applications: Stage III technology hushkits, ground stations to analyze location of microphones-record jet engines in design of hushkits, sound absorbing structures and materials, analysis of noise data. Microphones, speakers anechoic cameras, echo, sound recording, production & reproduction, noise cancellation, resonance analysis, amplifiers, electronic repair, THD, TAD, DSP, editing, testing, signal processing and algorithms, advanced video applications for data acquisition.


Designed, built, installed complete data acquisition system for flight testing-(NI), a savings of well over $2M

Involved in all aspects of flight testing, DAQ design, installation, planning, wiring, data acquisition, sensor election, managing, assessment, analysis, certification

Managed complete projects: Designed flight test helmets interface for night flight in helicopters

Data reduction in all areas as fuel consumption, unstick speeds, takeoff performance


Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering - Major: Automatic Control of Flight Vehicles

Technion: Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering - Major: Automatic Control

Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima, Perú

Commercial Pilot License, Escuela de Aviación Civil del Perú, Collique, Perú

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Perú


IADS / FIBER OPTICS / WAAS / SQL / Sisco / IBM DOORS / MATLAB (Control Package) (Simulink) / ARINC-429 and 664 / MIL-1553 (IRIG-106-Telemetry) NI / Tektronics / Electronic Flight Controls Systems Architectures / KU / FLY BY WIRE

Multifarious background allows Integration of diverse areas, projects, inputs.

Henry Roif page 2


Different levels of experience with computers, software, hardware, data acquisition

• Windows • Microsoft • Solidworks • Catia V5 • IBM DOORS

• Linux Project • AutoCAD • Enovia • EVMS

• C++ Office Autodesk • Matlab • ICD

• Fortran Access+SQL RevitT Simulink • ITCM

• Navstar • LabVIEW • Pro E/Pro Cable • SCADA • IADS

• MS DOS 6.22 • Networking • Ethernet • Protocols

Hardware, FAA procedures, Flight Test Planning familiarity

• FAR 125 (Standards) • 14 CFAR • STC'S • ACRA • MEGGIT

• RTCA/DO-254 • FAR 23 • AC 23-22 • CDAU • NI

• MIL-STD-810G • FAR 36 • ARP4754A • HEIM • LORD

• MIL-STD-882E • FAR 24 • DO-178B • MTS • WAAS

• MIL-1553 • FAR 21 • ODA • KSR-FTASP • LPV

• ARINC-429 • FAR 25 • PLC • PCM • UDP

• ARINC-664-PART 7 • SFAR 23 • HF&E • ATA 22 • ATA 27


IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Senior)

AESS: Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society (Senior)

AIAA: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Senior)

SFTE: Society of Flight Test Engineers

FSA: Flight Safety Foundation

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Marquis Who’s Who:


2002-2016 Aeroiflight Corporation Miami, FL

Flight Test Engineer - Director

Consulting in flight testing all areas, under FAA guidelines

Test of technologies for general improving of flight safety

3rd world customers with low budgets, projects completed regardless, on time

Help clients obtain patents, saving them about $185,000 dollars

2014-2015 Intellitech Systems Miami, FL

Director of Engineering – Proposals - large projects development

Security equipment, cameras, access control, monitoring, surveillance apps, Fiber-optics

Manage clients large projects

IT, protocols, internet security, embedded systems, concept to product, servers, internet DAQ

2006-2013 Global Aircraft Group Miami, FL

Flight Test Director – Avionics Engineer - Interface Designer

Worked with helicopters Bell OH58 and UH1H modification for night flight

Designed the interface to connect helmets

Flight testing programming and performing: night flight using the helmets, ACRA basics

2002-2006 Cielos del Peru – Cargo Airline Miami, FL – Lima Peru

Flight Simulator Feedback Engineer – Flight Simulator Test Instrumentation Engineer - Copilot

Completed DC-10 training, runway overrun, cockpit was cut, asked to build a flight simulator

1st stage, instrument recovery, NI used - 2nd stage transfer functions simulating data – 3rd stage used audio-visual systems (Microsoft FS + NI) - 4th stage, 6DOF platform (MOOG from Holland). FAR part 60

Managed entire project, pilots reached FAA approved simulators trained, saving $6K/person/instance

2000-2001 Aeronautical Engineering Medley, FL

Electronic Engineer – Feedback Engineer

Design and final installation of cockpit panels, audio video interactions, avionics design.

Design first attempts to broadcast aircraft data (in ground) to a source for real time acquisition

Skill to understand control equations and convert them into circuits

Henry Roif page 3

1998-2000 Quiet Technology Assurance Miami, FL

Flight Test Engineer – Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer

Proof of Concept for BAC 1-11 hushkits, engineering-customer meetings, pre/post flight briefings, installing DAQs, sensors, wiring, analysis, engineering decisions, instrumentation, certification

Flight test planning under FAR 23, 36, 21, 25, 125 (Standards) and SFAR 23

Created flight test cards, scheduled and planned flight tests.

Data reduction: fuel consumption, unstick speeds, takeoff performance. translated to data and type inspection reports for actual designs

In aircraft during testing, maintained configuration and control, monitoring data acquisition, assuring data was recorded and stored in measurements databases for post analysis, coordinating with flight crew, in care of critical flight safety considerations, regular pilot’s involvement W&B, flight planning

1996-1998 Quiet Technology Venture Miami, FL

Flight Test Engineer – Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer

Develop, built: complete airborne Data Acquisition System for flight testing, supervised install and participate, saving the company well over $2 million on the long run - Hushkits for the Douglas DC-8. KSR provided DAQ’s on a contract basis, having our own DAQ eliminated that contract saving money to the company

Election of all instrumentation, transducers and sensors

Installing the data acquisition systems (NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS), wiring (replaced with optical fibers), sensors and actual data analysis

Pre - post flight briefings

Flight test planning under 14 CFAR, FAR 23, 36, 21, 25, 125 (Standards) and SFAR 23.

In aircraft during testing, data, real time operations, critical flight safety considerations before flight including regular pilot’s involvement W&B, flight planning and flight test planning

1994-1996 Quiet Technology Miami, FL

Flight Test Engineer – Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer

Fuel consumption analysis

Established two simultaneous baselines during takeoff critical stages to compare data.

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