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Nurse/ Caregiver

Saudi Arabia
October 24, 2016

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Ana Jane Paalisbo Alterado RM-BSN

Rufina Drive. II Tapangan, Tumaga Zamboanga City, Philippines

e- Skype: jessychristianne.alterado

Mobile# Saudi Arabia : +966-***-***-***, Phils. +63-905-***-****

Category: Nurse / Midwife

Area of Specialties:

Maternity of Labor and Delivery Room

Out-Patient Department Ob-Gyne Department

MICU Department

Employment Highlights and Job Descriptions :

ICU Nurse : Medical Intermediate Care Unit (MICU) Dec. 02, 2014 up to present

Hail General Hospital

Hail City, Saudi Arabia

Responsible for the care of all the patients that are admitted in the ICU.

Assist the doctors during emergency situations and procedures that are done in the ICU.

To keep on closure observation and monitoring constantly ventilated patients esp. their vital statistics that shows in sinus rhythm on Cardiac Monitoring; Temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate and the O2 Saturation on patients on critical conditions.

To keep checking on the patients constantly during duty as all the patients are in critical condition.

Advocate for patients' and families' needs, or provide emotional support for patients and their families.

To be present with the doctors when they make rounds and write down the orders to carried out and noted.

To administer medicines to the patients as per the doctor's instructions.

Administer medications intravenously, by injection, orally, through gastric tubes, or by other methods.

Monitor patients for changes in status and indications of conditions such as sepsis or shock and institute appropriate interventions.

Monitor patients' fluid intake and output to detect emerging problems such as fluid and electrolyte imbalances.

Assess patient’s level of consciousness, levels of pain and sedation requirements.

Daily checking of diet list for any changes of nutritional status.

Set up and monitor medical equipment and devices such as cardiac monitors, mechanical ventilators and alarms, oxygen delivery devices, transducers, and pressure lines.

Collect specimens for laboratory tests.

Compile and analyze data obtained from monitoring or diagnostic tests.

Conduct pulmonary assessments to identify abnormal respiratory patterns or breathing sounds that indicate problems.

Document patients' medical histories and assessment findings.

Daily responsible for the proper hygiene, and bed bathing, changing of patients gowns, diapers and linens.

Ensure that equipment or devices are properly stored after use and identify malfunctioning equipment or devices.

Repositioning every two hourly to prevent from bedsores.

Giving nebulization and suctioning as frequently needed.

Daily ABG or arterial blood gas taking to monitor the oxygenation and routine laboratory investigations to determine emergency intervention or any correction needs.

Administer blood and blood products and monitoring patients for any signs related to transfusion reaction.

Intake and Output calculated and recorded.

Provide post-mortem care.

Daily Census of Admission, trans-out, trans-in or declared expired.

Participate in professional organizations and continuing education to improve practice knowledge and skills.

Participate in the development, review, and evaluation of nursing practice protocols.

Plan, provide, or evaluate educational programs for nursing staff, interdisciplinary health care team members.

Staff Midwife: Labor and Delivery Room May 30, 2011 to May 30, 2013

Almoosa General Hospital

AL-Ahsa, Dammam Saudi Arabia

Gives psychological support to the patients, give hospital gown, collect her personal dress and keep it in safe place.

Carries out admission orders accurate and timely manner (Insert IV cannula, IV fluids, medication laboratory investigations, shaving, and CTG monitoring)

Prepare all equiptments needed for delivery.

Inform nursery staff for any patients in labor and give relevant information.

Assist the physician during delivery, clean the patient after delivery and transfer the patient to recovery room for observation.

Complete documentation and record the newborn data (sex, Apgar score, weight and time of delivery)

Coordinates with inpatient staff for any transfer of patient to the unit.

Attend and actively participates to any workshop and lecture conducted by continuous education program.

Practices within established standards policy and procedures.

Adheres to infection control policy.

Perform other applicable tasks and duties as assigned by the head nurse or supervisor.

Participate in patients and family education; call patient educator when needed.

OPD Nurse: OB/Gynecology & Infertility Department June 30, 2003 to Oct 15, 2005

Saudi German Hospital Group

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Assist pregnant women for Ante-natal and Ante-partum care,

Takes patients vital signs includes the height and weight.

Assist doctors during any procedure ultrasonography, crayocautery, for P/V examinations, abdominal examination, Pelvic examination, and Trans-V examination, Suture removal, Pap smear, Taking HVS swab and IUD insertion and removal)

Do CTG or non-stress test monitoring for early labor patients as per doctors ordered and make accurate interpretation records and reports.

Record daily clinical census for each patient in the clinic area.

Report any related issues to the nursing supervisor.

Attend seminars and training programs.

Practices within established standards policy and procedures.

Adhers to infection control policy.

Participate in patient and family education; call patient educator when needed.

Perform other applicable tasks and duties as assigned by the head nurse or supervisor.

Staff Midwife: Labor & Delivery Room April 15, 2001- July 20,2002

Brent Hospital,

Zamboanga City

Take patients admission and information data such as; name, address, gravid, parity,

Abortion, chief complain etc.

Take vital signs of the patients for PV examination.

Giving stat. Medications by orally, intravenously and intramuscularly.

Do CTG for early labor patients as ordered by the doctor and make accurate records and reports.

Observed patients condition and monitor the vital signs.

Managed and conduct normal deliveries such as: multi-porous and grand multi-cases as doctors’ order.

Prepare and assist patients for O.R cases like: caesarian section, incomplete abortion, and pre-order for any laboratory results to be done and completed..

Do shaving and put I.V line and then prepare all necessary instruments needed in delivery cases.

Assist doctor for suturing.

Transfer the patient to the ward.

Staff Midwife: Government Health Services May 15, 2001 to Aug. 15, 2002

Department of Health

Margosatubig Rural Health Unit

Giving immunization vaccines to the newborn babies and children.

Assisting doctor for patient in Check-up.

Giving vitamins and medication to the patients as doctors’ order.

Teaching and counseling Family Planning.

Handled normal deliveries with the senior colleague in labor.

Refer high-risk pregnancy or any patient in seriously critical situations in the hospital.

Doing IUD insertion.

Giving ante-natal and ante-partum care.

Giving perineal care.

Home visitation.

Report census of weekly cases.

Attend training and seminars.

Cases Handled and Assisted :

Assisting Normal Delivery

Assisting preterm Delivery

Assisiting Shoulder dystocia

Assisting Pre-eclampsia patient

Assisting in Antepartum Hemorrhage

Assisting in Postpartum Hemorrhage

Care of Patients with Epidural Analgesia

Administration of oxytocin

Administration of induction of labor with prostaglandin

Skin Preparation for Surgery

CVP insertion

Tracheostomy Insertion

Endo Tracheal Tube Insertion ( ETT)

Old and Fresh CVA, M.I, Anemia, Pneumonia, Aspiration Pneumonia, COPD,

Asthma, Pulmonary Embolism, Acute Bronchitis, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension,

Kidney stones, Hepatitis, Diabetes, etc.


Crashcart machine

CTG electronic machine

EEG electronic machine

Intravenous Infusion Pump

Delivery Forceps



Clamp Forcep

Vaginal Speculum

Sims Speculum


Ovum Forcep

BP Apparatus

Digital Thermometer

Delivery Suture Set

Weighing Scale

Tissue Forceps

Straight Forceps

Curve Forceps


Bladder Scanner

Bed pan

IV Cannula Set


Vacum Electronic machine



Cardiac Monitor

Bolus IV pump

Feeding pump

IV Infusion Pump


Tracheostomy Set


Training And Seminars/ Attended:

First Aide and Basic Life Support eCertificate ID: 001***********

(In Affiliation With The International Liaison Issued Date : 17/04/2015

Committee On Resuscitation) Expiry Date: 17/04/2017

Tissue Viability Nursing Safar 17, 1436

Continuing Nursing Education

Lecture Hall, Hail General Hospital

Pain Assessment and Management Rajab 23, 1436

In Coordination with Infection Control Department

Lecture Hall, Hail General Hospital

IV Theraphy and Blood Transfusion Rabia 12, 1436

Continuing Nursing Education

Lecture Hall, Hail General Hospital

Update in Maternal and Child Health Care Feb. 6-8, 2001

Brent Hospital Conventional Center

Zamboanga City, Phil.

By: Mrs. Blesilda Torralba (Nursing Head)

Infection Control Symposium April 18-19, 2003

By: Dr. Mohammed El-Bashaar (Infection Control Director)

Jeddah, K.S.A

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitations Oct. 08, 2004

By: Madam Essat Moustafa (LTSC coordinator)

Saudi German Hosp. Jeddah K.S.A

Clinical EEG Feb. 21-25, 2004

By: Prof. Wareen Blume (Neurology Prof. Univ. Hosp London Ontario Canada)

Saudi German Hosp. Jeddah K.S.A

Personal Information:

Home Address: Luguimit Street, Margosatubig, Zamboanga Del Sur

Place / Date of Birth: November 21, 1978 / Margosatubig, Zamboanga Del Sur

Height / Weight: 5’1” / 150lbs

Sex / Civil Status: Female / Married

Nationality: Filipino

SSS Number: 100*******

Passport No.: EB21912965 / Exp.Date:April 05, 2016 / DFA Manila, Philippines

Person to be Contact: Analyn P. Lu, Tapangan Drive I, Putik Rd. Zamboanga City

NBI Number: P421A11SBO21NE287SR

PRC Lic. Number: 0130402 / Exp. Date: November 21, 2016

Educational Background:

College Education: - Brent Hospital School of Midwifery, Zamboanga City

3 yrs. Midwifery Diploma, Graduated March 30, 2001

- Medina College School of Nursing, Pagadian City

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Graduated March 26, 2010

Secondary Education: Pax High School, Margosatubig Zamboanga Del Sur

Graduated March 30, 1996

Elementary Education: Pilot Training School, Margosatubig Zamboanga Del Sur

Graduated March 30, 1992

References :


Hail General Hospital, Ministry Of Health

Hail City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

DR. Median Alkhalaf, Arabic board fellow in OBS & GYNE

Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology

Al-Moosa General Hospital – Alhasa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

MS. Julea Obelea, -RN/ Nursing Head, OPD Dept.

Al-Moosa General Hospital – Alhasa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

MR. John Monanghan,- Q.I / Clinical Instructor

Al- Moosa General Hospital – Alhasa, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

MR. Demetrio Velasquez –RN/ Assistant Nursing Director

Saudi German Hospital – Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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