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Quality Manager

Cary, North Carolina, United States
October 24, 2016

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Looking for a Quality Assurance position to utilize my skills in performance management, communication, problem analysis as I have capability of handling the responsibilities and provide effective service to increase the revenue and brand name of your company.

Skills & Qualifications

Analyzing information

Process Improvement

Strategic Planning

Attention to detail

Dealing with Complexity


Highly competitive

Problem solver

Effective planner

Logical Thinker

Quick and adaptive learner

Computer Aided Design – Intermediate AutoCAD

Operating Systems – Dexterous in Windows XP, 7, 8

Business Productivity – Expert in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Six Sigma certification by VNR, a national level workshop, India

Previous Employment:

Aditya Forgings Quality Manager, Hyderabad, India

Aditya forgings is a most reputed company engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Seamless Butt-weld Fittings like 45 LR Elbow, SR Elbow, 90 LR Elbow, Concentric Reducer, Eccentric Reducer, Caps, Equal Tees, Reducing Tees, Collar bolts, carbon steel bolts, Industrial Bolts etc. This company manufactures products in accordance with Foreign Standard specifications like ANSI, ASME, and BS




Employer Contact

Quality Manager

1 year(2012-2013)

Aditya Forgings Ltd



Recruit, train, schedule and counsel employees to accomplish the Human Resource objectives.

Receive orders from customers, discuss raw material quality issues with quality assurance department.

Improve quality by doing product, company and system audits

Review client requirements and ensure that they are met.

Establishing quality requirements.

Ensure that production process meets national standards

Ensure that less waste is created and efficiency is increased

Making quality documentation by collecting and summarizing the failed processes, corrected actions and recording the stability of the process

Boosted my company efficiency by more than 6% by eliminating wastes and making minimal use of the raw material.







University of Texas at Tyler


Industrial Management



Hitech Engineering College


Electrical & Electronics Engineering



Narayana College


Mathematics physics & Chemistry




Planning and designing a pallet racking system for easy access of candy during Christmas(Graduate)

Brookshire’s Warehouse, Tyler, Texas, USA

Lead a team of four for a project at Brookshire Tyler TX. On the Christmas celebrations, there is huge demand for candy which makes the stores like Brookshire stores to take large flow of candy in to it. The problem Brookshire warehouse faced is, it doesn’t have large space to store different kinds of candies namely chocolate, caramels, marshmallows, and gelatin-based gummies as these should be maintained at different temperatures to avoid melting. The other problem is the truck loading is done slow as the candy inventory place is for away from the loading place. It was a project for 4 teams and the challenge given to us is to solve this problem with minimal inventory and no decrease in efficiency of shipping the candy. My team grabbed the first place as our idea costed zero inventory and zero labor cost. The Brookshire’s efficiency to distribute candy has increased to 5.66% with our help.

Decreasing the traffic in the warehouse caused by loadlifting and loadshifting equipment(Graduate)

Brookshire’s Warehouse, Tyler, Texas, USA

The problem to me is traffic due to moving equipment and traffic due to pedestrians in the warehouse has been increasing to get access to the items that are not frequently loaded to the nearly Brookshire stores. The traffic should be reduced so that time taken for loading the inventory while given an order should be reduced. So as per our plan we made some space by shifting the unnecessary metal shelves and designed a temporary racking system near the request loading center to place this not-so frequently loaded items in it. This saved around 34 hours in a year.

Project on study of electric sub-stations(Undergraduate)

Hitech Engineering College, JNTU University, Hyderabad, India.

Studied the layout of electricity substation and learned about the functionality of all the equipment used in it which control the flow of electricity to our homes, shops, complexes, companies etc which includes switching protection, control equipment, circuit breakers, capacitors, voltage regulators and different kind of transformers.

With the help of study of all the electrical and electronical equipment myself along with my group designed and hardwired an automatic gate for the parking lot which solved problem for parking vehicles in our college.

Research Papers

Practices to make Global Talent Management effective(Graduate)

Research paper, University of Texas at Tyler, Texas, USA

I have written a research paper on Global Talent Management. Talent management is very important for the success of any organization. Importance of globalization is increasing in current years due to expansion of organizations across the globe and various economic and resource factors. Global talent management mainly deals with the various strategies that an organization can adopt to attain security and achieve the growth in terms of economy, manpower and brandname. In my research paper I have given each and every detail about necessity of Global Talent Management, challenges faced by the companies while making their business cross the border, strategies and practices to make Global Talent Management successful.

Study of Hydro-electric power station(Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Thesis, Srisailam Hydro-electric power station, Kurnool, India.

I studied the infrastructure and planning of the India’s second largest Hydro-electric power station which has capacity to produce 1600MW of power. My study concentrates more on the turbines used in this power station, the material used to manufacture them, how do they perform and their future perspective. These turbines are called Francis type turbines which are more reliable for hydroelectric power stations as they work efficiently under wide range of operating conditions. My study is how these turbines produce electricity when the water is flowing downstream.


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