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Engineer Project

East Hartford, Connecticut, United States
October 24, 2016

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Matthew Bartlett -*-

Resume for following:

Matthew J. Bartlett


** ********* *****, **** ******** CT 06118


Highlights of Relevant Experience

WSP Parson Brinkerhoff 4/16-9/16

Project: Bridgeport Signal Replacements, Main Street, Bridgeport Ct

On this Job I was hired as senior inspector to oversee the installation of a total of 21 complete

Intersection Signal Replacements. This included new Mast Arm Assemblies, New conduit, New

sidewalk in area's, new crosswalk signals and posts, new control box's with new foundations at

each location, New foundations for the new mast arm's as well as all wiring involved with all

signal work. This job was continuously placed on re-bid and never took off in 2016. I was told

it would start in 2017 but I am doubtfull of Parsons word.

Project No. 172-478- District 2 Wrong Way Countermeasures, (Chief Inspector)

Cardinal Engineering, April 2015-March 2016

On this project I was the chief inspector and oversaw all aspects of the job. This job was

replacing the “Wrong Way” and all other countermeasure signs to off ramps where traffic should

not be getting on the highway. Hammonassett Construction was the company performing the

work. We replaced signs on over 160 off ramps in the District 2 area, including all hardware and

breakaway posts. I performed bi-monthly estimates for the DOT and also Inspector Diaries, Ran

Progress Meetings, Compiling Vol. 1 thru 4 books for DOT and compiling meeting minutes.

Create and oversaw punch list work as well as final job closeout. I was entering Material

Certifications and Mat-100's when Certifications were submitted, compiled labor wage checks

and compared against certified payroll, performed all CONN-131 and the entries of Kelly Blue

Book rates for equipment, Performed Contractor evaluations at end of job, compiled all Material

Recycling Reports for any material to be re-used at a later date at any given location, Ordered

State Police for traffic control when needed and recorded their overtime, then when State Police

provided invoices, I would compare time worked against their invoices. Performed CONN-100

for final closeout.

Project No. 58-329 – I 95 Resurfacing and Safety Improvements Project, Groton

CTTectonic Engineering Industries, April 2014-November 2014

Oversaw milling, fine milling of bridges, all bridge joints, waterproof membraning and

expansion joint replacement. Also oversaw Norta-Thin Nova chip paving operations along with

Matthew Bartlett -2-

loop detectors and Piezo sensors. I was also in charge of all Maintenance and Protection of

Traffic plus all aspects of asphalt pavement placement, inspector assignments for asphalt

operations any given night, and all asphalt quantities/entries into SITE MANAGER for

contractor payments.

Project No. 85-142 – I-395 Resurfacing Project

Tectonics Engineering Industries

April 2013 to November 2013

Oversaw catch basin replacements (complete and partial rebuild), milling, fine milling of

bridges, all bridge joints, waterproof membraning and expansion joint replacement. Also

oversaw Norta-Thin Nova chip paving operations along with loop detectors and Piezo sensors. I

was also in charge of all Maintenance and Protection of Traffic patterns being placed properly in

the according lanes to be taken. Oversaw all aspects of asphalt pavement and asphalt quantities.

Performed per-construction sign installation as well as all road signs called for replacement in

the contract.

Trumbull, CT

Merritt Blvd Reconstruction

Weston & Sampson/ Cocchiolo Paving August 2012- December 2012

This job I assisted the inspector assigned to this job do to the fact of overload of work. Consisted

of complete road reclamation and drainage replacement and complete sewer manhole and 8” line

replacement. I assisted on the job in August 2012 and then was told that my job intended for me

is on hold until next year. Therefore, since I was to be laid off, I asked the contractor, Cocchiolo

Paving if they had any job openings and the owner Ray Cocchiolo hired me to help with survey

work, any help with layout of job and set up of final grade elevations throughout job as it

progresses. I also perform laborer work as needed and run some machinery.

Back Bay Phase 4, Templeton, MA

Weston & Sampson Engineering May 2012-August 2012

Work was in Templeton Massachusetts in a neighborhood known as the "Back Bay area". The

works main focus of inspection was the installation of the new 8” Ductile Iron Pipe for city water

supply to neighborhood and abandonment of the old 6” water line in use. Work included setting

up all volume 1 thru 4 books for MA DOT, inspection of installation of catch basins as well as

HDPE piping used in MA, inspection of new 8” ductile iron pipe installation and taking all ties

for new main and any joints or angle points as well as all services to houses/buildings. Full

completion of job including as builds, payments, closing of volume 1 thru 4 books for final hand

in to MA DOT.

Sisson Avenue Bridge, Hartford, Connecticut

GM2 Associates, Inc. May 2009 to January 2011

Inspections included lead paint removal, super structure jacking operations for replacing

expansion bearings, painting bridge, abrasive blast cleaning and field paint, Class A keeper

blocks installed, removal of bridge deck concrete, structural steel repairs (throughout bridge),

bearings with elastomeric bearing pads, surface patch and variable depth patch, replacement of

bridge drainage systems, epoxy injection pot repair, drilling holes and grouting dowels, bridge

joint sealing, silicone expansion joint systems and Class S repairs. This job entitled full bridge

safety inspections prior to repairs including sounding of all abutments and piers/pier columns,

Matthew Bartlett -3-

inspection of all transfer welds, inspection of all steel framing and supporting systems to mark

for repair and inspections of all bearings. These inspections were performed with the help of the

prior state inspection report for this area. I am also Amtrak Certified.

East Hartford, Phase III – Inspector

GM2 Associates, Inc. May 2007 to November2008

Responsible for reclamation of existing asphalt which included milling of existing asphalt along

with existing sub-base and mixed to create a new sub-base for future asphalt. Formation of sub-

grade performed once streets had reclamation removed. Once sub-grade was complete, sub-base

/ reclamation was installed to proper depth. Also responsible for drainage/sewer inspection of all

structures on given streets to be repaired to determine whether replacement, rebuilt or partial

rebuild. Checked all new structures with a level to assure proper elevation and for As-Builds.

Other responsibilities included installation of asphalt on all roads given for this project. This

included tickets, temperature check, depth check and Nuclear Density Testing.

Cabellas Phase II – Inspector, East Hartford, Connecticut

GM2 Associates, Inc., March 2007 to May 2007

Phase II included the complete construction of East Hartford Boulevard from Silver Lane to

Rentchler Field and Cabellas. Surveyed location of all drainage and sewer structures to be

installed, inspection of new catch basins and cofferdam set up to re-route stream for installation

of 20’ x 20’ x 60’ Precast Box Culvert. Inspected the installation of the sewer and fire lines and

asphalt once the sub-base was installed. I was responsible for all drainage inspection for

Cabella’s building and parking lot. This included installation of a 1.25 acre underground storm-

water storage system, 4 Detention Ponds and all RCP. Any run of RCP with a slope of .005% or

less, I had to survey every third pipe installed to assure proper slope.

Widening & Interchange Improvements on I-84, Towns of Waterbury / Cheshire –

Inspector (Investigation of McGuire and Defelice Construction)

STV, Inc., August 2006 to March 2007

We were the company that replaced the Inspection Company that DOT terminated. I performed

a drainage/sewer investigation for I-84 DOT. This included video taping of all drainage

structures and pipe, an estimated 300 plus structures, to determine whether they should be

repaired or replaced. Inspected all delivered materials and rejected all damaged materials.

Inspected the formation of swales, detention ponds and grit chambers for detention ponds. Also

inspected the Formation of Sub-grade and Sub-base for the re-configuration of Exit 26

Westbound On and Off Ramps and also Superpave 9.5 mm collecting tickets, temperature

readings and performed depth readings. Assisted with Nuclear Density Testing.

East Hartford Patch Program – Inspector

GM2 Associates, Inc. May 2006 to August 2006

The Town of East Hartford, Connecticut did not have a big enough budget to replace all roads it

required. I was given a list of streets and had to mark out areas of repair for full and partial depth

patches as temporary fixes. I was also to list any repair or replace catch basins or structures in

poor condition on the given list of streets.

Matthew Bartlett -4-

Route 7 / 15 Interchange – Inspector

STV Incorporated, November 2005 to May 2006

Earth excavation performed for future bridge abutments. Clearing of overburden from ledge to

be blasted. Excavation performed for temporary off ramps and new alignment of existing ramps.

Clearing and grubbing performed along Route 15 north / southbound shoulder and at tops of all

ledges to be blasted. New sub-grade formed for temporary on / off ramps to Exits 40 A and B on

Route 15 northbound. Sub-grade excavated then formed and rolled with rubber tire vibrating

roller. Sub-base placed over temporary sub-grade. Sub-base then nuclear density tested for

compaction. New drainage installed. I inspected excavation and placement of new structures

along with back-fill. and mortar around pipe in knockouts. Checked slope of new pipe installed

with level instrument and all pipe connections.

Interstate 95 Darien / Norwalk, Connecticut – Inspector

GM2 Associates, Inc. May 2002 to November 2005

Roadway resurfacing, median barrier installation, new drainage and sewer systems, partial and

total bridge deck replacement, concrete roadway replacement, hot mix asphalt paving operations,

placement of sub-base materials, earth excavation and monitoring the disposal of controlled

materials. Installation and testing of fire suppression standpipe systems. Maintenance and

Protection of Traffic, work zone signage and channelizing devises, electrical systems

installations, and working on NETTCP Certifications for hot mix asphalt certification.

Note: Over the past 12 years I have performed roughly 1 year + of bridge safety inspections

during winter shut downs for GM2 Inc. This included sounding of all concrete abutments and

piers involved to check for hollow areas/spalling/cracking with efflorescence and so on,

checking overpass heights from road below, inspection of all steel girders and framing as well as

all transition welds, bridge deck inspection and expansion joint inspections, bearing pad and

bearing inspections. Inspections performed in winters of 2006, 2007 and 2008 as well as time

spent on Sisson Ave project.


1. Troxler Certified in asphalt and earth materials.

2. Hazmat certified through Troxler

3. Enclosed spaces certified

4. Metro North and Amtrak certified

5. Nicet Level II certified, Level 3 pending 3 elements to pass

6. OSHA 10 hour training course completed June 2011

7. OSHA 30 hour training course completed 2014

8. ATSSA certified, Traffic Control Technician 8/2015

Matthew Bartlett -5-


1. Franklin Pierce University, Rindge NH- 1 year of C.A.D.D. major from 2000-2001

2. Central Connecticut University, New Britain CT- 1.5 years of civil engineering major

from 2001-2002

3. Graduate of Wethersfield High School, Wethersfield Ct, graduated 2000

Computer Skills:

1. Site Manager trained and certified

2. Microsoft Office – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook

3. State CMR system

Contact Information:

1. Phone- 860-***-****

2. Email-

3. Residence of reach- 31 Hollister Drive, East Hartford Ct, 06118


- Richard Symonds, DOT District IV Supervising Engineer, 203-***-****

- Robert Nowalk, Project Engineer, works for CT DOT at District III PE

- John Deliberto, CT DOT, Project Engineer, 860-***-**** cell

- Micheal M. Vena, STV Inc. Chief Inspector, 860-***-****

- Kurtis Decker, P.E./inspector, VN Engineers, 860-***-****

- Bret Kazka, P.E/Resident Engineer, (Prev. Tectonic, Currently with Urban Eng.)


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