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Management Training

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
October 24, 2016

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Curriculum Vitae



Innocentia Nombulelo


Surname : Mangena

Maiden Name : Ndhlazi

First name(s) : Innocentia Nombulelo

Date of Birth : 05 January 1984

Identity No : 840***-****-** 2

Gender : Female

Marital Status : Married

Dependant : Two

Drivers Licence : Code 10

Criminal Record : None

Nationality : South African

Home Language : Zulu

Other Languages : English and N. Sotho


Postal / Residential Address : 65 Johnston Street




Telephone : 076-***-****


Email Address :


High School Attended : Vlakfontein High School

Grade Passed : Grade 12 Passed with Exemption

Subjects Passed : English, Zulu, Business Economics,

Economics, Accounting, Mathematics

Year Completed : 2000


Institution : UNISA

Course : Bachelor of Accounting Science in Financial


Year Completed : 2016

Institution : UNISA

Course : National Diploma in Human Resource Management

Year Completed : 2012

Institution : UNISA

Qualification Achieved : Certificate in Human Resource Management

Year Completed : 2008

Institution : Pretoria Technical College

Qualification Achieved : Certificate in Information Technology

Year Completed : 2002

Institution : ETDP SETA

Course : Assessor NQF Level 5


Company : Pretoria Technical College

Duration : From 04-03-2011 to date (6 years Experience)

Position : Assistant Director: Human Resources, Finance and



Human Resources System:

Supervise HR staff inputting data onto the HR computer system to ensure the system is updated on a fortnightly basis to incorporate all staff movements, promotions, increases and other general information.

Produce reports as required by management.

Liaise with staff and recommend changes and improvements to suit Campus requirements.

Financial Management and Reporting

Develop, streamline and enhance financial management and reporting processes.

Manage the processing of all contract and other income and disbursements.

Timely and accurate preparation of consolidated monthly and annual financial statements and reports in accordance with GAAP and IFRS.

Ensure financial and business related legislative compliances are met.

Oversee treasury management and banking functions.

Analyse financial results, including corrective actions to address adverse performance.

Manage and oversee the budgeting process including effective planning, guidelines and assumptions.

Development of appropriate tools, assumptions and risks analysis.

Management of Grants

Salary Administration

Supervise Payroll Clerk on the capturing of EMP201, EMP205, workman’s compensation and UI19 declaration

Supervise HR Officer to ensure that all salary and wage administration is accurate and according to company policy.

Liaise with the Managing Director on salary and wage increase/adjustments by making general recommendations.

Drafting and compilation of Contracts of Employment and Limited Duration Contracts of Employment as required.

Industrial Relations:

Facilitate the drawing up and negotiation of Recognition Agreements to establish a structured management/trade union relationship.

Attend and report back to Management on negotiations with representatives and Unions in respect of IR issues.

Performance Management:

Ensure performance appraisal documentation relates to key performance areas on job description and re-write appraisal document as required.

Compile career paths and career development plans.

Write job descriptions as required.

Ensure all performance appraisals are conducted on an annual basis and assist line management as required.

Recommend suitable training and development plans for developmental areas identified on individual performance review documentation.

Provide career guidance to employees and students as required.

Counseling of employees with work related problems as required.

Policies and Procedures:

Ensure all Company policies and procedures are adhered to.

Write policies and procedures for internal use by the Division as required.

Write training and HR related policies for projects as required.

Recruitment & Selection:

Adhere to Company recruitment policy.

Compile job specifications for vacant positions with consultation with relevant manager.

Assist HR Officer in compiling internal advertisements and external newspaper adverts as required.

Ensure professional CV response handling takes place e.g. forwarding regret letter to all job applicants.

Liaise with recruitment agencies for possible candidates.

Assist HR Officer in short listing applications and conduct interviews as required.

Make recommendations to management by evaluating results of interview, candidate’s qualifications and experience.

Skills Development:

Prepare & submit Workplace Skills Plan & Annual Training Report & submit to SETA.

Liaise with SETA for payment of Grants.

Apply for discretional grants and manage special projects (HIV/AIDS, skills programmes, ABET, Learnerships etc)

Reconcile levies paid and refunds received from SETA on a monthly basis.

Coordinate & implement HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign by liaising with Lifeline & sites.

Supervise the implementation of the training needs analysis and GAP analysis conducted by the Training Officer.

Ensure Workplace Skills Plan is implemented to ensure grants received from SETA.

Compile training matrixes and training prospectus to facilitate identification of training for continuous development of employees.

Supervise the coordination and management of Management Programmes by the Training Officer.

Write project specific training policies and procedures as required.

Ensure training providers utilized are accredited by relevant Seta.

Ensure that accurate records are maintained of all training bookings.

Ensure that course evaluation sheets are obtained from trainees and supervise training nominations and bookings.

Liaise with SETA on a continual basis to ensure all new developments are utilised and implemented within the Division.

Table skills training at Employment Equity meetings.

Implement comprehensive training filing system to comply with SETA requirements in terms of quality management.

Other Responsibilities:

Administer and manage the HR Department by critically reading incoming correspondence, receiving telephone calls, counselling employees, investigating, advising and re-directing or following up relevant information and/or problems.

Assist in the development of the Business Unit’s Induction programme and coordinate induction of all new employees and present HR section of Induction programme.

Prepare and submit for discussion & approval an annual HR & Training budget.

Contribute to the management of the Division by attending monthly management meetings and providing relevant advice, direction and guidance on HR and finance management

Produce monthly and quarterly HR reports.

Produce Long Service Awards schedule & ensure years of service of employees are correct.

Coordinate presentation of Long Service Awards.

Conduct regular site visits to ensure open communication with employees is maintained.

Company : Pretoria Technical College

Duration : 06-02-2008 until 2010 (2 years Experience)

Position : Head of Administration

Duties and Responsibilities

Overseeing and managing the general functions of the institute at all levels of operation.

Serving as the chief administrator of the college in implementing, reviewing and recommending changes to policies, programs, curriculum activities, budgets and generating reports (financial, performance, annual reports for the relevant ETQA’s) in a manner that promotes the educational development of each student and the professional development of each personnel member.

Ensuring financial controls as specified in the institution finance policy.

Planning accordingly to ensure that procedures and schedules are implemented to carry out the total college programs.

Ensuring that the college program is compatible with the legal, financial and organizational structure of the college system and also defining the responsibilities and accountability of personnel members and developing plans for interpreting the college program to all the stakeholders.

Providing and planning activities which facilitate the professional growth of the college personnel and enhancing the quality of the instructional programs.

Evaluating student progress in the instructional program by means that include the maintaining of up-to-date student data.

Maintaining communication and seeking assistance from The Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET), Umalusi, Sector education Training Authorities (SETA) to improve performance.

Orientating and assisting new personnel and new students and providing platforms for their input in the college program.

Managing, directing, and maintaining records on the assets, materials, supplies and equipment which are necessary to carry out the daily college routine and working with the personnel in determining priorities for instructional purposes.

Organizing, overseeing, and providing support to the various services, supplies, material, and equipment provided to carry out the school program.

Conducting meetings with personnel and other stakeholders,

Setting and overseeing examinations and liaising with awarding bodies to ensure quality standards are met;

Maintaining knowledge of, and implementing, college policies

Organising work experience and carrying out learner assessments in the workplace, as appropriate;

Carrying out any other duties as assigned by the Management

Company : Pretoria Technical College

Duration : 05-01-2005 until 05-02- 2007 (2 years Experience)

Position : Administration Clerk

Duties and responsibilities

Attend to all student enrolment enquiries or queries

Recruit staff in liaison with the Principal

Maintain an up to date staff database

Check on staff registers as scheduled report any irregularities

Make follow-ups on absentee students. This will be done on request by the lecturer since they will be recording on their registers absent students.

Assist with photocopying

Supervise all cleaning and provision of other staff services such as tea

Compile all examinations registrations timeously

Submit exam registration forms to relevant authorities timeously

Type question papers (this can be done when the management has specified the date of submission of question papers).

Issue exam reports and statements timeously

Carry out filing of all correspondence

Analyze examination information and advise the management of any anomalies timeously

Carry out any other duties as assigned by management

Company : Autopax Bus Services

Duration : 2003 until 2004 (1 year Experience)

Position : Passenger Inspector

Duties and responsibilities

Checking of passenger tickets

Checking of passenger tickets books

Reconciling passenger ticket books with driver duty report form

Reporting any misuse of resources, fraudulent activities


Name : Webster Kamutapuro

Occupation : Director: Finance, Academics and Projects

Telephone : (012-***-****

Mobile : 078-***-****

Name : Ms Sybil Ndiniso

Occupation : Senior Personnel Officer (Department of Labour)

Telephone : 012-***-****

Mobile : 072-***-****

Email :

Name : Ms Ellen Mathebula

Occupation : Accounts clerk (St Johnston Home)

Telephone : 012-***-****

Mobile : 071-***-****

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