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QA Analyst

Jacksonville, Florida, United States
October 25, 2016

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Summary: I am a Software Engineer, Quality Assurance Analyst. I am a Database Expert, and use my skills in Back End Testing with SQL. I Specialize in Manual Testing; Creating, Performing, and Documenting Tests.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, DB2

QA Tools: HP ALM UFT, Selenium, Silk Test, Rational

Software Tools: TFS, SharePoint, CruiseControl, Citrix, Snagit

Networking: Apache, Jakarta, Tomcat, Windows Server, IIS, .NET, HTML, XML, SOAP, ASP

Programming Languages: Visual Basic .NET, VBScript, C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl

Engineering Processes: Agile, Waterfall, SDLC

ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer

ISO 9000 Lead Auditor


Bank of America (Jacksonville. Fl) QA Analyst (contract) 08/15 – present

Responsible for testing new modules of a Consumer Loan Application; the car loan section of the BoA web site. Both manual and automated testing of the .NET front end user interface and the back end Oracle data base. Write and perform test plans and procedures. Design and perform HP ALM Automated tests. Assist UAT & Business with special tasks; such as creating custom SQL queries, altering XML data, or analyzing log files.

Financial integrity was a primary concern; which required quick understanding of Business needs and process. Intensive data analysis and preparation, followed by performing detailed complex and tedious test scripts. Early identification of ease of use and meets user needs issues.

ClaySys (Jacksonville, Fl.) Team Lead (Independent contract) 09/14 – 12/14

Team Lead and Primary Contact for ClaySys to BiLo Holdings (Winn Dixie). Worked in all areas of business including Project Management, Business Analysis, and Quality Assurance; for the Web page, Mobil Web page, and Mobil app.

Scio Health Analytics (Jacksonville, Fl) QA Engineer (employee) 1/14 – 9/14)

Responsible for manual testing of a client-server web application and the back end database integrity verification of a health Insurance Auditing application. Write and perform test plans and procedures. Responsible for all ICD 9 to ICD 10 conversion verification. Created queries to identify where ICD codes are used by the application for all databases, for all clients; in such places as Views, Letters, Reports, and Web Pages.

Directly worked with Business, by editing and then running daily jobs, and then analyzing the MS SQL Server results.

Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Jacksonville, Fl) QA Engineer / Business Analyst (contract) 2/12 - 7/13

Responsible for testing Employee Credentialing and Deployment, java, client - server applications. Responsible for manual testing, and back end MS SQL Server database integrity testing & data mining. Used the HP Quality Center for the planning of tests and documenting test results.

I created test plans by reviewing requirements and design documents and then creating test plans and test procedures. I was responsible for troubleshooting Production issues, especially data related. I worked with the HP Test Automation team to help plan and define automated tests. I called and lead Test Design review and Test Results Review meetings

I also performed Business Analyst tasks which included Creating Requirements Documentation, Supporting the Business team, and Performing User Acceptance Tests. I called and lead Project Requirements Review meetings.

ActiveHealth Mangement (subsidiary of Aetna) (New York City) QA Analyst (contract) 08/10 - 10/11

ActiveHealth Management is a leading provider of health management services, including disease management, clinical decision support and personal health records. My responsibilities were to insure the safety and integrity of the reference data in the Oracle database; to test via queries the database aspects of the AdminSuite reference web application; to create, document, and run manual tests on the AdminSuite application. In addition, I provided technical support for both internal and production, trouble shooting issues.

PatientKeeper (Brighton, MA) QA Engineer (contract), 10/09 – 12/09

PatientKeeper provides a data management system which keeps track of patient information, including charges, diagnoses, notes, lab tests, and to-do lists. My responsibilities were to run the high level tests which touched all modules of the system. I performed these tests on each of the three branches of the product, using several versions of IE and FireFox on different version of Windows and also MAC. While testing in these environments I was checking for inconsistencies. I also tested compatibility with their handheld units.

Navic Networks (acquired by Microsoft) (Waltham, MA) Sr. QA Engineer, 02/06 - 08/08

Navic provides Oracle and Java, web-based, television advertising spot management solutions. I designed, documented, and implemented manual test plans. The emphasis was to verify database and process integrity, including problem analysis and trouble-shooting. I performed these activities on a JVM platform and often analyzed an XML stack trace or ran in the Java debugger to identify the problem and then help determine a solution. I used my Oracle SQL, Perl, and JavaScript skills on two projects, a TV ad auctioning application, and a centralized TV ad downloader to multiple distributed databases, which then collected and processed these distributed results into a central repository. For the auctioning application I performed Web GUI and Report Testing; and used my statistical and financial background to verify that auctions were performed correctly. Statistical analysis, load, and performance issues were priorities on the ad downloader application.

Secondarily, I was responsible for Database administration (including data files, table spaces, performance analysis, etc.); Demo setup (including creating a central, local, and head end server with dummy data); Technical documentation, which was often used as the basis for Tech Support manuals, product help, and customer documentation.

American Student Assistance (Boston, MA) QA Engineer (contract), 06/05 - 02/06

ASA works closely with government agencies providing college student loan services, and processing large amounts of financial transactions; consequently, changes to the software happen in a very controlled process. My responsibilities were to identify and verify the scope of defects, to validate software changes, and to design, document, and implement WinRunner test procedures written in C#.

MetraTech Corp. (Waltham, MA) QA Engineer (contract), 11/04 – 6/05

MetraTech provides web based billing solutions for teleconferencing companies. My responsibilities were to plan, design, implement, run, and document a test system. I created tests using C# and VB scripts and MS SQL queries. Testing was at both the Web GUI and white-box functional level. I performed significant amounts of manual testing in addition to automated testing. Data for both manual and automated testing consisted of a mix of real-world and fabricated data. Real-world data had to be selected with queries to find the right content for needed tasks. Fabricated data was created with both Excel and queries.

Hi-Tech Associates (Nashua, NH) Software Engineer (contract), 1/00 – 11/04

Hi-Tech is my software contracting company. Some of my more significant experiences were working for an ISP, and in the Cellular Telephone and Cable TV fields.

At First Bridge Internet, I set up T. Rex firewall/proxies on Red Hat Linux servers. I set up anti-virus and recovery schemes for Web and LAN servers. I set up an Apache web server running on Linux. I worked on converting a Visual Basic .NET/Access SQL queries for a warehouse company in the hotel field into a web based MySQL/Perl system. I fixed bugs in client web pages with HTML, Java, and XML.

At PriorityCall, I wrote code in Visual Basic, C/C++, and Perl scripts to automate their cellular telephone testing using SilkTest and a Hammer & Anvil test system. These tests involved loading and manipulating the telephone database before test execution and SQL data analysis to determine the results.

At SpyGlassTV, I wrote test code in C++, for a Motorola programmable set top box DLL that handles MPEG2 streams, and the API for the PC application. I reviewed and consulted on an automated test system that captures television images and manipulates them for testing on a PC.

At SeaChange, I tested their cable TV Ad Insertion system using SilkTest, planned and organized the testing of their pay per view on demand, and reviewed and consulted on their Silk automation of their traffic & billing system which largely consisted of testing the database with SQL queries.

Octave Communications (Salem, NH) SQA Manager, 9/98 - 12/99

Octave produces web-based telephone conferencing software and embedded rack mount systems. My responsibilities were to create and manage an SQA group and perform critical and significant testing tasks. I managed a group and was the primary tester of a 1000+ port system whose web based front end was under Windows, and the back end ran under SCO Unix. The system was constructed with APIs written with Cold Fusion, C++, and Java. I functionally tested each API by enhancing unit test code.

Created web based automated tests using eTester. Base tests were created by recording user activities. I then enhanced the tests with VB code for more specific functional testing and load testing. I generated MS SQL Server databases using SQL scripts for automated and manual testing.

I helped design a telephone call simulator written in C++. The simulator ran in synchronization with the eTester load tests. I created Perl scripts to analyze the back end server, SQL scripts to cross reference and verify call records on the switch and router versus the traffic & billing system.

Job History

Doble Engineering (Watertown, MA) QA Manager

IDE Associates (Billerica, MA) QA Manager

Wang Laboratories (Lowell, MA) Project Lead

DataPoint (San Antonio, TX) Project Lead

Digital Equipment (Nashua, NH) Developer

Education: University of New Hampshire, Durham, for B.S. Mathematics, concentration in Computers

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