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Civil Engineering Analysis

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
October 22, 2016

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Contact # 91-998*******

Address Flat No: 102, Amin Villa

**-*-***, *** ***** .

Hyderabad-500 004, AP, India .

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Nationality Indian

Date of Birth 23rd February 1963

Marital Status Married


1987 Masters Degree in Chemistry, Bhopal University, Madhya Pradesh, India.

1985 Bachelor of Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.


Certified as Approved Analytical Chemist, in the year 1990 by drug control administration, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, India.


07 years in Industrial Laboratory of Various Fields including Petroleum / Oil, Asphalt, Water, Agricultural cement, concrete, chemical admixtures etc.


Mojah Factory For Bitumen--Industrial area--3, Exit--12, Riyadh-11511

From 19 Jan 2013 to Feb 2016 as Q.C Chemist .

Ensure compliance to standard test methods and protocols for different type of samples received according to ASTM, AASHTO, SASO and KSA Ministry of Transportation specifications. Laboratory testing includes DSR, RTFO, viscometer, distillation, Flash point, softening point, penetrometer and lab. Shearing machine .

KING SAUD UNIVERSITY – RIYADH, K.S.A: From Oct. 2008 to Jan. 2013 in Civil Engineering Department, Center of Excellence for Concrete Research & Testing (CoE-CRT).

WORK EXPERIENCE: As a Researcher I was responsible for

Physical & chemical analysis of cement, other cementitious materials concrete, chemical admixtures etc.

I worked with various governmental research projects, (1) Self compacting concrete. (2) Corrosion in reinforced concrete (3) Natural Pozzolan (4) Chemical Admixture etc.,

I also worked on several sophisticated instrumentation such as XRD, TGA, Laser PSA, Tonitec Automatic Setting Time Apparatus, Fineness of Materials, MIP etc.

UNITED LUBE OIL COMPANY - JUBAIL, K.S.A. Since October-2002 to 2008.

WORK EXPERIENCE : As Lab Chemist responsible for Compliance to ISO 9000:2000 QMS and to carry out following analysis for :

Used oil into process stream and finally finished products analysis of different grades like S.N 150, S.N 300, and S.N 500, industrial grade Lubricants.

Various chemical and physical tests, such as Viscosity, Spec. Gravity, Water content by K.F, Metal analysis by ICP- AES (Varian), Flash & pour points, Color-index, TOX-100, Sulphur.

Raw material clearance based on auto distillation per D1160, Ash content, TAN, Conrad son Carbon residue, etc.

Monthly report submission on Industrial wastewater analysis like pH, conductivity, Turbidity, oil & grease, B.O.D, C.O D, T.O.C etc.

SUPER SURGICAL APPLIANCES PVT. LTD., Hyderabad. India. Inclusive Dates October 1997 To August 2001.

WORK EXPERIENCE : Worked as Water treatment chemist, Water analysis for sterilization of disposable surgical equipment, Like Infusion set, syringes, Etc. Water analysis including chemical and microbiological & Spectrphotometric techniques.

HAIL AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY (HADCO), Saudi Arabia., Inclusive Dates August 1995 To August 1997.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Responsible for performing the required analysis of Soil Salinity, Soil Nutrients Deficiency, Water, Fertilizer & plant tissue analysis of various Hadco crops like wheat, corn, alfalfa, rode’s grass, potato, cucumber Etc. In soil analysis – Soil pH, Conductivity, Saturation %, Soluble Na & K, Ca & Mg by DTPA Titration, Carbonates & Bicarbonates, Chlorides, Total Nitrogen, Zn & Fe etc

AL- SAUDI INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING PROJECT LTD. (SICEP – Riyadh) Inclusive Dates - February 1990 To November 1994.

WORK EXPERIENCE : Water analysis of ground water & after Treatment analysis, p. H, TDS, Hardness, P & M alkalinity, Fluoride by Zirconium Alizerin Colorimetric method, Iron (phenanthroline method), Sodium, potassium by flame photometer, Nitrates, Phosphates, Sulfates, & Chlorides.

MICROBIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS: - Standard plate count by Nutrient Agar, Presumptive colliform test by multiple tube dilution, fecal collator by Gas formation indicates positive reaction, and fecal streptococci count by MTD method, Viable Yeasts, moulds by potato dextrose agar .

Al-Hassa Sewerage Treatment Plant – Complete Analysis like COD, BOD etc


D1160 ASTM Distillation Apparatus.

Automated atomic absorption spectrophotometer meter, pie, Unicam PU-900, Philips made.

Total organic carbon analyzer TOC-Shimadzu, Japan.

Inductively coupled plasma- Atomic Emission Spectrometer-ICP –AES.

Total organic halogen / sulphur analyzer TOX.

Buchi Kjeldel nitrogen US 322 – 342. .

Potentiometric titration by titrando888

Flame photometer

U-9000 double beam UV/Vis spectrophotometer.

Thermogravimetric analyzer Burker – Germany

Particle size Analyzer LA-950 Horiba

Gecor corrosion apparatus


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