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Test Engineer Manual

Los Gatos, California, United States
October 21, 2016

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Lev V. Tochilnikov


Objective: To obtain a challenging position as a System or Software Quality Assurance Engineer


Over 10 years hands-on experience in software system engineering and quality assurance field

Practical knowledge of testing methodologies: Functional, Regression, Acceptance, Configuration, System, Stress, Compatibility, Performance, Installation, and Usability

Testing major components of HPE ESP(Enterprise Security Product), OIM (Oracle Identity Manager)

Developing automated test suites utilizing Python, Perl, Shell, and Expect scripting

Developing and execute automated test cases on Selenium

Certification ORACLE AS (Application Server) 11g/10g releases on different Linux, windows platforms, and db versions

Hands-on experience in manual and automated testing of Element Network Management System (ENMS) Java software application, which provide management and service provisioning of Gigabit IP over Fiber optics

Utilizing SmartBits, IXIA family products to simulate traffic on the wire model, static routing, and dynamic routing configuration setups

Testing network devices by using Command Line Interface (CLI) and Web Management Interfaces

Energetic result-motivated Software QA professional. Capable of mastering new skills quickly and efficiently. Well-developed communication and organizational skills. Self-starter that works well independently as well as a member of a team. Capable to do multi-tasking under pressure.


Data Base: Oracle 12/11/10g, 11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL, My SQL, Oracle 9i, TOAD VI

Network: RPR IEEE 802.11/16/17/3, TCP/IP, WLAN, DOCSIS, RPT, FDDI, ADM, PON, FTTH, SONET, SNMP, Ethernet, PIT, VLAN, T1, E1, DWDM, ATM, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, NTP, Firewall, VPN, Radius server, QOS, COS, ISDN,OSPF, BGP, and RIP

OS: Windows 10/8/7/Vista08/03, UNIX/LINUX, Mac OS10/9, Android, Sun Solaris, Cisco Routers IOS, MS DOS

Tools: Eclipse, Selenium 103, Sniffer4.50/Pro, Wireshark/Ethereal, WildPackets, MIB Browser (Adventnet/MG-SOFT 6.10), SmartBits, SmartFlow, SunSet T10 (t1 tester), SunSet E20 (e1 tester), Cisco Router 2500, 3600, IXIA, Win CVS 1.3, Visual C++ 6.0, MS Office Suite, MS Exchange, Symantec Ghost 7.5, Exceed 6.2, Labview, Sec CRT, WinRunner 7.5, LoadRunner 7.51, Silk Test 5.3, Spectrum Analyzer Agilent 8591C

Languages: C/C++, Python, Perl, Shell Script, Java, Verilog, HTML, XML

Bug Tracking: JIRA,Clear Quest, Test Director, File Maker Pro, Bug Tracker, Bugzilla, Clarify


12/14-Present Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Sunnyvale, CA

Senior SQA/System Test Engineer

Responsible for testing GEO-Vulnerability updates for all releases and patches of Arcsight ESM(Enterprise Security Manager) product

Responsible for Arcsight ESM(Enterprise Security Manager) Data seed Upgrade testing

Developed automated test cases on Selenium for ACC(Arcsight Command Center) web console

Develop and utilizing python scripting for Selenium framework automation

Responsible for testing Arcsight SmartConnectors with setup to Hadoop, AD (Active Directory), and ldap

Responsible for product testing in locale environment RU/FR

Provide quick response and help developers for customers request and hot issues

Provide hot fixes verification

Create and review product release documentation including upgrade, installation, and configuration guides

06/06-12/14 ORACLE USA, Redwood City, CA

Senior MTS/System Test Engineer

Responsible for OIM (Oracle Identity Manager) Data seed Upgrade testing

Developed automated test cases on Selenium for Organization Management, Scheduler, and Role Admin SOD projects

Responsible for LibOVD (Oracle Virtual Directory) testing with integration of OID (Oracle Identity Directory), IPlanet, and AD (Active Directory)

Certification AS (Application Server) 11g/10g releases on different os platforms such as oel5, suse10, windows vista, and windows 2008

Integration all 10g SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) components on 10g patchset releases

Provide and administer DB and AS hosted environments settings for further components teams testing

Develop and execute manual and automated test cases using DTE (Distributed Topology Environment) and scripting languages (python, perl, and shell)

Testing products on different java versions such as jdk1.4, jdk1.5, and jdk1.6

Cooperate, troubleshoot, and provide problem investigation with components tests teams members

Oracle University Classes taken: Oracle Database 10g-Administration I/II, Oracle Application Server 10g-Administration I/II, Oracle Identity Manager 11g I

04/05-06/06 Trapeze Networks Inc., Pleasanton, CA

Senior SQA Engineer

Testing Trapeze Networks Mobility System is an enterprise-class Wireless LAN 802.11 solution that allows users to roam securely anywhere in a network and over any topology, including corporate headquarters, branch office, campuses or multi-tenant and multi-use facilities

Testing RingMaster tool suite – a full-featured java GUI client/server application used to plan, configure, deploy, and manage a WLAN and its users

Testing Mobility System Software (MSS) – the operating system that runs all MX switches and MP(access points) in a WLAN, and is accessible through a CLI, the Web View interface, and Ring Master GUI

Interoperability OEM testing of different brand wireless switches that supposed to be interoperable within a mobility domain and manageable via RingMaster

Testing and debugging embedded and middleware platform system software in the NetBsd Shell environment

Utilizing Perl, Shell, and Tkl scripting languages to perform configuration, scalability, and stress testing of the system

Mentored new engineers and helped them come up to speed on the product

11/04-04/05 Warpera Corporation, Fremont, CA

Senior System Test Engineer

Testing CMTS device which provides an interface between subscriber cable modems and the backbone network over the DOCSIS( Data Over Cable System Interface Specification ) protocol setting

Testing transparent Ethernet bridging mechanism as well as in-band and out-band management setup through the CMTS

Testing interfaces statistics by utilizing Smart Bits/IXIA traffic generators tools

Develop and execute Perl and Expect scripts for stress testing on Cable Modems and CMTS communications

Testing and debugging embedded and middleware platform system software in the VxWorks Shell environment

Develop and execute different QA/Testing documentation such as test cases, test plans, and etc.

11/03-11/04 Kodak Polychrome Graphics, Inc., Oakdale, CA

Senior QA/Test Engineer

Testing Matchprint Color RIP Software (MPCR) Java client-server application for management Inkjet Printers which allow user to print files over a network for output on a inkjet printers

Performance testing for ripping and printing time of MPCR application version MPPP1.0 via LAN setup in the lab

Testing printers communications over the LAN test lab setup using TCP/IP protocol

Testing Scatter Proofing tool allows multiple images to be combined and printed over the network on a single page

Testing Kodak Polychrome Graphics One Bit TIFF interface (OBTI) allows to proof high resolution to generate color-accurate proofs on inkjet devices

Testing software localization EFIGS + J for all companies applications

Communicating results, problems, and defects to developers, troubleshot them and discussed as needed

03/03-10/03 AllOptic, Inc., Livermore, CA

QA/Test Engineer

Testing of GigaForce Element Management System (GEMS) Java client-server software application for supports and manages passive optical networking system, which provide a full services access network that delivers converged data, video and voice over a single optical access system

Testing functionality of AllOptic products by using Web Management Interface

Testing Ethernet PON (Passive Optical Network) setups and configurations in the Lab Environment

Using MG-Soft MIB browser to monitor GEMS and SNMPv2c

05/00-12/02 Luminous Networks, Inc., Cupertino, CA

MTS/System Test Engineer

Testing of Luminous Network Management System (LNMS) Java client-server software application, which supports FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Provisioning, and Security) including point-and-click end-to-end service provisioning to manage traffic over gigabit Ethernet

RPT (Resilient Packet Transport), OAM&P, and Alarm functionality testing

Testing Ring Protection Switching and topology discovery mechanism while provide protected/unprotected traffic through the ring

High Availability testing for many cards including T1/E1, Ethernet, Switch, Syscon, and etc.

Testing functionality of Luminous ADM switch box by using Command Line Interface (CLI) management interface

Using Adventnet MIB browser to monitor LNMS and SNMPv2c

Using Sniffer Pro Analyzer to capture data, monitor network traffic, collect key network statistics, and troubleshoot common network problems

Performed system upgrades and troubleshooting as well as setup of network topology and node configuration

Testing security access to the Luminous ADM switch via CLI and LNMS by utilizing Radius Server, Firewall, and VPN as well

Testing and debugging embedded and middleware platform system software in the VxWorks Shell environment

Testing of download new software images by using TFTP and FTP servers to different cards such as Ring (switch), Syscon, ten100, Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, t1, DWDM, and etc.

Developed automated test suites utilizing Shell and Expect scripting for HA and Stress testing to verify how is system work properly and robust according to long term testing results

Release functionality and system testing of the product

04/99-05/2000 Contact Networks, Inc., Redwood City, CA

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Cross-platform (Windows and MAC) testing of client-server Contact Management application

Testing in-house web application, which allows users to obtain latest company products update – functionality, browser compatibility, OS compatibility, usability, GUI, regression, etc.

Responsible for acceptance testing of new releases

Testing WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) devices serviced by application server

Setup, configure, and troubleshoot LAN of System Test Lab equipments which include Cisco routers, switches, hobs, and testing workstations

Setup and configured various Microsoft Family Products (Exchange, Outlook, etc.)

11/97-04/99, Campbell, CA

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Comprehensive testing of e-commerce application, which allows businesses to purchase advertisement services on-line

Operating system and browsers compatibility testing (MSIE, NN, AOL, Windows, UNIX, MAC)

Automated testing of returning bugs with Segue Silk

Functionality and regression testing, acceptance testing of new builds and releases

08/91-07/96 Lugansk Locomotive Company, Ukraine

IT/Test Engineer

Comprehensive testing of many releases of the corporate accounting system. Originally that client-server application was developed for the manufacturer of locomotives on mainframe and later was ported to the Windows/MS SQL Server environment

Tested functionality of the system from the user standpoint – GUI, usability, functionality, etc.

Provided user training and technical support for the company products

Created user manuals and specific documentation for company products

Education: Lugansk State University, Ukraine (09/85 - 06/91)

M.S. Physics and Computer Science

De Anza College, Cupertino, CA (09/97 – 12/02)

Various Computer Science classes: Cisco Router, Networking, TCP/IP, Unix, Advanced Unix/Shell Scripting, Intermediate C, and Data Structures

Santa Clara Education Center, Santa Clara, CA (09/97 - 02/98)

Certificate in Software QA

Awards: Certificate of Excellence from Luminous Networks, Inc. that was granted in May 4, 2001 for significant and tremendous effort on the system test of release 2.0 in preparation for Beta trials

Personal: U.S. Citizen

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