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Service Welding

Dallas, Texas, United States
2000. 00 weekiy
October 19, 2016

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FREDRIC, *-O. ***-Box 758-LA 100 A. 71415 3982 ROBERTS

SUMMARY: equipment my direction. where experience taps different qualified opportunity to discuss My I There management have on versatile I gas have is made gas to My my more will to lines make companies. been suggestions qualifications enhance taps abilities offer for to style a employed. positive tell, for Atmos a will broad the Interstate and in have operating effectiveness allow Energy contribution sometimes with base I am greatly a you and of company willing and all work in also improved Trans resumes types person. of to to flexibility. welded any your to apply of La get company welding Gas do company. the the sleeves my not Co. internal I most take educational give I machines with also on great I of a would their productivity which complete employees welded pride background and 12” welcome I am sleeves in lines. any picture. associated. my put of type I the companies work, under on made and I of for am heavy and work my hot well WORK Nov Oct July July Aug Feb Sept Aug Sept Aug Nov Thru Thru Thru Thru Thru 201*-****-**** 201*-****-**** 201*-****-**** 2013 2013 HISTORY: Enterprise TesTex TesTex Enstor Work Work TesTex Energy pipeline, for QIS contract Gulf station. welders Contract Enterprise was Interstate as for Gas Inspections: Inspections: Transfer Inspections: My inspection a crew and making Tulsa workers. Welding and Co.job contract : and and TesTex. Field: Worked Inspection was yard. tie-welders TexTex. Inspector company. Installed Worked overseeing Worked in Worked crew Installing to Worked doing S7A and Worked while performing in in Dehy doing I as pipeline rehab Sunco worked San contract Silsbee, by resin a they Chief myself. Unit Antonio, tie by work Energy. and installed and ins myself as their Texas in for crew a Henderson, and pig on making Enterprise Chief Texas work. Enstor Laying and launchers replacing as firing Dehy Chief watching welders. doing tie-line yard 24” unit. Texas overseeing in Products 75’ and rehab watching to oil and/welders meter of line. receivers. for 8” or work laying line and 2

1986 1976 Thru Oct 1986 Thru 1986 1979 Thru June July Aug July July July Jan Oct Aug Jan Thru Thru Thru Thru Thru Thru 2013 19, 201*-****-**** 201*-****-**, 201*-****-**** 2013 2012 Taught for helped Types built Set Had the Had I moved I 1986 installing bending the welder Gulf contractor. Went ins Worked straight. Went installed and I Pipeline Clearing TesTex for Enterprise chief built also worked replacing a students mini work a a Enterprise drilling Interstate meter welding Worked contract contract owned of to in back and set twenty skids making Inspections: wood pipe, Delmita, work as gang laying The operations. orfices. was with thru compressors installed station to a I products, rigs. how and am and utility and business, flanges work done laying operations as men for with with products. risers, bending Field & tie-20 CWI repairing a Re-We to we operated TesTex. Texas Select contract and inch ends and for welding almost the Cleco as fit piping Services: gas helped had and Worked certified. tank OQ installing a and TGGT installed. building State pipeline crew, women and installing contract & Pipelines and to certified bolts specialist. Gas cap batteries gas weld 100 a welder lines line did the inspector contract 2011 of and bending Working welds. lines Certification had meter Louisiana to the meter high welders up working pipe assistant We, on welder, E&flare Trans Services. become with oil for to all piping. which the Utility and CO built pressure and hauling lines be stations flanges for 20” stations. Oil line for Enterprise rig. companies. LA gas line in rebuilding as fabricate. guard Gulf to and chief pipe included certified inspector Texas and perfect at Gas Worked #a receiving teach up 63725641. welding business. gas and Gas vessels Interstate for did for in Worked Co. the rails Express plant. Refugio, different make Industry. Welding and DCP order. the and welders. pipe bending work as on and stations. for inspector hook a DCP. Intrastate Hauling & as sure foreman, I to Field installed. oil My Pumpco, Enterprise over worked Texas assistant and be companies. Building up. pipe. field I crew all also welded. Services. rigs Also Fitting. various line on for and Gas We doping with taught also the I tie- also were and gas Co. All 3

WORK . 1979 HISTORY Tullos, Hawkeye Cont.: La. Drilling I also set in several Waskom, compressors TX, Miles Oil for & these Gas Tullos, companies. LA, Loe Oil Co, 196*-****-**** thru 1976 1971 thru 1974 1970 Thru 1962 Thru 1968 1961 Thru 1962 EDUCATION Thru 1970 / Industrial used department The Louisiana E blueprint other stream Georgia-worked Argic Worked Machines Employed PROFESSIONAL My including turbines. hookup. boiler Western Manpower A.lines into & M.I responsibilities electrician to Inspector. F. the and Chemical pumps line the Beaird as in Pacific ocean. - Power products. Oceanic and laying repair Machine as a mill. the piping in Development grinder-a and I the oilfield – taught welding kept While Plant Corp. Shreveport, DEVELOPMENT pipe and work late and high – Learned shop. was as up welder Light lines me as I sixty’s in worked on welding. an pressure worked and maintenance for Arkansas a how While the offshore roughneck – also for the fitting helper Natchez, all Louisiana building structure. both to as taught repairs phases I there working steam read help a instructor – welder welder while oil worked on Mississippi I and build the electrical me and was of on lines. Also them. at attending welding. Georgia-a other various and and gas Beaird, schooled lot, and as welded for Also I fitter. wells. Millwright. I a worked print pipe related believe the welder worked types Pacific we welding Federal on I the on Also and repaired built pipe oil the with I of – boilers Plant would also tank millwright. on I machines, field compressors precision did classes Government. to the precision the battery high at be all work, that qualify electrical Urania, Stematier. driven the pressure were as and La. an 1961 – Graduated, LaSalle High School, Olla, Louisiana 1966 – Completed courses in Machine Operating, Blueprint and Layout 4

while working at A.M.F. Beaird.

1967 – Attended and completed an intense welding school. Learning all phases and different types of welding procedures, including x-ray welding. 1968 – Completed a Supervisor Course through L.C.S. 1968 – 1970 – Attended and completed a six-week course in Hydraulics’ rebuilding Hydraulic Pumps.

1969 – While at Georgia-Pacific, attended and completed 6 courses in Rebuilding Hydraulic cylinders.

1972 – 1974 – University of Southern Mississippi

1973 – Finished a six-month I.C.S. course in Electrical Wiring. 1987 – Accomplished six months of Correspondence Law School. 1966 – 1987 – Attened several safety courses.

Raymond Shane Rick CERTIFICATIONS: REFRENCES Rick Mell Steve Harold Snow Jamison Wilson Parrott Walker Black Rayer – – Gulf – – – Tulsa – Gulf Gulf Gulf Gulf – Interstate Gulf Interstate Interstate Interstate Inspection Interstate Interstate Field Field Field Field Field Resource, Service Field Service Service Service Service Service – Inc. (– – 251) – ((281) 512) (– 903) (944-281) 543-461-***-**** 414-****-**** 832*-****-**** 2016 2016 CPWI-TWIC NCCER certification National certification Welding in Foreman School #and 63725641 Supervisor 5


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