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Systems Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Manager, Agile, Integration Test

Lyons, Colorado, United States
October 18, 2016

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Disciplined, focused, and detail-oriented Engineer, experienced in supporting all project phases. Possess strong understanding of space systems and satellites and experience in developing creative solutions. Particularly skilled at understand the system and coming up with solutions.

Ground Systems ● Space Systems ● Needs Assessment ● Consulting

Problem Resolution ● Troubleshooting ● Quality Control / Quality Assurance ●

Integration and Test ● Scripts ● Automation ● Regression Testing

Hardware Testing ● Functional Requirements Testing

Launch / Operations Support ● Command and Data Handling ●Technical Writing

Agile Development ● Scrum ● KanBan ● ScrumMaster ● Portfolio / Project Management

Strategic Planning ● Team Leadership / Motivation Process Improvement ● Expense Control ●

Internal Controls ● Budgeting ● Resource / Schedule Management ● Business Development

Programming and Scripting ● Python ● TCL ● C ● FORTRAN ● C++

Start Ups / Turnarounds ● Event Planning ● Vendor Relations


Completed Agile Portfolio Management Training

Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified ScrumMaster

Raytheon Six Sigma Certified

Received the DGLCC Entrepreneurial Man of the Year Award

Recipient, NASA Group Achievement Award for Kepler Launch and Commissioning Team.

Awarded NASA’s Deep Impact Public Service Group Achievement Award for ensuring Mission Support Area was created and prepared for launch and on-orbit operations. Efforts ensured synchronization of ground system, proper operation and availability of telecommunication lines, and timely and rapid resolution of support issues.

Created and implemented timeline/schedule to facilitate team members’ efforts in completing concurrent assignments.

Successfully relocated computers, hardware, and transferred responsibility from HST SITS facilities in CO, MD & GSFC to NOAA.

Created Software Test Template for Hubble Space Telescope Science Instrument Software Test Team at Ball Aerospace.

Avoided potential and significant damage by testing software values against hardware register values and identifying software error in Normal Engineering Data Component that would probably have gone undetected until testing against real flight.

Recognized as the interface for Science Instrument Test System (SITS) facility planning by both Lockheed and Goddard Space Flight Center.

Coordinated major update to the Science Instrument Test System (SITS) User's Manual and design specification documents.


EMERGENT SPACE TECHNOLOGIES, INC., Littleton, Colorado ● 09/2015 – Present

Senior Aerospace Engineer

Orion Spacecraft Timeline and Vehicle Management Scrum Team Embedded Tester

Understand the Timeline and Vehicle Management component as well as entire software set up for the multi-purpose crew vehicle

Write success criteria for component level requirements

Write test scripts in python to pass at the component level and execute on software test bed.

Work with system level tester to update and execute test on system level test bench.


Ground Systems Engineer / Integration & Test Engineer / Scrum Master – JPSS Common Ground System (CGS)

Block 2.0 Integration and Test Team (System Level)

oIntegration of Offline portion of the System – Command Loads, Orbit Operations, Mission Planning

oUnderstanding interfaces by writing tests for Common Services of the system to verify that they work when delivered from software.

oBy fully understanding the space system, driving requirement pass/fail criteria to be ready for Test Procedure inclusion


Facilitate Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Roadblock removal

Work with Product owners on Epic Planning, backlog refinement, story writing, and prioritization

Help team be more agile through inspect and adapt, leading ceremonies, and coaching

Block 2.0 Site Acceptance Team

oWrite Test Procedures to sign off Requirements for Mission Planning and Orbital Operations

oTrain team on DOORS usage and exports

oHelp team members with program tools and test writing.

Block 2.0 Operational Based Site Acceptance Team - Mission Planning and Orbit Operations

oUnderstanding mission planning and orbital operations, including maneuvers of the spacecraft

oWrite Test Procedures to support our operational based test to verify requirements

BALL AEROSPACE AND TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION, Boulder, Colorado ● 10/2003 - 05/2006

Ground Systems Engineer / Mission Support Area Developer - Deep Impact Project

Ground Systems Engineer / Cmd & Tlm Database Manager - Kepler Project

Facilities planning and implementation without supervision: assemble mission support area that included communications, computers, and count-down/count-up mission clock.

Supported Program and Test Engineers in clean room and other test facilities; collaborated with software developers in resolving problems and updating database; and supported launch activities.

As database manager, worked with development team to create test benches, also designated for use on flight, for Kepler. Database testing and testing of and on test benches, provided useful results in helping scope out the telemetry and command requirements for the project.

Created ground system databases in preparation for flight operations by installing updates on facility’s test benches, and providing same ground system database for use by JPL.

Provided OASIS-CC ground system support on Kepler project, interfacing with QA to create each ground system database and provide them in a timely manner to test benches, racks and other required users.

Furnished updates to telemetry and command databases from flight software updates and errors encountered in tests.

LOCKHEED MARTIN, Gaithersburg, Maryland ● 10/1998 - 10/2003

Hardware Engineer - Hubble Space Telescope (HST), Science Instrument Test Systems (SITS)

Collaborated with clients and field support engineers to determine reasons for issues and a current work around until resolutions could be developed or features added.

Wrote and executed Release Regression tests to ensure stability and efficacy of systems upon release.

Participated in troubleshooting issues; developed and implemented solutions; and unit and function tested “fixes” to ensure correct implementation.

Managed rewriting of users’ manual, from concept and design, to print and updates for each release.

Monitored use and location of government and company-furnished equipment and updated/maintained property location database.

Interfaced with Quality Assurance to ensure adherence to appropriate processes and procedures.

Developed test template used by Flight Software program, testing algorithms and ensuring adherence to all written and other functional requirements not listed for hardware and/or software.

Key player in system maintenance and enhancement activities.

Served as the HST Wide-Field Camera 3 database manager, developing telemetry and command tables and operations definitions, assigning individual bits for specific telemetry required in the downlink for ground system display and later analysis, and defining commands for use in the science instrument.

Generated, prepared and led effort to write Technical Reference Manual and lab documentation.

Developed tools to track equipment, program trouble reports, test procedures and project issues

Presumed ground systems integration role for test system

Collaborated with customers on minimal interference basis to establish requirements and successfully design, code and test MS Access version of Ground System Release Integration Plan

Refined Asset Management Database, enabling NASA client to fully understand location of all assets

Performed acceptance tests for test system releases and worked with QA on each release.

Member of two-member team charged with ensuring Control Center System operated properly at Goddard Space Flight Center. Installed updates to various test facilities, and assisted users in identifying and resolving issues.

Identified excess equipment in three locations in U.S., and transferred old and obsolete equipment to another government entity.

DEFENCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY ORGANISATION, Elizabeth, South Australia ● 06/1997 – 08/1997

GIS & Remote Sensing Internship - Embedded ATREM code, developed at Univ of Colorado, into ENVI to calculate true ground reflectance in multi-spectral images obtained by the DSTO to then analyze resulting image for target detection.


DATA DIPLOMAT LLC, Denver, Colorado ● 2011-2012 ● Sales Manager & Accounting, Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Promoted business through networking, cold calls and warm calls. Managed budget; prepared proposals; and processed accounts payable / receivable

Installed WordPress and Joomla for website build clients and served as technical back end in installation and troubleshooting issues.

PURPLE AVOCADO CATERING, Denver, Colorado ● 2004 - 2010 ● President, Corporate Catering & Social Events

Promoted business through networking, cold calls and warm calls. Managed budget; prepared proposals; and processed accounts payable / receivable.

Managed and directed all sales, operations, and financial functions of corporate and special event catering business. Assisted sales staff in developing individual sales plans; collaborated with kitchen personnel to reduce costs and increase safety; and managed all accounting / budget functions.

Managed Vendor Relations and all accounting functions.

Accomplishment: Increased sales at least 50% per year since 2005, and increased revenue from $100K in 2006 to equivalent of $750K in 2010 when catering business was sold.


Masters of Engineering in Space Systems

Masters of Engineering in Applied Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

University of Michigan, College of Engineering - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Sophomore Year Abroad, Monash University, Clayton (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia


Edison/Computech High School – Fresno, California


Ground Systems

JPSS Common Ground System from Raytheon ● OASIS-CC from CU LASP

AMMOS from JPL ● Control Center System for Hubble Space Telescope

Engineering Applications

DOORS ● Visio ● IBM’s Rational Functional Tester Rational Quality Manager

IBM’s ClearQuest ClearCase Tivoli Endpoint Manager QRadar


Agile Applications

Atlassian JIRA Confluence Crucible ● Code Collaborator

Digital Image Processing

ArcView ● ArcInfo ● IDRISI ● NIH Image ● ER Mapper ● TNT ● TransCAD ● Desktop Mapping System

CAD and Laboratory Software

LabTech Notebook ● SDRC I-DEAS Master Series

Programming Languages

Python ● C ● FORTRAN ● MATLAB ● TCL ● HTML ● CSS ● Unix Shell Scripting learning: Java ● Javascript ● PHP ● C++

Business and Other Applications

MS Office ● WordPerfect ● OpenOffice

QuickBooks ● FrameMaker ● PageMaker


The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) ● Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Roger B Chaffee Scholarship Fund Award Dinner featured Guest Speaker, 2005

Roger B Chaffee Planetarium, Van Andel Museum, Grand Rapids, Guest Lecturer, 2005


Agile Portfolio Management Course, Agile University, April 2015

Mile High Agile Conference, Denver, CO 2014-2016

Certified Scrum Product Owner June 2014, Certified ScrumMaster July 2014

AIAA Webinar: Flight Dynamics and Einstein’s Covariance Principle Nov 2012

AIAA Technical Symposium, Denver, CO October 2012

AIAA ICES Conference, San Diego, CA July 2012

Summer Science Program Participant, NSF Young Scholar 1991


Agile Denver (Monthly Meeting Support Committee) ● Boulder Agile Software

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