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Paints, Coatings Polymers Technologist

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
October 16, 2016

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To design, develop, analyze and improve polymers & coatings applications by leveraging acquired academic knowledge and work experience to effectively perform as Coatings Engineer/Polymer Chemist.

To be involved in scaling up of technology and support manufacturing activities.

Educational & PROFESSIONAL Qualification

B. Tech (Surface Coatings & Polymer Technology) Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT) Mumbai, India. Graduated 2013

Completed Masters in Surface Coatings & Polymer Technology – Eastern Michigan University, MI- 48197. Graduated in April-2015.

Recipient of VALSPAR scholarship for excellent academic performance in Fall 2014

Visa Status

Holding a valid H1B work visa valid upto 2022.


June 2015 till date

Working with Avomeen Analyticals LLC as Senior Polymer Chemist.

Avomeen Analyticals is a contract chemical testing laboratory and formulation development company that provides investigative analytical testing and innovative formulation development services.

My Job profile included:

Deformulation and formulation of paints, adhesives, resins, inks and coatings.

Paint testing using ASTM methods for corrosion, UV, gloss, adhesion.

Polymer product development, including standards and specifications of an adhesion promoter used in starch based adhesives.

Development of new coating solutions to meet property specifications of customer’s projects by imparting conductivity, stabilizing paint

Stabilizing paint formulation by preventing pigment settling and flocculation.

Development of a novel ink formulation.

Development of an antiseptic band aid.

Development of an industrial cleaning solution including testing and validation.

Development of a customized glass paint.

Development of physical & analytical test methods to support product development.

Development of analytical methods for GC-MS, GC-FID and GPC to evaluate the samples given.

Documentation of work in lab notebook and preparation of technical report

Designed a DOE and Process of Addition in a formulation which had volatile components. Involved in plant level scale-up for customer.

Completed other projects/duties as assigned.


1.Have and can work on instruments -

UV Lamp, TGA, DSC, NMR, GPC, IR, Colorimeter, Particle size analyzer, SEM, Mueller machine, Spectrometer, GC-MS, GC-FID, HPLC, GPC

2.Analysis Experience

Method development on GC-MS GC_FID and HPLC

Odor analysis expert [GC-MS]

FTIR analysis certificate holder

Expert in TGA, DSC, DMA, Goniometer, GC-MS, FID, Pyro, and Viscometer

Proficient in HPLC, SEM


3.Use Microsoft Office, ChemDraw etc. IT skills with ability to quickly learn and work in new software.

4.Read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals

5.Effectively communicate orally as well as in writing one-on-one and in group situations

6.Effectively communicate orally as well as in writing with outside agencies, customers and vendors for procurement of services and samples .

7.Work in a fast paced working environment, meet targets and a good team player

8.Strong skill to manage projects, both short and long term.


Interned from April 14 to Aug14 at DuPont, Wilmington, Delaware. Worked at their Central Research and Development Department in a team that was focused on development of small molecule and polymer additives for coatings. Probed on failure mechanisms of coating against weathering.

Interned for 6 weeks in May/June-2012 at Phiroze Sethna Pvt Ltd. India, a company which specializes in Sealants and Underbody coatings. Assisted the development manager in formulation of Sealants and development of Strippable/Peelable Coatings

Project and Seminars

1.Graduate Work ( MS) :- As Research Assistant at Eastern Michigan University in the Polymer and Coating Department (i) Worked on synthesis of a stimuli responsive polymer diol

(ii) Tested whether hydroxyl groups aid in adhesion by conducting a series of tests with high equivalent weight epoxy and a low equivalent weight epoxy and by using NCO caps and test for adhesion

2.Under Graduate (B. Tech): (i) Worked on Treatment of Buff Titanium Dioxide pigment using various Silane compounds to achieve TiO2 like properties. (ii)Seminar on Aerogels- Synthesis, Properties as well as its applications and in general as well as in coatings (iii) Seminar on Novel drug delivery mechanism for cure of cancer

Areas of Interest

Paint and polymers formulation development, Architectural coatings, Novel Automotive coatings, Polymer Synthesis and characterization, Powder Coatings, Paint Technology, Antifouling Coatings and marine coatings, Testing and Analysis.

Other Interests

Key Board playing, Badminton

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