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Design Electrical

Plymouth, Pennsylvania, United States
October 16, 2016

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CAPSULE: Since 1981, CAD/CAM and board experience in design and packaging of electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical systems and sub-systems for the manufacturing of aerospace, automotive and marine equipment along with structural and piping systems including hydraulic systems as summarized below. Experience with facility wiring and layout. Experience in the interpretation and application of both commercial and military design and documentation specifications including ANSI/ASME Y14.X, GD&T, MIL-STD 100G, Mil-W-5088L and MIL-STD-480B. Confidential Clearance (Expired) with Northrop Grumman during 2006.


* Electrical Schematic Drafting * Switchyard Design

* Cable and Wiring Diagrams * Cable Tray

* Aerospace Wiring Harnesses * Duct Bank Layout

* Aircraft Wiring Harnesses * Facilities Wiring

* Military Wiring Harnesses * Overhead Bus

* Automotive Wiring Harnesses


* Aircraft Machined Structural * Marine Piping

* Marine Machined Structural * Marine Hydraulics

* Spacecraft Machined Structural * Test Equipment

* Electrical Equipment * Castings

* Cable and Wiring Routing * Sheet Metal

* Weldments * Heat Transfer

* Facilities Arrangement * Hydraulics

* Servo-Control Valves * Marine Chillers

* Hydraulic Spool Valves

Packaging Electro-Mechanical:

* Systems and Sub System Design * Rack and Panel

* Hydraulic Direct Drive Valves * PWB Assemblies

* Hi-Frequency RF Circuits * Test Equipment

* Electrical Schematic Drafting * Spacecraft Payload

* Automotive ECU’s


EXPERIENCE: CATIA V5.20, Team Center, BoGART, CPES, MES, CATIA V4.2.4, Enovia VPM version 1.5 with E3D, Logical Cable (Mentor Graphics), CADAM CCD release, SMARAGD (Teamcenter for Freightliner, PDM program), Teamcenter 2005 SR1/2007, EIDS (End Item Definition System, legacy PDM program for Northrop Grumman), AutoCAD release 2000 2D and 3D Solid Modeling, CAD Overlay 2000, CADDS 5 release. 6.1.2, ver18.46 w/CAMU & Parametrics, Pro-E 2001, Windows 7, Word, Excel

EDUCATION: ASEE, Pennsylvania State University, CATIA V5 Training, CADDS 5 Factory Training, CATIA V4 Course Work, Catia V5 Basic and DMU Training

RESPONSIBILITIES: Design and coordination from concept through implementation, shop/ship check experience, supervisor experience, technical direction, review of new design and documentation control.


Underwater Screening Services, Kingston, PA (September 2014 to March 2016)

Design, layout and reverse engineering of large water intake cleaning equipment for municipalities, power plants and other consumers of natural water resources. Maintain drawings of castings, sheet metal, weldments and structural steel parts, bushings, trays, chains and sprockets. AutoCAD 2008

Boeing Helicopter, Philadelphia, PA (January 2008 to August 2013)

Design and layout of wiring harnesses for C-47F/G and foreign Chinook helicopters. Maintain aircraft wire routing, wiring structural attachment points, product illustration drawings and wiring diagrams. CATIA V5, CATIA V4, VisMockUp, BoGART and Teamcenter product structure

Keystone Automation, Duryea, PA (October 2007 to November 2007)

Design of automated packaging equipment and large welded structures for the paper handling industry. AutoCAD 2007

Freightliner Truck, Portland, OR (October 2006 to October 2007)

Design and layout of heavy and medium truck wiring harnesses for custom applications. Develop common and custom wiring harnesses for Daimler Chrysler truck line of Freightliner, Sterling and Western Star trucks using SAE and Daimler Chrysler standards. Produce wiring diagrams, wire charts, BOMs along with routing wiring harnesses throughout vehicle for producing manufacturing drawings (formboard). CATIA V4 and E3D (w/SMARAGD, a variant of Teamcenter, for product structure), Logical Cable, EHD (middleware between L-Cable and Catia E3D) and IMACS (legacy software on IMS)

Northrop Grumman, Bethpage, NY (May 2003 to June 2006)

Design and layout of aircraft wiring for E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft. Duties include developing system wiring diagrams, routing and manufacturing drawings (stickline) to Mil-W-5088L and NG standards. Also participated in the design of rack and panel systems/subsystems for E2-C Hawkeye Integrated Logistics Support ground support equipment and laboratories. Duties included the layout and detailing of panel fronts, components, PWB assemblies, cabinet structures, wiring harnesses (to Mil-W-5088L) and connector configurations for Software Development Labs. Finally, helped develop and design portable testers and analyzers for aircraft troubleshooting. Implementing DEAR’s on existing labs and ground support equipment for various countries and/or configurations. CATIA V4 (w/Enovia VPM and E3D), Logical Cable, CADAM CCD and EIDS

Harris Group, Inc., Denver, CO (September 2001 to January 2002)

Design of co-generation peaking power plants for California. Duties included the electrical layout, PWB assemblies, design and detailing of gas combustion turbine and steam turbine power generation plant. Layout of power distribution buildings, switchgear, MCC, duct banks, cableways and conduits from voltages of 115kV down. AutoCAD 2000i

D.B. Riley, Worcester, MA (January 2001 to April 2001)

Design of ducts and support structures for power plant emission systems. Duties included the layout and detailing of duct and catalyst systems for coal-fired power plants. AutoCAD 2000

Boston Edison, Westwood, MA (March 2000 to December 2000)

Design of power substations for an electric utility company. Duties included the layout and arrangement of power distribution and management equipment associated with substations. Design of duct banks, cableways, overhead bus, conduits, site grounding and lighting. AutoCAD 2000 and CAD Overlay 2000

Volvo Trucks North America, Greensboro, NC (February 2000 to March 2000)

Design of wiring harnesses and associated hardware for commercial trucks. Duties included the creation of schematics and the layout of wiring harnesses for new vehicle designs. CADDS 5 and CATIA

York International/Marine Systems, York, PA (April 1999 to October 1999)

Design of marine chillers for military and commercial applications. Component and system modifications. Duties included modifications and improvements to current design of pressure vessels, tube plates, piping runs and various supports.


United Defense L.P., York, PA (May 1998 to December 1998)

Design of structural components for heavy armored military vehicles along with design and detailing of electro-mechanical and electrical components for the Grizzly Mineclearing Vehicle. Duties included design and detailing of the fabrication steel and aluminum parts along with developing wiring harnesses. CADDS 5 w/CAMU.

Automatic Switch Co., Florham Park, NJ (April 1998 to May 1998)

Design of Gas Valve Indicators for the petro-chemical industry. Duties included design and detailing of aluminum and plastic cast housing for a new gas valve indicator. AutoCAD r14

Engineered Magnetics, Rancho Dominguez, CA (October, 1997 to December 1997)

Design of power conditioning units and other auxiliary power supply units. Duties included design and layout of a power conditioning unit for railroad use. AutoCAD r13

HR Textron, Valencia, CA (May, 1997 to August, 1997)

Design of hydraulic servo-control valves and direct drive valves for automotive applications. Duties included precision design of valve bodies, spools and electro-magnetic circuits. CADDS 5 w/CAMU

Hughes Aircraft Co., El Segundo, CA (January, 1995 to April, 1997)

Design of satellite RF SSPA, Power Supplies, Waveguide networks, RF Alumina/Kovar, TMM and Kapton film substrates. Duties included housing, radiator and bracket fab design. In addition, RF circuit layout, resistive-substrate layout and PWB assemblies. AutoCAD r12/r13, CADDS 5 w/CAMU, PDM and Excel

Beckman Laboratories, Fullerton, CA (July, 1994 to November, 1994)

Documentation of assembly line tooling and procedures for the Biomek 1000/2000.Documentation to FDA and ISO 9001 standards. CADDS 5

Impco Technologies, Cerritos, CA (October, 1991 to March, 1994)

Design of propane and natural gas fuel systems for OEM, Fleet and commercial internal-combustion engines. Duties included design of component castings, stampings, stack-up assembly and wiring harnesses. AutoCAD r12 and board

Teledyne Inet, Torrance, CA (April, 1991 to September, 1991)

Design of 400 Hz and Pre-conditioned Air for Airport Ground Support Systems. Duties involve design of component fabrication and facilities system layout for aircraft and airport equipment. AutoCAD r11 and board

Teledyne Inet, Torrance, CA (September, 1990 to April, 1991)

Design of static frequency converter cabinets for military surface ships and submarines. Duties included design of fabrication drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams and final assembly. Documentation for assemblies and components was performed as per MIL-STD-480B. AutoCAD r11 and board

Garrett Automotive Co., Torrance, CA (March, 1990 to September, 1990)

Design of automotive and industrial turbo chargers. From casting to precision machine design of aluminum, steel alloy and ceramic components for stack-up assembly. CADAM

TRW Aerospace Co., Redondo Beach, CA (September, 1989 to March, 1990)

Design of high frequency rack and panel ground support to test equipment for navigational satellites. CADAM

Allied-Signal Aerospace Co., Torrance, CA (March, 1989 to September, 1989)

Design of mechanical/hydraulic test stands for F16 and A12 hydraulic drive and actuator systems. Also, design of high-pressure air charging system for emergency power systems on the IDF. CADAM

Unisys Corporation, Ventura, CA (August, 1988 to March, 1989)

Design of control panels, consoles and cableways and wire harnesses for shipboard Weapon Control Systems and NAS Ground Radar Systems. AutoCAD r10

M. Rosenblatt & Son, Newport News, VA (November, 1986 to August, 1988)

Design of control panels, alarm panels, weapons and stores elevators, cableways and power distribution for various classes of surface ships. Board and CV2x

Newport News Shipbuilding, Newport News, VA (June, 1981 to November, 1986)

Design of Electrical Systems (power distribution switchboards, bus transfers, lighting & wireways). Piping Systems (sea & fresh water piping, wet steam propulsion piping, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, condensers/hotwells, internal & external hydraulics, pumps, valves, motors, manifolds & actuators), and Structural Systems (machinery arrangement, steam turbines, reduction gear, foundations, bedframes and hull construction) for LOS ANGELES and SEAWOLF classes of Fast Attack Submarines. Board and CADAM

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