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Administrative Assistant Office

Temple Hills, Maryland, United States
October 15, 2016

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Temple Hills, Maryland 20748

Home Telephone: 301-***-****

Cellular Telephone: 202-***-****

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Over 25 years of successful, professional experience in a wide range variety of administrative positions. Exposed to many diverse backgrounds, cultures, technologies and management operations. I am a very responsible, dependable, loyal, flexible and committed individual. I will support companies and agencies mission. I am a multi-tasker and can produce an efficient high quality of work. Skilled in organizing and executing projects during critical time of assignments.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) October 2003 –September 2015

Office of Director

Office Administrative Management

Office Research Services (ORS)

Management Analysis and Review Branch (MARB)

Management Analyst

Served as Management Analyst to Chief Director and Executive senior staff on a broad range of administrative duties. Represented Office of Research Services (ORS) at meetings carrying out required analysis through appropriate data collection techniques writing analytical reports and presenting findings and recommendations to the supervisor, management and Chief of MARB.

Exercised comprehensive knowledge of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA) rules and regulations. Drafted letters to FOIA requesters seeking FOIA information to ensure the requester their letter has been acknowledged and being processed in a timely manner. Prepared memorandums to the appropriate organization and offices requesting information as it related to the incoming FOIA request. Some records received back from the Program Areas ’s required additional redactions because some staff members didn’t know exactly what to redact. In the result, of records requiring additional redactions. I performed the redactions which included the following: home addresses, home telephone numbers, work telephone numbers, gender, race social security numbers, date of birth, weight and height. In the absence of the other FOIA Coordinator which handled contracts. I served as a backup in their absence. That FOIA Coordinator handled contracts. I had to review a contract which some contracts were twenty pages to three hundred pages or more just depending on the nature of the contract. I redacted EIN numbers, key personnel, RFP numbers and some language in the statement of work .I provided deadlines to the organization and offices in order for the FOIA request to be successfully finalized and completed in accordance to FOIA rules and regulations. At times, I had to request for some records to be withheld by using one of the nine exemptions because of the nature of the request or the audience requesting a specific information that could not be disclosed. Once FOIA information was received, I conducted an analysis of the information obtained and provided a final response to the requester normally within the twenty day timeframe according to the FOIA rules and regulations. PA requests were received from individuals seeking information as it pertained to them. Once a PA request was acknowledged, I drafted a letter to the individual to inform them their request was received and I was processing it.

Coordinated strategies in order to resolute problems in order to improve procedures related to the ORS FOIA and PA requests.

Responsible for representing ORS in all facets of the FOIA and PA such as conducting monthly inventory of ORS functions, participated at NIH FOIA and Privacy Act meetings, responded to request for information and provided up-to-date information to managers.

Conceptualized, designed, and maintained the ORS FOIA website. Led a small team of graphic designers, and sought feedback from users to minimize the ease of ORS FOIA navigation and introduce intuitive services.

Assisted Financial Management Branch staff with the ORS budget preparation for upcoming fiscal years which insisted of formulation, justification, and execution of monies. Prepared budget reports for Senior Executives.

Authored, Drafted and prepared ORS Electronic FOIA Request form. Currently, this form is in use by FOIA requesters.

Developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for ORS management which was implemented and utilized by management and their employees.

Processed Manuscripts and Abstract forms and Presentations forms given by Directors and Scientists and senior staff whom wanted to write and article/book or give a presentation to an outside organization or company. I had to make certain the presentation or abstract were completed and approved by immediate supervisor.

I held meetings and presentations with Program Directors, senior staff and employees informing them what was required from their program area when a FOIA request needing information fro m their offices.

Processed Employee Suggestions forms meaning an employee could have an suggestion which could be beneficial to the agency which could either reduce cost on our agency and be beneficial to the NIH community.

Served as Records Management Officer for ORS and Office of Research Facilities (ORF) ensuring designated program areas were keeping office records and files appropriately according to the NIH Records of Manual Issuance. Arranged meetings with program areas in order to conduct office visits to ensure their office files were maintained appropriately and proprietary information was safeguarded and secured from unauthorized personnel.

Mentored college students employed for summer help.

Served as the Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator for ORS and ORF.


As a result, I was a recipient of an Office Director Merit Award

National Institutes of Health (NIH) September 2001 – October 2003

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Office of Director

NCI Ethics Program Office

Ethics Program Assistant

Received, reviewed and analyzed Ethics forms such as 348 (Sponsored travel), 520 (Outside Activity) OGE 450 (Individual Confidential Form) and Recusal forms. Ensured the forms were completed and filled out according to the Ethics Rules and Regulations. Forms were properly inputted into Employee Management Information System database and distributed to the appropriate Senior Ethics Coordinators.

Answered telephone calls and relayed messages for the Director and appropriate personnel in a timely manner.

Greeted and assisted visitors directing them to the appropriate staff member or liaison office.

Xeroxed and maintained office files electronically.


As a result, I was a recipient of a Time off Award

National Institutes of Health (NIH) November 1998 –September 2001

National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute

National Center on Sleep Disorders Research

Office of Director

Administrative Assistant

Typed letters and memorandums for the Director and senior staff.

Maintained Director calendar and ensured no scheduling conflicts occurred.

Made travel arrangements and prepared itineraries for Director and senior staff members.

Processed travel vouchers and maintained copies of receipts in order for proper reimbursement for travel expenditures.

Arrange staff meetings, prepared agendas for Director and Senior Staff members.

Answered telephone calls and relayed messages for Director an appropriate staff members.

Received incoming mail and distributed to the Director and personnel.

Maintained office files and records. Records were kept safely in an alphabetical and in numerical date ranges.


As a result, recipient of an On the Spot Cash Award

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) November 1995 – October 1998

National Drug Information Center

Tyson Corner (Field Office)

Administrative Assistant

Typed Top Secret memorandums and composed letters for FBI Special Agents.

Maintained office files in a neatly manner and easy and accessible for office use.

Sorted incoming mail and distributed to proper personnel. Made travel arrangements for supervisor and prepared travel itineraries.

Answered telephone calls and relayed messages for appropriate staff members.

Greeted visitors and National Diplomates and directed them to appropriate staff.

Arranged and set up telephone conference calls varying within the United States and Foreign Field Offices.


As a result, recipient of Time Off Award

FBI Headquarters September 1993 – November 1995

Office of Contracts and Acquisitions Contracting Office

Washington, District of Columbia

Administrative Assistant

Typed incoming letters, memorandums and legal documents for Chief Contracting Officer and Contract Specialist.

Maintained office files alphabetically and numerically according to month and year ranges of date.

Duplicated office correspondence and incoming mail.

Maintained supervisor calendar and ensured meetings were scheduled appropriately without any conflicts occurred.

Processed time and attendance for staff consisting over forty employees and contractors. Ensured overtime was properly typed into the Integrated Time and Attendance System.

Answered several telephone calls and relayed messages on a daily basis for the Chief Contracting Officer.


As a result, recipient of an On the Spot Cash Award

FBI Headquarters July 1991 – September 1993

Criminal Justice Information System

Washington, District of Columbia

Data Transcriber

Reviewed and processed hundredths of Criminal and Civil dispositions daily. Criminal dispositions consisted of criminal names, race, gender, date of birth, social security number, fingerprint classifications and the crime committed by the criminal. Civil dispositions consisted of individuals seeking employment in order to obtain a security level of clearance for employment by private organizations and companies. Each disposition was coded and typed into the FBI computer database.


As a result, recipient of a Time off award

FBI Headquarters August 1990 - June 1991

Criminal Justice of Information Services

Washington, District of Columbia

Mail File Clerk

Received thousandths of incoming mail from across the United States of America and overseas from private organizations and diplomatic embassies. Mail was received and sorted alphabetically and provided to the appropriate staff and management on a daily basis.


Computer: Microsoft Windows, MS Word, MS Access, Internet, Email, Excel, Power point

National Association of Professional Women (Member)

Combined Federal Campaign Coordinator

Very proactive

Work great independently with minimal clarification from supervisor

My experience and skills have been supplemented by the following training courses that I have completed through Management Concepts, NIH Training Center and others.


DHHS/NIH Records Management Training

Oral Presentations an Briefing Skills

Business Writing

Collecting Data and Special Techniques

Professional Woman

Excel Training

Privacy Act

Computer Security Training

Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Seminar “Privacy Matters” at HHS

Critical Clear Writing

NIH Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Training

Process Mapping Workshop; HHS University – Writing Workshop

Delivering Powerful Presentations Improving your Communications Skills

Team and Leadership training

Computer Security Awareness


2015 Annual Performance Outstanding Monetary Cash Award

2014 Received Special Act of Service Award

2013 Performance On the Spot Cash Award

2012, 2011and 2010 Received Outstanding Performance Award

2009, 2008 and 2007 Received Annual Superior Performance Award

2006, 2005, 2004 Received Annual Performance Award–Fully Successful

2003, Received Outstanding Annual Superior Performance Award

2002 Received Annual Superior on Annual Performance Award

2001 Received Annual Superior Performance Award

2000 Received Annual Outstanding Performance Award

1999 and 1998 Received Superior Performance Award/On the Spot Cash Award

1997 and 1996 Received Best Administrative Assistant Award

1995 Received Best Administrative Assistant Award

1994 Received Outstanding Performance Award

1992 Received On the Spot cash award for production


Potomac High School

Graduated 1990 with Honors


Available upon request

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