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Graduate of BS in Nursing (Caretaker-elderly, Clinic Assistant)A

October 15, 2016

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I am Cherrielou Malacas Napa a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing of the year 2008 @ Philippine Women's University. I became a Volunteer in a Rural Health Unit in our Municipality in Gloria Orienral Mindoro..I assisted the doctor during medical check up..We went to different Barangay to monitor the health condition of the people living there from infant to adult the sick and the well.I became a Clinic Assistant too in Wellcare Maternity, Medical and Pediatric Clinic Inc. I assisted the doctor during check up, vaccination..circumcision.Dilatation and Curettage, Normal spontaneous Delivery.I am incharge also the documentation.I do the professional fee of the doctors. typing of ultrasound result..send out of different lab tests.Newborn Screening.Typing,Printing and filling of Birth certification, Filling of taxes and Insurance of the Employees and the Clinic and do the Philhealth Claims of the the running errands.From May 2013- May 2016 I became a Caretaker in Taiwan taking care of elder bedridden person with dementia..pneumonia .and rheumatoid arthritis.I do all the duties in taking care of him. NGt feeding, Ngt care.perennial care.bathing, percussion, nebulize, medications.massage, do the range of motion exercise, frequent change of position..diaper change etc..I am a versatile person.inquisitive.deligent and hardworking .Though I'm not yet a Registered Nurse but I know I have the skills and knowledge in rendering patient care because this is what I am capable of and this what makes me happy..Hoping you will consider me among the applicant..Thank you and Godbless.

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