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Medical Care

Dallas, Texas, United States
October 16, 2016

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Prof. Rafia Baloch


Name Prof. Rafia Baloch

Date of Birth 01-04-1959

Place of Birth Jacobabad

C.N.I.C 43203-1313413-4

Marital Status Married

Nationality Pakistan

Tele Phone No: 074-*******, 074-*******

Mobile No: 033*-*******

Mail Address:

Address: 9/A-Professor colony, CMC Larkana, Sindh.

Post Held: Head of Department Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital,

CMC & SMBBMU Larkana, Sindh.

Supervisor Code: OBG-S-221-103

PM&DC No: 7824-S

Faculty Regd. No. 2640/ 7824-M

Fellowship No. OBG-93-1297

Passport No. AF6514132


M.B.B.S -1984-University of Sindh Pakistan

MCPS (Gynae & Obst) CPSP Karachi-March 1993

FCPS (Gynae & Obst) CPSP Karachi-September 1993

FICS (Gynae & Obst) Washington- June 1994


1st Professional 1st Position (Sindh University)

2nd Professional Top Ten Position (Sindh University)

3rd Professional 2nd Position (Sindh University)

Final Professional 3rd Position (Sindh University) Best Graduate of 1984


1. Pfizer Gold Medal Best Graduate Award

2. Beecham Medal Best Graduate Award

3. Iftikhar Gold Medal Academic Award

4. Mazahar Memon Gold Medal Academic Award

5. Certificate of Honor by Dist. Govt: (Zila Nazim) Larkana, June 2005

6. AB International Medal of Vision of USA, December 2000.


THE LIFE SCIENCES from Award Nomination 2011.

MCPS Member of College of Physicians & Surgeons Karachi

FCPS Fellow of College of Physicians & Surgeons Karachi

CPSP College of Physicians & Surgeons Karachi


1.Honorary House Officer (Medicine) January to June 1984, JPMC- Karachi.

2.Junior House Officer (Gynae & Obs) July 1984 to December 1984, JPMC- Karachi.

3.Senior House Officer (Medicine) January to June 1985, JPMC- Karachi.

4.Assistant Anesthetist 26-03-1986 to 01-12-1986, Civil Hospital Karachi.

5.Resident Medical Officer 1986 to 1992, Gynae & Obs, Civil Hospital Karachi.

6.Resident Medical Officer (General Surgery) 1992 to 24-04-1994, Civil Hospital Karachi.

7.Senior Women Medical Officer (BPS-18) 25-04-1994 to 31

8.-12-1994, Civil Hospital Karachi.

9.Assistant Professor & HOD (BPS-18), 01-01-1995 to 28-03-2001 at Gynae & Obs Chandka Medical College, Larkana, Sindh.

10.Associate Professor & HOD (BPS-19) and Incharge, 29-03-2001 to 04-03-2003 at Gynae & Obs. Shaikh Zaid Hospital for Women Larkana, Sindh.

11.Prof. & Chairperson (OBGYN) Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital CMC, Larkana from

04-03-2003 to 2012.

12.Prof. & HOD from 2013 to Onward.


1.Teaching Under Graduate / Post Graduate Student of DOW Medical College & Civil Hospital Karachi.

2.Teaching Under Graduate / Post Graduate Student of Chandka Medical College & Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital Larkana, Sindh.

JPMC Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre Karachi Sindh Pakistan.

CHK Civil Hospital Karachi Sindh Pakistan.

CMC Chandka Medical College Larkana Sindh Pakistan.


1.Rafia Baloch, Nusrat H. Khan, Majeed Memon (1995)

Urinary Fistula Surgical Experience, Retrospective Study

Pakistan Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 8 (2): 15-17, 1995.

2.Rafia Baloch, Khursheed Ahmed Abbasi, Bilquis Malik (1996)

Perinatal Mortality- A Hospital based Survey

Pakistan Journal of Surgery Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 9 (2): 32-35,1996.

3.Rafia Baloch (1997)

Prevalence of Maternal Mortality: A Critical Problem in Rural Population

Pakistan Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, 10 (1&2): 6-9, 1997.

4.Abdul Rahim Siyal, Sher Muhammad Shaikh, Rafia Baloch, Abdul Waheed Surhio (1999)

Gynae Cancer: A Histopathological Experience

At CMC Medical Channel, 5 (4): 15-19, 1999.

5.Malik Jalbani, Hafeezullah Abro, Rafia Baloch (2001)

Causes of Azospermmia in Infertile Men

Medical Cannel, June 2001.

6.Rafia Baloch, Hafeezullah Abro, Siraj Ahmed Abbasi (2003)

Ovarian Carcinoma

Medical Channel, 9 (1): 59-62, 2003.

7.Rafia Baloch (2003)

Vesicovaginal Fistulae: A Surgical Outcome

A Surgical Experience Pak. J. of Surgery, 8 (1): 10-13, 2003.

8.Erum Majid Shaikh, Majid Ahmed Shaikh, Wazir Muhammad Shaikh, Rafia Baloch, Shahida Shaikh (2007)

Frequency and relationship of risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitus

in pregnant women.

Medical Channel, 13 (3): 131-134, 2007.

9.Shabnam naz, Rafia Baloch, Muhammad Saleem Shaikh, Rehana Parveen, Shazia Ahmed (2008)

Peripartum hysterectomy- A life saving procedure

Pakistan Journal of Surgery, 24 (4): 224-227, 2008.

10.Malik Hussain Jalbani, Hafeezullah Abro, Mukhtiar Ahmed Abro, Rafia Baloch (2009)

Lower ureteric injuries during Obstetrics and Gynecological Surgery

Medical Channel, 15 (4): 50-52, 2009.

11.Shaista Tabassum Abro, Shazia Shaikh, Fouzia Begum Shaikh Rafia Baloch (2009)

Obstetrical complication in grand multiparty.

Medical Channel, 15 (4): 53-57, 2009.

12.Shaista Tabassum Abro, Fouzia Begum Shaikh, Shazia Shaikh, Rafia Baloch (2009)

Postpartum hemorrhage a major killers of Mothers.

Medical Channel, 5 (4): 163-165, 2009.

13.Fouzia Kashif, Shaista Tabssum Abro, Afshan Bhatti, Irum Laghari, Rafia Baloch (2010)

Clinical diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome and response to metformin

therapy in respective of menstrual irregulation & conception rate.

Medical Channel, 16 (1): 142-144, 2010.

14.Shabnam Naz, Rehana Parveen, Afshan Bhatti, Rafia Baloch, Muhammad Hanif (2010)

Teen age pregnancy (Are Teen Age a high risk group?

Medical Channel, 16 (1): 140-141, 2010.

15.Frequency of anaemia among patients of abruptio placentae January/March 2013

Naila Memon, Shabnam Naz Shaikh, Shoaib-u-Nissa, Rafia Balcoh

Rawal Medical, 38(1): 56-58, 2013.

16.Causes of Maternal Death in Tertiary Care Hospital Larkana July/September 2013

Shoaib-u-Nissa, Shabnam Naz Shaikh, Naila Memon, Rafia Balcoh

Rawal Medical, 38(1): 56-58, 2013.

17.Critical care in ICU Patients

Naila Memon, Shabnam Naz Shaikh, Ahmed, Rafia Balcoh

JPMA Sep 2015.


1.Urinary Fistulae at College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan 1994.

2.Maternal Mortality at Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro Sindh 1995.

3.Ovarian Malignancy Gynae Conference Chandka Medical College Larkana Sindh 1996.

4.Perinatal Mortality Paediatrics Conference Chandka Medical College Larkana Sindh 1997.

5.Maternal Mortality a comparison between year 1994 & 1997 at Chandka & Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital Larkana.

6.Thalasemia in Pregnancy Symposium at LMC Jamshoro, March 1998 LMC - Liaquat Medical College.

7.International Workshop on Safe Motherhood, paper presented on Morbidity in LSCS PIMS, November 1999.

8.24th National Conference Pak Association of Pathologist, paper presented on Role of Ultrasound in Gynae/Obs. 17th -19th November 2000.

9.STD / AIDS CMC Larkana, paper presented on PID in March 2002

10.Annual Scientific Conference paper presentation on UV Prolapse 2004 at Larkana.

11.Annual Scientific Conference at LUMHS Jamshoro, paper presented on Vaginal Discharge December 2004

12.Updates in Obst. & Gynae in Co-loboration with AOFOG, Professor Shana-S-Ratnum Seminar in March 2005.

13.One Day Seminar & Clinical Meeting held on Dated 8th July 2005 at Larkana.

14.Participation in “First International (CHANDKA OPHTHALMIC SYMPOSIUM-2005) held on 3rd-4th December 2005”.

15.Presented paper in Annual CMC Symposium Larkana, in 2006.

16.Gynae conference at Lahore, November 2007.

17.Paper presentation on Uterovesical Fistulae in CMC Symposium, November 2007.

18.For presentation of a Scientific Paper in 8th Annual CMC Symposium held on 7th and 8th December 2007.

19.Presented paper on Paracervical Block Conference at Bhorban by Society of Gynae & Obs, held on September 2008.

20.Presented paper on MVA verses EVA in Molar Pregnancy at SMBBMU Larkana on February 2011.

21.Presented paper on Urinary Fistulae Surgical outcome February 2011 at Karachi (Kohi Goth).

22.Presented Paper MVA verse EVA in Molar Pregnancy in conference on Genital Tract Fistulae

6th March 2011 at Sheraton Hotel Karachi.

23.Presenting Maternal Morbidity Audit year 2010 on Mother Day Program 8th May 2011 at SMBBMU Larkana organized by Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologist of Pakistan (SOGP).

24.MVA paper presented SOGP Conference at Lahore P.C Hotel in May 2011.

25.Paracervical Block in Minor Gynae & Obs Surgery at P.C Hotel Lahore SOGP Conference May 2011.

26.Major prolapse presented with maggot causing urinary fistula, conference 2012.

27.MVA in Molar Pregnancy presented in Sukkur PMA Conference in 5 September 2015


1.World Congress on Diabetes in 1990.

2.2nd advanced PGC Obst. & Gynae DMC, December 1991.

3.Workshop of Fetal Surveillance held by Society of Obst. & Gynecologist at Civil Hospital Karachi, 5th Nov. 1991

4.Advance Post Graduate Course at College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan,

December 1991.

5.Pre-Symposium Workshop on Cytological & Colposcopic Screening for early Cervical Neoplasia. At Civil Hospital Karachi, 3rd March-1992.

6.Surgical Craft Workshop on Anastomosis, Sponsored by Pakistan Medical Association Karachi, 1992.

7.Congress-93 “Meeting Health Care Challenges in 21st Century” CPSP Karachi, 10th -14th December-1993.

8.“Rural Mother & Obstetrics Care” Biennial Conference of Society of Obst & Gynecologist of Pakistan.(This also includes workshop on Laparoscopy in Gynecological Disease) at Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro, 27th -28th November 1994.

9.Disease pattern in Palestine, DMC Karachi, 14th & 15th December 1994.

10.Rural Mother & Obstetrics Care at LMC Hyderabad, November 1994.

11.Seminar on Refine use of Drugs in Children at CMC Larkana, August 1994.

12.Annual CMC Symposium Larkana, October 1994.

13.Communication Skills CPSP Karachi in July 1995.

14.National Conference on Medical Education Islamabad, 25th December 1995.

15.Workshop on Research Methodology arranged by College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan in Collaboration with WHO on 6th to 11th January 1996

16.Chandka Alumni & 2nd CMC Symposium on Community Health Problems of Rural Population in Larkana, April 1996.

17.First Conference of Obst. & Gynae SAARC Countries Lahore Pakistan, 28th -30th

November 1996.

18.Congress CPSPL, 1996.

19.Screening of Breast Cancer Symposium at Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro Sindh 1997

20.VIII National Paediatric Conference at Larkana, 26th -28th February 1997.

21.Hands on Workshop on Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy King Edward Medical College Lahore, 8th -24th October 1997.

22.Workshop on OSCE at CPSP Karachi, November 1997.

23.Master Trainee Workshop at CPSP Karachi 1997.

24.Workshop on Surgical Craft Agha Khan University Karachi, 7th September 1997.

25.Master Trainee Workshop on Women Health at CPSP Karachi, December 1997.

26.Workshop o Educational Planning & Evaluation CPSP Karachi on 22nd -25th

September 1997.

27.Workshop on “MCQ & Essay Questions” at CPSP Karachi from 13th to 16th April 1998.

28.Workshop on Teaching Skills at CPSP Karachi on 1st-4th May 1998.

29.International Conference on Women Health, July 1998.

30.Seminar on Menopause, November 1998.

31.Workshop on Administration Skills in August 1999 CPSP Karachi.

32.Seminar on Urogynaeclogical Surgery at Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital Larkana

October. 1999. (1st largest Camp of Pakistan)

33.Organizer for Urogynaecological Camp Surgery after Eight Filter Camps at Eight Taluka’s of Larkana. Total Cases operated 100 Major Cases. By Five Surgical Teams including Senior Surgeons from Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana & London (John Kelly) in 4 days. Urinary Fistulae Cases total 26 Success 91.6% 24 cases cured of Miserable Morbidity of In continuance of Urine Day and Night in year 1999.

34.MCWA / Sindh / CIDA A Project Nursing, Midwifery & Public Health August 2001.

35.Workshop on Introduction on Computer & Internet, CPSP Karachi, 3rd to 7th July 2001.

36.Advanced courses in Obst. & Gynae at OMI Karachi, June 2001.

37.Lactation Management Program Sindh in November 2001.

38.ECLS September 2002.

39.Fistulae Training at Addis Aida EH, July 2002.

40.Society of Obst. & Gynae PC Lahore, in October 2003.

41.Joint Conference at CPSP Bangladesh CPS, March 2004.

42.Participation in 5th Annual Symposium CMC Larkana, 8th -9th October 2004.

43.Workshop on Laparoscopic Surgeon at Rawalpindi combined Military Hospital

from 25th -28th September 2005.

44.Workshop on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation at CMC Larkana in Nov. 2005.

45.Participation in “PROBLEMS OF MEDICAL RESEARCH IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES”6th Annual CMC Symposium larkana, 23rd and 24th December 2005.

46.Establishment of Fistulae Theater at Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital Larkana in Collaboration with UNFPA & PMA from September 2006.

47.Organizer of Laparoscopic work shop at Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital CMC Larkana 2007.

48.Coordinator for Fistulae Surgical Camp at Sukkur by John Kelly, 2007.

49.Laparoscopic work shop at JPMC Karachi 2007.

50.Symposium November 2007.

51.Seminar on Fistulae Awareness at Qambar, of paramedical staff & NGO, November 2007.

52.Conference at Bhorban by Society of Gynae & Obs, held on September 2008.

53.Two Day Workshop on “Research Methodology, Biostatistics & Statistical Software’s” at CMC Larkana on November 3rd & 4th 2008.

54. Three Day Seminar Women Centered Post abortion Care Seminar by NCMNH/Ipas Project 31-03-2009

55.Peoples Primary HealthCare Initiative Larkana(PPHI) Program on 6th May 2009.

56.Conference at CMC Larkana Dated March 2010.

57.EmONC LSS Workshop by Royal College Of Physicians Surgeons Pakistan on

Dated: 26th, 27th and 28th April 2010 .

58.Family Planning Workshop by JHPIEGO at Karachi P.C 2010.

59.Life Saving Skills Essential Obstetric Care and NewBorn Care course held at Murshid Hospital & Health Care Centre Karachi, Pakistan April 2010.

60.Workshop on Family Planning by JHPIEGO at SZWH Larkana, January 2011.

61.Inauguration of Seminar Room and Skill Labs Unit-I, SZWH Larkana, Updated

January 2011.

62.Participant First Five Days ENCC Workshop at SMBBMU Larkana in collaboration with MNCH & WHO under Norway Pakistan Partnership Initiative (NPPI) held on January 2011.

63. Facilitator Second Five Days ENCC Workshop at SMBBMU Larkana in collaboration with MNCH & WHO under (NPPI) held on February 2011.

64.Symposium at SMBBMU Larkana, February 2011.

65.Regional Conference on Genital Tract Fistulae 4th To 6th March 2011 at Sheration Hotel Karachi.

66.Facilitator Third Five Days ENCC Workshop at SMBBMU Larkana in collaboration with MNCH & WHO under (NPPI) held on March 2011. Three done in two months (96) participant trained.

67.EMOC from 6th to 18th June 2011 with NCMH (Due).

68.Modified schedule of the PCEPT course at SMBBMU Larkana 12th September-19th October 2011.

69.Workshop on Research Ethics and Plagiarism in Academy Research.

70.Award of National Academy of Higher Education

Professional Competency Enhancement Program for Teachers (PCEPT) SMBBMU Larkana

12th September – 8th October 2011.

71.Course Director, Pre-Surveillance ENCC Workshop, 15th to 19th November 2011.

72.Organizer Pre-Surveillance ENCC Workshop, April 2012.

73.Organizer Pre-Surveillance ENCC Workshop, May 2012.

74.Paeds Conference at Paeds Department SMBBMU Larkana dated October 2012.

75.Cardiology Symposium World Heart Day at Paeds Auditorium SMBBMU Larkana

76.Partograph Workshop with AMAN & IHSAS NORWAY Project 2012

dated 20th to 21st October at Seminar Room SZWH & SMBBMU Larkana.

77.Course Director, Essential Newborn Care Course Workshop 2013 by IHSAS Project held on 26th March to 30th March 2013 at Seminar Room SZWH & SMBBMU Larkana.

78.Course Director, Essential Newborn Care Course Workshop 2013 in collaboration with MNCH & WHO under (NPPI) held on 2nd April to 6th April 2013 at Seminar Room SZWH & SMBBMU Larkana.

79.Course Director, Essential Newborn Care Course Workshop 2013 in collaboration with MNCH & WHO under (NPPI) held on 23rd April to 27th April 2013 at Seminar Room SZWH & SMBBMU Larkana.

80.Lecture on Assisted Reproduction and Invitro Fertilization (IVF) held on 17th May 2013

81.Course Director, Essential Newborn Care Course Workshop 2013 in collaboration with MNCH & WHO under (NPPI) held on 4th June to 08th June 2013 at Seminar Room SZWH & SMBBMU Larkana.

82.Pregnancy Child Birth Postnatal Care workshop held in June 2013 at Peshawar.

83.Pregnancy Child Birth Postnatal Care workshop held in September 2013 at Islamabad.

84.Pregnancy Child Birth Postnatal Care workshop as a Director held in October 2013 at SZWH, Larkana.

85.AID Programme conducted in PPHI Larkana, held in October 2013 at Larkana.

86.AIDS Workshop held in October 2013, at SZWH Larkana.

87.AIDS Day Celebration held in December 2013 at SZWH Larkana.

88.Course Director, Child Birth, Postnatal and Newborn Care Clinical Course Workshop 2014 in collaboration with MNCH Program & WHO and IHSAS Project held on 24th Feb 2014 to 2nd March 2014 at Seminar Room SZWH, SMBBMU Larkana.

89.Course Director, Essential Newborn Care Course Workshop 2013 by WHO held on 5th May to 9th May 2014 at Seminar Room SZWH & SMBBMU Larkana.

90.Course Director, Child Birth, Postnatal and Newborn Care Clinical Course Workshop 2014 in collaboration with MNCH Program & WHO and IHSAS Project held on Months of December 2014 at Seminar Room SZWH, SMBBMU Larkana.

91.Lecture on Intrauterine Insemination held on Month of December 2014 at SZWH Larkana.

92.Walk on Hypertension Day held on November 2014.

93.Breast Cancer Awareness Day Walk held on October 2014.

94.Ethics Workshop held November 2014 at SMBBMU, Larakna.

95.7th SMBBMU International Symposium 2014, @ CMC Larkana held on 19th –21st Dec 2014.

96.International Symposium Society of Gynae & Obs held on Jan 2015 at Islamabad.

97.Lecture on Ca: Cervix held on February 2015 at SZWH Larkana.

98.Workshop on Kangro Care of Newborn By WHO held in October 2015

99.Workshop on Medical Educator held on 27-11-2015 at SMBBMU Larkana

100.Course Director, Pregnancy Childbirth Postpartum & Newborn Care Course (PCPNC) Workshop held on 23rd Nov 2015 to 29th Nov 2015 at Seminar Room SZWH, Larkana.


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