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CardioVascular Pharmacology

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
October 16, 2016

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Satya Raghuveer Gupta Paruchury

*** ****** **** *****

Lawrenceville, GA-30045, USA

E-Mail :

Phone : (1+) 609-***-**** (Mobile)

Profile Summary:

•12+ years of experience in teaching pharmacology to under graduate students of Pharmacy, Dental and Medicine both in India and Malaysia. Taught Pharmacology, Anatomy & Physiology at Undergraduate level students.

•Possess specialization in research related to the renal & cardiovascular pharmacology.

•Possess basic knowledge in handling gamete, embryos their cryopreservation & in-vitro fertilization skills for research purposes.

•Possess the basic skills in molecular biology and handling analytical equipment related to pharma and biotech.

•Professional assets are fine surgical skills, microscopic laser drills,innovative teaching art and active contribution in conferences, seminars and in conducting workshops writing and editing of research articles.

Hands on Research Skills:

Invasive In-vivo Cardiovascular and Renal Pharmacology:

•Blood pressure recordings on Power lab [4 SP-5017] using bridge amp [ML 110], Bio-pack (MP 130) and conventional polygraph (Grass-79E) in unconscious and tail cuff measurements in conscious rats.

•Surgical preparation of hypertensive rats like 2K-1C and DOCA Salt.

•Renal hemodynamics and functional studies, by abdominal opening and flank incision. Renal function measurements by GFR-Inulin clearance in rats.

•Surgical preparation of rats for i.t. administration (by atlanto-occipital opening).

•Surgical preparation of rats for Intra Cerebro-ventricular (CVA) administration.

•Renal nerve recordings by flank incision, recordings tried on Bio-Amp (ML-136) connected to Power Lab also Pre-Amplifier (Grass P-511K) + Audiometer (Grass AM-8) connected to Power Lab using silver electrodes. (Not succeeded in recording).

•Blood Pressure recording on dogs.

•Development of animal models for Myocardial Infarction studies etc.

In-vitro Pharmacology:

•Effect of agonists, antagonists and various ions on Isolated amphibian heart, rodent uterus etc.

Pharmacometric Pharmacology:

•Development of animal models for Ulcers and evaluating compounds for Anti-Ulcer studies.

•Development of animal models for inducing Diabetes and evaluating compounds for anti-diabetic studies.

•Development of Hypertensive animals for new drug investigation.

•Development of animal models for anti-diarrheal and anti-diuretic activities.

•Preparation of in-vitro hepatocytes (rats) for drug metabolism studies.

Molecular Pharmacology:

•Obtained six months basic training at Institute of Molecular Medicine (INFORMM-USM, Malaysia) to handle:

•PCR, Gel-electrophoresis, SDS-Page, Western Blotting,

•Cloning: Plasmid cloning and Protein expression (on CYP 2D6).

Embryology & Gamete Biology (In-Vitro Fertilization Skills of Human):

•Embryology: Human embryo selection (based on Gardner's Grading, Abbel's classifiction, Pronuclear Embryo Assesment & Clevage Stage Embryo Assessment) fertilization, ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) early embryo development and selection of best embryo for transfer.

•Andrology: Human best sperm selection based on Strict Kruger and WHO-5, semen analysis, sperm function testing, sperm processing for IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination). Selection of Male sperm based on patient's request (>90% success).

•Sperm & embryo cryopreservation.

•Genetics of Reproduction: Male & Female infertility investigation & new genetics. Genetic sampling for PGD, CGH, ERA, NACE over Amniocentesis & CVC sampling.

•Overview on reproductive medication history.


•Histo-pathological investigation that involve preparation of slides from various organs.


•Immulite-1000 (having experience on reproductive hormone estimation)

•HPLC/ Flame Photometer/ Auto Analyzer for serum/ urine evaluation and method development for various active constituents and metabolites.

Skills on Scientific Softwares:

•Hands on experience on Endnote-9 (a thesis writing software that includes: citation & bibliography maintenance, creating libraries, entering and editing references, importing references to endnote library, managing references and exporting references to thesis writing. Formatting & interchanging article to the needs of journal formats).

•Statistical Softwares:

•Hands on experience on Spss-10 and Superanova.

•Has some orientation on Clinical application of Basic SAS.

•Day to day use Softwares: Microsoft’s Word, PowerPoint & Excel.

Hands on Scientific search engines:

Science direct, Proquest, Ebsco, Ovid, Medline (pubmed), Medline Central & Highwire

•Conducted workshops on advanced surgical skills and new software related to research/ academics.

•Participated in organizing International Conference – served as a Scientific committee member coordinating with invitees for oral and poster presentation, making souvenir and time keeper for Plenary lectures.

•Member - Animal Ethics Committee, to approve projects that involve animals and responsible for handling of in-house toxicological studies in the laboratory.

Publications/ Confeence Proceedings: (ORAL/ POSTER)

•RAGHUVEER GUPTA P.S, M. M. A., ERANNA D AND RAMACHANDRA SETTY (Oct 2003) Evaluation of Anti-Ulcer Effect Of Root of Curcuma Zedoaria in Rats. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, 2, 375-377.

•S.V.RAJENDRA, P. S. R. G., V.G.JOSHI, Y.ANAND KUMAR, N.VENKAT (2004) Influence of Lansoprazole on Hypoglycemic Activity of Oral Anti Diabetic Agents In Healthy Albino Rats. Acta Pharmaceutica Turcica, 46, 95-99.

•BHEEMACHARI, R. S. V., GUPTA R., ANAND KUMAR Y., JOSHI V.G. AND SETTY S.R (March 2005) Study Of Interaction Between Itraconazole And Sulfonylurea’s In Albino Rats. Indian drugs, 42, 172-174.

•RAGHUVEER GUPTA P.S, A. H. K., EJAZ AHMED MOHAMMED, DEWA AIDIAHMAD, ABDUL SATTAR MUNAVVAR, ABDULLAH NOR AZIZAN, NAZALAN MOHD. NIZAMUDDIN AND EDWARD J. JOHNS (April 2005) Evaluation of Anti-Hypertensive Potential Of Aqueous Extract of the Flowers of Gossampinus Malabarica in Rats. 20th scientific meeting of the Malaysian society of pharmacology and physiology 2005. The Equatorial Hotel, P.Pinang, Malaysia.

•P.S.RAGHUVEER GUPTA, A. S. M., SANTOSH KATTA, IRFAAN MOHIUDDIN, ASMA KHANNAM, ASHRAF (August 2004) Evaluation Of Anti-Diarrheal Effect Of Methanolic Extract Of Curcuma zedoaria Root In Rodents. Malaysian Pharmaceutical society(MPS)- UiTM Pharmacy Scientific Conference 2004. Kaulalumpur, Malaysia.


2004 – APR 2006

Sep 2004 – Apr 2006



(During Ph.D Program) P. PINANG, MALAYSIA.

Nov 1999 – Dec 2003

Assistant Professor Sultan-Ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy,

(Dept. Of Pharmacology) Hyderabad. India

July 1999 – Oct 1999

Lecturer MG Vidyalaya’s College of Pharmacy,

(Dept. Of Pharmacology) Panchavati, Nashik, Maharastra, India.

March 1999 – June 1999

Lecturer Sultan-Ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy,

(Dept. Of Pharmacology) Hyderabad. India

8 – MAR1999

July 1998 – March 1999

LECTURER & RESEARCH ASSOCIATE Deccan School of Pharmacy,

(Dept. Of Pharmacology) Deccan Medical College, and

Owaisi Hospitals& Research Center,

Hyderabad. India. 1995 – OCT1996

Nov 1996 – Oct 1997


(During M.Pharmacy) Raichur, Karnataka state, India.

Jun 1994 – Sep 1995

REGISTERED COMMUNITY PHARMACIST Aldeera Pharmacy & their Establishments, Doha-Qatar.

Oct 1989 – Aug 1994 and Nov 1995 – Oct 1996

LECTURER Rural College of Pharmacy Devanahalli &, Niveditha College of Pharmacy Chintamani, Bangalore,

Karnataka, India. (under one management).

Under Graduation Internship (400 hrs)

MANUFACTURING CHEMIST Jey Em remedies pvt. Ltd.

(400 Hrs Undergraduate Internship) Chennai (Madras)-India.


• Bachelor of Pharmacy June 1985 to May 1989

V.L.College of Pharmacy-Raichur,

Gulbarga University-Gulbarga, India.

• Masters of Pharmacy

(2 year program including 1 year dedicated research) Oct 1996 to July 1998

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

[Pharmacology Department Topper]

• (PhD. in Pharmacology) - Discontinued Jan 2004 to June 2006

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Physiology & Pharmacology

University Sains Malaysia. Malaysia.

• US Equivalency Certificates: Dec 2008

•Qualified FPGEE (Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Exam, Conducted by National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, USA.) in Dec 2007 with a score of 90.

.Language Certificates:

•Qualified TSE (Test of Spoken English conducted by ETS-USA) with score of 50 in Oct 2008.

•Qualified TOEFL-PBT (Test of Spoken English conducted by ETS-USA) with a score of 557 in Nov 2008.

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