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crane/heavy equipment operator

Everett, Washington, United States
October 13, 2016

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To be a full time, safe, productive, hardworking equipment operator


Have experience operating:

Front end loaders to load dump trucks, dig, move or stockpile dirt, rock or sand Bobcats, forklifts, sky tracks or lulls Track hoes Backhoes Boom trucks, and carry decks, overhead rail cranes NCCCO certified small and large cranes Welding and cutting rigs Certified structural welder


Crane operator, Massana Construction, March 2016-April 2016

Operated a broderson lc80-3e to remove and install beams, columns, concrete sections and braces on a trestle bridge.

Lauren Engineers and Constructors, June 2015-March 2016

Operated a 100 ton, 80 ton, 60 ton RT Hydraulic Mobile Crane to install new steel, piping, valves, and other components.

Operated a telescopic all terrain forklift to load and unload material and deliver material to work crews.

Crane/Excavator/Forklift operator, Rock and Coal Construction, September 2014-January 2015

Operated a 80 ton RTC to remove and install piping and other components.

Operated a telescopic Boom forklift to load and unload materials.

Also made lifts to install piping and valves.

Delivered materials to work crews.

Operated a excavator for underground piping, roadways, and drainage.

Loader Operator, Cedar Grove Composting, March 2009- October 2012

Operated Front End loader to feed and stockpile to and from screening plant.

Performed pre-startup inspections of plant and conveyor systems.

Performed maintenance and daily clean-up of work area.

Loaded customers and mixed product when needed.

Loader Operator, Cadman Inc., April 2008-November 2008

Feeding and keeping full all sand and 3 sizes of rock bins for cement batch plant by way of hopper conveyor.

Loading dump truck and trailer customers with requested material.

Forklift to unload materials being delivered to plant, and for miscellaneous use around plant.

Assisted with material barge offloading. Stockpiling material in assigned bins.

Equipment Operator, BE&K, September 2007-March 2008

Operated a 15 ton boom truck loading and unloading welding machines, cutting rigs, feeder chains, electric motors and pumps.

Loaded and delivered piping and piping spools to various jobs.

Made lifts when needed.

Equipment Operator, Turner Industries, March 2007- June 2007

Operated a 20 and 30 ton mobile crane for lifting, installing, and removing pipes, valves and other plant components.

Unloaded and delivered materials with a forklift and carry deck crane.



Equipment Operator, Industrial Contractors, October 2006- March 2007

Operated a front end loader to load dump trucks with furnace material.

Operated a carry deck crane and sky track to load and unload material to and from lay down yards.

Supervisor, Plant Performance Services, November 2005- October 2006

Worked with Flour Government Group and FEMA officials to obtain all work orders for daily work assignments.

Coordinated and tracked delivery of FEMA travel trailers by drivers and spotters to towns in 6 Parishes under my supervision.

Responsible for tracking all completions by drivers and set up foreman using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Wash, Crush, Jaw Plant Operator, Cadman, Inc., July 2000- October 2005

Operated a Front End loader feeding pit run material into jaw crusher plant as scheduled.

Moved, loaded, and stockpiled. Loaded dump truck and trailer customers.

Fed rock cobble to crusher plant with track hoe and loader.

Performed pre-start up inspections.

Responsible for daily production reports and targets.

Scheduled and performed maintenance work.

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