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Manager Plant

Mission, Texas, United States
October 12, 2016

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Home Phone: 956-***-**** Mission, TX 78572

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Raul Nuñez

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Senior Plant Management Professional. Seek Career Opportunity with an established company that will take advantage of my key strengths for our mutual benefit.

EXECUTIVE PROFILE: I possess over 20 years of various work experience within the manufacturing industry with strong understanding of processes, practices, and tools including, but not limited to process design and development, continuous improvement process, Lean manufacturing, cost reduction strategies, and profit & loss.


Manufacturing process design and development

Lean Manufacturing

ISO quality management system

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

Cost reduction strategies

Profit and Loss (P&L) experience

Plant turn around experience

Plant layout for improving processes and reducing cycle time

Bilingual fluency: Spanish, English

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Explorer

Management and mentorship


Cost reductions:

* Module scrap reduction rate of 25%, improving process to reduce handling to avoid breaking

the circuit board on the modules. This improvement avoid $3.6M to manufacture new modules

to replace the broken boards.

*Moving Emerson operations from New Jersey to Mexico, company reduce labor costs by $2.8M

*Inventory reduction of 59% from $2.2M to $0.9M, cross functional team in place to focus on

20% of total inventory items that represent 80% of the inventory cost, to reduce the inventory

Quantity based on supplier on time delivery.


*Increase on time delivery for our customer from 52% to 95% on 3 months, improving

Communication and aligning manufacturing schedule with our customers.


*Improve Productivity by 30%, cross functional team in place to design and develop a pre test

Equipment to reduce labor from 600 to 420.


1974 – 1979 Madero Institute of Technology Tamaulipas, Mexico

Bachelors in Industrial Engineering


9/2015 – 4/2016 Savcor Mexico Reynosa, MX

Independent Consultant

Cosmetic and Automotive

Responsible to support manufacturing, creating the following:

oWeekly production plan, aligned with customer requirements by product.

oDaily production plan to monitor and adjust as necessary to meet weekly plan.

oDaily top three defects report, to analyze the data, find a contention, take actions

And continue when necessary to find the root cause and take an action to

Resolve the problem.

oPdca cycle (plan, do, check, act) lean tool to keep documented and follow up the status of Actions required to improve quality and or productivity.

oDevelop job descriptions for manufacturing positions, training plans and evaluations

To develop all manufacturing people to reach higher standards of their performance,

To improve quality and or productivity.

2013 – 8/2015 Cuernavaca Filtration Group (CFG) Saltillo, MX

On Site Manager

Automotive Industry in Daimler Saltillo - Truck Manufacturing Plant

Responsible for Cleaning processes for the following:

oFour main paint booths, two repair paint booths, and three touch up paint booths; each booth includes floors, walls, windows, external robots, scrubbers, rollers, and conveyors

oThree color ovens, one E- coat oven, grates, and skids

oChassis and phosphate area

Responsible for Filtration processes including:

oAnnual forecasting, monthly filter purchase orders, shipment follow-up and expediting, receiving and storage, and filter consumption monitoring

oDaily monitoring of 105 differential pressure meters to assure filters on all plant equipment are functioning properly

oPlanning and scheduling filter changes as needed

oAdministering daily airflow studies to provide data for our customer, allowing them to take required action on the paint booths’ balance

2004 – 2013 Independent Consulting McAllen, TX

Independent Consultant

Automotive Industry

Provided consulting services for process improvement, quality improvement, and cost reductions

Some customers:

oA123 Systems – Manufacture advanced lithium ion batteries for transportation, electric grid, telecom, and commercial markets

oFansteel Intercast – Manufacture a variety of products including premium aluminum and magnesium sand casting, automotive and commercial investment castings, and powdered metal components. Markets served by Fansteel include automotive, agricultural equipment, defense, and electrical appliances.

2000 - 2003 Emerson Reynosa, MX

Plant Manager

Successfully headed start up operations in Mexico, moving products from New Jersey to Reynosa

Lead manufacturing plant and supported assembly, functional testing, and proper packaging of emergency transfer switches designed to maintain the proper energy levels at airports and hospitals

Full reporting staff (Manufacturing, Engineering, Materials/Procurement, Quality, Maintenance)

Responsible for 120 union employees and daily out-put of 200 units per day


oDefined organizational structure to support operations in Mexico, recruiting, selecting,

Interviewing and hiring all personnel required.

oDesigning and developing robust manufacturing processes with the industrial Engineers,

Considering lean principles (Tackt time, standardize, continuous flow, TPM, 5S).

oInventory Reduction by 30% using Kan ban, visual control at point of use.

oISO 9001 certification at the end of the first year of operations.

oOutput increases from $4M, to $12M and to $28M on first two years of operation.

oProductivity level increased 40%, training the people to assure they understand how to

Do their work, know their internal customers and focusing to improve their job.

1998 – 1999 Zenith Electronics Reynosa, MX

Plant Manager

Lead a high voltage transformer manufacturing plant, $30M revenue, profit and loss responsibility.

1050 union employees, full reporting staff (Manufacturing, Engineering, Materials/Procurement, Quality, Maintenance).


oDevelop three cross functional teams focus on:

oImproving productivity, reducing the total down time on all of equipments, implementing TPM, 5S, Kaizen.

oInventory level reduction of 59% from $2.1M to $0.9M, focus on 20% of the components that inventory cost was 80%, working with suppliers to reduce the lead time and be able to Keep only 41% of total inventory, part of this was the negotiation to return $475k obsolete materials to the suppliers.

oOutgoing quality level improved from 5000 to 800 ppm; driven by process improvement, preventive maintenance and increasing test equipment capability .

oKeep net profit of $3.8M improving productivity, quality and reducing inventory.

1995 – 1997 Zenith Electronics Reynosa, MX

Plant Manager

Lead repair television modules operation to cover all in warranty failures on the field, 600 union

Employees, $18M revenue to support 500 distribution and repair centers across US.

Staff included Manufacturing, Materials/Procurement, Manufacturing Engineering, and Quality


oAligning each person’s job to provide value to the customer and prosperity for the company.

oUnderstanding what products, quantity and when were required by customer, based on that determine tackt time, robust re-manufacturing processes, capacity, labor, materials, equipment

And every person in the company was working to meet customer needs (cascade commitment).

oDeveloping 3 cross functional teams focus to reduce scrap, improve quality and productivity

oImproving quality from 84 to 98%, back order reduced by 90%, better customer satisfaction.

oImproving productivity by 30%, reducing labor contain, designing pre – test equipment, reducing Analyzer operators that need 3 months of training and replace test operators with maintenance technicians. Reducing work force from 600 to 420.

oImproving process, handling, packaging, driving to reduce scrap on 25%, which means 4000 Modules per month will not build at $75 per module, annual savings of $3.6M.

1994 – 1995 Zenith Electronics Reynosa, MX

Plant Manager

Lead manufacturing operation, which assembled modules with surface mounts, and radial components, using automatic equipment, larger components were assembled by hand, tested and properly packed with 650 union employees.


oIncreasing on-time delivery from 52% to 95% aligning production planning to customer requirements.

oImproving quality from 80% to 98% by integrating burn-in test process, improving packaging to reduce damage of the product during transportation.

1992 – 1994 Zenith Electronics Reynosa, MX

Plant Manager

Lead manufacturing operations involving assembly, adjusting convergence, burn– in, functional test, and proper packing of computer monitors with 350 union employees.

Full reporting staff (Manufacturing, Engineering, and Test equipment maintenance)


oDeveloping a new method to adjust convergence on computer monitors to reduce work

Contain and improve quality of convergence. Quality improvement from 65 to 95%, productivity by 57, on time delivery from 55 to 85%.

1984 – 1992 Zenith Electronics Reynosa, MX

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Refurbishing operation of television modules with 1,100 union employees.

Leading, teaching and training 12 engineers to design and develop re-manufacturing robust processes

For 400 different products to replace modules that failed on the field.

Accomplishments: Utilization of Lean (Tackt time, standardize, VSM)

oBased on 400 different products some of them were similar, found out 10 families,

And from customer requirements, determine tackt time for each family.

oDesigning a new re-manufacturing process, integrating testing by way of pin – table to

Identify defective components at the beginning of stage and functional test at the end.

oDetermining labor needs, design work stations, re-manufacturing cells, tools needs,

Equipment and training requirements to do the new process.

oQuality improvement from 78 to 94% productivity by 40%ime delivery from 30 to 83%.

oValue stream map to show current state and propose future state, with a plan to improve

The plant lay out.

1979 – 1983 Zenith Electronics Reynosa, MX

Industrial Engineer Supervisor

Manufacturing television modules to support 2.2M televisions/year

Plant consisted of 8,000 union employees.

Leading. Teaching, training and couching 7 industrial engineers to design and develop manufacturing processes, determine major equipment capacity to make recommendations to senior management. Value stream mapping to show current state and propose future state when new product were launched and need to increase plant capacity.


With one product sample, bill of materials, quantity required from customer and product specifications, determine:

*Tackt time

*Labor – quantity of operators

*Design work stations, work cell, continuous flow.

*Tools, equipments

*Training plan to assure employees understand how to do the work.


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