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Manager Operations

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October 12, 2016

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Looking for opportunities in Purchasing / Sourcing


A highly experienced Purchase & Logistics Manager with more than 25 years of experience in Logistic activities. Proficient in Purchasing of materials and Sourcing & Selection of Vendors. Having vast experience in Procurement of materials, like Purchase of Mechanical Engineering Materials, Gas, Diesel, Furnace Oil, etc. Job Duties include Maintaining Minimum & Maximum Stock Level of Materials, Record Maintenance, Preparation of Documents and Arrangement of Logistics & Transportation Services. Involved in Dispatch of Materials to customers & Follow Up for Payment and effecting Timely Delivery to Meet The Production Targets and Achieve Sales Targets efficiently.


Excellent Negotiation Skills

In-depth Market Research

Outstanding Organization & Planning skills

Strong Networking Skills


Highly Articulate

Brilliant Analytical Skills


I am a professional Purchase & Logistics Manager with over 25 years of managerial experience in the field of Procurement & Sourcing Departments of organizations. Working as a Leader & Strategy Planner, I am involved in Searching New Supply Channels. I have utilized my Strong Networking & Negotiation Skills to improve supply performance. I am highly appreciated for Implementing Cost Savings at all levels of the organization. I am looking forward to secure a job that serves as a means to prove my potential & efficiency, where I can work in a challenging environment to update my competency.



Designation: Purchase & Logistics Manager (Coal Handling)

Company Profile

Coal is imported from Australia, like cooking coal of different grades Poitrella / Goonyella / Peakdown.

Same is used as raw material for manufacturing of Metallurgical Coke at our concern- M/s. India coke & Power Pvt. Limited at Gummidipundi. Cooking coal & steam coal are imported from Australia / Indonesia that are sold on a vessel basis. The company deals in 55000 MT to 80000 MT coal quantities along with offering Letter of Credit to the customer.

Job Responsibilities

Working with a Coke Manufacturing Company in group of M/s. IMR Resources Metallurgical, where they are importing coal from various countries and selling the same to the customers

Coal is transported from ship/wharf to coal yard. Proper ramping is made and quality maintained with group of ten members operating shift basis to cover cargo and to avoid getting mixed with contaminated coal, as we have been executing more than 20 to 30 vessels from the last two years and have ensured timely delivery with the quantity/quality being as per the instructions and management needs

Receiving the vessel by coordinating with concern port about ETA of vessel / ETA of berthing. Initial survey commences soon after the ship berth takes place after first line and completion of clearance of customs formalities.

Initial draft survey with surveyor

Measurement & Verification of quantities as per bill of lading

Samples Collection from discharge lot basis for Joint Analysis for checking parameter of coal /moisture

Coal Storage at port destination through concerned officials

Allotment & Safety Measurement of the plots before vessel arrival

Ensuring better maintenance of quality material/coal in order to avoid wastage and to prevent coal from contamination

Necessary Safety Measurement for quality of imported coal

Logistics are arranged from reliable source by checking with previous concern, where they deliver loaded materials from port to our work

To get quality materials loaded and received at our work destination

Arranging Safety Measurement, Sealing Trucks after completion of loading and cross check the same at unloading point. Number of seals made into trucks will be mentioned in gate pass with serial number and tagged position to avoid pilferage. If any discrepancies are found in track of seal misplacement or lose of tags, quality check will be measured in our lab. Truck will be retained up to the time we analyze report of coal for suitability.

Transportation organized to our works in order to meet the requirement of coal based on production requirement. Minimum of 20 to 30 days’ stocks will be stored as per quality wise in order to run our production without any interruption to avoid huge loss

As per instruction of management, facilities are arranged by road/rail to save value of transportation / and to avoid duration of time taken to reach our works in time

Vehicle arrangement for loading coal with reliable transport and coordinating the same on dispatch of coal from port

Coordinating with store department for receipt of coal / truck wise report for dispatch and receipt at the end of our works.

Matters of non-receipt of vehicle, if any, will be taken up with the transporter and same will be notified on reasons for vehicle delay and the necessary steps to be taken from transporter’s end for the delivery of said vehicle.

Handling Engineering Materials as per required specification with better sourcing of vendors and to maintain better track for Transportation of Materials from consignor site to our work site

Leading group of people as sub-ordinate and executing the working to meet the needs of management in the stipulated frame time, as same will be executed to meet requirement as desired by management in order to serve their needs to run our organizations without non-stoppage of production.


Designation: Deputy Manager (Purchase)


Designation: Purchase In-Charge


Designation: Purchase Officer


Materialization of materials request is to be duly approved by the concerned authorities and if required, value of Material Request is more than the budget value of concern department. Certain materials’ requests are to be approved by the Director in co-ordination with the Mechanical Engineers / Electrical Engineers / Production Manager. For requirement of materials through stores, a duly filled request with the required columns like quantity required and expected time of delivery along with the calculation of stock in hand is to be presented. Consumption patterns, consumption norms per day & per shift are to be monitored. Based on lead time of materials, since made to order materials require manufacturing time as well as transit time, processes like truck-loading consignment by party, arranging insurance for value of materials timely delivery to our site, are to be arranged for.

Material Requisition is to be duly filled as mentioned above and is to be initiated by concerned department head for the sanction of Executive Directors for CAPE. For special sanction of the Material Request, the demand is to be properly analyzed to avoid excess stock as ABC analysis basis, i.e., movable materials, non movable materials & dead stocks of materials. Purchase analysis required to avoid idle stock for better control of materials functioning.

Processing of Material Request converting into enquiry, i.e., Vendor Selection against materials requests, Locating Suppliers as manufacturers/authorized dealers of concerned materials for Handling Sub-contractor Materials, like machining components as per drawing given by design department based on request required by Mechanical Departments. An approved drawing enquiry will be sent to select approved vendors. Offer will be collected and same will be compared & finalized by Preparing Internal Estimate with the help of engineers by calculating material cost and operational charges, less scrap value by adding 15% profit on their margin. Order will be released with delivery terms for logistics to get material in required time. Vendors will be chased for materials and for engineering materials. Stage by stage inspection will be done to supervise the material quality and to know their status to plan our maintenance date for replacement of spares for worn out materials, which may affect production.

Sourcing Of Vendors

Vendors will be analyzed as per the guidelines of ISO 9000 and their profile would be collected. The information would consist of their assets, machinery; sub-contracting materials with labor & electricity and the area they occupy to execute the business. We will be analyzing vendors on the physical as well as financial parameters. They are expected to effect supplies in time and meet our credit payment terms.

Vendors will be analyzed periodically by rating their quality, i.e. any quality deviation in terms of their supply or in materials used would be addressed. The working takes place as per the specification clearly mentioned in our drawings.

In case we find discrepancies, the materials are sent for lab analysis to know more about the specifications and other details. Materials are inspected by our engineers to avoid discrepancy from vendor site in terms of quality and size. Shaping /Grinding /Machining /Sandblasting effected to the materials is as per the drawings given for manufacture of material along with order.

Vendors’ position to fulfill their commitment to affect supply in time, as per order given by us is ensured. The delayed time will be calculated with the formula as per IS0 9000 system and procedure. Every vendor /sub contractor will be analyzed on various parameters.


Deputing Engineers to vendor sites to inspect materials, where order was placed

Collecting offers from authorized vendors

Making Comparative Statement of offers for requested material with due time required and finalizing the same in order to meet the management requirement/specification of material use.

Certifying of Invoices based on our order and submission of the same after necessary clarification

Placing Invoices to accounts by duly certifying after entry of stores function

Informing about Daily Receipt Note and after approval of materials, making Goods Receipt Note duly certified by stores department

Additional Functional Effects

Co-Ordination of materials with stores department to have better control of materials by maintaining stock level based on consumption norms and identifying movable & non-materials to avoid excess inventory

Daily Inflow Checking of Materials, like general stores/raw materials & made to order materials by calculating required lead time for manufacture and transit time from their destination to our works

Dealing with Sub-contractors for Civil Construction Works and Maintenance of Vehicles & Motor Winding, etc

Training Assistants to handle materials for follow up and getting offers selection of vendors maintaining records

Preparation Of Documents for ISO 9000 records and ISO 14000 for facing Internal Audit and External Audit, which take place periodically for certification renewals

Controlling Of Materials

Maintaining Stock Level of raw & essentials materials

Arranging General Stores as per requisition raised by internal customers

Arranging supply of materials in time based on production planning & needs of related projects

Procurement Of Bulk Materials For Execution Of Project

Cements/M.S. Steels/Angles & Channels, structural and other construction materials, which are used like RTS RODS in different dial lengths in bulk quantities to supply to execute projects

Blue metals, bricks, river sand & foundation bolt and nuts for foundation purposes for execution of assigned project work in time

Controlling Of Documents

Documents related to purchase of materials, like requisition raised by internal department and order placed on finalization with comparison of three to four offers

Maintenance of records related ISO 9000 and ISO 14000

Evaluation of vendors right from quality and quantity, as per system and procedure of ISO 9000 ISO 14000

Maintaining Green Belt and Controlling Documents, as per system & procedure of 15014000

Facing Internal Audit and External Audit

Showing Documentation required at the time of audit, as per ISO 900*-******

Drawing for spares and assembly of machinery submitted to vendors along with order is collected and kept safe in Engineering Department

Controlling Documents

Drawing sent for collecting offers and it will be maintained to identify & locate the drawings traceably

Outgoing documents / engineering drawings and receipt of drawings after getting offers and completion of order and adjusting records accordingly

Controlling Of Construction Materials

Materials Planning to execute requirement and demand

Maintain Minimum Stock Level and Maximum Stock Level of materials in order to avoid delay & wastage of labor time

Arranging materials for bulk requirement for RTS RODS /cements and other essential materials, like tiles, electrical materials, etc. from manufacturer level to avoid quality problems and delay in submission of material to avoid non stoppage of works

Handling Construction Projects for our housing colony with multiple floors for executive & staff residence purpose with assurance of timely completion

Procurement of Engineering Materials in bulk for fabrication of jobs plates and angles ISM Beam, against project requirement with credit feasibility of 30 days payment with the best competitive rate for usage of Manufacturing & Fabrication of MS materials

Consulting with engineers of design department for IS quality with their test certificate and relevant documents, like invoice/excise invoice for availing excise benefit of the same

Engineering Materials

Procuring Mechanical Engineering Materials through offers from reputed Sub-Contractors with support of drawings made by Mechanical Engineers

Getting approvals from General Manager of Engineering Department, as per sketch/drawings given

Preparing estimations with the help of engineers after getting some offers by calculating specific materials and other operational costs

Experience In Procurement Of Oil & Gas

Worked in Cast Iron Spun Pipe Manufacturer units for more than 20 years with experience in procurement of materials, like Gas / Diesel, Furnace Oil etc. in bulk quantity to meet the requirement of consumption with the tanker capacity being 240 KL

Thorough inspection of pipelines by the engineering team for leakage or any other replacement needs, as they are connected to the furnace of 1200ºC for annealing furnace cast iron materials and strengthening them by heat treatment

Fully controlling the process with knowledge of safety measures in order to avoid damage by fire

Placing order for oil and gas procurement with oil companies after analyzing competitive offers with terms of credit

Periodical payment of the dues for maintaining better relations and get better quality at the best prices .


Getting better deal to interact with customer to effect supplies and coordinating dispatches by means of Shipment & arranging documents for their export through reputed agents

Sending documents to consignor to clear the same on receipt of consignment to their nearer port

Collecting payment & firm order to instruct our concerns to plan production schedule to achieve timely dispatches

Enlarging business activities to get continuous improvement in order and increase our production and overall improvement

Monitoring vendor’s payment with the help of the team

Executing the credit payment terms to ensure timely vendor payments and maintain good relationships and 100% co-operation in procurement/sale of quality materials at best prices

Presently working with an coke Manufacturing unit at Kavaraipettai Near to Chennai as Manager Operation to take care of production and over all activites


(Bachelors of Commerce )from Madras University in the year 1987


MS Excel

MS Word

SAP R/3 (user level)


Date of Birth : September 2, 1964

Address : Plot No. 10 Door No. 19, Padmavathy Nagar, Madhavaram Milk

Colony, Madhavaram, Chennai 600 051

Languages Known : English & Tamil (can speak, read & write), Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam

& Urdu

Nationality : Indian

Salary drawing :RS,7,70,000/-Per Annum with Performance Bonus Rs:100000/-Annum basis

Salary expected :RS,9,00,000.00 Per Annum basis

K. Ravi

Mobile :960*******

Date: 02-06-2016

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