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Manager Construction

Independence, Missouri, United States
$ 60,000.00 - 80,000.00
October 12, 2016

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Larry D. Downing

*** **** ******

Parkville, Missouri


Phone : 816-***-****

Email :

Construction Manager: MONTEC Services Inc.

P.O. box 37

** ******** ****

Trego, Montana 59934

Phone: 406-***-****

From 04-01-2014 to 02-15-2015

Installed 4G for AT&T in Wyoming and Montana, UMTS and LTE

Built turnkey site in Hot Springs, Montana. 150' SST

Built 2 guyed towers in Ohio, 250' and 285' in month of December.

Decommission 90’ SST in Indiana.

Tower mods in Montana, guy wire change out, new anchors, tower base beef up

Bid work for MONTEC

Laid off 02-15-2015, company out of work.

President DCSI/ Owner

617 Oak Street

Lathrop, Missouri 64465

Phone: 816-***-****

From 04-01-2006 to 05-31-2013

Built towers for Cingular in Missouri and Kansas. Installed footings and building foundations, grounding systems and antenna and lines.

Maintained sites in Missouri and Kansas, re-lamp and repair lighting systems, replace antennas, plumb and tensioned guyed towers,

Mobilized to Louisiana in winter months to do beef-up and tower mods on existing Crown Castel sites.

Installed digital broadcast antennas for Andrew Systems in Nebraska, Iowa, Idaho and Montana, some center lines in excess of 1,200'

Bid all work for DCSI.

Vice President L&L Communication Services Inc. / Owner

617 Oak Street

Lathrop, Missouri 64465

Phone: 816-***-****

From 04-01-1993 to 03-30-2006

Built sites for Pacific Northwest Cellular in North Dakota and Montana, poured building foundations, installed grounding systems, did site search and leasing for PNC, installed antennas and lines.

Built switch in Salina, Kansas, became construction manager, let all bids for Missouri and Kansas, work went to Hayden Tower Service and local contractors.

Took over all maintenance for Cingular Wireless in Missouri and Kansas, my company doubled in number of employees.

Bid work to Andrew Systems, Verizon Wireless, American Tower, Cingular Wireless and Crown Castel.

Did lots of tower mods for Aero Solutions, mostly in Texas for Crown Castel, mods consisted of flat channel on monopoles, guy wire change out on guyed towers and bracing on SST's

Construction Manager- The Walter Group- Region 2 Mexico

140 Lakeside Avenue

Seattle, Washington

From 02-01-1988 to 03-31-1993

Built switch in Hermosillo, Sonora and Culiacan, Sinaloa

Built 56 cell sites from Nogales, Sonora to Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Placed orders for all towers, all transmission lines, all generators, all hangers, connectors, hoisting grips, angle adaptors and grounding kits.

Ordered all microwave antennas, 2 GHz, 6 GHz and 15 GHz, for microwave interconnect.

Sent P.O.'s out for tower erection, worked with local contractors for all civil work and foundations.

This was a great project, I fell in love with Mexico

Site Supervisor- Andrew Systems

10500 West 153rd Street

Orland Park, Illinois

From 05-01- 1982 to 01-30-1988

Started off-loading concrete buildings on microwave network from San Marcos, Texas to Tucson, Arizona, wound-up having to rewire every shelter on network, factory failed to run 3rd wire ground, great education.

Next offloading buildings from Park City, Utah to Sacramento, California, WTCI through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, quite a challenge.

After WTCI I was given the task of supervising the CONTEL Cellular build in California and Virginia, lots of airline miles, the president of CONTEL Cellular demanded I supervise both markets, he liked my end product.

After CONTEL was bought up Andrew sent me to Mexico with 2 Andrew employees and I hired a crew in Culiacan to round out the crew, my Spanish speaking improved immensely.

I was offered the job as Construction Manager for Region 2

Tower hand- Kopptronics

Parkville, Missouri 64152

Tower hand from 1-01-1979 to 04-24-1982

Started on the ground as a tag man, didn't take long to figure out working up top was the place to be.

We worked every winter in Wisconsin doing rework for Wisconsin Bell.

All the work we did was microwave, running EW-52 and EW-63

We did tons of MCI tower erection, MCI had Andrew Systems doing all the installation of antennas and lines, that’s how I hired on with Andrew

From the age of 14 I have been around heavy equipment, cleaning out the tracks and greasing the equipment. I'm an excellent track excavator operator and own my own back hoe, 2 skid loaders, 17 ton boom truck and 2 winch trucks along with 87' of gin pole. I'm an early riser and am used to working at least 10 hours a day, 6 days a week and alot of the time half a day on Sunday.

Thanks much, Larry D. Downing

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