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Project Manager Sales

Moscow, Russian Federation
June 29, 2016

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Moscow, Russian Federation



Program Manager in the area of mobile telecom Network Performance Improvement with 10+ years track record, deep technical expertise, proven solution, sales, management and communication skills.

Solid telecom technology understanding, including detailed knowledge in Radio, Transmission, CS & PS Core, OSS, IN/PCRF for 2G, 3G and 4G.

Successful manager of numerous NPI service deliveries both standalone execution and during network SWAP, network rollout with KPI-based acceptance.

Sales experience: lead generation, Customer negotiations at RFP phase, contract preparation, scope/budget/plan estimation with risk assessment.

Operations experience: staffing, resource and purchase management; process planning, routines creation and flow control; C-level reporting for key project developments; project governance for simultaneous executions.

General understanding of network infrastructure rollout and O&M procedures, their impact and cross-relation to NPI process.

IT background in software development: networks, protocols, database, system and scripting programming practice. Successful Apple iOS app production management experience.

Task breakdown, structured approach for problem identification and solving.

Excellent durability working in tight timeframe, “mission impossible” and crisis recovery environment.

Passport: Republic of Belarus

DOB: 03-Jan-1984


Looking for a principal role within an infrastructure vendor or a telecom provider in the area of mobile network performance management. Potential areas of high interest include also:

Mobile App, Cloud, M2M and IoT user experience improvement

Revenue improvement achieved by technical vs marketing alignment


Ericsson Moscow, Russia

Program Manager, Contractor Nov 2013–Feb 2016

Program/Project Manager for standalone E2E network performance improvement project for one of BIG3 operators in Russia. 10M+ USD project budget, 5 Ericsson worldwide offices and 2 Global Competence Hubs were involved into delivery. Demonstrated successful management of multi-standard, cross-function and multivendor (E ALU, HUA, Cisco) 2G/3G optimization with complicated contractual reward scheme applicable only if weighted E2E KPI’s exceed target levels. As part of the project, initiated and managed RBS audit across 3,000 sites in 3 key regions, executed RAN performance improvement, transmission audit and expansion, CS & PS core audit, PCRF/PCEF audit, delivered performance benchmarking and completed KPI acceptance procedure. Passed through project transformation and recovery phases, managed to keep costs within approved budget even though local currency failed by 30% during execution period. Peak project headcount involved up to 35-40 Ericsson staff and 20 subcontractor field teams.

Project Manager for parallel execution of Post-SWAP 2G/3G network KPI improvement – established project team, created processes, performed successful handover to another PM.

NDO presales Solution Architect for various accounts – built tailored network optimization solutions from scratch, convinced Customer in Ericsson capabilities, set up entry/exit criteria, performed risk analysis and budgetary estimations. Involved into price and contractual T&C negotiations.

Ericsson Moscow, Russia

Technical Sales Manager, Contractor Jun 2012–Nov 2013

Coordinated and executed pre-sales support in area of Network Design & Optimization for one of Russian BIG3 operators. Supported account managers with RFP SoW review, fulfillment strategy development, budget estimation and risk assessment for all NDO opportunities. Took Customer negotiations responsibility regarding scope of works, KPI acceptance criteria and overall solution structure.

Successfully completed 2G/3G SWAP-related NDO service RFP leading to contract sign and final recognized NDO NS $10M+. Initiated staffing & sourcing during project preparation phase, followed by successful kick-off.

Participated as CORE3 member in specific standalone NDO service RFP with planned OB up to $50M, prepared cost estimation and detailed time/resource plan for the project. Worked in close cooperation with solution architects in RAN, CS core, PS core, transmission, procurement and price management.

Acted as customer solution responsible (CSR), performing activities and checklists according to Ericsson sales procedure.

Acted as contract fulfillment responsible (CFR), performing activities and checklists according to Ericsson sales procedure.

Ericsson Moscow, Russia

Project Manager, Contractor Jan 2011–Jun 2012

WCDMA2100 Initial Tuning Project Manager, controlling service delivery quality and continuity for BIG3 Customer across whole Russia by team of 20 staff, not including subcontractor field engineers and remote office personnel. Based on own experience created full step-by step process guidance for new team members to ensure fast introduction and smooth kick-off for rapidly growing team (6 to 20 in less than year). Implemented effective workflow control based on 3rd party web-based project management tool. Actively managed resource utilization, time reporting and budget allocation in corporate ERP. Delivered initial tuning service and obtained Customer acceptance for 6,000 sites.

As a part of Company strategy, successfully implemented outsourcing to low-cost location, splitting delivery process into subtasks applicable for remote office execution from China; by doing so the final project margin increased 2x. Effectively managed intercompany ordering and invoicing on this matter.

Took NDO Technical Sales role, developing add-on opportunities for the same Customer Unit. Successfully initiated and completed several side projects: Indoor benchmarking, Successful Feature Introduction projects: WRAN P7/W11 QOS, MIMO, 2nd and 3rd Cell Carrier, Dual CC.

Escalation Task Force member established after Customer raised TOP10 long-term unsolved issues in various technology areas to CEO level. In 72hrs managed investigation process and successfully solved 2 out of 2 issues assigned, gaining Customer confidence back as they were the very first two cleared.

GSM/WCDMA post-SWAP Optimization Interim Project Manager for another BIG3 Customer project in two regions of Russia. Performed transformation of “sinking” project with failed KPI’s into win-win state by effective troubleshooting management, fast focus on problem areas and re-negotiation of acceptance criteria with Customer CTO after putting performance back on-track.

Ericsson Moscow, Russia

Network Consultant, Contractor Jan 2008–Dec 2010

WCDMA2100 RF Design expert, supporting extensive rollout for Russian BIG3 operator in various regions with networks up to 200 NodeB. The planning was done in a challenging environment of co-existing 2G layer without antenna adjustment possibility, tight site selection criteria almost excluding greenfield 3G, and strict power limitations from regulator. It required skills of traffic modeling using customer input, creation of traffic demand mix and density maps in specialized software, followed by simulations to predict Voice, R99 Data, HSDPA/HSUPA & Video Call coverage and capacity. Final output to rollout was produced in form of CCR files, containing all necessary data to put new cells on-air. Additionally I generated final reports submitted to Customer review and acceptance as RND service output 1 yr.

Expert in post-launch WCDMA2100 Cluster Initial Tuning with KPI based acceptance: putting cells on-air after integration, application of approved parameter template, daily consistency check, neighbor relations optimization, IRAT tuning, Service Based Handover implementation, capacity issues solving, HSDPA and HSUPA mobility optimization. Parameter implementation was self-performed by using OSS connection and Moshell commands (strong experience gained). Technical activities upon reaching target KPI levels were followed by final acceptance drive-test, performed by a subcontractor team, and were submitted to Customer review in a Cluster IT service report 1 yr.

WCDMA2100 Cluster Initial Tuning Team Leader responsible for Volga region, covering 20 RNC’s and over 1000 sites. At this capacity I additionally performed quality control of IT service delivered by team members, took part in subcontractor selection boards, controlled acceptance completion and issued necessary documents to properly close the Work Order and issue final invoice 1 yr.

Ericsson Kyiv, Ukraine

Network Consultant, Contractor Apr 2007–Dec 2007

Within group of 8 RAN engineers performed network wide GSM900/1800 optimization service for Telenor group Customer. Project scope contained 30,000 cells, 100+ BSCs, background running R11 to R12/R06A RAN SW upgrade, OSS split 1 to 3 servers and CS Core MSC-S/MGW layered architecture introduction. My particular area of responsibility included GPRS/EDGE network tuning and was successfully delivered via load balancing between bands, R12 performance package activation, extensive optional PS features tuning (CS3-CS4, AQM, 5 DL TS, EDA, NACC and others). As part of the project, E2E QoS implementation proposal was developed and submitted to Customer.

Connexion ALC Minsk, Belarus

Director Nov 2006–Apr 2007

Performed management of a small private start-up company focused in two areas: Civil Engineering & Telecom site design and Industrial Goods sales. I held responsibility to ensure compliance to local civil engineering, tax, labor & customs regulations. Developed mining, manufacturing and transportation accounts in Corporate & Government sector to establish sales of 3M Energy product range (cable accessory, heat shrink, cold shrink, adhesives, locating & marking).

International Agency Undisclosed

Market Analyst Sep 2006–Oct 2006

As an ad-hoc expert, created market model for the product groups Information Billing Systems, OSS/BSS Systems, CRM, Mediation devices, IPTV, xDSL. Gathered public and inside information regarding market size and trends, forecasts.

Ericsson Moscow, Russia

Telecommunications Engineer May 2005–May 2006

Radio Network Consultant, permanent employee of a service delivery unit focused in areas of RAN Design, incl. In-Building DAS Design, RAN Audit and Performance Improvement GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE/ CDMA/ WCDMA. Successfully completed various project assignments:

GSM1800 Initial Tuning in Ukraine OJT 2 wks.

CDMA2000 Initial Tuning in Kazakhstan 1 mo.

GSM900/1800 Air interface troubleshooting in Ukraine 2 wks.

GSM900/1800 EDGE optimization in Ukraine, Team Leader of 4 staff 1.5 mos.

UMTS2100 Network planning 30 NodeB’s trial 1 mo.

GSM900/1800 GPRS/MMS Network Audit in Russia, Team leader of 3 staff 3 wks.

GSM900/1800 Radio Network Improvement in Russia, Team leader of 4 staff and a subcontractor drive-test team 1.5 mos.

WLAN2400 RFP answer preparation 2 wks.

During this period, I successfully applied existing GSM experience to new technology of CDMA/WCDMA and gained hands-on practice in Monte Carlo analysis, RF Propagation Model Tuning, power and code planning principles; demonstrated troubleshooting skills working with RF Spectrum Analyzer, Gb/Abis Protocol Analyzer, Gi/Gn Ethereal tracing and result interpreting; expanded Core expertise in SGSN/MMS area. As a team leader I was responsible for progress report preparation, customer update meetings, interim presentations and end result based on KPI acceptance criteria. Successfully delivered in non-typical (no OSS, no performance management platform) and challenging (CTO escalation up to 3GPP involvement) situations. Established footprint in presales: from self-working hour estimation to full RFP response cost calculation.

Mobile TeleSystems JLLC Minsk, Belarus

Team Leader Sep 2004–May 2005

Head of Frequency Planning group of a mobile operator with GSM 900/1800 licenses, 1300 K subscribers, Siemens RAN & Core equipment; organized day-to-day control and performance analysis of new RF assignments based on statistical data; controlled coverage prediction accuracy and issued daily coverage plot updates; performed greenfield site candidate selection, site survey approval; performed subway site surveys and indoor design for 14 sites; held responsibility for RF site solution – antenna, feeder, TMA, booster type approval; calculated planned network capacity based on traffic predictions; calculated annual licensing fees cost demand for budgeting purpose; performed location area dimensioning.

Mobile TeleSystems JLLC Minsk, Belarus

Telecommunications Engineer Nov 2003–Sep 2004

Worked on daily GSM 900/1800 cell planning tasks in a fast growing footprint & traffic environment; being responsible for regular coverage plots update was active user of specialized simulation & GIS software; created in-house database to simplify network parameter storage due to limited OSS access; performed drive-test measurements and post-processing; introduced simple network parameter changes, mostly related to Handover & Hysteresis; worked daily with performance statistics and ordered necessary network expansions.

OmegaSoftware Minsk, Belarus

Software Developer May 2002–Nov 2003

Created C/C++ code for various corporate applications for Win32 & Oracle; participated in creation of video storage service with streaming via web interface (it was a few years before YouTube); gained ASP, HTML, PHP, Java projects experience.


Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics Minsk, Belarus

Software Engineer Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, 2004

Graduate Master thesis “GIS application for municipal water supply enterprise”

Siemens Training Centre Moscow, Russia

GSM BR 6.0 Database parameters course 2004

Ericsson Training Centre Moscow, Russia

In-Building RF design, WLAN 2.4 GHz indoor planning course 2005

Ericsson Training Centre Stockholm, Sweden

GSM Radio Network Tuning & Statistics course 2005


Fluent English: TOEFL iBT Test Score 111, passed on 05.2014

Native Russian, conversational Belarusian, Ukrainian

Experienced user of industry related software: TEMS CellPlanner 5.1-8.0, TEMS Investigation 4.0-14.0, TEMS Pocket, TEMS Transmitter, Agilent E6474A, E74xx, MapInfo 9.0-12.0, ACTIX Analyzer, Ethereal/Wireshark

SAP Project Manager transactions: CJI3, CJ20N, S_ALR_87013542, ZZPOMON

Advanced scripting: MS Excel, MS Access, MapBasic, VisualBasic, MoShell, bash

Database administration: MS SQL, MySQL. Database usage: various syntax of SQL

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