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Sales Human Resources

West Palm Beach, FL
April 28, 2016

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Resume of Timothy Summers


My technical experience involved modular detection/substitution and component level(mostly) repairs and the

circuitries were constituted of Through-Hole and Surface-Mount technologies. I have serviced a variety of

electronic equipment including digital, telecommunication, Radio-Frequency(receiver-transmitter) and power

supply(Linear and Switching) systems and have done testing/qualification of some elementary “waveguide”

modules. Among the microprocessors used in the variety of digital architectures were the 630X, 803X, 804X, 8051,

78X14, 68X11X, 68X705X, 64180, 80188/186, Pentium and Celeron. Most of the diagnostic equipment used in

these processes were Digital/Analog Oscilloscopes, Spectrum/Logic Analyzers, AM and FM signal

generators/synthesizers and computer-aided test systems.


ProgRama Inc.(Feb. 2014 – Mar. 2015) [Tested/serviced various automotive electronic modules.]

G. E. Healthcare(Mar. 2006 – Nov. 2013) [Serviced categories of medical equipment, primarily,

physiological monitoring devices and infusion pumps(blood/plasma).]

Digicare Biomedical(Apr. 2005 – Mar. 2006) [Serviced physiological monitoring equipment.]

S. & H. Solutions(Sept. 2003 – Nov. 2004) [Serviced computer ‘sales’ terminals and small printers.]

Boundless Manufacturing(Nov. 2001 – Aug. 2002) [Test/repair a variety of computer systems used for

controlling/monitoring industrial systems.

Power Supply Concepts(Nov. 1999 – Jan. 2001) [Test/repair custom designed power supply modules.]

Digital Prod. Corp.(May 1997 – Mar. 1999) [Serviced presence/proximity-detection elec. systems.]

Boca Research(Feb. 1996 – May 1997) [Tested/repaired a variety of telecommunication and information

controller P.C. boards used in personal computer systems.]

U. S. Assemblies-C.S.(June 1995 – Nov. 1995) [Tested/repaired several “Fault Detection”(A.C. power)

systems(industrial applications).]

Tangent Assoc. Inc. (May 1992 – May 1995) [Serviced small electronic ‘sales’ terminals.]


Bachelor of Science Elec. Engineering Tech. – Florida International Univ. in Miami, Fla.

Associate in Science Electronics Tech. - Miami Dade College in Miami, Fla.

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