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Aviation Mechanic

Tulsa, OK
April 25, 2016

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Cengleng (“Ceng”) Vang

***** **** **** ******, ***** OK, 74129 918-***-****


Hands on experience in assembling, fabricating, designing layouts, teardown, and repairing sheet metal, inlet, door, and composite structures with diverse knowledge of hand tools and equipment. Quick hands on learner and upbeat who thrives for challenges. Seek for more opportunity, knowledge, and trainings.


●Proficient in composite and metal repair, working with metals, modifying fiberglass, and resin mixing

●Comprehensive knowledge of metallic and nonmetallic materials, material fabrication process and techniques

●Proficient in all areas of Microsoft Office

●Specialized in using pneumatic tools

●Expertise in problem solving and making challenging calls

●Ability to interpret the blueprints and accomplishing repairs through locating parts

●Strong experience with assembly and bonding metals and composite structures

●Expertise in making repairs on composite and metal parts with two parts resins and fiberglass

●Ability to perform inspection, modifications and repairs per specification when necessary

●Profound knowledge of manufacturing, installation, fabrications and repair of composite skins, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and fiberglass

●Possess excellent technical, and communicating skills to work in team environment

●Excellent Mathematical skills to perform and/or understand the calculations used


10/01/2015-03/15/2016 APA Service Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nordam - Aerostructure Repair Mechanic

●Experience with repair teardown and overhaul corporate jet parts such as Gulfstream G200, Beechcraft Hawker 1000, and Learjet 45 & 60 thrust reverser inlet cowling

●Work with work orders, prints, diagrams, and specifications to overhaul and repair products

●Disassemble parts complete per work scope

●Disassemble and inspects parts for wear, warping, or other defects

●Teardown door and inlet as required and replace defective parts or components

●After teardown, use old skin from door as templates to locate holes to new skin

●Retain re-usable parts and kitted parts for reassemble

●Repairs, replaces, and rebuilds aircraft operational mechanical systems components and structures

●Installing and replacing flush Hi-Lok fasteners

●Install lock wire as required to secure bolts and valve from loosening

●Installing and replacing flush solid and double flush, and Cherrymax rivets

●Determine what size and grip length rivets and Hi-Lok to be use for splice, doublers, and oversize holes

●Installing and replacing bearings for arm linkage

●Ensure not to damage bulkhead, mount, cap, and etc. during teardown

●Ensure to list all works that's been down to overhaul or repair defective components in the FAA form 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Tag.

●Use Rivet Shaver to shave down high rivets to flush with skin without defecting rivet fastening purposes

●Ensure inlet and door overhaul and repair is FOD free, Foreign Object Debris.

●Use Cleco Runner to cleco holes from old components to new components to ensure tight fitting and proper holes’ alignment

●Sand blast on radius and corner on mount for corrosion and crack from stress

●Use proper installation techniques to prevent corrosion from fasteners and components

●Ensure thrust reverser hydraulics work properly with hydraulic machine

●Back drill and trim splice to size to ensure proper and tight fittings

●Use tool to locate holes on splice

●Ream holes to size to ensure proper fasteners installations

●Use jigs and tools to locate old components to new components for proper alignment

09/17/2012-09/25/2015 Helicomb International, INC Tulsa, Oklahoma


●Experience with Boeing Chinook CH-47 composites structures door panels

●Work and interpret from work and shop orders, blueprints, diagrams, technical data, and specifications.

●Use power tools and hand tools to complete tasks with ease

●Use controlled and calibrated tools to complete tasks

●Located and drilled skins, ribs, spars, fitting, shear clips, butterfly clips, and baffle plates

●Located, Drilled, reamed, and installed door stop fitting for land gear doors

●Drilled, reamed, and installed torque box fitting, side brace, and shear strap fittings

●Aligned and joins structural assemblies using transit sight level, hand, and power tools, clamps, and fasteners

●Performed part fitting operations such as cold working, sawing, deburring, crimping, trimming, framing, drilling, reaming, riveting, countersinking, counterboring, and minor filing

●Mixed sealants and adhesives as required to properly install fasteners or subassembly

●Modify, fabricate, and replacement of defective parts or fasteners

●Cut and lay adhesive and prepreg materials onto bond tools and run through autoclave for hot bonding

●Cold bond subassembly with faying surface seal as required to install subassembly with wet install fasteners

●Blending, grinding, and sanding of sheet metal parts

●Removal, installation of various fasteners such as nut plates, rivets, screws, nuts, Hi-locs, Hi-lites, and different head sized fasteners and bolts

●Drilled and reamed close tolerance holes, interference and clearance fit holes using drill jigs, fixtures, and templates

●Remove and replace blind, and solid rivets

●Familiar with the 5S system (Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain)

●5S concept involve creating and maintaining visual order, organization, cleanliness, and standardization.

●Drilled, reamed, and installed critical parts

●Countersink and counterbore with pilot at 90-degree angle to make fasteners flush to the surface

●Use rivet guns to pull pop blind rivets or buck rivets

●Maintain dimension and tolerances when locating and laying out holes on panel according to schematics and diagrams, blueprints, and Mylar

●Torque bolts in critical high stress areas.

●Drilled, reamed, and installed high stress areas with no supervision.

●Swaging of hydraulic tubes and heated fuel return lines.

●Expertise at assembly and disassembly subassemblies to composite structures without changing or damaging the parts

●Locating subassembly to tools and drill subassembly to tools to meet customers model and specification

●Strong experience in hand trimming parts to sizes per tool to meet customer’s specification

●Hand route parts to size per tool with correct size setback to meet customer’s specification

●Ability to inspect, modification, and repair as necessary if approved by quality and engineer and still within specification

●Expertise at removing and replacing rivets without damaging the parts

●Strong experience with dual action sander, block and wet sanding

●Use 45 and 90 degree tools as required to complete tasks

●Use calibrated Precision Measuring Tools to ensure installation is within or met specifications

●Cold bond wet install inserts, plugs, and sleeves as required and secure it with resins

●Fillet seal edges, joints, and seams to meet customer’s specifications

●Create tools and use it for shop aids to help complete tasks or make it easier

●Repair or replace defective Parts

●Rework or replace Rejected work orders

●Teardown and overhaul MRO parts

●Stripped aluminum skin from composite core with proper techniques and tools to begin overhaul procedures

09/05/2011-09/10/2012 Precision Components Company Owasso, Oklahoma

Machine Operator

●Experience with Lycoming reciprocating engine components

●Set up machines at the beginning of the shift to ensure proper working order

●Calibrate machines at the beginning of each shift

●Calibrate machines at the end of each shift to ensure if machine is still in proper working order

●Perform testing procedures to ensure that machines work properly during productions

●Chuck in parts in semi-automated machines

●Operate multiple CNC lathes at one time

●Ensure that lathes are producing quality products by measuring products with calibrated Precision Measurement Tools

●Maintained close tolerance dimensions ensuring with calibrated Precision Measurement Tools

●Maintain and clean machines before and after each shift

●Use micrometers, caliper, dial indicator, ring gauges, snap gauges, and etc. to ensure parts is still within customer specifications

●Machined small and large parts to close tolerance of .005 or less

●Make appropriate offset corrections for tool wear, broken tools, and casting variations

●Put in information to make adjustments to speed, shapes, and sizes through the machine set up box

●Dismantled and inspected components

●Monitor machines during every procedure to ensure proper running

●Troubleshoot problems when problems occurred during machine operation

●Operates forklift with top safety precautions to avoids accidents or injury of others

●Ensure that lathes have coolant at all time

●Making adjustments when changing over to new program as require

●Ensure that regular and preventative maintenance procedures are carried out during every changeover

●Activity and communication logs are created to keep updates of cutting tools run and communication between shifts.

●Replacing chuck and tools in lathes when needed

●Ensure that work area is clean and within 5S work environment

●Perform safety and machine checks on every machine

●Ensure cutting tools and stocks of needed materials are ready and available at all times


05/2009 Diamond High School Diamond, Missouri

Degree: High School Diploma

05/2013 Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology Tulsa, Oklahoma



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