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Power Plant Welding

April 22, 2016

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OBJECTIVE : Acquired welding supervision

Knowledge of welding technologies,

A.SR rig welder (oil and gas exploration,

ARAMCO Project)

B.Welding foreman (AGIP Off Shore Libya)

C.6G A.B.S. certificate holder

D.Able to interpret Isometric drawing.

Knowledge on piping fabrication.

E.PASSO Automatic Welding Procedure (Off Shore Pipe Laying)

F.UPHILL and DOWNHILL certified Welder

G.FCAW, GMAW, GTAW experience

H.Aluminum welding using Mig Welding

I.GMAW WELDER, Solid Wire, Flux cored welding Procedure.

J. Attended Technical Seminars on Welding Inspection/Ship Building

Date of Birth : May 02,1963

Place of Birth : Abucay, Bataan

Civil Status : Married

Languages : Arabic, English


Elementary : Tomas Pinpin Memorial Elementary

School 1969 = 1975

High School : Bonifacio Camacho High School

Date Graduated : 1975 = 1979

College : Bataan National School of Arts & Trade

Course : Welding Technology

Date Graduated : 1979 = 1981




Duties :Organized the work load, Supervision the quantity and

Quality of the welding carried out,including health and

Safety,traceability and correction.Supervise the selection

And specification of welding consumables.Supervise of any

Pre-fabrication activities and the work during the execution

Of the project.

Period : September 20,2014/ Up to present



Duties ; Supervision and distribution of work load on daily activities,,supervise of welding procedure and specification, issuance

of consumables so as to comply the isometric drawing,

understand the qualification of the welders,understand the

rejection repairs,pwht,and the golden joint procedures. Su-

pervision of any pre fabrication activities and the work,during

the execution of the project. Ensure that all subordinate are

work safely and comply with the safety standard.

Period ; January 04 2014 / October 01, 2014

A.Name of Company : Doosan Heavy Industries

Position : Welding Supervisor/ welding Inspector

Duties : Organized the work load on daily activities, Supervision of any

Pre-Fabrication Activities and the work during the execution of

The Project. Supervise the pqr such as asme ix and isometric

Drawing.Verification of welding equiptment before production .Supervise the selection and specification of welding consumables.As welding Inspector, Check specification year and revision,Check drawing correct and

Revision,Validate certificate of calibration (welding equitpment and inspection instrument.Verification of welders

Qualification, Monitoring marking and lay out, correct bevel,

Angles,Root face,Root gap and Root radius.All tack welding

To be done monitored and inspected

Period ; December 05, 2012 / November 15, 2013


B.Name of company : Salmon Bucket and Accessories [Australia]

Position : Mig Welder

Duties : Welding buckets (Heavy Equipment) used in mining and construction facilities. Complies on Komatsu standard.

Period : September 14, 2012 up toOctober30, 2012

C.Name of Company : Demetriou Fabrication [Australia]

Position : Mig Welder

Duties : Welding heavy thickness of plate using solid wire and flux cored welding procedure.

Period : June 22, 2012 to SEPT. 12, 2012.

D.Name of Company : All Men Engineering [Australia]

Position : Mig / Arc Welder

Duties : Welding heavy gauge of plate pipes using mid and gmaw welding procedure.

Period : January 15, 2012 to June 20, 2012

E.Name of Company : Osborne Engineering PTY LTD, (Australia)

Position : Aluminum Welder

Period : November 6, 2011 up to December 5, 2011

Duties : Welding aluminum using MIG Welding procedure

F.Name of Company : Steel Building System PTY LTD (Australia)

Position : Welder Fabricator

Period : October 2011 up to November 5, 2011

Duties : Fabricate the main skid of Porta cabin based

On isometric drawing and using MIG welding procedure.

G. Name of Company : Cape East Phil. Inc. (Conoco Phillips) Australia

(BayuUndan DLNG Offshore)

Position : Welding SUPERVISOR

Period : March 2, 2008 up to SEPTEMBER 28,2011

Duties : Tool box meeting,before start of job the every morning,

secure working permit, explain briefly the job to be done,

As well as safety procedure, Ensure welding procedure comply with the standard [Conoco Phillips],Supervision

of consumable materials distribution, all welding activities

carry – out on board, ensure all operation completely comply

with the local company and the national safety legislation.

H. Name of Company : Cape East Phil. Inc. ( Shell Malampaya Natural Gas

Offshore Project)

Position : Piping / Welding Foreman

Period : JULY11, 2008 – up to February 24, 2009

Duties : Monitoring welding procedure and identification of welding quality assurance, quality control program as well as welding consumable control program. Able to supervise craftsman in construction activities. Prepared daily (reports) accomplishment report and ensuring 100 % safety on daily activities on board.

I.Name of Company : Arabian Oil and Gas Drilling Co.

Position : Welding Foreman

Period : April 1, 2005– May 18, 2008

Duties : Doing supervision on fabrication as well as on oil rig field,

doing pipe fitting fabrication, choke manifold, flow-line, poor boy degasser, mud system pipe work based on Aramco Standard. Prepared hot work permit and familiarization of safety standard working procedure.

J.Name of Company : Trans Ocean Shelf Explorer (Offshore)

Position : Rig Welder

Period : August 5, 2004 – October 13, 2004

Duties : Repaired jack-up rig on West African Offshore. Repaired

ballast tank, Texas deck, flare safety cat walk, modification of Row line and other Rig component.

K.Name of Company : Saipem Oil and Gas Drilling Vo.

Position : SeniorRig Welder

Period : May 25, 2001 – July 30, 2004

Duties : As a Senior Rig Welder on Oil and Gas Drilling Company. I

am responsible of doing complicated jobs on Rig. Prepared materials for fabrication, planning on modified work and supervise pipe work fabrication and weld pressurized flange on the well head.

L.Name of Company : Philippine Shipyard and Engineering Corp.

Position : Welding Foreman

Period : February 2000 – May 2000

Duties : Manpower distribution on daily routine of work. Prepared hot

work permit inside and outside of the ship repair facility. As well as materials needed on the job. Minimum supervision on fabrication shop and also on welding quality of work.

M.Name of Company : National Oil and Gas Drilling Company

Bouri Oil Field Production Flatform (AGIP Offshore)

Position : Welding Foreman (Fabrication Foreman)

Period : March 14, 1996 – November 6, 2000

Duties : Work on Bouri Oil Filed AGIP Offshore as Welding Foreman

(Fabrication Foreman). Doing modified pipefitting fabrication base on isometric drawing. Tool box meeting on safety working procedure. Coordination on production platform operator and safety on board.

N.Name of Company : Sirti Oil Refinery of Libya (ESSO OIL)

Position : Certified Welder / Pipe Fitter

Period : 1995 – 1996

Duties : Passed on welding test, welding procedure. Welding on pipe

line, pressurized line on well head, fabricate pipe work on the gas plant. As well as expansion loop. All welding joints are in x-ray quality.

O.Name of Company : Roan Trust Intl. Selection Ltd.

Diamond Mining (West Africa)

Position : Welder / Boiler Maker

Period : 1994 – 1995

Duties : Fabricate chute, repaired and modified mining equipment

heavy equipment, conveyor, water line and other machineries on mining.

P.Name of Company : Gulf Steel Co. (STEEL PLANT)

Position : Welder Fabricator

Period : 1993 – 1994

Duties : Doing maintenance job on steel plant. Convey, or repair,

traveling grate, fabricate pressurized tank pipe work and installed don fields.

Q.Name of Company : Castoro SEI (PIPE LAYING BARGE)

(North Sea Offshore)

Position : Certified Cross Country 1104 (Pipeline)

Certified PASSO Automatic Welding Procedure

Period : 1991 – 1992

Duties : Training PASSO Automatic Welding procedure on Netherland

and undergo welding procedure. Weld 35” pipeline on occidental piper (North Sea). Using PASSO Automatic Welding procedure. British Petroleum Pipeline (North Sea) using cross country 1104, weld joints are in all 100% x-ray quality.

R.Name of Company : National Petroleum Services Company

Mobil Oil Refinery (Tripoli, Libya)

Position : Certified Welder / Welding Foreman

Period : 1989 – 1990

Duties : Work as Welding Foreman, handling project on Mobil Oil

Refinery (Power Plant) Expansion.

Supervise pipe fitting fabrication, underground piping, pipe work installation and analyzed pipe work main plan (Power Plant) expansion. Prepared, handling and evaluate materials on expansion project (power plant) safety working procedure is highly observed.

S.Name of Company : National Services Petroleum Co.

(Waha Oil Refinery) Tripoli, Libya

Position : Certified Welder (Cross Country 1104) Pipeline

Period : 1987 – 1989

Duties : I am lead man of maintenance crew, doing job planning,

coordinate safety, production operator before starts the job in and out of the gas plant. Well held, pipe line as well as ghost. Pipe fitting fabrication on the stop and pipe work installation on fields.

T.Name of Company : Occidental Oil Refinery of Libya

Position : Certified Welder (Uphill)

Period : 1984 – 1987

Duties : Undergo on 6G Welding procedure. Weld 36” diameter.

Loading line, live flare line, high pressurized well head and underground pipe on the gas plant. All weld joints are in x-ray quality.

U.Name of Company : National Petroleum Services Co.

Azzawiya Oil Refinery

Position : Certified Welder (Uphill)

Period : 1983 – 1984

Duties : Pass on 6G Welding Test

Welding small bore, up to the biggest diameter of pipe. Welding tie-in on the gas plant, and also in fabrication shop, joints required x-ray quality.

V.Name of Company : Planters Product Inc.

Petro Chemical Plants (Phils.)

Position : Metal Mechanic / Welder Fabricator

Period : 1982 – 1982

Duties : As a metal mechanic (fabricator) on petrochemical plant. I am

doing chute fabrication, repair and splicing belt piping installation on fields and maintaining safety procedures of the company.

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Cristino S. Guanzon

Applicant’s Siganture

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