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Project Manager

Ottawa, ON, Canada
April 20, 2016

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Doug Lentz, CPM


Mr. Doug Lentz is a certified Project Management Professional and also holds a Masters Certification in Project Management and is exceedingly familiar with the fundamentals of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and ITIL and utilizes these principles to meet daily challenges of project management. Doug is proficient in using Microsoft Project to manage and maintain project schedules, in administering and tracking project reports, and is very familiar with the Electronic Document Management and Records Management system.

Doug has been involved in coordinating major IT initiatives within Shared Services Canada (SSC), Citizen Immigration Canada (CIC), Human Resources Development Canada (HRSDC) Stats Canada and Department of National Defense (DND).

Mr. Lentz achievements are:

Received ESRP Release 3 team has received a Deputy Minister’s Award of Excellence in the Category of Excellence in Program Design and Implementation for the successful planning.

Through the use of project management practices saved March Networks $300K on a retrofit program and another $70K on repair work

As core team project manager (team of 10) for the gateway dial up switch was able to cut the time to market by 50% and bring the profit margins up to 48%

Managed many diverse project teams consisting of technicians, clients and consultants. Spearheaded a large Internet project including the coordination of hardware and software installation. Managed project for a major corporation, generated procedures to maintain a new system, including change management protocol and direct supervision of system administration team. Team building efforts enabled project delivery on time and within budget and included leadership role in managing technical and management employees at various sites across Canada and the US

Represented executive management team. Communicated project status and steps to client executive management team, including the Director of IT and the CIO

Created the quality management system that effectively protects the integrity and use products of in R&D and Manufacturing and services that lead to initial ISO 9001 certification


Master IT Project Management – George Washington University (2002)

Project Management – Algonquin College (2001)

Computer Engineering Technology – Algonquin College (1998)

Security Clearance

Level: Secret, File No. 95211130-00013988739 Expiry: 2023-02-11

Professional Development

ITIL – Global Knowledge

PM Certified

Project History


Position / Project



Number of Resources


Shared Services Canada $350M+

Senior Project Manager – NRC Corporate Data Migration, Data Centre Consolidation & Email Transformation Initiative ETI

Breton Carroll, PMO Manager Science Portfolio


July 2014 – Current



Citizen & Immigration Canada


Senior Project Manager Specialist – Express Entry

Debbie Lagacé,

Director, PMO


April 2014 – June 2014 (3 Months)



Human Resources & Skills Development Canada


Project Manager - Enabling Services Renewal Program (ERP)

Nicole Gratton, Sr. Director, Science Portfolio


March 2013 – March 2014 (12 months)



Canadian Border Services


Project Manager - Beyond the Border Coordination Team

Suliman Chadirji, Senior Project Manager, 613-***-****

October 2012 – February 2013

(5 months)



Canadian Agency Drug Technologies in Health


Project Manager, Common Drug Review & Rapid Response

Peter Wayne, Director, PMO & Publishing Services


September 2011 – September 2012

(12 months)



Statistics Canada


Project Scheduler, Census 2011 Data Operations Centre

Michel Monette, Production Services


March 2011 – August 2011

(6 months)



March Networks


Senior Project Manager, Transportation Program

Robert Rathwell, Director, Project Delivery Office


October 2007 – November 2010

(26 months)





Project Manager - Next Generation Networking 2

Graham Kitchen, Director, PMO


April 2007 – September 2007

(6 months)



Department of National Defence


Project Manager, CF -18 Modernization Program

Major Denis Vachon, Manager, GOL PMO


January 2005 – April 2007

(30 months)

275 -> 700


EMS Technologies


Senior Program Manager, EMS Satcom Aero portfolio

Brian Wooltorton


December 2001 – January 2005

(37 months)



Nortel Networks


Senior Project Manager, Telecom Products

Dean Bouchard, Senior Director


March 1990 – November 2001

(141 months)

75 -> 600

Detailed Project History

Project # and Name

11. NRC Corporate Data Migration, Data Centre Consolidation & Email Transformation Initiative ETI


Shared Services Canada


July 104 – Present (10 Months)


As part of Shared Services Mandate to streamline and reduce duplication in the Government of Canada IT services, The Data Centre Consolidation Program (DCCP) represents SSC’s coordinated effort to rationalize and consolidate Government of Canada data centres and to provide overall enterprise-wide service delivery management for its 42 partner organizations. The DCCP will deliver efficient, scalable, cost-effective and standardized data centre services. Scope of the DCCP includes:

Consolidating data centre buildings and IT infrastructure;

Optimization of Government of Canada data centre services on behalf of the Government of Canada;

Standardizing technologies;

Centralizing operations; and

Re-engineering service delivery.

The National Research Council Canada (NRC) is the Government of Canada’s premier organization for research and development, providing access to a multitude of resources for Canadian-based science and technology industry stakeholders, including research facilities and partnership opportunities, technical and advisory services, commercialization services (e.g. licensing opportunities), and innovation support. As a result of the cyber intrusion, the NRC will need to transition its Research & Development functions from the current state to a new, secure IT infrastructure. As Project Manager under Shared Services Science Portfolio, Mr. Lentz provides support to NRC by managing the Corporate Application and data migration to the new environment along with the Email Transition Initiative.


July 2014 – Present (10 months)


As Project Manager, Mr. Lentz is responsible for, Project Planning and Scheduling, Change Control, Quality Assurance and Risk/Issue Management and ITSM. This work includes:

Project Management lead for setting up the Data Center, Application Infrastructure and Data Migration of 18 Corporate Applications.

Project Management lead for Email Transformation Initiative of approx. 5000 user to the new standard Government of Canada email system.

Oct 2014 received recognition from NRC CIO acknowledging the efforts/successes to date as we progress through this large project.

Created Responsible, Assigned Consult, Input (RACI) for all sectors involved.

Work with the NRC to define the rebuild of the network for 18 Corporate Applications.

Work with NRC and CSE to cleanse the data prior to being uploaded to new the build end state.

Follow the project initiation (Charter) and strategic project alignment to business objectives, including analysis and negotiation with key departmental personnel and senior management for cross-projects integration.

Coordinate other Project Managers or Coordinators assigned to deliver sub Project(s)

Guide, mentor, train and perform project planning, based on predefined charters for all knowledge areas.

Take corrective action as required to deliver complete scope at desired quality, in time and within budget.

Manage end-to-end strategic corporate application deployment with varying levels of complexity and scope.

Create and maintain plans, PM Tools, procedures and systems in use with the PM domain.

Plan and coordinate project activities including financial, planning and contracting tracking and reporting aspects.

Produce and maintain integrated work breakdown structure (WBS), schedules and dashboard reporting.

Analyze integrated schedules to identify priorities, activities and conflicts.

Advise managers and/or directors of any potential conflicts or risks to critical path.

Communicate plans, progress and developments to Managers, Directors, Partners and executives.

Prepare documentation and presentation materials in response to scheduled and unscheduled reports to management on project progress and areas of concern.

Guide and mentor other project managers regarding structured methodologies and best practices as well as their usage, to resolve issue encountered in the project.

Contribute to process, methodology, framework or best practices improvements to be applied by the organization in project management area, based on performance analysis, lessons learned and project archives.

Report directly to the organizational Director and/or Service Line Manager.

Drafted, and edited proposals, and solicitation letters to be signed off by the CEO and/or Executive Management.

Project # and Name

10. Express Entry


Citizen and Immigration Canada


The Express Entry system is the first step to immigrate to Canada under these programs. Potential candidates can complete an Express Entry profile at any time. Note that there is no deadline to complete a profile and there are no caps on the number of candidates that will be accepted to the pool.

Anyone who is accepted into the Express Entry pool could get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. Rounds of invitations to invite candidates to apply will take place regularly over the course of each year. We will only pick the top ranking candidates no matter when they were accepted into the pool.


April 2014 – June 2014 (3 months)


As Project Manager Mr. Lentz is responsible for, Project Planning and Scheduling, Change Control, Quality Assurance and Risk Management:

Automated reporting structure by creating custom view and custom filters for pulling details for MS Project 2010 for reporting purposes.

Responsible for updating the monthly TBS dashboard for senior management

Provided input into project complexity and risk management (PCRA).

Authored Project Charter and Project Plan to adhere with the overall scope of the project.

Scheduling: estimating activities, sequencing, fast tracking, producing reports, establish communication with team players to clarify scheduler and capture progress.

Participated and maintained Risk and Change logs meetings and forums.

Participated in security discussions and architecture for the complex architecture of the project.

Project # and Name

9. Enabling Services Renewal Program (ERP)


Human Resources & Skills Development Canada


HRSDC is transforming financial, materiel, human resource, and IT management to have:

Improved Service;

More efficient operations; and

Improved Stewardship.

Two Major ERP’s simultaneously

SAP for Finance and Materiel Management

PeopleSoft for Human Resource Management

Other BackOffice Process and Systems

IT Management (From demand to delivery and operations)

Supporting Services: Case Management, Imaging, Workload Management, Analytics, Contact/Interaction Centers, etc.

Client centered service design


Integrated across service lines (e.g. HR, Finance, IT…)


March 2013 – March 2014 (12 months)


Mr. Lentz is responsible for, Project Planning and Scheduling, Change Control, Quality Assurance and Risk Management. Key Accomplishments:

ESRP Release 3 team received a Deputy Minister’s Award of Excellence in the Category of Excellence in Program Design and Implementation for the successful planning, build and implementation of myEMS (SAP) on April 1, 2014

SharePoint Administrator responsible for creating custom view for tracking project risk, issues, change requests and decisions.

Migrations current MS Project schedule from MSP 2003 to MSP 2010.

Develop and maintain integrated project plans and schedules.

Steward ESRP change control, quality assurance and risk management processes and procedures.

Maintain the integrated program master plan in collaboration with project schedulers to ensure alignment of all project plans, involving:

oSequencing activities including their dependencies across multiple sub-projects;

oDetermining the activity duration and resources; and

oBaselining the master MS Project schedule in order to provide accurate reporting of project status.

Conduct and provide critical path analysis based on monitoring, identifying and resolving issues related to program/project schedules.

Provide ongoing executive reporting on ESRP master schedule and submission to project dashboard.

Assisted in the elaboration of proposals and SOW for the project proposal by gathering sequencing activities and plan dates.

Schedule the co-ordination efforts with internal and external project stakeholders.

Mentor team resources in the application of MS Project in support of ESRP projects.

Support and coordinate the identification of project risks and program risks from various aspects (e.g. economic, political, operational, technical, legal, organizational, business and financial)

Authored project complexity and risk management (PCRA).

Develop, recommend and document alternative solutions, methodologies and strategies for risk mitigation and management.

Perform risk assessments and analysis.

Manage and maintain detailed Risk and Issues Registers on SharePoint (or other tools the Department may utilize).

Prepare ESRP consolidated risks and issues reports for senior management and coordinate

Manage, and maintain change control, tracking and resolution processes.

Liaise with various program and project managers to identify change control implications, cost, schedule, and scope.

Maintain and report on a detailed Change Control Register on SharePoint.

Update and submit change control items to the executive dashboard report.

Develop a detailed Program Quality Assurance plan and supporting cost estimate for the ESRP implementation.

Conduct quality assurance processes and procedures to identify quality assurance issues at

the project and overall program level.

Recommend and document alternative process solutions, methodologies and strategies for quality improvement.

Ensure direct resolution to quality problems and suggest corrective actions to resolve performance issues.

Track and report on the implementation of corrective actions and confirm that corrective actions effectively address the root-causes of the non-conformances.

Develop and maintain the Quality Assurance register on SharePoint (or other tools the Department may utilize).

Provide advice to the Project Authority, Project Manager or their representatives.

Support the operations of the PMO.

Create presentations and present to various stakeholders; facilitate meetings and discussions.

Coach, mentor and train project teams in MS Project, project planning and scheduling, risk mitigation and issues management, change control and quality assurance methodologies and techniques.

Prepare reports, briefing notes, presentations and papers related to project scheduling and reporting, risk management, change control and quality assurance and present them to senior management and various stakeholders when requested.

Submit a written status report on a weekly basis, documenting the progress of the work described above including change control, risk management and quality assurance issues, which may affect overall schedule and planned tasks for the next reporting period.

Produce integrated program-level project plans and schedules, Gantt Chart and other MS Project charts, input to executive dashboard reporting and MS Project training materials.

Develop and submit project scheduling standards, methodologies, planning documents and other supporting documentation and deliverables needed to support the build and the maintenance of the ESRP master schedule.

Submit written project scheduling status updates to the Project Authority, Project Executive and various team leads.

Develop and submit change control, risk management and quality assurance reports for decision-making.

Develop and present project planning/scheduling, change control and risk management.

Project # and Name

8. Beyond the Border Coordination Team


Canadian Border Services


This action plan set out joint priorities for achieving that vision within the four areas of cooperation identified in the Beyond the Border Declaration: addressing threats early; trade facilitation, economic growth and jobs; cross-border law enforcement; and critical infrastructure and cyber-security. Nothing in this action plan is intended to give rise to rights or obligations under domestic or international law; this action plan is not intended to constitute an international treaty under international law. Work to implement this action plan will be subject to normal budget, legal and regulatory mechanisms in each country and will be carried out in close consultation with interested stakeholders in both countries. In particular, progress on many of the elements of this action plan will depend on the availability of funding. In those cases, appropriations to support implementation will be sought through the normal budgetary processes of each country.


October 2012 – February 2013 (5 months)


Mr. Lentz was responsible for, creating, planning and maintaining a project schedule of great-scale, in an effective and cost efficient manner, to assist the CBSA to meet its commitments under the Beyond the Border Action Plan, as well as to track and monitor the progress of all 32 initiatives

During this Project Mr. Lentz had the following duties and accomplishments:

Create, develop and maintain an Integrated Detailed Project Schedule for the Beyond the Border initiatives.

Coordinated business case preparation according to EU’s standards and policies

Develop and maintain Work Breakdown Structures.

Preparation of business cases and plans, briefing notes, Treasury Board submissions, PWGSC submissions.

Assisted in creating template to track project, Risk, Issues, Changes and Decisions.

Produce appropriate reports and identify scheduling and/or dependency issues.

Conduct and provide critical path analysis.

Assist in schedule co-ordination efforts with internal and external project stakeholders.

Meet with various project leads to update the schedules.

Creating Training packages to provide to clients when training them in the areas of Security and Operations.

Project # and Name

7. Common Drug Review & Rapid Response


Canadian Agency Drug Technologies in Health


CADTH delivers evidence, analysis, advice, and recommendations to health care decision-makers so that they can make informed decisions. Our approach is customer-focused and our products and services are designed to meet a broad spectrum of needs. Take a look and see if one of our products or services is right for you.

Once Health Canada has approved a drug for use in Canada, the country’s public drug plans must decide if the drug will be eligible for public reimbursement. The CADTH Common Drug Review (CDR) plays an important role in their decision-making processes.

Reviews are undertaken for new drugs, as well as existing drugs approved for new indications. To shorten the time between Health Canada regulatory approval and a CADTH reimbursement recommendation, a CDR application may be made while a drug is still being reviewed by Health Canada; however, the CADTH drug reimbursement recommendation is not issued until Health Canada approves the drug for use in Canada.


September 2011 – September 2012 (12 months)


Mr. Lentz was responsible for developing and implementing project plans for assigned projects by

establishing and tracking schedules, allocating resources, conducting risk assessments and

recommending solutions and work around to management and for managing closeout activities.

During this project Mr. Lentz had the following duties and accomplishments:

In consultation with project team and management staff, responsible for developing the baseline project plan and schedule for projects. These baseline plans included identifying all activities for the projects, resource assignments, milestones and deliverables.

Prepared, tracked and monitored project schedules.

Provided regular status reports that incorporate activities of the projects and that identified potential risks, issues and recommended actions/solutions.

Identify and capture change impact to the business and project teams to anticipate and address potential issues

Provided resource utilization reports and identified/recommended when resource reallocation or additional resources should be considered

Created and maintained project records and files to ensure the ability to review/audit projects (e.g. risk management report, action and issue log, decision records, and variance reports).

Scheduled and led ongoing project team meetings

Managed post project activities including “lessons learned" for projects and incorporated changes into plans for continual improvement of project processes and archived records.

Contributed to ongoing review of project management processes at CADTH and ensured that established processes were followed by the project team.

Project # and Name

6. Census 2011 Data Operations Centre


Statistics Canada


Statistics Canada, a member of the Industry Portfolio, produces statistics that help Canadians better understand their country its population, resources, economy, society and culture.

In addition to conducting a Census every five years, there are about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life.

In Canada, providing statistics is a federal responsibility. As Canada's central statistical office, Statistics Canada is legislated to serve this function for the whole of Canada and each of the provinces and territories.

Objective statistical information is vital to an open and democratic society. It provides a solid foundation for informed decisions by elected representatives, businesses, unions and non-profit organizations, as well as individual Canadians. Statistics Canada fully endorses the Fundamental principles of official statistics that were established by the United Nations Statistical Commission.


March 2011 – August 2011 (6 months)


Worked with Canada Post and Census Field Operation personnel in developing a project schedule based on incoming activity to schedule required resources along with durations and work effort to get product through the Data Operations Center for the 2011 Census Canada data collection.

During this project Mr. Lentz had the following duties and accomplishments:

Managed and rearrangement the activities in MS Project schedule to improve the outcome based on the latest available information.

Provided Schedule Performance Index (SPI) data to management on, ratio of work accomplished versus work planned, for a specified time period.

Work with team leaders towards direct achievement of the project's objectives during the implementation phase.

Provided Cost Performance Index (CPI) data to management on, ratio of work accomplished versus work cost incurred for a specified time period

Provided Schedule Variance (SV) data to management on, differences between the projected duration for an activity and the actual duration of the activity.

Scheduled work flow through all data centre cells ensuring no bottle necks in the processing of Census documentation.

Ensured project execution with the team leaders and its approach to group collaboration. Kept team motivated and actively engaged consistently to achieve success

Responsible for preparation of detailed baseline schedule which detailed all work package dependencies, assigned resources and applying various constraints in MS project such as “early start” “late start” “early finish” and “late finish” for identified work packages.

Provided senior manage with cost analysis on a weekly basis

Project # and Name

5. Transportation Program


March Networks


Bus fleet and passenger rail operators worldwide rely on our mobile video surveillance solutions to maintain the highest security for passengers and staff, defend themselves against false liability claims, mitigate risks and ensure they can respond immediately to emergency situations.

RideSafe solution, which integrates mobile fleets and wayside assets including stations, depots and park-and-rides, provides benefits and key features that improve operational efficiency and ensure high-quality video is always there when needed.


October 2007 – November 2010 (26 months)


During this project Mr. Lentz had the following duties and accomplishments:

Used project management practices in which was able to save March Networks $300K on a retrofit program and another $70K on repair work

•Worked with senior management and stakeholders in setting the standards in which to report project status, meeting minutes and records of decision. Provided project status to key personnel and stakeholders. Coordination of meetings, for minutes, records and decisions and providing an agenda prior to the meeting. During the meeting minutes, records and decisions are recorded and published post meeting. As example meeting minutes recording could contain; Date, start/end time, location, attendees, absent, Agenda item numbers with discussion around the item what was the outcome and any actions assigned. What is the next meeting date, time, location and who should attend.

Managed multiple Project cross-functional project teams developing transportation products or improvements to the products

Created project plans and consolidated input from multiple teams to form a comprehensive product released to customers

Had customer facing role in which chaired weekly status meeting reporting status and highlights; identifying risks and mitigation plans, tracking action items and key deliverables.

Responsible and accountable for meeting product development requirements, fulfilling product definition, meeting product and project cost goals, quality objectives and time to market objectives.

Provided input on the performance of the project team members to their managers

Ensured that individuals and team roles and responsibilities are understood; performance objectives are identified, measured and monitored on an on-going basis in order to provide positive feedback on accomplishments and to ensure immediate action is taken to address shortfalls

Organized and actively participated in Product and Project reviews and phase change reviews.

Worked with and in the creation of the Project Management Office

Project # and Name

4. - Next Generation Networking




CGI’s Business Technology Group in conjunction with Innovapost and Purolator we responsible for implementing the Next Generation Network Project (NGN). Through, this 3 Phase Project, Canada Post would substantial improve in the overall performance of the Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks and Telephony at a reduced operating cost.

The project was implemented across Canada and resulted in a complete revamp of the CPG's Data Network, by replacing the existing Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN) and Telephony at over 680 locations, including 152 Purolator locations.


April 2007 – September 2007 (6 months)


During this project Mr. Lentz had the following duties and accomplishments:

Authored detailed project plan, including implementation timeframes and budgetary requirements ($8.5 million).

Conducted feasibility analysis to determine whether hardware should be leased or purchased out right

Analyzed business need for each customization and prepared recommendations on the impact/cost/benefit of moving to the new hardware platform

Led Project for LAN switch hardware contract negotiations, service contract negotiations and rollout planning

Prepared detailed proposals for Canada Post Corporation and Purolator

Entered key data into ChangePoint Time, Expenses, Billing, Scheduling and Budget details to track the key elements of the project moving forward

Conducted change analysis to depict and articulate new or modified business processes and impact to target audience groups

Project # and Name

3. CF-18 Modernization Program


Department of National Defence


The CF-18 has recently been put through a two-phase modernization program, a comprehensive mid-life upgrade to ensure that the Canadian Forces have a modern and interoperable fighter fleet.

Phase I of the Incremental Modernization Project was completed in 2006. This first phase of the CF-18 modernization project included among others, the procurement and installation of a new radar, jam-resistant radios, mission computers and embedded global positioning systems.

Phase II of the Incremental Modernization Project, which was finished in 2010, included the installation and integration of a tactical data link system, helmet cueing system, colour displays, upgraded countermeasures dispensers, and a triple-deck cockpit video recorder, among outfitting the CF-18s with other technologically advanced equipment.

In addition to the two modernization phases for CF-18 aircraft, other CF-18 projects are either completed or ongoing to align the CF-18 aircraft with a fully integrated air capability thus increasing Air Force interoperability with our allies

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