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CSWIP 3.1, NDT level II

Visakhapatnam, 530001, India
April 15, 2016

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Curriculum Vitae

Kunchala. Shiva Kumar

S/o K.Boraiah


Thompson Street, Soldier Peta,

Visakhapatnam – 530001,

Andhra Pradesh.

Contact no: +91-970*******




a)Worked as QC Inspector in Dry Docks World - Dubai

b)Worked as Asset Integrity Engineer in South Asia LPG Company Pvt Ltd

c)Worked as QC Engineer (Inspection) in HPCL Visakh Refinery.

d)Worked as QC Inspector (HULL Dept) in Naval Dockyard Ship Repairs– Dry Docks.

e)Worked as Field Quality Engineer in Power Mech Projects ltd.

f)Worked as Engineer in Asha Engineering Works - Ship repairs/Dry Docks.


Dry Docks World - Dubai : Nov 15 – Feb 16

Position: QC Inspector – Structural

Project: BORWIN 3 (HVDC Offshore Convertor Platform)


1.Ensure that the work carried out complies with the international construction codes, project specifications, tender, procedures and manuals as appropriate.

2.Dimensional checking of the structural (plates, fabricated I beams, cans) before prefabrication and releasing the same for welding as per the drawings and Perform in-process and final inspection in shop and onboard.

3.Carrying/monitoring of welder qualification tests and production weld tests.

4.Material, consumables verification and traceability, fit-up & visual welding inspection as per approved ITP.

5.Carried out Welding inspection of the structural, experienced in all manual and mechanized SAW / FCAW/SMAW applications.

6.Monitoring the capability of each welder on the basis of NDT Reports and Random Verification of welding parameters according to approved WPS, weld/consumable audits.

7.Perform NDT as required by the ITP and QAP. Ensuring that weld inspection, examination and test are carried out & documented in accordance with QAP.

8.Coordinate and liaise with the third party inspection agencies, client to ensure adherence to related standards.

9.Ensure that the safety, quality & environment requirements of the yard are strictly followed.

10.Conduct frequent audits and report any non-compliance to the superiors on issues of quality. updating and filling all relevant inspection records in the Mariner software.


RandStad India Limited : Jan 14 – Oct 15

Position : QC Engineer – Asset Integrity Management

Client : South Asia LPG Company Pvt Ltd – Cavern Marine Terminal


1.Ensure that mechanical integrity engineering for topside static production equipment such as unit piping, Pressure Vessels, storage tanks, heat exchanger is carried out.

2.Reviewing of P&ID drawings of the unit piping, fabrication/erection of various structural works.

3.Periodic inspections/survey of the pipe lines for welding and corrosion/painting failure. thickness gauging of the unit piping and (static equipment’s like exchangers, pressure vessels and storage tanks if required).

4.Assist with maintenance/operations dept and repair of engines, pumps (rotary equipment’s), exchangers, valves and PSV’s, safety valves and ESV’s and SDV’s of the LPG Unit.

5.Corrosion monitoring of the Plant piping and Equipment and storage tanks as per the TOTAL standards. Painting/coating inspection of the piping/vessels

6.Involved in plant shutdown/maintenance of LPG submersible pumps and thickness gauging, corrosion monitoring of the underground tubing.

7.Inspection of welding joints visually and conducting of the NDT tests for the same as per the stds. Monitoring of SMAW/GTAW welding methods.

8.Carried out Fit up, final weld visual of the unit piping onsite as per the ASME B 31.3. & reviewing of the RT films and preparation of reports.

9.Frequent inspection/verification of piping material, welding consumables, pipe fittings & paints (Carboline).

10.Preparation of the QIP for the welding, painting & Scope of work for other plant maintenance and repair jobs.

11.Involved in LRUT for the cross country pipeline and Gas leak audit for the plant equipment.

12.Carried out Hydro tests of the plant piping, pressure vessels, tanks and valves as per standards.

13.Carry out periodic maintenance of according to procedures and coordinate that maintenance with supervisors and other departments.

14.Ensure compliance with the plant maintenance system and ensure all records are maintained on timely basis.

15.Ensuring availability of the work permits and isolation systems as required as per plant HSE procedures.

Aarvi Encon Pvt Ltd : Apr 13 – Dec 13

Position : QC Engineer

Client : Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL) Visakh Refinery

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd)

1.CDU I,III & MS Block (Crude Oil Distillation Unit) & VRCFC(Visakh Refinery Clean Fuels Unit)

a)Mechanical Inspections on static equipment heat exchangers shell and tubes i.e deep pits on inside of the shell, scaling and grooving and tube sheets are inspected for corrosion pitting etc.

b)Thickness survey of all the unit piping, columns, pressure vessels and heat exchangers carried out using UT.

c)Visual Inspection of the entire heating coil heaters/furnace wall for corrosion and hot spots and thickness readings are observed on the coils and inlet and outlet piping of the furnace inspection carried out visually along with thickness survey.

d)Witnessing Tube test and Shell test of the Heat Exchangers as per refinery stds.

e)Inspection of Fit up’s, root and final weld visual of weld joints of the onsite/offsite piping. Painting inspection of the unit piping, furnace walls and structure of the plant (eg. CDU I)(In service pipe lines)

f)Involved in MS Block,CDU-III,VRCFC(Visakh Refinery Clean Fuels) unit and Merox piping works – survey of the damaged pipes followed by renewal of new pipes,fit ups, weld visual inspection and DP Tests of the pipe joints and hydro tests as per the refinery standards/EIL stds.

2.On-stream Inspections

a)Preparing Inspection work list (IWL) of the piping of the plant as per visual inspection and thickness gauging report.

b)Visual Inspection/survey of the LPG Mounded Bullets, piping/tanks/heat exchangers for structural repairs. On-stream inspection on storage tanks (fixed roof, floating roof etc) visually.

c)Reviewing of isometric, P&ID and G.A drawings of the piping and related equipment and executing the job accordingly.

d)Familiar with international code and regulations such as ASME 31.3,ASME IX,V, and AWS D1.1. Involved in monitoring SMAW/GTAW welding methods.

e)Conducting Welder qualification tests for the welders as per the ASME Sec IX and EIL stds.

f)Interpretation of the radiography films of the refinery piping, tanks and pressure vessels. Witnessing and reviewing of the PWHT of the piping.

g)Blasting and Coating/Painting inspection of the pipes, plates(tank bottom) in the yard and of storage tanks.

h)Inspection of cement lining of the sea water pipe lines and collar joints fitment of the same.

i)Witnessing of Hydro tests of the pipe lines, cargo hoses & Valves(gate,ball,PSV’s etc) as per the EIL stds.

Naval Dockyard NDV (Visakhapatnam) - Dry Docks : Feb 11- Apr 13

Position : QC Inspector (Third Party Inspection)

Consultant : Ganga Suraj Consultants.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam-Ship repairs)

Based on QIS, QIP, inspecting the required work as per quality norms for the IN(Indian Navy) surface Ships(‘R’ class, survey ships etc) & Submarines.

1.Witnessing surveys like endoscopic survey(sea tubes & sea chests), UT thickness guaging and hammer test carried out on underwater hull & internal structures(compartments) of Indian Navy Ships (refit -MR/NR/SR).

2.Going through the structural fabrication repair works in stage wise as per working level drawing (WLD).

3.Visual inspection and survey of the steel structure of the barge/pontoons as per the refit program.

4.Fit Up, Visual inspection of welding works on the hull structure using NDT methods, Steel renewal works in Ballast and fresh water tanks & Hull out fitting works, protective /special coatings works as per the survey reports.

5.Carried out blasting inspection (Grit blasting & Hydro-jet blasting) and mech power tooling surface preparations on Hull structure/plates/pipes and tanks using the Navy Orders(NES).

6.Inspection of structural fabrication and erection of steel structure of warship

vessels such as erection of bulkheads, decks, WT & NWT doors, minor & major foundations and penetrations.

7.Examining Painting/Coating works of various painting schemes on Under water Hull as well as on the ship side and super structures for all the internal tanks (fresh water, fuel oil & ballast tanks) as per NACE and Defence standards.

8.Carried out onboard piping inspection of the ships and submarines.

9.Witnessing of pressure testing of the all internal tanks of the barge’s and the entire pontoon structure in presence of the Navy staff.

10.Inspection of ICCP and sacrificial anodes installation as per anode plan of ship.

11.Witnessed survey and carried out visual inspection on Silpway & Docking facility equipment and inspected repairs like welding,painting and other mechanical activities related to the equipment.

12.Witnessing pneumatic pressure tests for sea tubes and ballast tanks/internal tanks and internal piping and hose tests for hull shell plates.

13.Familiar with ASME Sec (II,IX,V), IS and DEF STAN codes and involved in monitoring various welding methods SMAW/GTAW/MIG.

14.Preparation of QIS and QAP for the all structural works (under water & above water),painting,grit/hydro jet blasting and welding etc.

15.Material verification, fit-up & visual welding inspection as per approved ITP(Inspection Test Plan).

16.Perform outfitting/Insulation checks and chalk test for the WT doors and hatches.

17.Carried out visual inspection of Habitalbility works on the IN Ships/vessels.

18.Reviewing of radiography films, thickness gauging,hull survey reports, rubber sample(Hardness test) and material analysis reports as per the DEF/IS standards.

19.Coordinate with the client and sub-contractors representative on daily basis to resolve any quality problems or issues.

M/S Power Mech Projects Ltd (Vijayawada) : Nov 09 - Jan 11

Position : Field Quality Engineer (5*800 Mega Watts TATA POWER PLANT)

Third Party : TATA POWER PLANT, Mundra Site, Gujarat

Client : L&T, Mundra Site

Contractor : Power Mech Projects Ltd, Mundra Site.


1.Carried out erection and commissioning of the condenser, deareator, Pressure Vessels.

2.Responsible for total Non Destructive Testing. Review and monitor NDT requirements.

3. To carry out inspections of the steel structure/ Piping works during prefabrication, assembly and erection stages.

4. Field Equipment alignment inspection using water level/spirit level, piano wire as per the G.A drawings.

5. Conduct Field inspections like fit up, final weld visual of weld joints of the pressure vessels and piping of the unit.

6. Preparation of inspection reports such as daily welding reports and all related documents and daily surveillance of welding and welding consumables and equipments.

7.Marking of weld joints for radiography testing.

8.Conduct welding qualification tests for the welders in presence of the client.

9.Reviewing of radiography films, and performing Dye Penetrant (DP) Tests for the weld joints as per the ASME Sec-V.

10. Well acquainted with the ASME Sec’s VIII, V, and IX.

11. Preparation of all Inspection reports with the Class/ Client approval.

Asha Engineering Works Pvt Ltd : May 09 – Oct 09

Position: Field Engineer


1. Responsible for structural fabrication erection works/repairs carried out on field/workshop.

2.Surveying of the warships/barges/tugs/pontoons i.e carrying thickness gauging/hammer test of the vessel (under water & above water steel structure).

3. Preparing of the survey reports (thickness gauging) and drawings of the structure surveyed.

4.Carrying of above water structure repairs, Monitoring of the welding works of the vessels/steel structure.

5. Checking of the fit ups with the welding gauge and clearing for further process.

6. Individually carried out DP(Dye Penetrant )Tests as per ASME sec V

7. Carrying out Pneumatic/Hydro tests for the pipe spools and internal tanks, sea tubes, barges in presence of the client.

8. Material verification reviewing of the material analysis reports, test certificates.

9. Preparation of reports such as daily welding reports and all related documents and daily surveillance of welding and welding consumables and equipments and various field reports.


1.TWI Certified – CSWIP 3.1 (Welding Inspector) – Cert No 96485

2.Certified in ASNT Level – II in Non Destructive Testing(NDT)

ASNT-Level II, ASNT SNT-TC-IA 2001 Edition - Ultrasonic testing (UT)

- Radiography testing (RT)

- Magnetic particle testing (MPT)

- Dye Penetrant testing (DPT)


Software Tools : Pro-E, Catia V5, Auto-Cad.

Packages : M-s Office, Adobe Photoshop.

Operating system : Windows XP/2000.


B.E. - (MECHANICAL) 2005-2009

College : Sanketika Vidya parishad Engg College, Visakhapatnam.

University : Andhra University

CGPA : 65.4


College : Gangadar junior college, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Board : Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh.

Percentage : 60.4



Institution : St. Aloysius high school, Visakhapatnam.

Board : S.S.C

Percentage : 77.7

Passport Details

Passport Number : K9441055

Date of Issue : 12/2/2013

Date of Expire : 11/2/2023

Place of issue : Visakhapatnam


Father’s name : K.Boraiah

Date of birth : 23rd November 1986

Gender : Male

Nationality : Indian

Language known : English, Hindi, Telugu

About Myself:

Apart from the above mention skills I would like to highlight the following traits of my personality.

1)Tries to get the best results by working up to extreme level.

Believe in teamwork and coordination.

I do hereby declare that all the entries and statements made in this resume are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Visakhapatnam

(Shiva Kumar. k)

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