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Mechanical Engineering Design

Gainesville, FL
April 14, 2016

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Prashanth Kumar Duggishetti

**** ** **** **, ***********, Fl-32608 408-***-****


A passionate graduate student from University of Florida expected to graduate in May 2016 with a Masters Degree in mechanical engineering, specializing in Dynamic systems and Controls.

Currently working as a Control Engineer and UI developer for a Dycap media solutions a startup in Gainesville.

Assisted in the establishment of LightSaber India, a startup specializing in development of LASER based 3D printers and CNC machines.


Masters of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering - University of Florida, Gainesville May 2016

Relevant Coursework: Computer Control of Machines (Mechatronics), Kinematic analysis of Robot Manipulators, Principles of Engineering Analysis, Analytical Dynamics, Non Linear Control, Modern Control theory, Finite Element Methods (FEA/FEM), Principles of MEMS transducers (MEMS)

Minor in Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship and Venture Financing, Business Plan Lab GPA-3.40

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering - SNIST, Hyderabad, India May 2014

Relevant Coursework: Robotics and Controls, Principle of Finite Element Methods, Dynamics of Machinery, Kinematics of Machinery, Electronics and Electrical concepts for Mechanical Engineering, CAD-CAM Lab, Applied Thermodynamics, Gas Turbines, Fluid Mechanics and Turbo Machinery, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. GPA-3.52

Technical Skills

MATLAB, SIMULINK, AutoCAD, Linux,SolidWorks, CreoElements (Pro-e), Rapid prototyping, Microsoft Excel, Manual Machining, Manual Drafting, CNC, 3D printing, Java, C, C++, Python, ROS.

Industrial Exposure

Control Engineer – Dycap Media Solutions, Gainesville Oct 2015 – Present

Actively participated in the initial hardware development through design review and assembly of the hardware.

Implemented a PID controller to achieve stable face tracking for the panning, tilting and zoom of the camera.

Implemented Facial recognition and Detection for frontal and profile faces using OpenCV

Designed the UI for the application by using Python and Glade.

Continuous brainstorming for ideas related business development and product improvement.

Intern - LightSaber India, Hyderabad Spring 2014

Actively participated in the launch of a startup which specializes in development of LASER based CNC machines and 3D printers.

Designed and fabricated a Metallographic polishing machine for the purpose of polishing reflection mirrors in the LASER.

Act as a point of contact for material providers, vendors, machinists and buyers

Design and Development of 3-axis CNC machine for LASER cutting

Designed various components of an 8’X3’ 3-axis CNC machine using Pro-e, fabricated and assembled parts for the CNC machine using various metal fabrication techniques.

Designed and fabricated the components of a “200W fast axial flow CO2 laser” for the purpose of engraving and thin metal cutting, tweaking of design based on the availability of parts and feasibility.

Intern - Thermal Systems Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad Winter 2012

Underwent an industrial training at the manufacturing facility that produces Waste Heat Recovery Boilers. The duties performed were:

Optimization of production time on the machine floor by monitoring daily production activity for various procedures like drilling, welding, cutting etc.

Study of Project management procedures and optimization of processes through continuous feedback

Testing and part verification on assembly through random sampling and quality control of the final product.


Design of Controller for tracking a Nonholonomic 2-Wheeled robot

Developed a Kinematic Model for a 2 wheeled robot and designed a controller by using Lyapanov analysis to achieve global asymptotic stability and stable tracking.

Implemented the designed kinematics and the controller in SIMULINK, determined the gain values to achieve an adaptive tracking.

Comparison of Finite Element Models

Designed four unique models in Solidworks to perform Finite Element Analysis and discussed the implications of the results.

Computed the convergence of the results for various element type and mesh densities (Plane stress, Plate element, 3D model, Use of symmetry/no symmetry, 3node, 4node, 9node element application)

Compared the results across different software (Solidworks, Abacus, IBFEM)

Implemented a beam element in MATLAB to read element properties, mesh and boundary conditions from a text file, perform analysis and write the result to a file.

Design and Simulation of Feedback based Cruise Controller for automobile

Determined the stability of the system, linearized the nonlinear dynamic model and designed a dynamic compensator for stabilization to satisfy the design specifications.

Modeled and designed the controller for linearized system in MATLAB and the nonlinear system in SIMULINK to produce a stable cruise control.

Comparison between the MATLAB and redesigned SIMULINK controller model.

Forward and Reverse analysis of a 6-axis PUMA robot

Determined the tool position and orientation for a given set of joint parameters through Co-ordinate transform techniques (Forward analysis) in MATLAB

Determined the joint parameters for a desired/predetermined tool position and orientation, through closed loop techniques (Reverse Analysis) in MATLAB

Design, Analysis and manufacturing process flow of a MEMS accelerometer

Designed an out of plane accelerometer for the purpose of measuring the amount of impact forces experienced by a football player during collisions (10g-100g).

Maximized the sensitivity, reduced the non-linearity and reduced the chance of fracture for double the working range (200g) by tweaking the design through trial and error.

Analyzed the designed structure using Solidworks for failure and off axis behavior for different loading patterns.

Accelerometer was made manufacture ready for SUMMiT V process.

Alternate Design for Human Waste Disposal System

Designed a system to detect the designated dumping zones using various sensors and activate the disposal system. This was designed to solve the problem of open disposal of waste in the trains run by Indian Railways.

Convenience, adaptability and environmental feasibility were studied, performed cost analysis, and the results were used during the design of the system.

Design Analysis of a Dyson Air Multiplier

Developed a prototype of the air multiplier to demonstrate the COANDA effect.

Analyzed the designed prototype using FEA Software.

Design of Transmission System

Designed the transmission system for SAE vehicle based on the design criteria provided by SAE for Baja India 2013.

Designed and Prototyped a RC Hovercraft

Led a team of 6 members in designing and prototyping a RC hovercraft from scratch using brushless motors and Styrofoam. Designed a RF transmitter and receiver for communication and control purposes.

Miscellaneous Robotics Projects

Designed and prototyped a Stair climber, an All-terrain Navigator, a Pole climber, and a Trebuchet as a part of The Robotics Club which helped me apply and improve on the concepts learned during the mechanical, electronics and programming classes.

Activities & Involvement

Volunteering as a mentor for a deserving low income middle school student at Take Stock in Children–Alachua County.

Member of The Entrepreneurship Club at the University of Florida.

Organizer for 3day startup Gainesville 2016 a 3 day workshop to kick start the process of launching a lean startup.

Lead a team of five to round of 16 at the Gator Big Idea Competition for the consumer electronic product “Track”.

Winner of Gainesville Start-up Weekend-2014 as a part of the team MouseTrapp for a consumer electronic product.

Worked as the Technical Head of The Robotics Club, mentored more than 150 students in the field of robotics, overlooked a number of projects and conducted weekly hands-on and interactive sessions

Member of Society for Automobile Engineers– India/SNIST chapter

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