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Management Supply Chain

Dasmariñas, CALABARZON, Philippines
April 12, 2016

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Resume Summary

Current Position: Systems Excellence, Inventory and Warehouse Manager

Specialization: Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management

Highest Education:Bachelor’s Degree in BS Industrial Engineering / Mapua Institute of Technology

:Master’s in Business Administration, Major in Information Technology (21 Units)/ Dela Salle University- Dasmarinas, Cavite

Employment History

Nov 2015 – Present

Royal Cargo, Inc (RCI) - A Logistics Company in the Philippines

Industry : Logistics, Warehouse, and 3PL

Project : Petron Corporation (Oil) as Project Consultant

Basic Responsibilities : As Project Consultant - Over-sees the entire Warehouse Department, Operations, and its Improvements.

Make certain of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) / System Compliance by the Warehouse Department.

Monitors and Audits the Inventory Accuracy and Item Inventory Location Integrity.

Leads the Warehouse Department, Planning, and Strategic Activities and Cost Improvement activities.

Carry-out the agreed KPI’s with Client and its full compliance.

Handles the preparation of Weekly and Monthly Operations Report.

Keep an eye on EDI System (ERP Business Software) implementation.

Motivates, Coaches and trains all staff members to work in accordance with our objective, thus promoting Teamwork and Solidarity.

Serves as a catalyst between Petron, our Client, and RCI, 3PL in pushing improvement and innovations at the Project Site.

Major Accomplishments

Sets-up Warehouse SOPs – Receiving and Put-Away, Dispatching and Cycle Count Procedures; plus, Work Instructions and forms used

Such as Reconciliation Forms, Count Tags, Check List.

Lead the Bar-Coding Implementation Project.

Initiated the clean-up of Material Master List on the ERP System, and then, introduced the usage of “Material Code / Item Code” for easy

Identification of the items.

Established the “Locator Map” in Warehouse so that Items can easily be located in any given time.

Eliminate Variance between Actual Count Vs. System Record from 90% to 99.99%. by proper stacking of items and continuous Cycle

Count Activities on a Weekly basis.

Introduced “5S Methodology” – for Good Housekeeping and Safety Practices.

Created the “DASHBOARD Report Format” for Top Management’s easy perusal.

June 2015 – Oct 2015

Position Title (Level) : Manager – Warehouse & Materials Planning

Specialization :Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management

NIDEC PHILIPPINES CORPORATION, (Japanese Multi-National Manufacturing Company) Laguna, Philippines

Industry : Manufacturing & Production

Basic Responsibilities :Over-sees the entire Warehouse & Materials Department

Assists the PCD General Manager for the implementation of the divisional goals for the attainment of company's targets.

Bridges communication between the Top Management and Department's team members.

Handles Receiving, Issuance and Distribution of Raw Materials to respective departments particularly the Production requirement.

Make certain that actual deliveries of items are within the required specsand prescribe quantities while supporting the production lines.

Lead the way in implementation of 5S (Sort, Stabilize, Shine, Standardized and Sustain), plus Safety Concerns in Warehouse.

Keep an eye in Budget control by ensuring that expenses are within the prescribed budget.

Monitors and coordinates the disposition of materials and documents that are with issue/s.

In charge of Security Operations, and checks the Security Procedures in Warehouse.

Directs & coordinates activities with vendors to attain the required Material Order Quantity, and also, request calibration

Or replacement of equipment, if required.

Runs& organize the weekly and monthly Cycle Counts (Physical Inventory), analyzes & correct variances.

Devises and implements improvement plansfor the Warehouse Department such as New Layout, New Systems & Procedure;

Evaluates Warehouse Staff performances in accordance to the prescribed standard Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of Warehouse Dept.

Motivates,Coaches &Trains all staff to work efficiently and effectively, thus promoting Teamwork & Camaraderie among each other.

Major Accomplishments

a.Improves process and saves time for SAP –ERP System uploading by providing a Standard Template for upload;

b.Spearheaded the utilization of Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) thru SAP –ERP System, thus SAP Portal was introduced to all Suppliers.

c.Leads Toolbox Meeting for all Warehouse Staff stock knowledge information such as Safety concerns, and Management Directions.

d.Reduced inspection Lead –time of Casting Molds & Sample items to save time for material qualification from 3 days to 2 days only;

June 2013 –Dec 2014

Position Title (Level) : Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Mosanada -United Group Limited (MUGL), Doha, State of Qatar


Basic Responsibilities :ASPIRE ZONE (AZ) PROJECT

Handles stock control – receipts, storage, retrieval, timely delivery of goods, shipment, loading, transferring / issuance of goods;

Guide and coordinates with Suppliers and/or Logistics Providers with regards to the delivery of all our incoming and out-going items;

Show the way, and trains all Warehouse Personnel / Staff to make sure that they comply with the Safety, Quality Standards &Procedures;

Make certain that all goods received in the warehouse are of the accepted quality and of the right quantity, ensuring that the goods remain in correct and good condition in the warehouse, and then, Distributes to the corresponding branches or area.

Ensures all records (delivery receipts, receiving reports, etc.) of stock movements are accurate and complete and that these are properly recorded in the ERP System, known as Total Asset Management (TAM) Computer System;

In charge for Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) activities of spare parts intended for general usage of all Venues within Aspire Zone Project;

Ensures all reports are timely and accurate: inventory, consumption, deliveries, shrink, and other reports related to KPI Activities;

Keep an eye on the Optimum Inventory Level of the company on the premise of economic, and operational requirement in accordance with the prescribed policies;

Directs & trains team activities, establishes task priorities, scheduling and track work assignments, providing guidance and ensuring availability of resources;

Keep up and develops positive business relationships with customer’s key personnel involved including the top management and other departments related to Logistics activity;

Run the Cycle Count Program and implements Corrective Actions as required to maintain our Zero Variance objective;

Motivates all staff to work efficiently and effectively, thus promoting Teamwork & Camaraderie among each other.

Major Accomplishments

e.Originated and brought together the use of SIMULATION PLANNING and METHODOLOGY in our Materials Planning Activities;

f.Put into operation and organized the ITEM CLASSIFICATION in which we assigned the FAST MOVING, CRITICAL and SLOW MOVING items for a better monitoring of items and Cycle Count Program;

g.Devised a new system and guidelines of materials withdrawal for Torch Tower (TT) Hotel– the said guidelines puts control on TT’s withdrawals of items from Warehouse; Also, designed a new Receiving Form to improve the collection of completed Technical Specs upon Receiving Process;

h.Slashed significantly the Stock-Out Issues of Spare Parts from 21% of Zero Stock-Out down to 0% in the span of 1 year, thus, saving a significant amount of money ( Qatar Riyals 1.8 Million) in a Monthly Basis as imposed in KPI Penalties established by client ;

i.Started & implemented a Re-Ordering Process and Principle to standardized the required quantities to be re-ordered to the Suppliers;

j.Spearheaded the utilization of Material Item Codes based from the Best Practices of the industry, as our Reference Number upon ordering, and delivery of items to Warehouse; thus, improving the efficiency of our Warehouse Personnel in the Receiving Department;

k.Get rid of the inventory variance ratio between Actual Count vs. Book Value by leading the weekly Cycle Count Process from 82% up to 100% accuracy of inventory records;

l.Trained & executed a Good Housekeeping Program and Disposal Procedure such as 5s Methodology and Turn-over Activity Program;

m.Brings out about a New System for ERP Software such as Pop-up information, On-Line Updating, Reporting and additional Withdrawal Options;

n.Made the first move in cleaning up the database of required materials, and then, get rid of duplicated / similar items from the ERP System (TAM Computer System), thus eliminating the confusion upon ordering of required items;

Sep 2011 – May 2013


Position Title (Level) :Senior Warehouse Manager

Specialization : Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management


Basic Responsibilities:

In charge in distribution of items to SM Department Stores in all SM City Malls throughout the entire Philippines;

Directs trucking and delivery operations as well as daily dispatching of Fieldwork Personnel;

Source & Negotiation of rates with common carrier representatives and other vendors;

Takes an overall lead and directed the team in discussing operational concerns, and our Continuous Improvement Programs;

Planned, organized, and supervise warehouse’ over-all day to day operations such as Receiving, Put-away, Storage, Picking, QC, Dispatching to branches& customers, Document Control, and System’s data entry;

Set-up, layout planning, space management and Inventory Management;

Put in order procedures, guidelines and trained staff for Safety, SOPs, Security, 5S, FIFO& others;

Spearheads building & vehicle maintenance, Good Housekeeping&Security measures of the entire building and its perimeter;

Prepares Inventory reports, Receiving Report, DamageReports, and other QC reports;

Implement Productivity Improvement Programs principle in all aspects of warehouse transactions, supply chain and distribution activities;

Make sure and auditsthe approval request for payment the billingsof Service Providers;

Motivatesstaff to strive and work better, effectively, and efficiently;

Strategizes to improve all Logistics & Warehouse Operationsin accordance with the company’s objectives;

Major Accomplishments

a.Spearheaded the transfer activities of all items including office fixtures from Old Warehouse Building into a new and bigger Warehouse Building ;

b.Put in order the new Warehouse Building Layout for optimum Receiving and Dispatching activities ;

c.Lead, trained and implemented the 5S Process in the Central Warehouse for Good Housekeeping Program;

d.Designed New Warehouse Guidelines & Procedures for Safety and Security improvements of Central Warehouse;

e.Implemented FIRST-IN, FIRST-OUT (FIFO) Program by using Color Codes, for easy fast recognition of items.

July 2009 – July 2011

Gas Arabian Services Co. Ltd., Dammam, Eastern Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Position Title (Level) : Logistics OIC (OFFICER IN CHARGE) in Instrumentation Division

Specialization : Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management

Industry : Oil & Gas / Project Management &Construction / OEM Distributor

Basic Function

Over-all in-chargeof Logistics & Warehouse Operations Management wherein responsible for planning, controlling, directing, staffing and overall supervision of all activities that includes Purchasing, Expediting, Shipping, Impex (Customs releasing),Inventory Control, Storage, and Distribution of Ordered Goods to respective client’s site and location.

Logistics, Warehouse Operations & Materials Distribution

Takes an overall lead and direct a team tasked to provide &builds Good Customer Relationship by discussing operational concerns, and Continuous Improvement Programs;

Keep an eye on the operations and inventory accuracy of all items in warehouse, and other 3rd party warehouses;

Makes sure that FIFO Principle were followed to all deliveries dispatched items to clients ;

Ensures that all purchased items are in right quality and in accordance to required specifications;

Implements systems and procedures to enhance and improve warehousing system in line with ISO9001;

Sourced-out, RFQ, and evaluate for possible vendors in line with our Vendor Sourcing Program;


1)Usage of SAP R3 & Net Weaver ERP Software Program;

2)Uses of RFID Technology for better tracking of materials dispatched to Saudi Aramco;

3)Conducts 5S (Sort, Stabilize, Shine, Standardized and Sustain) Training to subordinates & implements it;

4)Attended SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Symposium Workshop organized by Saudi Aramco;

Major Accomplishments

a.Takesthe lead in Pioneering a successful application of RFID Technology amongst Saudi Aramco suppliers thru SAP R3 (ERP). We are the 1st vendor in Saudi Arabia that implemented and tookpartofthis Saudi Aramco’s Pilot Project known as “Advance Warehouse & Logistics Management (AWLM) System”;

b.Recipient of 5 Certificate of Appreciations intended to our Logistics Team’s Professionalism, Dedication, and On-Time Deliveries coming from various EPC/EPCM Clients, namely : Worley Parsons, TecnicasReunidas, Dar Al-Riyadh, Al-Suwaidi, and others;

c.Increasessignificantly in the span of one and a half (1 ) years the “On-Time Delivery Performance” of our Division from 80% to 99% on all orders by our Clients.

Nov 2007 – July 2009

Al-Suwaidi Trading and Development Co. Ltd., Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Position Title (Level) : Logistics Head &Supervisor

Specialization : Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management

Industry : Oil & Gas / Project Management& Construction / OEM Distributor

Basic Function

Responsible for the SET-UP ACTIVITIES of the new Fabrication Factory in Materials Planning, controlling, directing, staffing and overall supervision of all activities related to Logistics and Warehouse Operations Management that includes Expediting, Distribution, Transportation and Shipping of Finished Goods to respective client’s site or location. Also, responsible for Customs Clearances of all imported materials.

Logistics, Warehouse Operations & Materials Distribution

Organized, train, and supervise the work of Materials & Delivery Man, Materials Controller, and Storekeeper in accordance with ISO 9001 policies and guidelines on a regular basis;

Keep an eye to Materials Receiving, Good Receipt Notes (GRN) prepared thru JD Edwards Business Software on a daily basis;

Makes sure of FIFO Principle were followed and On-Time delivery of Orders to Clients were done;

Make certain of stock availability of consumable and fast moving items by monitoring the set of re-order point;

Ensures Actual stock vs. Stock record accuracy by implementing Cycle Counting method;

Handles the interaction with Customs Clearing Agents and Brokers for the release of imported materials via Ocean or Air Shipment on regular basis;

Ascertain that all materials are stored properly in a recommended warehouse set-up in accordance with recommended “MSDS” (Material Safety Data Sheet) of OEM manufacturers.


a.Dealt with other Nationalities such as Saudis, Palestinians, Indians, Pakistanis, Yemenis and others with different background and personalities;

b.Preparation of Project Costing and Estimate particularly to Logistics and Shipping Cost;

c.Part of the “Core Team” that spearheaded the full implementation of ERP BUSINESS SOFTWARE - EDWARDS (JDE) BUSINESS WORLD SOFTWARE for Supply Chain Management Division, and for the entire organization;

Major Accomplishments

a.Formulated and implemented New System& Procedures for Logistics & Store Operations in line with ISO 9001 Program. Designing Blank Forms, Materials Request Forms, Stock Cards, and others. Also, applying Warehouse Principles such First-In, First-Out (FIFO) Principle, and 5S (Sort, Stabilize, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) for Good Housekeeping program;

b.Designed a New Warehouse Lay-out for better Visual Management;

c.Brought together, and source-out Service Company Providers such as Transporters, Clearing Agents and Brokers, Couriers etc. compare prices, select and negotiates the best possible prices and services offered. Thus, creating savings (SAR 50,000.) to the advantage of the company.

Feb 2004 - Nov 2007

Icoast Manufacturing Group, Inc.

Position Title (Level) : Logistics & Purchasing Operations Head

Specialization : Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management


Basic Function

Manages the Logistics,Sourcing / Purchasing & Procurement activities, plus Warehousing Mgt. functions. Also, responsible in Materials Planning, Vendor Management, and other Supply Chain functions.

Duties and Responsibilities

1)Facilitates strategic solutions for MRP, Materials &Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics Management;

2)Engage, equip, and lead all Team Members to use and apply the purchasing / warehouse principles, concepts and techniques such FIFO, 5S, JIT, Simulation Method, and others;

3) Re-engineer, design, and implement ISO9001System and Procedures for Logistics, Warehouse & Inventory activities, and Purchasing functions;

4) Coordinates and negotiates with vendors and forwarders the company's timetable, quality and quantity requirement;

Experiences Gained :

1) Experience in decision making - whether to buy or not, when to deliver or not;

2) Experience in problem solving such as issues on deliveries, quality, and service;

3) Experience in ERP Business Software (SAP BS1), skilled in the use of internet, including Microsoft's power point, word, and Excel;

4) Went to Shanghai, China for Vendor Sourcing and Development;

Major Accomplishments :

1) Contributes to a 25% increase in company's bottom line profit;

2) Designed and implemented a new Systems & Procedures intended for Logistics & Purchasing Department;

3) Employs the FIFO, JIT, KITTING METHOD and Simulation Method in Materials Management;

4) Negotiated and got a total cost down and discounted price amounting to more than P5M;

5) Worked closely with our European partners in Vendor Outsourcing and Localizing programs;

6) Pioneered the ABC Classification & Analysis of Warehouse materials;

7) Formulated & Established Purchasing, Materials Planning, Warehousing Procedures & Regulations, plus other guidelines in line with ISO9001 standards;

8) Reduced stock-out issues from 20% down to 5%;

9) Implemented Cycle Counting of stocks, thus ensuring the 100% accuracy of Stocks-on-hand.

Nov 1998 - Jan 2004

Nidec Philippines Corporation

Position Title (Level) : Senior Planner / Buyer (Asst. Supervisor for Production Control)

Specialization : Purchasing/Inventory/Material & Warehouse Management


Basic Function

1) Team leader in procurement of all direct materials such as magnets, bearings, connectors, back iron, name plates, bar code labels, FF seals, aluminum die-casts, magnet wires, etc.;

2) Coordinated closely to vendors regarding raw materials requirements, price negotiations, forecast, and other concerns;

3)Effectively supervised and checked the "materials plan" and "forecasted demand" of six (6) Planner/ Buyers;

4) Based from Bill of Materials (BOM) prepares the MRP activities, thus eliminating production down time due raw materials shortages;

5) Calculates the monthly budget for all adhesives, chemicals and industrial gases (helium and Argon) for production use;

6) Prepares three (3) month’s forecast (materials planning) of all direct and indirect materials;

7) Lead the Production staff, Products Engineers and QA Engineers regarding the evaluation results of a specific products;

8) Prepares and ensure the accuracy of data of all Purchase Order;

9). Ensures the timely transmittal of Purchase Orders;

10). In-charge of sourcing possible vendors for Nidec Philippines Vendor Localization Program;

11) Responsible in Vendor Analysis & Evaluation;

12) ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) & ISO 9001 Coordinator for Production Control Division.


1) Experience in ERP software programs, skilled in the use of internet, software application including Microsoft’s power point, word, and excel. A team player with powerful communication skill. Plus, an experience worker under pressure.

2) Experience in Price Cost-Down Program and Negotiations, Materials Planning, and Production Planning.

3) Exposure in 6 Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Principles.


a. Pioneered the implementation of JIT SYSTEM in NidecPhilippines Corporation;

b. Negotiated and got a total cost down and discounted price of more than "30 million Pesos" worth of direct materials;

c. 5S Champion & Winner of a companywide 5S Competition – Team Leader of the Production Control Division ;

d. Team Leader & Winner of Quality Control Circle (QCC) – Full implementation of ERP SYSTEM (STATELINE);

e. Developed a “Simulation Plan Technique” that aids in Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) Activities.

f. Designed and implemented a DELIVERY PLAN FORMAT that enables the suppliers to understand our delivery requirement clearly, thus it reduced stock-out issues by 95%;

g. Formulated a "Forecasting and Computation Technique" to determine the estimated consumption of adhesive and chemicals to be used by production;

h. ISO14001 and ISO 9001Coordinator for Production Control.

Educational Background

Master's Degree of Business Administration /Management

Major : Information Technology (21 units only)

Institute/University : De La Salle University, Dasma, Cavite, Philippines

Graduation Date: 1995

Bachelor's/College Degree of Engineering (Industrial)

Major : Industrial Manufacturing

Institute/University : Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines

Graduation Date: 1989

High School

Major : Secondary Degree

Institute/University : Perpetual Help College of Rizal (PHCR), Las Pinas City, Philippines

Awards Received :Top 1 in 3rd Year High School Class; Best in Math 4th Year Class

Graduation Date: 1985

Elementary School

Major : Primary Degree

Institute/University : Pamplona Elementary School Central, Las Pinas City, Philippines

Awards received : Best Pupil in Grade 6, Elementary Class

Hereunder are my personal qualifications and competencies :

1.I have 15 solid years of experience in Purchasing, Logistics & Warehousing, and Supply Chain Management functions;

2. An Inspiring Leadership Skills with Winning Attitude;

3. A Hardworking individual with Passion for Excellence;

4. A Team player with Good Negotiation and Forward Planning skills;

My Vision is to be the best in my chosen field. A standard of Leadership that shows not only what is expected, but also, what can be accomplished. A symbol of Commitment, Teamwork, and Passion to continuously grow in a personal and professional manner. Thus, becoming a WINNER.

I was born last Feb. 10, 1973 in Rosario, Cavite. Married to Elaine G. Sandoval. My father is Lorenzo C. Sandoval (deceased), a retired Philam Life employee. He worked with PhilamLife for the last 30 years of his life as a Group Services Officer. My mother is Rosa SallyGatchalianSandoval, a retired Government School Employee. A former University President and a School Director of Cavite State University (Rosario Cavite campus). She works with the same State University for the last 35 years.

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