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Real Estate Technical Support

Newark, NJ
February 27, 2016

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Executive-minded assistant who keeps an open mind, while operating in established cultures & companies. I believe that finding new approaches and new collaborations are how leaders are succeeding. I am looking to join an environment that could use someone


●Trusted, Discreet, Tasteful and Considerate - Assistant & Right-Hand.

●High-End & Luxury oriented - Working to Establish, Deliver & Maintain High-Quality - all around.

●Big-Picture Oriented: Projecting what an action may lead to in the future,

inside and outside of a company - but also acting in the now.

●Corporate Protocol and Infrastructure Developer.

●Tech Savvy: Outlook / Exchange / Gmail / Apple Specialist / Salesforce CRM Developer.

●Creative Mind: Designer of Business models, Visual Design, Logistical Design.

●Fully Bilingual: English & Spanish.

●Partially Bilingual: Can read Italian & French -- (I am in the process of learning French)


Client Services Coordinator -- Private Real Estate & Brokerage Firm (May 2015 - Present)

Luxury Real Estate company, specialized in relocating clients to NYC & NY Metro area -

while providing the highest levels of white-glove & concierge service

General Description: Specialist of NYC, Westchester Luxury Real Estate & Lifestyle

Client Focused Work:

●Dedicated to relocating established, Executive and C-Level individuals.

●Personality matching to ensure a comfortable and trusted relationship --

Sensitive & aware of client's personality in order to pair them to the right Real Estate Agent

●Requested by name by clients & partner companies; simply due to previous clients' word of mouth

●Trusted by clients to help direct major Real Estate & Lifestyle decisions

●My personally-maintained clientele base include:

CEO/CFO/CCO's of one of the largest French Banks

President, VP's, & Designers of an Established, Luxury American Fashion Brand

Principle of a Major Financial & Consulting Group

SVP, VP & CMO of a Major International Beverage Corporation

Directors & GM's of one of the world's most Iconic Cosmetics & Beauty Brands

VP of Classic American Luxury Brand

HR / Accounting / Admin Focused Work:

●Assist Exec. VP; not limited to:

Planning and consulting of Lifestyle, Culture, and Real Estate guides / pamphlets / media

●Accounting / Invoicing: Assist in invoice collection, payout, organizing receipts and establishing a timeframe to be passed off to accounting

●Authoring of crafted, templated emails:

Delicate wording for situations requiring a sensitive response

●Assisted & Trained: Executive Vice President, New Coordinators - Aside from the CEO, I am the longest lasting employee still active with the company.

●Interviewed & hired white-glove service providers: Independently source, qualify and identify a potential service vendor. Obtain confirmation of commitment to work from Vendors - Appointments obtained without sharing client name or information - high levels of trust & the value of my word

●Coordinate, verify and track monies: Incoming international wire transfers (various clients and external vendors wiring in funds to pay for rent, etc); confirm all funds have been accounted for

●Maintain relationships with business partners: Ideas for sending over holiday baskets, making calls often to other admins to keep relationships friendly

Real Estate Focused Work:

●Assist in reviewing leases:

Ensuring leases fall within corporate regulations - each client has their own regulations desired / required by their company (i.e. Diplomatic Lease Break Clauses, verifying the 'reasonable notice' to show the apartment near end of lease)

●Assist in coordinating time-sensitive, critical documents:

COI’s, notarized documents, etc. to be provided to property management offices in order to expedite a lease start date; book elevators to allow movers to minimize their time with the client.

●Noticing and acting on conversations that begin to appear rigid:

Offer guidance or opinion where others on my team may not be able to, due to NY Regulations

Creative Consultant - Freelance (2013 - 2015)

Westchester, Long Island, NYC

●Partners include ‘Boulevards’ clothing apparel, and companies with non-disclosure agreements. Projects often included the creation of a luxury spin off brand, or the reestablishment of the existing brand. Boulevards relaunch date is projected for 2017 -

●Through networking together, the CEO was able to start a business relationship with Adorama.

Operational Specialist, Turtle Beach (Nasdaq: HEAR)

Valhalla, New York Oct. 2013 - June 2015

-Created the protocol and dynamics for first-run concierge services and dynamics for international and domestic consumers. Development included the sourcing and implementation of call center technologies as well as creating a new job roles and subsequent training timelines, goals, procedures, and assessment of impact and placement within the existing corporate hierarchy.

●Developed +1-800 Concierge Services line

●Reviewed resumes, compared candidates by skill set, potential career path and personability

●Ran team of 5+ specialized agents, while each agent worked in collaboration with other dept’s and separate companies

●Worked directly with VP of Product Management

●For VP & Director level meetings I was responsible productivity reports, employee audits, product trend rates, quarter to quarter comparatives from Salesforce CRM and manually provided data

●Directly assigned to control the quality of consumer interactions by VP

●Hired as entry level Technical Support and escalated within department & company immediately.

President of Collegiate Leadership Network (CLN), Subsidiary of the National Hispanic Institute (NHI)

Austin, Texas 2010-2013

Served as first President of the Collegiate Leadership Network renewal process. Alongside a small team, I created the entire infrastructure for the Leadership Network, including but not limited to the following:

●Protocol for Alumni contacting methods, scripted statements, approach and retainment design

●Online private networking method applied to create system where CLN members can access an online network of their fellow leaders

●Designed and began implementation of community-ownership projects utilizing asset-based approaches to situations where others may initially see “problems”.

●Served on Board of Directors.


Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus

Bachelors of Science in Art Psychotherapy 2015 GPA 3.4+

Long Island University’s program for Art Psychotherapy is founded on a Clinical-Psych approach to the true science of analysis as applied to the Arts. The program includes an intensive 300 hour minimum total of clinical exposure of in-field hands-on work in the implementation and analysis of the arts. Clinical populations included general population with inpatient county psych programs, as well as American War Veterans.


Available upon request. Privacy of my contacts is always of priority.

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