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Assistant Mechanical Engineering

December 31, 2015

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Date of birth: **.**.****

Nationality: Tunisian

Marital status: Married

Religion: Muslim

Address: Street Jamel, 3351 number 51 Manouba, TUNISIA

Tel: +216-**-**-**-**


Academic Qualification

Nov 2015 PhD Thesis in Physics

Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences El Manar University - Tunisia

Research area: Cooling of electronic components using the mini and microchannels. Numerical simulations of enhancement on heat transfer using the Nanofluids.

June 2010 Master of Science in Mechanial of Fluids, Heat and Mass Transfer

Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences El Manar University - Tunisia

Research area: Experimental investigations on cooling of electronic component using the micro-heat exchangers.

June 2008 Bachelor's degree in physics

Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte - Tunisia

Jun 2004 Science experimental Baccalaureate

Tunisian Ministry of Education,

Work Experience

Since Sept. 2011 Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Gafsa

Physical department

Sept. 2010 Temporary assistant of Science Physical Education Technology at the National Institue of Applied Science and Technology of Tunisia (INSAT)

Industrial Training

December 2009 January 2010 Trainee student: Thermomechanics Laboratory of Thermal Analysis Unit and UTAP Physics, Faculty of Science Moulin de la Housse de Reims, France

Training Subjects: Introduction to the use of fluent digital software

November 2010 December 2010 Training doctoral research: UTAP Physics Reims (Paris, France).

Training Subjects: Measuring of the acoustic impedance of a material.

Taught Subjects

Undergraduate students Graduate students

Point mechanics


Geometrical optics


Magnetostatic and electrostatic Electromagnetism

solid mechanics

undulatory optics

Wave physics Microprocessors architecture

Quantum mechanics


Language Proficiency

Reading Writing Speaking

Adv. Med. Begin. Adv. Med. Begin. Adv. Med. Begin.

Arabic √ √ √

English √ √ √

French √ √ √

Computers Skills

Software/Programs Level

MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Outlook, MS Access Excellent

Turbo Pascal, C, C++ for real time programming Assembler, ModelSIM, Fortran, Xilinx Platform Studio and ISE Embedded Development Kit, Fluent, Comsol,, Microsoft Visual C++, MatLAB/Simulink, Labview. Good

Framing & Applied Research

I framed many final projects for students in the physical Department of Aviation school of Borj El Amri of Tunis to get the engineering diploma. Some examples are listed below:

1. Numerical study of a flow around a wing by the method "CFD".

Conferences and Workshops

I participated in the following Conferences and Workshops:

[1] Mbarek M., Mahmoud H. and Rejeb B.M., Experimental study of cooling of CPU using the mini and microchannels, 8th Tunisian Days on Flows and Transfers (JTET 2013), The Tunisian Physical society. Sousse, Tunisia,29 Nov-1 Dec 2013.

[2] Mbarek M., Mahmoud H. and Rejeb B.M., Study of thermal performance on forced convection of nanofluids in a circular pipe using the CFD method, The 11th national symposium of scientific research (STP 2014), The Tunisian Physical society. Sousse, Tunisia, 20-23 Dec. 2014.

[3] Mbarek M., Mahmoud H. and Rejeb B.M, CFD simulation on enhancement heat transfer in nanofluids using the two-phase models: the effect of thermal conductivity, Applied Nanotechnology and Nanoscience International Conference (ANNIC 2015), Paris, France, 05-07 Nov 2015.

Research Publications

[4] Mbarek M., Mahmoud H. and Rejeb B.M., Experimental investigation on cooling performance of heat sinks : the impact of hydraulic and geometric shape, Heat and Mass Transfer (HAMT), (Accepted).

[5] Mbarek M., Mahmoud H. and Rejeb B.M., Experimental investigation of heat transfer characteristics and cooling performance of mini and micro-heat exchangers, International journal of thermal science (under review).

[6] Mbarek M., Mahmoud H. and Rejeb B.M., Numerical simulation into the convective heat transfer of Al2O3 and Cuo nanofluids flowing through a straight tube using the two phase modeling, International Journal of thermophysics.

Journals and conferences Reviewer

I have served as a reviewer in many papers for the following journals and conferences:

 Effects of temperature-dependent viscosity variation on fully developed laminar microconvective flowInternational, International Journal of Thermal Sciences (Elsevier)


Prof. Yildiz Bayazitoglu, Department of Mechanical Engineering Houston, Texas 77005-1827, USA,, Phone: 713-***-****, E-mail bayaz@rice-edu web page:

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