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Construction Quality Control

Hawthorne, California, United States
December 30, 2015

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Senior Inspector Position


Eighteen years experience inspecting subway tunnels and stations, waste/water treatment plants, fresh and storm water pump stations, reinforced concrete bridges, asphalt streets and highways, cast-in-place concrete structures, airports, underground electrical manholes, vaults and duct banks, pipe and valves up to 144”dia. to ensure that their construction, alteration or repair complies with building codes, ordinances, contract drawings and specifications.


Able to inspect civil, piping, instrumentation, mechanical, and some electrical to ensure that the projects conform through observation and documentation that the construction is being performed in accordance with the project plans and specifications, and local building codes.

Assists in maintaining, supporting, and promoting a safe work environment while complying with safety rules, policies, and procedures, plus OSHA 10 hour safety training.

Interpret plans, specifications, codes and requirements.

Prepares non-conformance reports when work is not performed to the approved standards

Maintains daily inspection reports, field test reports, field change orders, extra work request and project photos.

Review as-built drawings.

Verify progress payments, change orders and claims made by contractors.

Approves or rejects construction materials based on conformance with specifications.

Arranges, coordinates, and oversees special inspections for welding, concrete, asphalt and back-fill materials.

Provided check-out and start-up assistance.

Familiar with Microsoft Office, Green Book, Caltrans Construction Manual and the Traffic Control Watch Manual, A.C.I.concrete certification.


Professional Experience

MARRS Services Fullerton, California 92832

August 2012 – October 2014 Senior Construction Inspector

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Provided oversite for the new Division 13 Bus Maintenance and Operation Facility.

A Multi-level cast in place concrete parking garage and Maintenance Building.

Aboveground and Underground Power Duct bank installations, Utility Encasement, Utility Inspection, Manpower and Equipment Reports, Backfill & Compaction and Asphalt Repairs.

This facility is designed to accommodate a fleet of 200 CNG buses and 397 parking spaces for employees.

A new Compressed Natural Gas Facility at the same site plus a 6” natural gas pipe line, for the same project. It was necessary to remove the power and the data cables from the old wooden power poles on the street and put them in conduits under the street.

PARSONS CONSTRUCTORS, INC. Pasadena, California 91109

December 2003 – November 2008 Senior Quality Control Inspector

Orange County Sanitation District

For five years I performed quality control inspection by interpreting drawings, and specifications for the Civil, Pipe, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation on a new 240 million gallon per-day waste/water pump station and numerous other new and re-build projects that I inspected while at Orange County Sanitation District.

All pipe and all valves installed up to 144”dia.

Three 3,000 Horsepower Pumps and Motors, pipe, instruments and controls.

All base material, rebar, forms, concrete and asphalt for all of my projects.

Two cast in place Circular Clarifiers 135 ft. diameter, 23 ft. deep.

Two cast in place Trickling Filters 150 ft. diameter 35 ft. high.

New underground electrical manholes, vaults and conduit duct banks.

Pre-stressed concrete piles were driven under the clarifiers and trickling filters.

3-2 Megawatts Diesel Generators, diesel storage tanks, pipes, valves, instruments and controls.

Replaced the existing pipe, instruments and valves with everything new on 10 existing clarifiers.

Re-lined a new 42’’ and an existing 36’’pipeline in place.

New asphalt parking lots and streets and markings.

Checked out and started up a new solids pump station and truck loading facility.


September 2002 – August 2003 Construction Superintendent

Conducted pre-construction fact-finding surveys, attended planning and scheduling meetings, reviewed new construction drawings, researched existing construction drawings, researched electrical conduit routings, Researched relocating CCTV's Cameras with the IT. Dept. at LAX prior to Security Check-Point Construction. Supervised and inspected all phases of the Security Checkpoint Construction at Palm Springs Airport, Las Vegas Airport, and Portland Airport.


April 2001 – August 2002 Senior Construction Inspector

Assigned to the Alameda Mid-Corridor Trench Project, to verify compliance with the project Quality Management Plan, for the following: civil, mechanical and instrumentation for three large storm/water pump stations, forms, reinforcing steel and concrete placement for 15+ new concrete bridges. Approx. 20 miles of street restoration, new base material, new curb and gutters, new asphalt paving and sidewalk restoration.


July 1992 to April 2001 Senior Quality Control Inspector

For nine years I was assigned to the Joint Venture Parsons-Dillingham, Construction Manager of the Los Angeles Metro Red Line Project verifying that the Quality Control requirements were met on all phases of the subway tunnels and stations construction to include the following: Electrical Equipment: Auxiliary power transformers, dry-type transformers, panel boards, automatic transfer switches, motor control centers and uninterruptible power supplies, control interface cabinets. Architecture Features, Instrumentation and Controls: Auxiliary control panel, air-conditioning control panel, local control stations, and the local instrument panels. Communication Equipment: Radio system equipment, public address system, closed circuit television system, fiber optics and cable transmission system, fire and emergency management system and intrusion alarm systems. Fire Protection: Automatic sprinkler, pre-action sprinkler system. H.V.A.C. Equipment System: Supply and exhaust fans, air conditioning and heating equipment, refrigerant piping systems, chilled and condenser water piping systems, Mechanical Piping: Sump pumps, water supply system sanitary sewer system, storm drain system, plumbing fixtures, compressed air systems and fire protection piping. Street and Sidewalk Restoration: Street deck mat removal, backfill operation, asphalt paving and a 850+ car and a 250+ car parking lot, plus utilities. Placement of the concrete forms for the shafts, cross passages, tunnel invert, tunnel arch and walkway. Installation of the rebar in cross passages, shafts, and tunnels. Placing of the concrete for the shafts, cross passages, tunnels, and walkways including the final thickness and the final finish of the concrete. Rails and Cross-ties. Excavation of the shafts and cross passages, the installation of the HDPE and XR-5 plastic liners in cross passages, shafts, and tunnels. The pumping of grout behind the concrete to fill any voids and to prevent water and gas from entering the tunnels and stations

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